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At the Copa

Enjoy a nice night dancing and drinking in At the Copa, a stunning 3D video slot from Betsoft. This game features a maximum of 30 paylines, a wide variety of paying symbols, and several bonus opportunities. You can experience the ins and out of the game for free right here on this page, or play for real money at any of the Betsoft casinos below.

Before you start spinning, set how much you want to wager. Use the “Choose Coin” button to set your bet denomination. If you don't want to play all 30 lines, lower the number of active paylines with the “Pa­yli­nes­” meter. Finally, set how many coins you want to wager on each active line with the “Bet Per Line” panel. When you are satisfied with your bet, push “Spin”, or simply push “Max Bet Spin” to play with all lines active and the maximum number of coins per line. Alternatively, use “Auto Play” to spin a predetermined number of times without interruption.

At the Copa offers payouts for matching combinations from left to right in the base game. Regular wilds appear on the 4 outside reels, and an expanding wild can appear on the middle reel. A winning set of Chili symbols will award you one of the game's three progressives. Three or more Shoe symbols in any position will trigger the free spins bonus with extra wilds and multiplier boosts. Lastly, you can trigger the At the Copa dance feature by getting the game's characters on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Game Play

Choose Coin: Set your bet denomination.
Paylines: Change the number of active paylines.
Bet Per Line: Adjust the number of coins wagered per line.
Spin: Play the game at your bet.
Max Bet Spin: Play the game with all lines activated and maximum coins per line.
Auto Play: Spin for a selected number of times without interruption.

At the Copa Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
This game from BetSoft reminds me of an old song by Barry Manilow, 'Copacabana', a very lively song that I still do like even now. What do anyone do at the Copa? Dance on the floor of course, or if without a partner, then just watch the Dancers do it with such graceful movements. It'll get your shoulders waving too, if not your hands and legs as well, hehehe. As with most of BetSoft games, especially the 3D ones, the graphics used are simply brilliant, exciting and very appealing. A little cartoonish no doubt, and a bit of exaggerations in the figures too, but anything goes with cartoons, can't really complain about that. It does make playing the game more pleasing though.

The Ocean is the Wild symbol. It doesn't pay anything for itself, argh, it doesn't double any wins with it, but substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter and the Jackpot symbols. The Shoe is the Scatter symbol, also not paying anything for itself, appearing only on reels 1, 3 and 5, and getting all 3 of them at the same time awards a Free Spins game with a random multiplier of 2x up to 10x. Choose a dancing partner to be the Extra Wild symbol during the free spins. The Chilli is the Jackpot symbol, 5 of which awards 1 of 3 Jackpot prizes, depending on which active payline the 5 symbols land. The jackpot prizes are only active when playing with the maximum bets. As for the other symbols, the Lady Dancer pays 500x, each of the 2 Male Dancers pay 300x, and the others pay from 100x to 25x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. Overall, it's a low paytable.

In the base game, when a Wild symbol lands in the center of reel 3, it turns into a full Wild Reel and awards 1 Respin. If a win occurs in the respin, the multiplier is increased by +1 and 1 more Respin is awarded, up to the maximum of 5x multiplier. Getting 2 Male Dancers on either side of the Lady Dancer on reels 1, 2 and 3, awards a Bonus round. Pick one of the 2 Male Dancers to win an instant cash prize. Honestly speaking, my best win came from the Wild Respin feature, and not from the Free Spins game nor from the Bonus round. That Wild Respin feature kept respinning up to the 5x multiplier level, ending it up with a very nice 5-of-a-kind win, for a 122x total bet win. That was my only good win on this game, but I have only played it a few times so far, so the best possible win is still not known to me, but I doubt if any win can be very big. The low paytable doesn't provide for that.
It's really a pity that the Jackpot prizes can only be won when playing with the maximum bets. BetSoft should have allowed it to be won at any bet size, just as with Marvel Super Heroes Jackpot prizes. That should boost up players interest to play more of 'At the Copa', with some nice jackpot prizes to chase for. The paytable could do with better win values for all the symbols too.
zerooo 742 reviews
At the Copa is well designed video slot game from Betsoft software provider. It has 5 reels and 30 paylines. I first played it when I received some free spins on it, but later I decided to try it out with my own money too.

The game has free spins feature. When you get three dance shoe symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 feature begin. You choose your dancer partner and this dance ratner will become wild during free games. I triggered free spins a few times, but I never won more than x50 bet from it.

The ocean symbols is wild for all combinations except bonus round, free spins mode and jackpot triggers. When this feature occurs on the center reels, in the center position the entire reel will turn into wild. You will get an automatic free spins. If a win occurs on the following spin, another free spins will occur and the wild reel will become x2 multiplier for all winnings. This will continue until you do not receive a win or the wild reel reaches and pays out at x5 multiplier.

I like this feature because sometimes it could pay out really good. I got winnings around 21€ from 0.6€ bet which I think is great. Maybe not so good thing is that after first x5 multiplier win the feature will end, there should be at least two – three spins on x5 multiplier. I like higher multipliers because the payouts are better.

I also triggered bonus game. At bonus game you have to select between two male dancers. If your dancer impress lovely lady enough, you get cash prizes. From this bonus game I never won more than x20 bet. Most of the time around x10 my bet.

Otherwise I think this game is good. It has nice design and graphics. The payouts are also ok, I like features and bonus game. I will rate it with 7 stars, maybe I will play it again in future.
blondie 1094 reviews
At The Copa is one of my this month findings from Betsoft software. It is one of their 3D slots and earlier this month I received 30 free spins on this game, which was the first time I played it. The game has 5 reels and 30 paylines, and even though the minimum coin size is their usual 0.02€, I played it at casino that had 0.01€ as minimum coin size.From 30 free spins I won around 20€ and that was a big surprise for me and made me more interested.

The theme of this game is dancing and you can see that all characters and symbols are related to dancing. In the free spins I received,I experienced that there are free spins feature in this slot. It is triggered by shoe symbols, which are scatters anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. I had few big winnings in there. Also later I managed to get wild symbol on the middle reel, and when that happens, you get freespin, while the wild is expanded and if you get another win, you'll get another free spin and the multiplier will increase. This happens until you get no new winnings or the multiplier has reached 5x. Since I didn't know about this feature before, I was really intrigued, when I first got it.

Altough the scatters land on concrete reels, it might seem to make harder to get the feature, but it isn't. Oh, and you have to choose one of the men, it will turn all his symbols into wilds. I must say it was quite impressive. I've been playing this game a lot lately and usually I get free spins within 150 spins.While there's another bonus round, which seems very hard to get and in my opinion is quite boring. It is a pick me bonus, when the girl is between both males on lines 1, 2 or 3. Then you choose one of the guys and they hold coin winnings. Really I was surprised by the fact that I've experienced much more free spins rounds, while only few bonus rounds.

I really like this game because it has really good winning potential. Firstly, it's because there are wilds and in free spins you get an extra wild as one of the males, secondly, the design is really positive and fun and makes me smile. Also, whenever I get free spins, I don't walk away with less than 40x bet winning and my best achievement has been around 80x bet. Because of the wild symbol feature, I think it can give really great winnings. I definitely recommend this game and there's nothing I would change.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Of course I like the theme of the slot "At the Copa", beautiful girls, cheerful atmosphere, tropical climate, liquor and good salsa music – mmm! -. And although the rock is my music base, I confess that salsa is my favorite rhythm when it comes to dancing, and it is certainly because in my country the salsa is an important part of our night life, and joy and sensuality are characteristics very entrenched to Latin American culture and salsa provides in order to release both. The game scenario is an island, so I would be inclined to say that the setting of this game is the island of Puerto Rico, and Carolina, Rico and Pedro are the main characters, and of course, as you can imagine, in this dance-themed game, music is vital to contextualize, so nice salsa music is used as background.

As always, Betsoft uses all its 3D resources to spice up this slot machine, otherwise, the fun is basically limited to the game's ability to generate profits. I like playing "At the Copa" for months, and I've played for fun and real, sometimes earning some money and some not, but sure thing is that I have always had a great time with it.

Regarding the profit system, I agree with some of the comments posted here on AskGamblers, claiming that in order to get some profits with this slot it is necessary to have some luck and necessarily triggering the special features, as standard turns are not very promising. In this aspect it is good to clarify that rounds of free spins and bonus are usually pretty generous, though somewhat difficult to trigger; as the chili pepper jackpot feature, it have to be said, that it is really hard to activate it. In the base game, wild symbol works generally as substitute, except when it appears on reel 3, which additionally it acts as multiplier that increases in 1 x every additional re-spin after winning is reached. I do not really complain much of the financial system of the game, I think it's something that you can give it some handling, besides I feel it has gone particularly well in this regard with this slot.

Other aspects are more than fine for me, and in general terms, there is nothing stopping or discouraging me to sit and play "At the Copa," it captured me from the first time I played it, but I do except I'm not sure what level it may have influenced by the issue of my cultural and social roots.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I have to say that I found this game by accident while I was going through the slots here at askgamblers. It looked interesting. I liked the music and the theme of the game. It’s like you’re in some Latino club just waiting to be served with a mohito. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Betsoft games but I was quite surprised with the graphic and animations of this game. The sexy dancing Latino to the left really caught my eye.

As for the game itself it’s a standard 5 reel 30 payline slot. Minimum bet for this game is 0.60 euros which is too high in my opinion. The game has a lot of tempting bonus features. If you get 3 dance shoes symbols it triggers the free spins feature. You choose your dancer and it becomes wild for the rest of the free spins. I have to say that I have never triggered this feature so I can’t share any actual wins from it.

The wild symbol in this game is the Ocean symbol. If it comes in the center reel in the centre position the entire reel will become wild. If a win occurs you will get another free spin. If a win occurs on that free spin the wild reel will be a 2 x multiplier for that spin. Another win triggers another free spin with a 3x multiplier. This goes to 5x reel multiplier or if a win doesn’t occur. I also have never gotten this bonus but it would be interesting to see it on a bigger bet.

Now the bonus I have seen is the dance bonus round. It’s an interesting movie with two dancers trying to impress the sexy lady. The maximum win I got from this bonus was 16 euros. I really like the features in this game but it just doesn’t pay out. The bonuses come way too late. With a bet of 0.60 my balance went down like a rock in the water. This little fiesta was over too soon. Overall a 6 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
To say it in short: I do not like the slot „At the Copa“. For several reasons. First of all, I do not like the dancing men figures. When I was about 30 years old, I tried to wear a small beard like they have, and on the very first day at the work my colleagues (having the same age as me) suggested that I resembled very much to a gay guy. Secondly, I do not like either the dancer dress and the dance figures she is making around the slot. Thirdly, I do not like the slots that say something like: loose massively during normal spins to win much during the features (during free spins, from a special wild or during the bonus game).

„At the Copa“ is such a slot, which promising very much, it takes money and gives you nothing in return, not even the game thrill you were waiting for. At least in my case in nearly 250 spins I only had 4 times the Wild symbol in the central position (which thus becomes sticky and makes a multiplier to increase with each winning combination it is a part of) and never reached the Free Spins or the Bonus Game. Although, at least from paytable, both Free Spins and Bonus Game will bring with them high returns, it is better to not wait for them to be triggered.

With 30 paylines , playing for a total minimum bet of 60 cents, after almost 200 spins I had lost more than 100 Euro. Too much, although at one point in time when I got a Wild symbol in the central position on reel 3, I thought my luck has changed for better and the sun has risen on my street. It was not to be so and except for the gain of some 800 credits (16 Euro), the rest of the game I had only small and quite rare wins, with an average of 10 to 15 credits (20-30 cents). There was only one compensation maybe: namely about 3 times I had 4 "Chilly Peppers" symbols on the screen. At 5 peppers, one of the 3 jackpots had been triggered, but it seems that this time was not the best for this to happen.

Who knows, maybe I have got only a bad day, but as I said , except for the too much small wins the slot has also other less appealing parts.

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