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InstaDebit is an e-wallet service that is accepted at nearly 100 different online casinos. Through its services, online casino players can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts without sharing their information with any of the casinos they play at. Currently, InstaDebit is accepted at over 35 different countries in GBP, EUR, and USD.

Overview of InstaDebit

Out of all the e-wallets currently on the market today, few focus as much on a low cost and fast startup as InstaDebit. You can register your account and have it up and running within just a few minutes. You don't even have to verify your bank information until you would like to make a withdrawal. The platform is clearly focused on delivering a smooth, safe experience for its membership.

Adding Funds to InstaDebit

InstaDebit relies purely on bank accounts for funding. In order to make a deposit into your InstaDebit e-wallet, you'll need to provide your bank information as needed, which may differ depending on your jurisdiction. You will at least need to give InstaDebit your bank account number and IBAN number. All of your sensitive information is protected by SSL encryption and kept out of the hands of any third parties, so you won't have to worry about identity theft or fraud.

If you are in one of the fifteen countries listed on the Real Time Deposits section of the Coverage and Services page, you can add money to your account within a matter of minutes. Residents of other countries still use the same methods, but must rely upon the standard Local Bank Deposit option which takes 3 to 5 business days. Both methods are completely free of charge, which is something you usually don't see in an e-wallet service.

Depositing with InstaDebit

To use your InstaDebit account at an online casino, all you'll have to do is find one that accepts InstaDebit as a payment method. Once you do, just add at least enough money into your e-wallet to cover the deposit, then head over to the casino's cashier, choose InstaDebit, and complete the transaction. The funds should be available in your account within a matter of seconds.

Withdrawing from InstaDebit

To get money out of your InstaDebit wallet, you'll just need to go through a simple bank verification process. This can be done within the Withdraw Funds panel of the website. InstaDebit will make a microdeposit into you account that should show up on your statement within 3 to 5 business days. Just enter the amount of the deposit on the website and you will then be able to request withdrawals whenever you would like. InstaDebit will process all withdrawals immediately, but they could take up to 4 days until they clear your bank. The fee is a minimal £/€/$1.50, regardless of the amount you are actually withdrawing.

Advantages of InstaDebit

As far as e-wallets go, InstaDebit is clearly one of the best. The fact that you can deposit into your wallet and transfer to and from merchants at absolutely no cost allows your gambling bankroll to stretch a lot further. Additonally, InstaDebit ensures that your bank details are kept safe in one location.

Another big plus of using InstaDebit, like all e-wallets, is the fact that you can withdraw back to your account if you win. This way you won't have to learn about each casino's other withdrawal options or pay the fees.

Disadvantages of InstaDebit

Although InstaDebit is a virtually flawless provider through our eyes, players who are not in one of the fifteen countries with Real Time Deposits may be a bit discouraged from using it. Waiting 3 to 5 days for a deposit to reach your e-wallet is a bit long for someone looking to get a quick fix.

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