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$10 Million Returned to Players through AGCCS

More than $10 Million Has Been Returned to AskGamblers Players

Looking back at our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Annual Report for 2016, the beginning of the year was when we hit our eight million mark of recovered players’ money ($8.8 million to be more precise). Now, a little over six months later, we’ve reached a milestone beyond our wildest dreams. Namely, we’re proud to announce that we’ve managed to return a whopping $10,000,000 of delayed and unfairly declined or confiscated money to our players so far – and all that through our Casino Complaint Service!

Our Casino Complaint Team Makes It All Possible

Naturally, none of this could be possible were it not for our diligent customer support team who accept your casino complaints, review them and go out of their way to make a safe, neutral environment where you can reach online casinos, engage in conversation and come to an understanding with them.

It is our diligent customer support team that accepts your complaints, reviews them and creates a safe environment where you can reach online casinos in question.

Hence, every time a complaint has been resolved successfully – thanks to our team – the money recovered get added together and we have a reason more to celebrate. Every returned dollar counts!

Feel Free to File a Complaint

We’re going to use this opportunity to remind you once again that you are free to submit any complaints you may have regarding any online casinos found on our website – provided you stick to the Casino Complaint Service submission rules, of course.

Feel free to submit a complaint, as long as you follow our submission guidelines and rules.

How this works is you pick an option that best describes the type of problem you’re having with a casino, you read through the frequently asked questions in case your issue can be solved differently, and, if not, you proceed to fill out the form. Pro tip: always use respectful language and provide as many details as you possibly can.

So, if you happen to have any casino issues you’d like to see resolved, don’t hesitate to read our submission guidelines, file a complaint and, hopefully, your casino trouble will soon be a thing of the past. You’ll never know unless you try! Just ask the 6,000 players we’ve already helped.

See You in Five Months

You’ll surely agree that $10 million is an enormous success – and to think we have five more months to go till the end of 2017! Who knows what awaits us at the beginning of 2018 with our next annual report? One thing is for sure – there’ll definitely be a reason to celebrate once again.

So, see you all then… Unless we hit another milestone beforehand, of course. Stay safe and don’t hesitate to submit a complaint at any time!

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