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Match Deposit Bonuses

If you are new to the world of online casinos, it is normal to be confused by a variety of gambling terms and even get overwhelmed. This is why we are here to explain to you some of the gambling terminologies that will help you understand casino bonuses and, in this case, match deposit bonuses.

There are several reasons why you should know exactly what each gambling term means. For one, if you are playing for real money - which is the point of gambling - the stakes can be high, and knowing the terms that surround you is fundamental.

Different online casinos offer different casino bonuses, and sometimes these subtle differences can lead to unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore, we have prepared some pointers that will help you clear up any potential confusion before you actually make a deposit.

One of the most popular offers that you will cross paths with in online casinos are the match deposit bonuses which are created for the purpose of boosting your bankroll and spicing up your gaming routine. A matched deposit bonus is similar to a standard welcome bonus, but it comes with a twist.

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What is a Matched Deposit Bonus?

Why exactly are these bonuses actually referred to as match deposit, though? The answer to this question is simple and can be deduced from the name of the bonus itself. Still, allow us to elaborate. A match deposit bonus is called this way because the casino operator that offers it will base the bonus on your deposit and then offer to match your amount up to a certain percentage.

In a nutshell, deposit match bonuses mirror the amount of money you place and are there to give your gameplay a boost if you choose to play your favourite online casino games at that particular casino.

Ultimately, a matched deposit bonus can come in many different forms, with different Terms and specifics. These bonus variations might complicate things at first, especially if you are new to the world of online casinos. However, the more you read about bonuses (and play at online casinos), the simpler it will get. The variations of match deposit bonus lie in the percentage that the operator will match.

How to Claim a Match Deposit Bonus?

Now when we’ve explained what is being matched and what is the purpose of these deposit match bonuses, let’s take a step forward and see how you can claim a bonus like this when you find one that suits you.

A match deposit bonus can come with a special bonus code attached to it, which basically means that you will need to have this code if you want to claim the bonus. Otherwise, that will not be possible. We at AskGamblers offer a list of bonuses that can be useful if you are looking for a quality promo offer because we always list all we can, and then leave it up to you to choose the ones you consider the best. Once you pinpoint the bonus you are interested in, make sure to get the bonus code needed, visit the online casino you chose and redeem the code before making a deposit in order to claim the bonus. 

Keep in mind that the bonus codes are worth for mobile casinos as well, so it doesn’t matter if you like to play while on the go, or from the comfort of your home. The choice is up to you.

If, on the other hand, the bonus of your choice does not have a bonus code that needs to be redeemed, then the process of claiming the bonus is much simpler than it is in the previous case. All you need to do is visit the casino whose offer you liked, make the minimum deposit that is required by the deposit match offer, and claim the bonus.

Once the process is complete, the operator will match the deposit that you’ve initially made. Of course, keep in mind that the deposit you choose to make and the minimum deposit prescribed by the offer do not necessarily have to be the same amount.

Most Common Match Deposit Bonuses

As we have already mentioned, match deposit bonuses can be offered in various forms, and the most popular ones, and probably the ones you will run into more often than the others, include 50% match deposit, 100% match deposit, 200% or higher match deposit, and last, but not least are match deposit bonuses with Free Spins.

The math is simple for the offers that will give you only a percentage. Essentially, if you decide to deposit, for example, €100 and the bonus is a 50% match deposit, then you will end with €150 on your bankroll.

What differs slightly from these percentage matched deposit bonuses are the bonuses that will both match what you deposited and add some Extra Spins to it. This is a very common offer to see, and you will, undoubtedly, be able to find them while surfing through our casino bonuses list. Often these kinds of offers will give a number of Spins for online slots that are eligible, and most commonly these games will be listed in the bonus offer itself, or under the Bonus Terms and Conditions section.

What Should You Look For in a Deposit Match Bonus?

Much like with any other offer that can be found at online casinos, bonuses with matched deposits also have a checklist that you should not disregard. The first thing on that checklist, and probably the most important one, is reading the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

What we suggest to keep an eye out for while scrolling down through the T&C are the minimum deposit  requirements in order to claim the bonus, the minimum wagering requirements, the number of Free Spins given (if the bonus comes with Spins), the expiration date of Free Spins given, the eligible games, and potential withdrawal cap and restricted countries.

It is not uncommon to find a bonus that will give you a certain amount of Free Spins to spend on several different online slots, but will also give you, for example, 3 days to spend them. Otherwise, you will lose all the Extra Spins you’ve gained.

A minimum deposit amount is always clear-cut and is visibly specified. If you want to get the bonus offered, you will have to meet the minimum deposit requirement. Otherwise, claiming a matched deposit bonus will not be possible.

Moreover, another clearly important detail to keep in mind is the withdrawal limits and caps. Again, it is quite common to see that match deposit bonuses have maximum withdrawal limits. This means you will not be able to withdraw more than the amount the operator prearranged, regardless if you’ve won it or not.

Plus, you need to know what amount you will need to meet in a rollover before you are even eligible for a cashout. What you can do is make sure to check the number of days that you are given to meet these wagering requirements and be aware exactly which playthrough requirements your deposit match bonus comes with.

Last, but not least, you need to check the restricted countries section, because sometimes it happens that, even a bonus offer is exclusive to AskGamblers members, you can find out that the amount is not cashable for your country due to various laws and policies.

Browse Our List of Matched Deposit Bonuses

Now, as we have already mentioned, our site has a list of various matched deposit bonuses from different casino operators, so feel free to sift through it and check if there is anything to your liking. Naturally, try to keep all the facts we’ve listed in mind before you decide to go and claim a deposit bonus. 

We all agree that the deposit match bonuses can give you more chances of winning bigger payouts because they build up on your bankroll without you actually depositing more. Still, we urge you to be cautious and read the Bonus Terms and Conditions, because ultimately, the decisions you make will affect only you, so make sure you are making the right ones.

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