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Bridesmaids Slot Games Global

Bridesmaids is 5 reels and 40 pay-lines video slot powered by Microgaming software provider. The theme of this slot is inspired by a Hollywood movie with the same name.Microgaming is famous for its movie adapted video slots. The symbols include movie’s main characters, cupcakes and cards symbols. If you loved the movie you should definitely give this slot a spin here for free or visit any of the Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you actually hit the reels you need to adjust your bets the way it suits your needs the best. By clicking on "Bet +/-" a drop down will open offering you to set the number of coins per line and coins size. "Coinssize +/-" sets coins denomination which ranges from 0.01 to 0.10, and "Coins +/-" adjusts the number of coins per line. "Autoplay" will start turning the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times or until you choose to stop them. "Spin" will set the reels in motion.

Having in mind that this slot has only one extra feature you might think that the game-play is boring, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to it. However, special symbols include the Wild and the Scatter.

Bridesmaids symbol is the wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. Also, it can appear as the stacked wild, and it can form its own winning combinations when 2 or more of them appear on an enabled pay-line.

The flowery looking cupcake is thescatter symbol. This symbol can form its own winning combos but in case that you land 3 or more scatters you will activate the bonus feature.

Bonus feature is the Wheel Bonus and once activated you will be taken to another screen. Here, you will see a Wheel of Fortune with four cupcakes. You need to pick one of the cupcakes which will award you with a multiplier and then you need to spin the wheel again. In this bonus feature you can win 6 possible bonuses that can be won.

The first bonus is Friendship Free Spins bonus. You are awarded with 10 free spins with various characters stacked on reels. Lillian acts as an extra wild for Annie and Helen and all wins can be paid both ways.

The second bonus is Flying High Free Spins. This bonus round also gets you 10 free spins with Rolling Reels. When a winning combo is formed, symbols explode and make place for more symbols to fall into place. All wild symbols in this round start as a stack of 4 but one new is added per spin.

The fourth bonus is Boutique Bonus round. In this round you will be presented with 12 boxes and you need to pick from them until you make a matching pair. You can pair up bridesmaids, brides or bridesmaids with multipliers.

The fourth round is Magic Moments Bonus. You are presented with 10 photos here and you keep choosing them and each photo chosen will reveal a prize. You can keep picking them until you run into 'I’m sorry'. At that point the round will be over.

The fifth bonus is Jackpot and the sixth is Multiplier. Jackpot round brings you a bountiful prize based on the number of scatters that triggered the feature, and multiplier will award you a multiplier value of your total bet.

Game Play:

Coins size +/-: Change the coins size.
Coins +/-: Set the number of coins per line.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

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Software Games Global
Slot Type Video slots
RTP Unknown
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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Bridesmaids Slot Reviews by Players


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Sloter 514 reviews
Reviewed on February 15, 2021


Microgaming’s Bridesmaids video slot is based on the popular film Bridesmaids. 40 Paylines/5 reels and massive collection of Bonuses including: Scattered Cupcakes/Wheel Bonus/ Boutique Bonus/Friendship Free Spins/Flying High Free Spins…

If you're a big fan of, then you're going to engage with. Unfortunately I’m not. My session was at least annoying, with micro wins (only 3 Of a Kind). I wonder if it rewards 4 or 5 on a line, cause still shaking my head.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on August 22, 2016


Some might be surprised that I haven't seen the movie this game was inspired by, but then I'm not much of a "girly girl" at the best of times! Infact it was actually a youtube video that attracted me to this game to begin with, I'm a huge fan of stacked wilds in slot games and combining these with "Rolling Reels" makes for extremely exciting bonus rounds.

What I didn't realise from watching that video alone is just how difficult it can be to get into that magic "double feature" - simply hitting the scatters isn't enough in this game as doing so merely takes you to a bonus wheel where the majority of the prizes on offer are relatively small stake multiples. There's a couple of basic bonus features and a jackpot hit on there too, plus two different free spin modes, the best of which is the "growing wilds" which works just like the "Sofia" feature in Playboy albeit with Rolling Reels. This means the ever increasing stacks of wilds can potentially deliver several screenfuls of the top paying symbol one after another though sadly I've not managed to get close to such a win myself. Knowing it can be done has kept me coming back to this game for a long time now!

I'll admit to feeling a little embarrassed if anybody sees me playing this despite being a woman! Apart from being a little cringeworthy the graphics are basically good but the movie sequences are a pointless inclusion as far as I'm concerned - I usually don't even bother watching them the first time they show up, I'm here to win money not watch a movie! I guess you can't blame Microgaming for trying to get the most out of their license though.

It sometimes seems as Microgaming can do no wrong when it comes to their slots (apart from the endless clones perhaps) and Bridesmaids is definitely another win for them. Give this one a try, even if your a guy!
Inactive user
Reviewed on April 30, 2016


I was really excited when I saw announcement for the latest addition from Microgaming and it was for Bridesmaids video slot which is 5 reels and 40 paylines

I expect way more and what came out like latest addition to Microgaming is not in my taste at all. I like the idea to make the Bridesmaids movie live on the casino platforms but in my humble opinion, Microgaming should pay more attention to its newest releases in many ways. I definitely feel like to write the email and ask, what is going on with their game developers and creators.

We need something different and we want to play these new games.

You could win up to 105,000 in jackpot and I am not happy with this fact either but what I know for sure weather your happy with its paytable or not, if the game is in its paying mode, you could win big and a lot.

This game features stacked wilds and its substitute for all symbols except for the cupcake scatter.

Cupcake scatters will trigger the main bonus game in this slot. I love slots with bonus game but I haven’t managed to trigger bonus game from the promotional free spins I have received from the different casinos because its been a months now since I used them.

I had and used my chance to see the way this game play and surely I will play it again.

There is also the bonus game, so called Wheel Bonus game where you can win one of the four bonus features and the Jackpot. I like the multiplier and in this game you can win up to 3x multiplier. Could it be 12 x multiplier,ohh,I just wish so. The min. bet is 0.40 whichis comon for 40 paylines slots and if you are curious to feel the way this game play,what are you waiting for …?

Spin it.. give it.. a try!
Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on March 1, 2016


I've never seen the show and I've never played this new game, so when some free spins came rolling into my hands, I quickly grabbed it and not let go. And what do you know...when the game was loaded up and ready to go, I wasn't! Yeah, I wasn't ready to roll yet...I was busy looking at the Bridesmaids...one by one...briefly at some, longer at a few...typically of Afi of course, hahaha. Aaaah...but I could use 1 or 2 of them lovely gals to be my bridesmaids...or housemaids...or just my mates...woohooo!

You know what they say...good things doesn't always come in nice packages...but bad things usually come in super nice ones! Makes you think, doesn't it?! No wonder we tend to fall for bad things...they look so so good! Hehehe.

So, does Bridesmaids look good to you? You know my answer...I wasted time gazing at some nice packages, hahaha. Nothing voluptuous like Kim of course...but desirous as Taylor...the Swift kind. Geeees...that TS still makes me shake it off!

Uuummph...where were we? The game...yes...the game. The first thing that I looked for...no...not THAT thing...was for something hidden...not THAT either! The paytable, you guys! Good or bad...has everything exposed for all to see...in the paytable! If you have never looked under the...errrr...game screen...then you'd never have known if it was going to be good or bad...simple as that.

So what did I see under there? Ah-hah...thought you'd never asked! I saw some nice ones, I saw some so-so ones, and I also saw some not-so-nice ones too. The Bonus Wheel looks nice, the 4 Bonus Games that come with it looks nice too. What are the Bonus Games? Geeees...if I tell you everything, this thing here may stretch too long. Some things you may like to be long...but some things are best kept short! Whatever!


And this is where my Thor Hammer comes down...but lets keep it short! 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines? What a strange combination! 243 ways would definitely be better, if not 1026 ways. 40 paylines with 4 rows is a sure way to lose more easily! Even with 50 paylines, the payouts tend to be not so good most of the time.

Except for the 2 free spins games, which can be quite good at the right time, the Boutique Bonus game on the other hand, tend to be mediocre. I have never liked the pick-and-win-cash kind of games, so it did not thrilled me much...the usual 10x - 15xbet payouts, or less. Never got the Magic Moments Bonus game, so I don't know what it entails.

After all the wheeling and dealing with these Bridesmaids, I didn't even get a good big one! The best I got was size 34...errr...I mean 34x my bet. Most of the time it was just uh-humms and sighs and pain-in-the-s. None of the gals want to be my maid, so I'm not going to be theirs too...not now...not ever.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on October 30, 2015


I did not watched Bridesmaids movie yet, but I think I will watch it in the future. This game is one of the newest one from Microgaming and it based on this comedy movie.

The game has 40 paylines, minimum bet is set to 0,4€. I played this game for a couple of minutes, but I don't like it so much. Here at Bridesmaids the main thing is bonus wheel, where we can find 15 different prizes. From cash, one jackpot prize and 4 bonus features. There are cupcake booster feature, friendship free games, flying high free games and boutique bonus game. I prefer to see wining on of free spins feature instead of bonus game. I also think is the only way to win something decent from this game.

At the beginning before you start spin the wheel, there are cupcake booster where you need to pick one cupcake. This will reveal multipliers and increase prizes at the wheel.
When I played I received only friendship free spins and it paid me around x60 bet. I saw some great wins during flying high free games, where bet exceed x300 times. I think this is a decent game, where you can expect also some big wins. But I don't like it so much, because it has 2 bonus games. I am sure that if I will play it more, I would receive a lot of times this bonus games at wheel instead free games. I think the design of the game is good so as sounds and music.

I don't think I will play this game often because I have some other games, which are better to play them than this one from Microgaming software. I had some nice time when I played it, but at the end I lost my money at this game so I think I had a bad session on it.
beczz 4 reviews
Reviewed on September 30, 2015


First off I loved the movie and was thrilled to see it made by Micro-gaming and was in line to try it out. I found the game to be fun and liked the assortment of the bonus round. I have yet to hit the jackpot in the bonus round and for myself the bonus section is always the same for the session I am playing. If I land on bouquet for my first spin that's most likely what i will continue to see for that session.

The software seemed to have some glitches and freezes or is slow in the bonus round which I had to refresh that all seems to be fixed now.

The game entertains me but have yet to see any great payout but I will keep trying.
blondie 1632 reviews
Reviewed on September 1, 2015


Bridesmaids is the newest slot from Microgaming software. I was really looking forward for this release because I knew that the theme was based on Bridesmaids movie that was very popular and I personally was one of the people that liked it very much. But I also didn't know what to expect since the last few game releases from Microgaming has been rather disappointing.

I was actually very happy when I saw the outcome for this slot. It has an eye candy design with all bridesmaids characters, 5 reels and 40 paylines and very intriguing and diversified bonus rounds. I tried this slot few times already but to understand it better I made a deposit of 50€ and started to play it with minimum bets, which are 0.40€ per spin. Soon enough I got 3 cupcake symbols/scatters that led me to wheel bonus. In this bonus you have to pick 1 of 4 cupcakes and they reveal the multiplier for the winnings on the wheel (there can be blue multipliers that will multiply blue cash prizes, pink- for pink cash prizes and mixed pink with blue- for both of them) as well as a feature that adds 2 extra wheel pointers, there are 2 cupcakes with 2 x multiplier and 2 with 3 x multiplier. I got the 3 x pink multiplier. On the wheel there are cash prizes, two types of free spins (both 10 free spins but with different features) jackpot that is worth 100 x bet win and two other bonus rounds.

As I said before, MG has done a great job making this game interesting. Unfortunately I won a cash prize worth 4 x bet size. About 50 spins later I received another bonus round, this time I had 24 x multiplier and it paid me 9.60€. I managed to get 2 other bonus rounds, in one I got another cash prize but in the last one I had 2 extra wheel pointers and I got a cash prize and boutique bonus. In that I had to open presents and match bridesmaids, altogether I won 30 x bet win.

So far I think this game is really great and the good thing about bonus is that it isn't that hard to trigger it and there's plenty of awards. Free spins seem harder to get than other bonus rounds but I've had them too and they pay decent. I really enjoy playing this slot, I love that there are so many things you can win so it can never get boring.

Great job, Microgaming!
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on August 31, 2015


Bridesmaids is the latest addition to Microgamings slot collection. The game was long announced and there were a lot of free spins promos when it was finally released. I tried about 6-7 promos with 10 free spins and I tried it once for real cash and I had some descent results. The theme of the game is a movie or TV show which I haven’t watched. The game has a pink design with main symbols as characters from the movie. It has descent graphic, some nice animations but still overall this is a girl’s game and I can’t say that visually I like it too much.

The slot has 40 paylines and 5 reels. The number of paylines is fixed so the minimum bet to play it is 0.40 cents which is a bit high. It has a wild symbol which comes stacked and a scatter symbol which is a cupcake. The scatter symbol activates the Wheel bonus in the game where you can win cash prizes or some of the free spins feature. In the end it’s all up to how lucky you are and where the wheel lands so you don’t really know what to expect from the bonus game.

From the free spins promos I got the most I won was 11 euros from a set of 10 free spins. This is a descent win but I lost it all because I continued to play the game. The first time I tried it for real cash I played around 300 spins. I got the Wheel bonus twice which is low in my opinion. The first time I got the Friendship Free spins bonus but I had a win of only 10 x bet which is disappointing. The second time I got only a cash prize of 36 x bet which is descent. During base play I had a few 10-15 x bet wins and one big win of 60 x bet with 3 wild reels. In the end I walked away with 40 euros plus balance which is descent for a first session. This slot can pay nice and I think it’s only a matter of persistence when a big win will come.
katemak 1265 reviews
Reviewed on August 29, 2015


Okay, Microgaming guys... who are responsible for this video game, running out of creativity, ideas, me as a player I do not want to watch some series, comedy or some not familiar to me movie, if I want so I will use the TV that's its purpose, I do want to play slots, slots we are use to play, cartoonish, feel the excitement, like Immortal Romance, Break Da Bank again, playing and expecting something big. Not some females rolling on the reels, specially hate when some of them pop ups on the left side of the game.

As for the graphics, crystal clear pink design, with diamond frame, with sparkling reels with 6 female characters and a few bonus rounds such as Wheel bonus round, triggered by the cupcakes feature and that will happened if they played manage to catch 3 of them anywhere on the reels. It’s a 40 pay line with 5 reels video slot, with 4 different features. The first one is the Flying High free spins feature, where triggered will award the player with 10 free spins with X 2 or X 3 multiplier, where there are 13 wilds available.

The second is the Friendship Free spins feature. which again there is a 10 free spins awarded, but here is a wilds but stacked one and this are 3 of the female characters, which one of the girls is stacked on the reel 1 and 2, the second one on 4th and 5th and the last one is stacked on the reel 3, so basically you can get wilds on any reel, if so we are talking for some big win to be triggered.

The third bonus is the Boutique Bonus feature where only 2 of the female are included so this game has only cash prizes but with multiplier wins. The 4th bonus feature is the Magic Moments, where the player will avail 9 of 10 prizes and they are all cash prizes, but one of those 10 Magic Moments will end the game. So quiet girlish game, have played few times as a free spins offered, as for real money I don't intend to play this game, there is a lot video games providers, which are more interesting and will pay much better.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reviewed on August 29, 2015


As I write this, Bridesmaids is the newer video slot game, which was created in Microgaming. This game has 40 pay-lines and 5 reels. What I do not like is that here the number of pay-lines is fixed. Most of the slot games that appeared in the Microgaming offer recently have a fixed number of lines. So, you can’t change the number of lines in the game and that reduces your possibilities for tactics.

The theme for the game is borrowed from the eponymous Hollywood film. I must admit that I had didn’t watch this movie so far. Otherwise, the game visually looks fine. So, Bridesmaids has one plus from me for the graphics.

Bridesmaids offer a total of 4 features. Two of them are free spins feature called Friendship and Flying High free spins feature. That's all I can say about this feature because so far I've only made 20 spins on this game and I have not reached them. Then here you have two features more that are different variations of pick up bonuses, which are: Boutique and Magic Moment Bonus.

As I wrote, in this game I made only 20 spins. Jackpot Casino offered me 20 free spins on the Bridesmaids. My biggest win was about 4 euros and from these 200 free spins I cashed almost 8 euros. But the start was more than poor. In fact, in the first 11 spins I had only one wins from 0.35 euros. On the 12th spin I got 1.75 and immediately on the 13 spin 4 euros. After I finished with free spins for a while I’ve been thinking that should I continue to play at this or to choose another game. I decided for another game but it is certain that I will once again try here. I think Bridesmaids is really fine slot game. Also I think it deserves 7 out of 10 possible stars.

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