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Understanding Comp Point Programs

Understanding Comp Point Programs

Online casinos have to reward players differently than land-based casinos. When you make a trip to a brick-and-mortar establishment, you may get compensated for your play with free drinks, a meal, or even a hotel suite. Unfortunately, a casino on the Internet can't give their players these things. Instead, most offer some kind of comp program that just gives players a little cash back for their play. While it's not a fortune, it can give players just enough to bounce back from a loss. We're going to take a look at how comp points are accrued and the different terms that surround them.

Most casinos on the Internet offer some kind of comp point system. This is usually either found immediately in the lobby or in the player cashier window. In almost all cases, there is some kind of running total of the comp points that you have earned so far. The value and use of these comp points, though, is where things vary from casino to casino.

Comp points are usually accrued for wagering a certain amount. For instance, one casino might have a comp program where you get 1 comp point for every $20 wagered, and you can redeem 100 points for $5. Others may have a progressive system where you get paid a higher amount per comp point if you redeem more at a single time. For instance, one such casino may offer $5 for 50 comp points and $11 for 100 comp points. Because of this, it's important that you understand the value of the comp points before trying to redeem them. Read through the site's terms and promotions pages to determine this. Always ask support if you have any questions.

Much like bonus playthrough requirements, most casinos do not give you comp points equally for all games. Slots, keno, and scratch cards typically accrue comp points at the standard rate. However, video pokers and most, if not all, table games have a reduced rate of accrual since their edge is lower. Blackjack often generates comp points at a rate 10% of the standard rate, for example. This information is often not even stated openly, but support will almost always be able to explain the rate of accrual for your favourite games.

When it comes time to redeem comp points, use caution. While most casinos state explicitly that the money generated from comp points doesn't have any restrictions, others will apply the no deposit bonus terms to them. As always, make sure you read and understand the terms. If you are left uncertain about whether or not comp points come with restrictions, contact support and get a definite answer. Taking a few minutes to ensure you aren't trapped by any terms is better than not being able to withdraw a big jackpot because of some bonus restrictions.

All in all, casino comp programs are a great way for online gamblers to extend their game time. While you aren't going to break the bank with comp points, they are a reliable source of extra play. As long as you understand how they work and if there are any restrictions surrounding them, comp points can be a rewarding way for the casino to say, "Thank you for playing!"

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