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The Dark Knight Rises Games Global

See Batman come back to life in The Dark Knight Rises, a captivating five-reel video slot from Microgaming. The game features top-notch animations, familiar characters, and three innovative features to keep every spin interesting. Try The Dark Knight Rises for free on this page, or go to any of the Microgaming casinos in our listings to play for real money.

Before embarking on your mission, choose how much you would like to wager. Do this by simply pushing the arrows next to “Bet”. The game uses a 243-ways pay structure, so paylines are not a concern. Push “Spin” to begin playing, or use “Auto Spin” if you would like to play continuously within the limits you select.

The Dark Knight rises is filled with unique features that offer big payout potential. The Special Wild symbol on the third reel will expand across the reel and boost your odds of getting a line hit. If you have a completely non-winning spin, the symbols may randomly shuffle around to give you a second chance.

On any non-winning spin, Batman and Bane may come out and fight. During the battle, free spins and multipliers may be added to the counters on the top. To trigger a free spins round, get 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once initiated, the player will receive either the Bane Rolling Reels feature or Batman Extra Wild Blast feature.

Game Play

Bet: Adjust the total wager.
Spin: Play the selected bet.
Auto Spin: Spin automatically within the chosen limits.

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Software Games Global
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 96.41%
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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The Dark Knight Rises Reviews by Players


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Sloter 514 reviews
Reviewed on February 15, 2021


The Dark Knight Rises video slot, is based on the DC Comics character Batman. Microgaming’s Medium variance version, powered by 243 Ways to Win upon 5 reels. The slot offer Free spins/Multipliers/Special Wild symbol on the third reel which expands across the reel increasing the chances for a Winning combo.
Jossey 37 reviews
Reviewed on May 29, 2017


Everything considered to popular culture in slots attracts me very much. In these slots you are not just a gabmler, you are a travel into the fantasy world. In this slots I like not just batman and other characters stuff, but the special combination of music, sound effects and pictures. If something not attract you in slots, you bette close it.


Each slots have 'scale of boredom': fixed time after which you get bored. I can play 'Dark Knight Rises slots' for a while, but hereafter I go to find pleasure in other good ones.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on August 5, 2016


Eagerly awaited upon it's release, Microgaming's "The Dark Knight Rises" is of course the sequel to the hugely popular Batman license, "The Dark Knight", which was itself an updated version of the discontinued "Lord of the Rings" on-line slot. That game was immensely popular and there were a great many players very sad to see it go, despite the fact that "The Dark Knight" was supposed to be more or less the same game.

With that heritage this game was always going to struggle to live up to peoples expectations - in one very specific way though, it did infact far exceed many peoples hopes and dreams! In simple terms this game allows you to build up free spins and multipliers from "fight scenes" which occur randomly inbetween spins. When the game was first released Microgaming made the enormous mistake of forgetting to factor in the bet level at the time these events occured allowing savvy players to gather up a great number of free spins and multipliers playing at very low bets, then increasing their bet significantly to take advantage of these earned rewards at a far higher stake.

Of course it did not take long for the scammers and bonus abusers to find out about this flaw and Microgaming issued a fix relatively quickly but those lucky players who managed to take advantage of this mistake could easily have made vast profits from this game in the meantime! It seems unbelievable that a company as experienced as Microgaming would make a mistake like this, but nevertheless it really did happen!


The game is very different to the first Batman slot and in my view really quite inferior - base payouts are more or less what you would expect from a 243 ways game, you have the option to choose your preferred feature when entering the bonus round and it's nice to try each of them sometimes, but they do seem more or less balanced. Personally I like the Bane spins the best but I have a bit of a thing for the Rolling Reels feature so that is not too surprising!

I really think this game is something of a missed opportunity though - it would have been interesting if they had linked this game back to the Mega Moolah jackpot fund considering that "The Dark Knight" removed this feature which had been part of the original Lord of the Rings slot, but Microgaming chose not to do this. I also can't help but wonder why more features were not included considering most other 243 ways games include at least four - this was a huge license and it really just seems to have been sold rather short in my opinion.

A decent enough game, but unremarkable in pretty much every way - I've not gone back to playing this one again since around a month after it's initial release and cannot imagine myself wanting to play it again in the future either.
Damian 54 reviews
Reviewed on January 31, 2016


Many heard about "The Dark Knight Rises" which was one of the best movies i ever seen until now. The Dark Knight Rises game from microgaming, as one of the newest microgaming games has a 0.30 € min. bet and 243 ways are paid. I liked the graphics on that game and enjoyed every time when I see, batman & bane fight. Every once when they start fight and for every “shot” they adding a random amount of free spins /multiplier. Each of the has a another amount of spins what comes with a different type of feature.

Batman's free spins can give to you a some choice of a random wild or even a double wild in heat seeking feature, next bane feature is giving to you rolling reels feature or stacked wilds at a super stacked wilds feature. I personally didn't had the heat seeking feature or super stacked wild feature but probably they are very cool.

The pays in this slot are very low, and this is that reason why i don't like this game so much. When i received 40 free spins with 4x multiplier on a 0.30e bet and only won 21e. Maximum i ever got in this video slot it was 28e and this was when I played on a 0.50e bet.

Next times i could be playing for long time but not seeing batman fight. Or receive many of free spins but not receive any multipliers. It is frustrating sometimes.In the main game when wild appears on the 3's reel it turns the full reel wild.

I am not sure but if it does that in free spins mode because I never receive that, but I think that probably yes. If I had to rate this slot i could give 7/10. It surely have nice graphics and this is interesting to play, but this little pays are destroying this game. I hope you will have more luck on this slot, good luck! :).


Hmm for sure it is little too low payout setting for this video slot and it should be much better.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on July 26, 2015


The Dark Knight Rises is another video slot from Microgaming software. This game was created after The Dark Knight slot. This game has also 243 paylines like as the first one. But if I have to choose between this two, I will choose this one. I think The Dark Knight Rises offer better features.

The minimum bet is set to 0,30€. This is great, because I played mostly on minimum stakes. The Dark Knight Rises has 3 features. First is free spins which is starts when you receive at least 3 scatters. What I like at this is that Batman and Bane fight and reward you with number of free spins and multiplier. After you hit 3 scatters you can choose which features you want. You can choose between Bane free spins or Batman free spins. Bane offer rolling reels and super stacked wilds while Batman offers extra wild blast and heat seeking wilds.

The second feature is expanding wild, which can expand anywhere on reel 3. And the third is symbol scramble which offers a chance to win by scrambling all symbols into the best positions, combination. I got scrambling symbols a couple of times, but the symbols were weak – only J or Q.

This game surprises me with graphics. It looks so amazing, but not only graphics even sounds and audio effects. While I played it I really enjoy, I didn't saw many slots with this kind of sounds and everything. When I played it, it seemed like I was into it just because of this outstanding audio effects. Mostly I played video slots with quick spin mode, but at this I was playing at normal speed.

I received free spins feature few times, but it seemed like every time I got it too early, when the multiplier was only on x1 or x2. This game is better than the first one - The Dark Knight.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Reviewed on December 24, 2014


The Dark Knight Rises slot. I bet you have all heard about Batman if you haven't seen this movie or others for that matter. This slot is powered by Microgaming and it has 5 reels and 243 ways to make a possibly payout. The minimum bet that can be place in this slot is 0.30$. The music of this game is nice and dark and the graphics of this slot ain't too shabby as well. Also I love the animation on it especially the random fights between Bane and Batman.

So those fights that happen between Bane and Batman can occur on any non-winning spin and during the fight free spins and multipliers will be awarded. That is one of the features that this slot possesses. Another feature is the expanding wild that can only happen on reel 3 for extra winnings and the last feature that this slot has is the scramble feature. This feature will occur on a non-winning combination just as the first one and it will scramble reels in search of the best possible combination to payout.

According to my experience the most luck I had is on the first feature that just accumulated my free spins, and then the wild and the last would be the scramble which really occurs rarely. Then there is the scatter symbol, 3 or more give the FS bonus. This bonus is also really hard to achieve, but there is also a bright side to that since you will be accumulating FS and multipliers by the time you do manage to achieve it you will have quite of a bonus round. So once you do manage to hit the bonus you will be asked to pick between Bane FS and Batman FS. With bane FS you got the rolling reels and with batman FS you get to choose a high symbol to act as a wild and some other things as well.

Overall this is a very good and exciting game once you do manage to hit the bonus round since in the main game I had no luck what so ever. But I do encourage you to try it and 7/10 from me.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on November 27, 2014


This is the follow up to the hugely popular “The Dark Knight” slot game, a film license acquired by Microgaming and designed as an updated version of their “Lord of the Rings” slot game, which I believe they lost the licensing rights to, or something along those lines – they decided to reskin the game and make some changes to it, and the original Dark Knight was the result.

Although “The Dark Knight” was not as popular as the early incarnation “Lord of the Rings”, it still had a large and loyal fan base judging from what I saw on-line – it was always going to be a tough act for Microgaming to follow. It came as no surprise to me that they went with the 243 ways style yet again, but I didn’t expect them to ditch the progressive jackpot – this makes this sequel a very different game to the original, and I’m not sure if it was a great decision – the two games are effectively targeted at very different types of slot player.

It’s inevitable that any Batman fan would give this game a try though, and so of course I did at my favorite Dash casino. The bonus system in this game is very unusual – after any spin, Batman and Bane can appear on screen and will fight, and you are awarded free spins and multipliers when each of them lands a good blow. These are accumulated and counted at the top of the screen, with separate counts for Batman and Bane. When you finally manage to catch the scatter symbols, you are offered a choice between the two – they have two options each, although personally I don’t think there is much difference in the winnings potential between any of the feature options. I’ve not been all that lucky in any of them, although if I had to choose, I’d say the “Heat Seeking Wilds” has paid out best for me.


I always like a 243 ways game to have features with super large wins and jackpots available, because the base games are inevitably very poor payers – I guess its just the nature of having all 243 possible lines available on every spin, you are much more likely to get a five of a kind so the win has to be cut proportionally. “The Dark Knight Rises” is maybe more medium-variance, and as such not for me – I much prefer the original – but I do recommend you give it a try sometime all the same, its definitely a fun slot machine.
sagar.agarwal.1865 93 reviews
Reviewed on August 29, 2014


How could I miss the slot based on one my favorite movies ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. The graphics slot has are rarely seen in other slot games. All the major characters of the movie are beautifully characterized such as the batman, bane, bat women. And the thrill of the slot is kept up by the great soundtrack playing at the background. The slot has 5 reels and 243 play lines.

I played this slot for the first time at 32red casino. I would say that the slot has great returns. I started with the bet of $0.30.In my just first 10 spins of the slot I made 3 good earnings. I made around 1800 coins in the first ten spins. The wild can substitute any symbol except the scatter. There is also an expanding wild on the reel 3. I won around 750 coins by expanding wild in my game play when it appeared for the first time.

The dark night rises logo serves as the wild in the slot game. The appearance of 3 or more scatter on the reels triggers the free spin feature. The slot has the feature in which the fight of bane and batman can occur on any non wining spin. The free spins and multipliers are awarded during this time. These are awarded when the free spins bonus round is triggered. Then you have to choose between batman or bane. The free pin and multiplier records of both of them are placed above the reels. Bane free spin bonus activates rolling reels and super stacked wilds. The batman free spin bonus activates extra wild blast and heat seeking wilds feature.

Another feature which I loved is that symbol scrabble can be rewarded in any non wining spin and allows you to make the best wining combination.
Great slot and any gambler should try this certainly. I would give an assured 9 stars to it.
yapro 790 reviews
Reviewed on May 26, 2014


The dark knight rises is microgaming game, which was released in 2013, and it is also sequel of the original the dark knight game. Apart from first game, this one does not have progressive jackpot, and this is means that there is higher TRTP. As a big fan of the original dark knight, i am of course wait this game, and start playing it at 32red right after release.

And let see what i found. Base game is horrible, it is terrible boring. Nothing interesting can really happen, it is almost impossible to get nice wins during base game, and i hate slots with this idea, when everything happen only in feature, i feel myself like a donkey, while waiting feature.

Also there is free spins feature, number of free spins and multiplier depends on fight between batman and bane. My best result is 26 freespins with x 4 multiplier, but i trigger it only after 300 or even 400 spins, which is of course horrible. More horrible, that this feature pay me 50 x total bet. Yeah, microgaming allow to choose batman or bane feature, but all i can say that both of this features are bad. My best result in feature is something like 100 bet, after 8 or so features. I even do not think to play this game more, i wait this dark knight so much, and i get really bad game which just sucks money. I lost on this game probably 200$ or so, and this was something like i just put my money in fire and wait. I am really do not see any chance to win something good on this game, variance is high, but game is boring and not interesting.

I think this will be first slot game which i rate with 1 star, not interesting game, and i think no one play this game this days. This was mistake from microgaming, and like i said, 1 star for dark knight rises.
gordontan 70 reviews
Reviewed on May 19, 2014


The Dark Knight Rises blockbuster movie is one of the best movie that I have ever seen thus I think that its slot game will also be nice and challenging and another thing is that this is also another fantastic online slot version from Microgaming via DC Entertainment. The Dark Knight Rises is a 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win. If you guys know aboutthe 243 Ways to Win format, I believe you guys will also agree with me as this is an exciting rethinking of the slot machine model that removes the paylines. This is because the wins are based on left-to-right combinations, regardless of their position on each reel. Winning combinations must start from the first reel but can continue on in any position from top, center or bottom, meaning that all symbols act like adjacent scatters. The best part about The Dark Knight Rises is that the music tense and all favourite characters of mine from the movies appear on the reels, bursting into video animations as they make combinations. Then there are lots of exciting new features here, such as Fight Mode, Symbol Scramble and Split Wilds, all of which are triggered in random manner.

Furthermore, when it comes to the symbol scramble feature, the symbols on the reels rearrange themselves to give you the best possible winning combination. This will definitely make your life easier. Another unforgettable one is the fight mode feature and I can have Batman and Bane do fighting across the screen. I think the duel fighting is quite suitable because this can award you a random number of free spins and multiplier value. This is then added to the free spins/multiplier in the free spins bonus feature when you trigger it next and this is quite reasonable to play continuously.

The Free Spins Bonus feature is triggered when you get or more Scatter Bonus symbols on the reels. Here, you are rewarded with 10 free spins, plus the free spins you have accumulated. You will then play a choice of two bonus games, depending whether you choose the Bane or Batman character. For myself I prefer batman and I have selected Batman for the bonus round. Choosing Batman can trigger the Extra Wild Blast Feature, where you get to choose which symbol you want as an extra wild. Trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature ten times to unlock the Heat Seeking Wilds Feature, which transforms random symbols on the three middle reels into wilds.

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