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AskGamblers Complaint Service Returns $40 Million to Players

Over $40 Million of Unfairly Confiscated Money Returned to AskGamblers Players

It feels like yesterday we celebrated $30 million in recovered money to players, and here we are now - celebrating the whooping $40 million already! W-o-w!

As unfair player treatment is not too uncommon in online gambling, AskGamblers shows up to deliver solutions and fix what needs fixing.

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Managers are fully focused on helping the players get their money back when they had fairly won it, which is just one of the reasons we are as popular among the punters.

Dear AskGamblers, once again your site resolved payment issues with online casinos. I can't thank you enough for the service you are providing!

On this occasion, we are celebrating the astounding sum of forty million in recovered players' money, and there’s no one better but you to mark this achievement with!

A Little Bit o’ Character, a Little Bit o’ Injustice

Spinning at an online casino has its perks and downsides, respectively. Although players mostly tend to focus on the excitement behind it, when it comes to injustice such as getting tricked for the money you have fairly won, rarely anyone can keep a cool head.

To help things sort out, and have money end up in the right hands, AskGamblers' Complaint Team is as diligent as they make them. Each member of AGCCS staff is trained, experienced, and focused on resolving the issue between the casino and the player.

Our players sum it up best, after all –

Only after contacting and being assisted by your service once again in regard to the same casinos was I paid. I'd like to thank you for what you do, it is greatly appreciated; had I not received your assistance I am uncertain as to how long I would have been asking for my winnings.”

…and –

AskGamblers has not failed me yet when I have a problem with a casino. You would think the casinos pay out as fast as they advertise, well – no they don’t. If you are not sure what to do when in a jam, go to AskGamblers, and you have nothing to worry about. Don’t listen to any negative reviews! Whoever has something negative to say about AskGamblers, they just did not go through the procedures. I give these folks 5 stars.”

When the AskGamblers support team's in charge, there is rarely any problem that can't be solved!

We Listen to Your Complains

Resolving issues and returning money to players is a two-way street: had you not filed the complaints, we would not have been able to solve them! In that sense, we encourage you to keep communicating with us whenever you feel you’ve been done wrong. We are now at $40,000,000 in returned money to players, but if you keep helping us, who knows how much this number will grow!

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to take back what belongs to me and I wish you the best.”

Nevertheless, do keep in mind that you can only file a complaint with a casino listed on our website, as only those are in our jurisdiction. Also, you need to follow the Casino Complaint Service submission rules to submit a complaint with AskGamblers, and this is how:

  • Go to AskGamblers.com
  • Click Complaint at the top menu, then choose “Submit a Complaint”
  • Select the option that best describes your issue
  • In case none of the available complaint options agree with your issue, click "Other". You'll be directed to an overview that should help you resolve your problem
  • Every section is different and takes time, so give it time to process. The feedback won’t come immediately upon submitting a complaint

The $40,000,000 Is a Joint Success

Teamwork does amazing things, and the $40,000,000 of returned money to players testifies it is so! We’ve started 2021 strong, and we hope things keep up at this pace – and with your help, they will!

AskGamblers thank you so much for supplying us with such a valuable tool! If it weren't for this, who knows when I would have actually gotten my money. Case resolved!

So, all we’ve got to tell you is get the truth, then play and complain!

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