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Go deep into the icy forests of Siberia in Tiger vs. Bear, a bonus video slot from Microgaming. Choose the right animal in the bonus feature and you could be rewarded handsomely. Play for free right here on this page, or go to any of the Microgaming casinos in our listings to play for real money.

To begin a game of Tiger vs. Bear, choose how much you want to bet. The arrows under the stump on the bottom-left part of the screen allow you to change your base coin denomination. Push “Lines” to change the number of active paylines, up to the maximum of 25. To change the number of coins on each line, push “Coins”. Hit “Spin” to begin, or use “Bet Max” to play with a total wager of 500 coins.

The 25 paylines run from left-to-right. Match symbols along these paylines to win. Wild symbols double the value of any winning combinations they appear in. Scatters pay in any position. The Battle Feature is activated by getting a Tiger in reel 1 and a Bear in reel 5. When it starts, choose which animal you think will win. The winning animal’s feature will then begin. If you chose the right animal, the value of the feature will be doubled.

Game Play

Arrows under stump: Adjust the base coin denomination.
Lines: Adjust the number of active paylines.
Coins: Choose the number of coins on each line.
Spin: Play your selected bet.
Bet Max: Play with all 25 lines enabled with 20 coins per line.

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Tiger vs Bear game is powered by microgaming. This is a quite new game and it is already becoming pretty popular. I myself have played it few times and it is like 50/50. Some days it is cool and easy enough to get the feature other times it is almost impossible to get it.

There are 25 lines i this game and i usually play on smallest bets. There are two things that i like about this feature. the first is the stop button and i am a big fan of double tapping and second is the feature. Everything else in this game is pretty average. It is difficult to get a good line hit and the lines are a bit weird. To get the feature i had to get the tiger on first reel and bear on last or a bear on fist and tiger on last reels. This is a pretty cool bonus where you have to select and animal to arm wrestle. I always go for the tiger and win two out of three times. The reason why i pick the tiger is because his feature awards free spins and bear feature awards pick bonus. I tried the bear bonus once and picked the bad claw on my first go. After that i always go for tiger. If your animal wins the arm wrestling then the prize or free spins are doubled. So if tigers win i get 8 free spins ( instead of 4) with random reels going wild.

Over all the game is really cool but it is a bit difficult to get the feature. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7.5 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
When I first saw its name it caught my eyes and honestly I had no clue what this game is all about. At first sight it quickly became evident that this is a funny game and luckily in a good way. I don’t like the very childish games and fortunately it’s not one of them but clearly can entertain players with great, humorous graphics. I like its unique look, and the uncommon font style of letters. I think the symbols fit well to the game atmosphere and leaf, snowflake, bear and tiger are all nice addition for a snowy forest environment.

This 25-payline slot has great bonuses but unfortunately they aren’t triggered too often. If a Tiger and a Bear symbols appear anywhere on the first and last reels at the same time the Siberian Battle bonus starts and the player has to predict which animal will win the arm wrestling battle ( the fight scene is very nice as well the animation of the action). If the Bear won and it was chosen previously as favourite, the Bear Claw feature is played with doubled prize but if the Tiger wins this second extra game contains no additional multiplier number. The Bear Claw side bonus is a simple picking game (from 15 claw-prints) and lasts until the Collect selection ends it and returns the player to normal game mode. I like the other bonus better when the Tiger is picked and it wins 4+4 free spins are awarded but if it loses just 4 spins without bet is the prize.
Of course the game offers Wild that doubles the wins and Scatter with which the wins are multiplied by the total stake (up to x50) but in my experience the Tiger free spins feature can be sometimes the real deal with the ability to randomly turn a whole reel into Wild during that stage. I know the possible 8 spins don’t seem to be too much but there’s a chance for 2 or even 3 such inner reels and with 3 reels in full of Wilds can really reward some nice prize in lucky situation. So I can advise to choose more times Tiger and if it puts the Bear down, the real fun could start.

I had some good luck on these free spins and I needed it because otherwise the normal game is not too well-paying one. I suppose it’s enough to say the best paying 5 of a kind winning with Tiger or Bear only pay 750 times of line bet, which is very poor.
I’ve got nothing problem with this slot despite its obvious shortcoming because of its interface and humorous atmosphere are great but I don’t think it can be used for achieving something remarkable big win, but definitely the funny, amusing factor are there.
Tiger vs Bear online video slot was made by microgaming, and actually it is an old slot i believe. The theme is Siberia, and tiger vs bear, of course, this is understand from a name of the slot. Also it is winter themed, so i think it is pleasure to play this slot at hot summer, to get some cold, at least at your imagination.

This slot has 25 paylines, and actually highest payouts is really joke per my opinion, because at minimum bet of 0.25 $ for 5 best paying combination i will get 7.5 $. X30 betsize, funny, no? Also when i first time try to read terms and conditions of features, i am almost destroy my brains, and my eyes start bleeding with blood, this is joke of course, but really, try to open this slot and read features terms and conditions... Probably i am just too stupid, but it is really hard to remember what happens and when happens, and i did not like such things, feature should be described easy and fast, so i will not read for minutes before start playing to understand which feature i can won.

Feature on this slot activates when you get tiger on reel 5 and bear on reel 1, then this animals start fight. You should choose who of them will win, and if you make correct choice, you will get some bonuses. Ok, if you choose an tiger, and tiger won, you will get 8 free spins, during each spin 2 3 or 4 reel will be turned wilds, or all of them in one time. With 3 reels of wilds and best paying symbol you will not get win more than x 300, even theory... IF tiger lost, you will get only 4 spins. If you choose bear and it win, there will be pick feature, when you peak claws, and as you choose bear, your win during feature will be doubled.

Sorry microgaming, by my opinion this is terrible slot, and i did not know who will like to play it.
There are slots where you instantly regret giving them a chance to play in the first place lol. Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I chose to play Tiger vs. Bear. I was ahead like 1200 euros during a whole busy night of playing at Redbet.

When I'm ahead I always feel like giving new slots or slots I haven't played before a chance to see how things work out. I was attracted by the name of this game and it seemed different than the average slots game. So, I didn't want to judge a slot before trying it and actually did spend a lot of money getting to knows this game.

Tiger vs. Bear is a Microgaming slot and offers 25 paylines and 5 reels. The theme is based on the wildlife with symbols of tigers, bears, leafs and cards. I must say there aren't too much different symbols for this game compared with others. It gets boring after a while seeing the same few symbols each time.

Anyway the game also features scatters and wilds. I've played this with 1 euro per spin and before I knew I was 250 euros down until the first second level feature popped up. In the base game prizes seem hard to win with only 1x to 5x bet size wins.

However, I was chasing the second level feature and after quickly reading the payout table I understood that you must get a bear symbol on reel 1 and a tiger symbol on reel 5 to activate the feature. This game also has scatters though, but guess what!

3 scatters only make u win a small prize and no feature at all. What a shocker after 200 spins to see me winning no feature. My own fault of course, the paytable clearly mentions that after all. Anyway back to the feature. I kept chasing the free spin feature for like an half hour of play.

It kept teasing me with either a tiger or bear on reel 1 and nothing on reel 5 like 25-30 times until it drove me crazy. After losing 250 euros I finally had the first feature. The tiger and bear will have a game of arm-wrestling and u have to pick the winner.

Choosing the tiger awards 4 free spins with random reels turned wild on reels 2, 3 and 4 and additional 4 spins when the tiger wins. Choosing the bear means selecting several bear claws which each reveal a prize. If the bear wins the prize gets doubled. Well, I had both features shortly after eachother. I once chose the bear who lost armwrestling and won 9x bet size?

R u kiddin me after playing so long? I guess not! I thought I was lucky when I hit another feature right after. I chose the tiger this time and the tiger won, which awarded me 8 free spins. During the free spins very often reel 4 only got scratched into a wild. Sometimes two reels but not big wins at all. I've won like 20x bet size. PATHETIC!

That was it for me playing this game and I moved on, and regretted playing it in the first place.

Final rating for Tiger vs Bear 5/10.

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