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Arcade Themed Online Slots

Gaming Time Travel: From Arcades to Online Slots

The world of gaming has gone through a series of unbelievable transformations in the past few decades. Digital revolution and the rise of the Internet have helped people to save time, find information easier and have fun in ways unavailable until then. However, the past still presents one of the best sources for finding an inspiration for fresh ideas and the creation of arcade themed online slots proves that statement right. Join us on a time travel through the gaming universe and let’s see how once mega popular arcades entertain new generations of gamers.

Arcade Gaming Invasion by Space Invaders

The history of computer gaming can’t be told without the mention of arcade games. This extremely popular cultural phenomenon took the world by storm in the late 70s. Namely, it all happened in 1978. It was then when Tomohiro Nishikado created Space Invaders, the game that set certain gaming standards. Moreover, it is known as the first killer app for video consoles games.

Space Invaders truly invaded the world and became one of the most successful arcade games of all time.

The game is one of the forerunners of modern video gaming and it’s hold responsible for opening the doors of the video game industry to the general population. Space Invaders were re-released several times and had a few sequels. What’s more, this amazingly catchy game has been an inspiration for various other video games.

The aim of the game is to defeat an alien invasion by using a laser cannon and earn as many points as possible. Released by Taito in Japan, Space Invaders used motifs from popular media such as Breakout, an arcade game with rows of bricks and a ball, The War of the Worlds, a science fiction novel about the conflict between humans and extraterrestrial race, and Star Wars, an American famous space franchise.

Retro Gaming Turned into a Modern Video Slot

Did you know that the original arcade game forced the Bank of Japan to triple its production of 100-yen bank notes in order to satisfy the need for fueling the machines? Not to mention that probably the first ever organized eSports event in history was directly inspired by Space Invaders. It took place in 1980 in the USA under the name National Space Invader Tournament. That does sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

So, where’s the connection between playing the original arcade game and enjoying Space Invaders as an online slot in online casinos? The connection lies in the level of skill and competition required for playing the game in the first place. And that is the reason why Playtech, one of the world’s largest gambling software development company, decided to release the slot version in which you get the chance to defend our planet from extraterrestrial enemies.

How to Play Space Invaders

Space Invaders Slot might look and sound like the old-fashioned arcade game, but it’s a beast of a video slot at heart. Symbols in the game include pixelated aliens, spaceships, monsters, planets and flying saucers. The highest value symbol is the planet and it rewards you with 150 times your initial stake.

Space Invader’s most unique features are the Invaders Turn Wild and UFO Wild. Both features allow you to blast away the target while rewarding you with either extra wild symbols or free re-spins, the result of which could lead you to huge jackpots.

Retro and in particular retro gaming are back in fashion, which means that we might easily witness more online slots releases inspired by gaming champions from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Join us at our forum and leave your comments about arcade themed online slots. See you there!

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