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Silver Oak Casino


Not recommended Casino

The Casino have been reported to have slow payments. It is also part of the rebranded Crystal Palace Group and is linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings.


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cheiftech 42 reviews
United States
They have good jackpots and I have hit well in the past on this site.
Slowest to pay of nearly all RTG sites. Then I asked to disable my account for a few months to limit my gambling...I come back and they enable the account but I am not allowed to deposit. You ask Live Chat why and they say the account is in a financial review...ask again...for TWO FULL YEARS and they say account is in review. So apparently if a gambler wants to disable their account for awhile they are permanently banned from the website.
vickvick 1 review
United States
You win with bonus money only. When using bonus money you could have 20 and still hit they will send ya an Ace. Be very careful though when you get over 60% over play though bonus....
As soon as you near the play though limit it is rigged to automatically lose no matter. Dealers getting 5 straight black jacks, you get 18 dealer gets 19, and the customer service line is not answered. I confirmed a $2,500 withdraw and they only sent a check for $1,800. Just sent calls directly to VM and only automated responses to email.
conantheconman 3 reviews
United States
Games are fun. they offer great bonuses and I have won a few times and been paid each time I am waiting on a withdraw as of now. And i have not had any problems with bonus or free chips being paid but I read all the rules and fine print if you take a bonus make sure you follow the rules. All my withdraws have been 1k or less each time so I can't say anything for the big amounts paid out
The amount of time it takes to be paid is very very long too long. If they were honest and upfront about it I feel they wouldnt have so many people complaining. They might not have as many players but they would at least be happy they knew the true times it takes to be paid out. The worst part is they give you the run around for a long time in order to get you money. You will get paid but you will have to go through alot of stuff before you do, if you cant wait for the money to be paid out a few months 2-3 I would not recommend this casino but if you are ok with waiting a little but getting paid for sure its not a bad casino
Jayruth 2 reviews
United States
I like to play casino games online so they have that going for them...They have lots of games.
I have given them thousands of dollars to probably close to 10k this month...But they "have not verified[my] documents". I have sent the documents 4 times (most recently 15 days ago). My withdrawal requests just get canceled with no statement or reason or explanation. They do not answer the phone...I've called 20 times. And left 5 messages. When I gave finally gotten someone on chat, they stop talking to me after a while when I ask them why my docs haven't been verified...Or they ask me to and from which email addresses I sent the docs...But that person has never been able to to access the email... So why ask???? I sent the docs to the email address I was given via chat a month ago.
If my credit card gets declined they can call instantly to make sure I can deposit, but they can't return calls or answer to provide customer service...Don't bother with this site. I will be disputing every single charge I have on my bank statements unless I receive my payouts by 04/14
Sabian123 1 review
United States
Games are fun, great variety of games . Not much more to like.
Everything else. You won't get paid! They have all the excuses in the world. If your lucky enough to win, which I have, they will tell you that you can only cash out 2500 a month due to their processors. However, they can accept hundred or thousands of dollars from players a day with no issues. Their fees are ridiculous , customer service is horrible, and most of all payouts are no going to happen. Their online chat is pathetic.

My recommendation is everyone needs to dispute charges that are unauthorized. For example- you AUTHORIZE a 100.00 deposit but you will see a charge for 117.86 come through you bank. NOT AUTHORIZED! Dispute it. They will tell you that wouldn't be a good idea to dispute charges and that's for one reason. THEY WILL LOOSE THEIR PROCESSORS and it will cost them millions to get new ones. Unfortunately their payouts are near impossible. A VIP host clearly stated to me if you have 10000 to cash out it will take approx 5 months to get. WHAT A JOKE! Don't waste your money. If you want to know more, leave a review with an email and I'll be glad to share more!
TonyP 1 review
United States
The bonuses are great and so are the RTG (Real Time Gaming) games.
I read some false (positive) reviews on this site so I began to play. Everything is great until you request a withdrawal. After months of no replies to emails, phone messages, and the same old excuses from live chat I did not expect to get paid. When I filed a complaint with this site and with CDS (central dispute system) I finally got paid after 3 months. While I did eventually get paid it is not worth the hassle for any player. This site is blacklisted and I agree with that assessment.
Jaylag 1 review
United States
This casino does offer a lot of bonuses. However, those bonuses caused me to not get a payout.
They trick you into using their bonuses then refuse to pay your winnings if you played a specific game, such as blackjack, with the bonus. Even that is unsettling, but what is more unsettling is, after voiding the payment they give you absolutely nothing. None of your own money you initially used to play with, none of the winnings, and no credits. I played using $80 of my own money, won $340, and received nothing.

Also, when I spoke with a customer service representative about the issue, the rep was very rude.
I have played with this casino for seven years. I have been at times a very difficult customer. I have been paid out a lot of money by Silver Oak. Just recently I received a new VIP host her name is Megan. She is absolutely the best and his went way out of her way for me and I am so thankful and Silver Oak will always have my business.
The payout process does take a little bit of time. I feel it's definitely worth the wait though because they will pay you you just need to be patient.
buffy415 1 review
United States
I like the no rules bonuses. No playthrough. No max cashout. Wins are fairly often.
I requested a wire transfer on 12/03 and after Silver Oak tried to convince me that a check would be faster, they finally sent it to the processor on 1/13!!

Then, Customer service was extremely evasive and could not answer simple questions on how long it takes to get the funds from the processor to the mail system.
Cy S. 1 review
United States
I have played Silver Oak for several years. Normally I use play money but every couple of months I'll play $50 cash using one of the higher no requirement bonuses. I've won two payouts. One for $2,000 and one for $1,000. Ultimately I received most of my winnings. Their tech support is good, though most are foreign and some are difficult for me to understand.
It took an incredibly long time to get paid. While they already had all of my information I had to submit everything again. They required more information than the military required when I got my Secret clearance. They also did not pay the full amount. They deducted about $50 from each for something. If you've got money you don't mind burning, it is fun. However the odds are infinitely better at one of the brick and mortar casinos. Recommendation is stick to Play For Fun.
ozhsv 29 reviews
I'm surprised at the very low score this casino has at the moment. The bonuses on offer are awesome (10 x 100% match bonus and $270% match bonus, and the chips constantly grow in value the more you play). I just received a free $20 chip for completing a 3 question survey.

The support staff are fantastic and very polite.
zerooo 742 reviews
I am member of Silver Oak Casino for a few couple of months. I think I registered at their casino at the beginning of this year, it will be almost a year ago right. The only reason why I joined them was because of no deposit bonuses.

I was looking for some no deposit offer and I found this casino. I decided to claim this offer, I like to play sometimes with free chips. I downloaded their software and I registered. Now when I writing this review, I saw that they also offer instant play mode. I did not saw that when I was there, maybe they added in recently. I like web instant play mode, it is better than software download.

I played with no deposit bonus for a while, but at the end I did not managed to clear the W.R of bonus. I lost the bonus and that's it. I did no made any deposit at this casino. And also I think I will not make it. The main reason is because I have some doubts in Silver Oak Casino. They have so many complaints here, and the payouts does not look so fast.

Otherwise if you decided to take a ˝risk˝ with depositing your money, they have nice promotions for first 10 deposit. All bonuses are at 100% match deposit which is good, but I don't know what to expected if I clear the W.R. I don't have trust in this casino and I will stay away from it. I don't think all complaints are just by players faults. I know that many of them break some rules about bonuses, but to have over 100 complaints… this is not good at all. I have doubts, I will not take a risk. I rather deposit somewhere when I know that it will be better. I will give them 6 stars, because of no deposit bonuses.
I liked the games at this casino....however, other casinos offer the same games.
I hit a jackpot over 17K and played it up to 23K. I continued to play and lost most of the money-down to 4500. I submitted my paperwork and requested 2500 withdrawal. I used a coupon code after winning and now the slugs at this sham of a casino voided all my winnings. Do not play at that casino. In my opinion, it is a sham. Unless they pay the money they owe me, I will not play at that casino, or any casino in their group again. If they do the right thing and pay as they should, I would re-consider. But as it stands, my opinion is stay away!
debolobo 1 review
United States
The gaming platform is very nice and easy to navigate. The staff seem friendly and willing to try to help.
Payouts are horrendously slow. I've had a request in for almost a month now. It was initially delayed because the incorrect paperwork was on file. Once that was resolved, I was able to set up the Wire Transfer. I received an email from the VIP host last night asking if I wanted to have the funds placed directly into my debit card account rather than receive a check (mind you - I did not request a check).

At this point, I'm not going to visit this casino anymore. As it is, the payouts really aren't all that great.
samh6286 1 review
United States
I had a Withdrawal Request less than $500. After 10 day wait for approval was over, I got check in Five days and it was good.

I do enjoy their mobile website games.

I like their Bonus Coupons.

I like their continuous Crewpon Coupon that you can use multiple times.

I like the no limit on withdrawal and no play through requirement coupons.
I currently have an approved Withdrawal Request of over $2,000. The 10 Business day approval wait is over. Per discussions with various VIP Hosts there is a 10 Business day wait before Processing. I'm in the 10th day of that wait. Once that is over then there is up too another 10 Business days for me to actually get the Check. Of course my bank may place a Hold on it before I can actually use it. I would say AskGamblers is correct about the 28 days or more to get funds once approved.

Note: Don't use any Free Chips during any of this until you get your check. Based on their Rules you might very well have your approved winnings removed. In speaking to the VIP Host and others on their Live Chat website, I was told as long as your account Balance is near zero you can still use Bonus Coupons as long as you make a Deposit. It would sure be nice if someone else can confirm this, especially someone that did make a withdrawal, and got paid, and during the Withdrawal process made deposits using Bonus Coupons.

Very SLOW payouts!

They need to add more games to their mobile website like Ghost Ship, etc.
I like mostly everything about this casino except the time frame in withdrawals. The staff are very helpful, either by email or live chat. The bonus they are giving is decent and the playthrough not very high. I made 4 withdrawals in the last 4 months it could have been more but I became greedy and cancel/lost 4 more withdrawals.

Never have any problem with withdrawal but then I make sure I follow their instructions. I'm still playing here and compared with other casinos (Golden Lady and Slots Nuts which cheated me of my winnings) I recommend Silver Oak as a casino you can trust to play in.
The very long time it takes to get your money and for people like me its very tempting when you have money like that sitting in my account not to use it.
partyhummel 18 reviews
Generous, uncomplicated bonus offers, very friendly support, nice staff.

I like to play here - also at the sister casinos. Was very lucky several times and got to cash out (some nice 4 digit amounts btw).

Processing of withdrawals takes some time however they write that and so it's no issue. I know before I deposit that withdrawals are not instant and that's okay since the chances there are much higher to win a nice amount- and have fun meanwhile. T&C are less complicated than in many other casinos.
Received an email from some guys with this one. The first impression was - it looks great! Better than many RTG casinos!

Support immediately provided me with a freebie to try their slots and it was cool for being that quick. Though the bonus money vanished much quicker hahaha :))
I made couple deposits, didn't accept any bonuses (decided to try as much as I could with my cash) - slots ate my money with a same speed, but BJ was more winning - friendly.
Only one freebie is available :( But I understand - that's fair.

Will play there again when better times come.
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