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Dracula Slot

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Dracula is a 40-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game features the world’s most famous vampire and characters which are in close relations with count Dracula. Apart from the regular wild, the game also has stacked wilds and symbols. Players can select any of the listed NetEnt casinos to play this stunningly-designed monster slot for real money.

To begin their thrilling vampire journey, players should regulate their wager first. The “Level” selector alters the bet level. “Coin Value” regulated the coin size, which goes up to 1. “Spin” initiates the game and “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest wager. In order to automatically play the game for a number of times without interruption, one should click “Au­top­lay­”. 

When the Bat feature is triggered, bats fly in and land anywhere on the reels in a cluster formation. All bats which are in the cluster then turn into the same arbitrary symbol, including the wild card, which leads to large wins.

The Free Spins feature is activated when the stacked Dracula symbol emerges on the 2nd reel and the stacked Lady appears on the 4th reels at the same time. As Dracula reaches for the Lady, players are awarded 10 Free Spins.

Game Play

Coin Value: Decide on the coin size.
Level: Choose the bet level.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Turn the reels at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted. 

Dracula Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 156 reviews
NetEnt's Dracula is an unique game with great potential.
Dracula and vampire are two thing that always reminded to each other but what most people do not know that Dracula is just a name of a person.

Earlier I have reviewed a horror themed game called Zombies which is I really like and to be honest I like Dracula slightly more. It is not only horror themed game but there's also a small portion of romance and drama. The game does not contain story telling text but the intro and gameplay tell us enough story without using any word.

When the game first launched, there are many casinos offering free spins for new and existing players. The free spins offers were various from 5 free spins up to 100. I am a regular player so the offers I get from different casinos were very generously. Fortunately I was able to win huge on 1 particular casino who offered me 20 mega spins. What is huge? well, to me an amount above 100 euro is huge for a no deposit bonus.

Like other video slots out there, Dracula has 2 bonus features : random Dracula transformation and free spins. Whenever I play the game, the first feature I mentioned above was triggered quite often, maybe 1 out of 5 spins but not all of them were winning spin.

The free spins feature is hard to trigger but when it's triggered you will receive 10 Dracula's transformation free spins.
I did managed to get a bunch of stacked wild symbols on the first 4 reels and bats flew all over my screen! I've never been happier.

Dracula is a great game with great gameplay and an unique bonus features.
I do recommend this game if you like horror, romance and drama themed game because it has all of them but play in moderate.
I'm with NEXTTIMEWIN, the free spins feature is hard to trigger.
At some casinos the game lagged but that might be the connection to blame.
Other than these two things this game is perfect.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I've seen NetEnt's "Dracula" being discussed (or more accurately, universally panned!) on the forums recently so figured it was about time I gave it another try as I don't really remember playing it much after the handful of free spins I was given by my favourite casinos upon it's release.

Whilst the game looked familiar when I opened it, I could only theorize that it must be an entirely forgettable game overall! It looks okay, certainly in fitting with the Dracula theme but I don't find it particularly attractive - both Blood Suckers and Immortal Romance did this kind of presentation much better and those games are both fairly old now.

The game has a "Bats" feature which activates randomly on any spin (or on every spin during the free spins bonus) and changes a block of adjacent symbols somewhere on the reels into a block of matching symbols. This kind of feature usually adds extra wilds to the reels but not in this game - it can be anything from the low end Jack symbols upwards and very rarely awards a block of wild symbols.

Hitting the free spins requires you to land two stacked symbols fully in view on reels two and four which seems much more difficult than the more usual way of hitting three or more scatter symbols. It maybe just seems that way because the symbols are only present on two reels but I found it particularly frustrating when I missed out on the bonus because I had just one part of one of the stacks missing off the edge of the screen!

Potential winnings seem pretty horrible too, though I do think you need to consider the fact that if you play minimum bets you are betting just 1/2p per line rather than the more usual 1p per line minimum enforced in most games. I'm not sure why NetEnt chose to do this but I guess there are some low rollers who don't want to bet as high as 40p per spin? The game does have a high RTP figure of almost 97% but despite this I lost a big chunk of my wager over three sets of 100 spins I put through the game when trying it out, although I did all of my losses when I eventually hit my first bonus round around 350 spins in which just goes to show you really do need to play the long game if you want any chance of seeing a slot game hit its target RTP number.

Overall I didn't find Dracula to be as horrible as people had led me to expect but it is just another low variance game from NetEnt that will bleed you dry with ease if you play it for too long. This kind of game should be given just a few spins at reasonably high betsizes now and then if you want any chance of turning a decent profit.
Fiekie247 275 reviews
South Africa
I am a big fan of vampires, mainly because I love the shows "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries". Being a vampire series fan led me to try this netent release called Dracula.

Dracula is 40 pay line slot with stacked symbols spinning on the reels with a minimum bet of $0.20 per spin. The slot offers a bat feature, where the vampire transform into bats covering the reels with a specific symbol vertically or horizontally with the hopes that other symbols can match the symbols created during the bat feature for big wins. It also has a free spins feature where the vampire lands on reel 2 and the lady lands on reel 4 fully visible activates 10 free spins. I noticed you don’t see the wild symbol often during the main game. Most of the time I see the wild symbol during the bat feature. The maximum coin win on this game is 80 000 coins.

During the free spins feature every spin makes the vampire transforms into bats to cover the reels with symbols that are matched to win. Also on reel 3 during free spins there's a symbol of the vampire and lady holding each other spinning on the reel in the background which is not visible, but only becomes visible if it lands in a winning combination. If they cover the entire reel, you are awarded with additional 2 spins.

I saw some casinos offer some no deposit free spins on this game during signup. I played this game on Thrills casino. I manage to get the free spins feature on $2 bet (coin was $0.20 and bet level 10), also during this spin I accidentally pressed the max bet button which led to the $2 bet. The first few free spins was empty but then I won x400 my bet when the bat feature turned the whole screen into the vampire face making me win 80 000 coins landing me a good $800.

Overall I enjoyed this slot. There were times when this slot is so cold I never win a dime, but I used this slot on 2 occasions to complete a $700 and $800 wagering requirement at Thrills and Casino Adrenaline.
Afi4wins 1412 reviews
Is your room light on? Don't read this in the dark. There might be something behind you..quick...turn around and have a look now! No Dracula behind you hah? Thank god! Hahaha. Just to get you in a scary mood for my review on this scary game. Nah, I'm not afraid, but I know of a few people who do get goose bumps whenever they play this game, like the dreaded Dracula is right in front of them. Well, he is! The game I mean. Hehehe.

That fanged guy doesn't look like a Dracula, does he? More like a vampire to me, but what the heck, they are both the same. But does that sweet Lady knows that her guy is a vampire? Hmm, I guess she doesn't. Makes this game a little bit like Immortal Romance, the vampire bit, not the 'Troy-bites-the-girl' bit. Whatever it is, both Dracula and the Lady pays a very low 200x the line bet for 5 of them, both can be a Stacked symbol, Dracula on reel 2 and the Lady on reel 4, get both of them fully stacked and you get 10 free spins, but without any win multiplier. Now that is what I call a really cheap skate offer! Just 10 free spins with nothing more! Sheesh! There is also one more Stacked symbol, which is Dracula with the Lady, appearing only on reel 3, and only in the Free Spins game. Getting this Stacked symbol awards 2 more free spins, it can appear a few times during the Free Spins game, but it must appear fully stacked in order to award that 2 extra free spins. Appearing partly awards nothing. Another cheap skate excuse! Sheesh!

The red 'W' is the Wild symbol, a true blue dumb Wild as I would call it, can only substitute for other symbols to create a win, and can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the main game only. Does that make it a doubly dumb Wild? Hmm. All 'figure' symbols pay a flat 60x the line bet, and all other symbols pay a flat 40x the line bet. Makes me wanna fall to the floor flat! What a blardy poor paytable!

A Bat Feature can be randomly activated in the main game, whereby a cluster of symbols get transformed into one same symbol. This cluster always happen on reels 2, 3 and 4 most of the time, but it doesn't always award a win! In the Free Spins game, this Bat Feature occurs for each and every spin, but, doesn't always end up with a win either! That's 2 more cheap skate moves as far as I'm concerned.

Playing Dracula was like playing the game with him sitting right in front of me. Not the scary bit, but scaring-away-all-the-wins bit! What I always get are dumb clusters that pay nothing most of the time! But when they do pay, it was mostly peanuts. This Dracula thing thinks I'm a monkey or what? I want nice cash wins, not peanuts! Sheesh!
Once in awhile, NetEnt would go dumb and release some bummers, probably on purpose, for a purpose. If you enjoy playing this game, all I can say is "hmm". With such a ridiculously low paytable, with a 5-reels 4-rows play area, big wins are totally seasonal and rare! I cannot even get any 50x total bet win in any of my sessions on this game, and Dracula has since fallen into my deep deep freezer, forever!
Dracula is another new product from the tireless Net Entertainment company, one of the slots, which is a short time won the hearts of players around the world. And I'm one of those players and I'm happy because there are platforms that despite all these offers can still surprise us with something new and different from anything we've seen all these years. The specific appearance of the drum and the animation of all the bonus rounds in this game, classify this slot among those whose time has come. NetEnt has all the more graphics-intensive slots and who is not able to follow it, you should not complain, because the competition is fierce and if you do not offer something new, original and better you do not exist. Dracula slot've tried practically the first day when he came out.

I got a free spins at several casinos: Unibet, Mybet, Vera & John and so on. There are many casinos that operate with NetEnt software offers free spins on this slot, and without the required deposit. Mostly they get active players which is completely logical. Every couple of days I open this slot and play a couple of spins. So far I have often opened Bat feature that brought me the most joy. Free spins bonus I won yesterday and after this round, my account has increased by € 24. My role here range from 0.40 to 2 €, all depends on the current amount in the account. The rule is that my role in the slots with more than 25 payment lines, never exceed 2% of the current amount in my account. If the amount in the account less than 20 €, then the percentage os stake rises to 5%.

My last adventure was yesterday at Bet365 casino when I after the Big Bang game about which I spoke, on account I had € 38 and after another attempt to Jimi Hendrix slot machine. I took the auto-play and after 50 free spins on the account I had € 52. It was enough for the day and here I gave up. Since winning money is more important graphical perfection that accompanies this game, these bats that fly over the drum and disappear on the other side of your screen, they actually left a couple of symbols in black, which means that when they fit the drum together with the others to give a winning combination. Truly creative, and the sound is so scary that is in fact perfect. My impression stops in three words - Victory for NetEnt!
Dracula is a video slot with 40 lines the minimum stake in this game is one of the lowest in the all casinos in Netent, because it is only 0,20Eper 1 spin. From my perspective I think this is good.

I don't remember exactly when I played this video slot before.

But as I remember when I played this game first time, I was surprised because this game has very nice graphic. all visual effects and sounds are on the top level.

Bad thing is that I need to set my graphics settings to low, otherwise the game is gonna slowing down too much.

In Dracula game we have free spins feature which is triggered when we get the full of symbols with Dracula and the girl on the reels ( what is by the way little too hard) and then when we have this, you will be able to check your luck with 10 free spins feature.
In the free spin feature we can get more free spins when we get wild symbol.

Normal game has also bat feature when it is enabled
those bats will fly and stay on and they are turned at the same random symbol and it is possible to get full screen, I didn't get it yet.

General speaking the graphic is one of the best of the best in all Net Entertainment network and here it is strongest point of the game.

I must notice that, return to player is only 96,60 % so it seems like little too low, by the way. Because when we look on the other games in this software, we will see that, there are games with only 2 % house edge, like blood Sucker for example. In general I can rate this game on 7 points.
I don't like this very bad pay return to player, house edge is too big in this game.
zerooo 742 reviews
Dracula is a video slots with 40 paylines from NetEnt software. The minimum bet is set to 0,20€ per spin which I think is good. When i first played this video slot I was surprised because the game has very good graphics. All visual effect and sounds are great. I must say that sometimes is that good that I need to lower my graphics settings to medium otherwise the game laying of all these effects.

The game offer free spins feature which is triggered if you get the full symbol of Dracula and the girl on the reel. If you received it, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. In free spins feature you can get more free spins if you get stacked wild symbol on the reel. But I think that this could triggered more than just 2 additional free spins. I triggered free spins feautre many times, but the payment of it was low. It paid me poor every time when I played it.

I liked that the main game has wild symbols. Main game has also Bat feature. When it activated bats will fly in and land anywhere on the reels in a cluster formations. All bats turn in into same random symbol also including wild symbols. I saw some screenshot where all reels has the same symbols and it was mega win. I never had full screen of same symbols, once I had half of the screen and again I was surprised about how much it paid. I thought it will paid much more.

Otherwise I think this is a good game, especially graphics. About paytable it could be much more better than it is now. And I believe this is the main reason why I don't play it so much. If the paytable be better I think this could be one of my favorite game.
Dracula is netent game, released this year. Well, I do like this slot, but some things really annoying in this game, so I am not very frequent visitor of this slot. But still, sometimes I give it few spins.

First thing that I like - it is game's design. It is stunning good. There are perfect made Dracula and his girlfriend animations and symbols. Others is on same level, but somehow I much more like Dracula and his girl. Also intro movie is great one, and movie between in game and freespins is decent one. Netent did very good job in this part of the slot.

I also do like in game feature with bats, when Dracula turns to bats , lands on some random amount of places, and make it all same symbols. I think it is possible for him to make absolutely all reels to wilds, but I do not think it is frequent event. Once I got during freespins all reels by Dracula made by aces, payout was not too big, but I was really happy and also my heart beating, because it was first time for me that this feature land on all places.

Freespins feature is same as normal play, but with one important different. Dracula turns to bats each spin, this give good chances to win big. And also special stacked wild symbol added on middle reel - if it appear in full it gives +2 freespins.

My best result at this game was of course after freespins feature, I won about 150 bets there, thanks to quite good Dracula bats feature. Of course couple of time it is loosy game, but if not make big bets it will not steal much money. Great game overall, and 8 stars should be good.
Thumbs down things?
1. low payouts, it is not nice.
2. Sometimes game lags for me.
3. It seems very hard to trigger freespins.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Dracula is a slot game that was released from NetEnt some time ago and I remember that there was a big fuss about it. It was announced everywhere and I thought it was going to be the game of the century. When I first saw this slot I was really blown away by the graphic and animations. The slot looked really good and had some interesting features.

The theme of the game is Count Dracula and you can see him all around the slot awarding extra symbols and wins. The slot has 40 paylines but the minimum bet to play it is 20 cents. The highest paying symbols are Dracula and the Lady and they both have a payout of only 200 x betline. The rest of the symbols have a really low payout, one of the lowest I’ve seen. Wild symbols appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the base play so you don’t have the standard 5 of a kind combination.

So what makes this game interesting to play? The only good side of the slot is that the symbols can come stacked and usually do on few reels and you have some wins. Another good side is the bat feature where Dracula turns into bats and flies across the reels to award same of a kind symbols. This can make some nice combinations and if you are lucky several 5 of a kind wins.

This game also offers a free spins bonus which seems impossible to get. It is triggered when you get the stacked Dracula symbol on reel 2 and stacked Lady symbol on reel 4. With this you get 10 free spins where the bat feature activates after every spin. In this bonus you can also get the stacked wild symbol on reel 3 and it will award you an additional 2 extra spins.
From my experience the game fails in every way. The free spins are almost impossible to get and when they do come they award a win of 30-50 x bet. During base play you get some occasional big wins but that balance disappears chasing for the bonus round. Not a game I would play to win big.
katemak 1170 reviews
Dracula is another of the newest games from Netent software and must admit that for the first time I saw this game I really liked the graphics, the color and the theme of this game. Dracula we all know what the theme is is as the title itself tells us all, so it a 5 reel with 40 pay lines, where the minimum bet will be 0.40 euros.

This new game has free spins feature, bonus round, don’t know if I can call it bonus round when the bets will come across all the reels group them self and turning the reels in same random symbol s that way you'll get a wining combination, well that all depends of the other symbols on the reels you got in this game.

The free spins feature is triggered when Dracula appears on entire second reel and his Lady on the 4th reels, so that way you will be awarded with 10 free spins. The interesting thing is when the free spins starts again here are the bats, which again will group and will transform some of the symbols to give a winning combination, but every time if getting 20 bats on the reels you will be awarded with 2 extra free spins.

So the first time from 5-15 free spins given from casinos, so we can try the new game, actually from that small amount of spins we can’t decide is it good or bad game, so that way I played in some of the casinos and I must say I didn't get any decent win,

So I have played this game wanted to give it a chance, but lately as I said Netent are really disappointing me with this all new games, just because I think this are all low variance paying slots. As I remember The Wish Master was the last slot I like and has potential of big win, which I can’t say for the rest of the other slots arrived. My opinion this game doesn't have potential of some decent win.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dracula Slot is the latest NetEnt slot game developed in collaboration between NetEnt and Universal Studios. After the novel and the film, the time has come that Carpathian Count Dracula appears in one video slot game too. I liked this idea and I was expecting this game with impatience of the moment when I found out that it is in a preparation.

Finally came the moment that the Dracula slot game appeared in the offer in NetEnt casinos. I don’t play so often in these casinos, mainly the reason for this is somewhat lower bonus offer in relation to the casinos that run on other software. However, NetEnt offers high-designed slot games with original rules.

Dracula Slot has 40 pay lines and 5 reels. As it is expected, the graphics are good with animations that I liked. Especially, the animation that you have after some big wins. Before I made the first spin on this game, I have watched a short film as an introduction to the game itself. The film was a real horror and I got pretty scared, oh my god, I don’t know will I have the courage to play this game at all. Of course, I was just kidding and I liked this short film. The game itself offers a few features. There is a wild symbol that changes all other symbols. Then there is the so-called bat feature. This feature can bring you some bigger wins. Feature which pays best and which is difficult to reach is the free spins feature. To get the free spins it is necessary that you have stacked symbols on the second and the fourth reels. In this case you get 10 free spins. I came only once so far to free spins bonus and had wins of 80 x bet. However I was watching some videos on youtube where some players had really incredible wins in free spins. I think that NetEnt did a good job with this game and many will like it.

I recommend this game and for her I give 8 stars.
valentin68 535 reviews
It took to me some time to write this review. Not because Dracula is not a good slot, but because I detest this Dracula as he is presented here in this game. And this, for several reasons. I suspect that almost all people known the legend of the vampire as he is presented by this slot, but the Dracula was somebody else. He was a ruler of the Romanian Country known because on his reign the theft was gone. But I get over the true story and I say more about the slot.

Dracula is a terrifying character in this slot terrifying, a character that sometimes turn into bats that fly over the entire slot to offer plenty of symbols grouped, bringing many important wins. Being one of the new slots from NetEnt it is also attractive because earnings from here are sometimes just as good. The not so pleasant part of this slot is in my opinion that although you earn often, here those Wilds so needed to obtain sometimes really big gains are missing.

The Free Games are given when Dracula meets his chosen-one and when at each spin bats are flying over the entire slot to bring many identical symbols each time a good win. Although there are good times to win while playing here, Big Wins are missing. If you play enough sometimes you can earn extra, but not as big as playing other recent NetEnt slots. For example for a bet of 20 cents good win value is only 1-2 Euro. This is great but not extraordinary.

Therefore Dracula and is a good slot, but not extraordinary. Especially for those who know that Dracula was somebody else! You can play here and lose some time, but just this.
The most inappropriate here is precisely this vampire character of Dracula who, I say again it was actually somebody else. Otherwise I have no other objection against this slot.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dracula, new Netent releases and I was expecting more. And this is not the only slot inspired by Dracula, you can find B3Wgroup. KGR Entertainment, 36Gaming and now Netent. They did a very good job when I think of graphic but what I am concerned about is paytable which is very poor. Aham, you heard me very well. All this effort and it is more just for fun.

Recently we had many promotions and some casinos still run Dracula promos and I was lucky to get enough number of free spins to give it a try in real money mode. Dracula is presented very well in this new slot and let me tell you that I would play this slot for fun if I would have nice bankroll for now, I don't think I will put my money into this game. I can't recall all of the casinos that I received free spins to try this new game, but I haven't win anything special from my free spins. I had little fun and chance to feel this game and to have a look over the paytable. I realized just now that max. that you can win is 200 which is crazy and silly, I knew it wasn't worth your money but 200 for this wow 5 reel, 40 paylines. Aww, this is such a shame, new time you better offer something decent because players deserved it, we can't win the house anyway.

This game has both, Wild and stacked wild symbol. Wild could appear on the reel 2, 3 or 4 in the main game and it substitute for all symbols. Stacked Wild could be appear anywhere on the reel 3 during the Free Spins feature and it is substitute for all symbols as well. Free spins are activated if stacked Dracula symbol appear on reel 2 and stacked Lady symbol on the reel 4 in the main for, 10 free spins will be unlocked. Unfortunately I haven't got Free Spins feature and I would add that additional free spins are added during the free spins feature if Dracula and Lady together symbol appear on the reel 3.

This game could be very fun and that is all you can expect.
blondie 1094 reviews
Dracula is the newest game from Netent entertainment and I've been excited about it since the day it was announced. It is no secret that I really love vampire and magic themed slots and that's why I was so intrigued about Dracula.

So the name speaks for itself- this 5 reel 40 payline 3D slot with the minimum bets of 0.20€ per spin. I have to start with saying that visually Netent has really thought everything through, the intro video is really exciting and bit disturbing in a good way. Also Netent has done a great job with features- this game has many interesting features, first of all I would like to mention bat feature. It can come up randomly and make the same random symbols, which also could be a wild symbol, that increase winnings. For example, my biggest winning with bat feature so far is 60x bet and I think that's pretty good. And the good thing is that the feature comes up quite often so the game doesn't get dead. The second feature is the 10 free spins. You get them if both of Stacked Wilds fully land on reels (Dracula and his lady friend) on 2nd and 4th reels and then you receive 10 spins. On each of the free spins, Dracula turns into bats and makes random symbols and if the Stacked Wilds fully appear on 3rd reel, you'll get 2 additional spins. I haven't experienced it yet.

I do have a bit mixed feelings about this slot, I've heard other players saying this game has no winning potential and this game has done both for me-given some winnings and ate money, I think I'll play it more but will stick to minimum bets. Design wise Netent has done an excellent job. I have to say that it is quite hard to get the free spins round, I've had it about 6 times now and none of them gave me respins, in a way this reminds me Invisible Man because free games seemed almost impossible to get too, but I think that the payouts are quite decent. For example I played this game just today at Casumo casino. I had a 40€ balance and all of it went to Dracula, I played with 0.40€ bets and didn't get any bonus round and lost all money. So I guess I suggest to be a low roller with this game.
This is a new slot from NetEnt, I didn't know many things about it, I was just aware that will be launched soon but didn't pay so much attention to it because it seemed to be a normal slot, nothing special I thought! When I received an e-mail from a casino that I have some free spins to try this slot, I was a little bit curious to see what features has and if deserves to play it for wagering purposes. So I opened the slot, my first impression was very good because of the nice graphics, awesome I could say and I wanted to see the features. It is true that were only 10 free spins, but I was lucky to win some money from these free spins and to play for a longer time.

I managed to win only 1.30 euro from the first 4 free spins, I thought that this will be the amount obtained from the bonus, but the 5th spin gave me the Dracula symbol on the 2nd reel and the Lady symbol on the 4th that activated the Free Spins features, 10 free spins with the Bat feature. I was impressed by this feature, it has a good potential for big wins, brought me 15.6 euro, a decent amount thinking that I was playing with a 0.20 euro stake.

A good thing is that the Bat feature could be randomly activated in the main game, so a good chance to win extra money. I want to say that I had fun playing this new slot from NetEnt for the first time, I am happy with the features that this slot has, I will give a 9 because of the nice free spins, Bat feature and obviously the Wild symbol.

About the graphics, I will give a 10, I think that deserve it, I love very much the symbols, the animations and also the interesting theme about Dracula.
Obviously it is a good slot so I have nothing bad to say about it!
Dracula review! As a very big fan of Net Entertainment software, of course I waited this game, even prepared some money to try this new game with some sweet offers, because casinos usually send good bonuses and freespins when NetEnt release new game.

Well when Dracula was released, I was happy with the first look of the game. Made very nice, in style of steam tower I say, I like. Sounds are also good, but when Dracula try to scary after any win with his sound it is just funny, yeah.

Ok, no one probably care how new game look, all NetEnt new games looks awesome. During base game there is one special feature, Dracula becoming bats, and bats made on reels some symbols in one same. It is possible that bats will made the whole reels of same symbols, but I never was even close to this. Bats feature triggered by random, but it is often one. Few times I triggered it 4-5 times in a row. It does not pay any decent money in 99% cases, but it could of course.

To trigger freespins you need to get full stacked Dracula on reel 2, and full stacked girl of Dracula at reel 4. Annoying, making me in rage. When you get not full Dracula and full girl, and full Dracula not full girl, both not full, just stupid feeling. At steam tower there is one such symbol, now they made two.

You get 10 freespins when feature triggered. Each freespins are guaranteed bats feature, and also during freespins bat feature is a bit better by my opinion.

Well, my results- 200$ from my Skrill. About 10-15 freespins fefatures. Best result is something like 50 x total bet. Usually it is 10- 25 x total bet.

Overall game looks awesome, but I do not see reasons to play it. Bad payouts, hard to trigger feature (and very annoying way).
Hard to trigger FS.
Annoying way to trigger freespins.
Hard to get nice payout.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Dracula is a newly released slot from one of the top softwares, NetEnt. As always expectations are high especially when it comes to these modern games. We need to be impressed from the graphic as well as from the game point of view. This is a 5 reel , 4 rows and 40 payline slot with a minimum bet of 0.20$

I played Dracula at Royal Panda Casino where I got 10 FS on it. After the free spins finished I had only won 2.20$ but luckily I had 60$ already on my balance. So I played it at a minimum so I can see what the game has to offer and is it worth playing it at all. The game has a wild symbol that can only appear on reel 2, 3 and 4 and it also has stacked symbols. The stacked Dracula symbol on reel 2 and the stacked Lady symbol on reel 4 award 10 FS when they appear together. Also this slot has a special bat feature that is randomly activated by the Dracula guy on the left that releases bats that fly on to the reels and award random symbol that can include wild symbol. This bat feature is activated during every spin in the free spins, although I think that this feature isn't designed to give a good payout no matter how good it looks. I played around 500 spins and in those 500 spins I had absolutely no good wins. My best win was a 30 x bet in the free spin feature. After realizing that this is just a bottomless money taking pit I just gave up and I honestly suggest that you do to, or better yet don't try it at all since you will probably regret it.

Overall, I will never play it again since iIthink that this is a game that really has nothing special to show expect the fancy graphics that won't give you any money. 5/10
Where to start with this newly released game Dracula from elite casino software provider Net Entertainment? As usual expectations are high when it comes to graphics and game concept. If we also take into account that Dracula is a licensed game produced in collaboration with Universal Studios, then logically you'd expect a lot from it.

I started playing this game at various casinos where I receive my free spins when new games get released. Dracula contains 5-reels, 4-rows and 40-paylines, while the minimum bet is set on 20 cents per spin.

That was good news you’d think for my free spins, but remarkably most of those spins were dead and never mounted to anything. Maybe I was unlucky? So I decided to make multiple deposits at Unibet and Kroon Casino to experience the game again.

Just like most new NetEnt slots, Dracula also has a special feature called the bat feature. When the Dracula dude on the left gets mad he releases tons of bats to appear on random symbols on the reels. He will turn those symbols into one particular symbol.

Most of the time this will be the high value card symbols. Although this feature gets triggered often, the new symbols hardly ever seem to connect with what lands on reel 1. It gets to a point where it starts to be extremely annoying.

All in all I played more than 1,000 spins and was really having a hard time to win anything above 10x bet. There is also a free spins feature which can be triggered if you get the stacked Dracula symbol on reel 2 and the stacked Lady symbol on reel 4 appearing entirely at the same time.

You then win 10 free spins and the bat feature gets triggered during each one of those spins. Despite having experienced this feature multiple times, I only once won around 30x bet. So needless to say I won’t be ever playing this game again. I think Dracula is a worthy contender for worst slot NetEnt ever made.
Dracula seems to play like a high variance game but yet got too little to show for it. Simply put, it’s better to save your money and invest it in another game. Apart from the graphics this game only frustrates and will most likely not do your bankroll any favours. Paytable is also terribly made, making big wins look rather scarce.

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