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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Oh gees! I need to have my eyes inspected quickly. I'm having double vision - seeing double of everything, everything but the money in my wallet. Damn! What? It's just that screenshot from a 3D game that is double-visioned? Better make that a double damn, because the money in my wallet just became half, hehehe. This Sterling Silver 3D game is almost exactly identical to the other Sterling Silver game. Why almost identical? Because the 3D version has a better paytable than the latter, with the Wilds now appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5, as opposed to just on reel 3, and the Free Spins game has a 2x multiplier, in addition to the random 2x to 10x multiplier of the Wild symbol. Now that is a lot better than what Sterling Silver could provide, making it looks like some things got left out in its designing stage, only to be corrected in the 3D version. But of course, Microgaming is not going to admit that, hehehe.

I hate having to repeat myself, especially when the game isn't one of my favourites, so I'll just give a very brief summary of the paytable. The Wild symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, is stacked only on reel 3, and multiplies all wins by 2x up to 10x randomly. The Silver Coin Scatter symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, pays 10x the total bet, and awards 15 free spins with all wins doubled. Retriggering is possible, if you can get it. The other symbols pay from 1000x to 100x the line bet for 5 of each kind, with the lower symbols upped from the previous 10x to 100x the line bet. The paytable can be rated as average, although still a bit on the low side.

If you love your eyes, then make sure you put on your 3D glasses for this game. It's double visioning effect can damage your eyes over extended play. Otherwise, there's a simpler way to go about it. Just click on the 2D button at the top right hand of the screen and you're ready to go. The game looks quite nice in the 2D mode, with that gold colour effect on the symbols.
What I dislike about this Sterling Silver 3D game is that with an improved paytable, the gameplay suffers a bit. How? The Wild symbols hardly appear at all, both in the base game as well as in the Free Spins game, which doesn't help much in creating winning chances. Moreover, the 3 Scatters are much harder to get now, in view of the 2x multiplier for the free spins, so the Free Spins games are much more difficult to get. Nonetheless, Sterling Silver 3D cannot make it to the 6-Stars rating, as far as I'm concerned, simply because I couldn't get any good wins from it and I couldn't get satisfaction from playing it.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
We have already seen games themed on gold and platinum bullion, now it's time for silver, entitled Sterling Silver, what else. Never mind about that screenshot above. That is from the 3D version of the same game, so it looks all blurry, unless you're wearing your 3D glasses now, which would make that screenshot looks nice, but then again, you'd only be seeing blurry text here. We probably need 3 eyes to see both 2D and 3D clearly at the same time. Oh gees, my spectacles would need a middle dome to accommodate the third eye, and I would look like I just came out of a UFO! Hahaha.

The logo 'Sterling Silver' is the Wild symbol, which doesn't pay anything for itself, but randomly multiplies all wins from 2x up to 10x the total bet amount. It also substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol, and is stacked on reel 3 only. Damn! Why not stacked on all reels? That would have been much better, and with more winning chances too. The Scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 only, and getting all 3 of them at the same time pays 10x the total bet amount and awards 15 free spins with random Wild multipliers of 2x up to 10x. The Free Spins game can be retriggered, so that makes the free spins a good provision. The other symbols pay from 1000x to 10x the line bet for 5 of each kind. The paytable is a mixed up of sorts, needing the 10x multiplier to provide good big wins, but without which, wins would be only mediocre. I'll put this as an average paytable.
I've given this Sterling Silver game a number of good plays over the years, but it has not given me any nice good wins so far, which I'm not surprised at all, because that 10x multiplier is like a rare ancient ornament, so it hardly appear at all. From the many Free Spins game that I've played, my best win was still below 50x my bet amount, in spite of getting 1 retrigger for 15 more free spins. As I've said many times before, retriggers in Microgaming games are almost always useless. They seldom provide much more extra wins, and most of the extra free spins would be non-paying ones. I'm really sick of this trait! They're nothing like retriggers in Playtech games, which are the best of its kind. Nope, Sterling Silver isn't my kind of game at all.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I have never thought that I will find a game that is so good like the Sterling Silver is. This is another 5 reels and 25 pay lines video slot game from Microgaming software. I got free spins on my second spin as soon as I started playing. I got 21.20 win on 1 euro bet per spin. It was not much, but it was ok since it boosted my balance at the very beginning of my session. While I was playing the game there were some great wins during the base game too. I was on my 22nd spin and I already had 55 euros more on my balance. All the winning combinations were with a multiplier so the payouts were really good.

I did not like the graphics, and while you play the game you feel like you are drunk because the symbols are blurry and the numbers too. Later did I find out that it is 3D version and also you can deselect the 3D mode. Lesson learned, next time I will read the game rules. But, I did like that the whole game was in black and silver; to be honest I got bored with all those golden video slots. The best thing about this slot is that the wilds offer great multipliers. I do not know if I have seen other game similar to this one. For this reason I had some great wins that were going up to 100 x bet during the base game. The Sterling Silver scatters are also another thing that you should pay attention too while playing this game. 3 of them will start the free spins. I triggered the free spins many times. With 15 free spins and a multiplier of x 2 you can win quite a lot. This slot has a huge potential and I really enjoyed playing this slot. It was a great experience that I hope it will repeat again.
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Sterling Silver is a 25 payline slot game from Microgaming and whats different about this game is that it offers the ability to play in 3D! I didn't get to avail of this myself without the glasses but I love any new spin that is added to a game like this and so kudos for that Microgaming.

Even in the 2D version I liked the appearance of this game, it has a nice casino feel to it without any cheap or gaudy graphics thrown in and I am a fan of dark yet simple surrounds such as this one.

As for the game itself it does offer plenty of entertainment, the reels are not stacked with a million different icons or ways to win or even bonus features for that matter but 80 per cent of my wins were well worth winning rather than just ticking over. What made this game even more enjoyable for me was the gamble feature as I was brave enough on most occasions that I got a small win to risk gambling it and while I did not hit each time I did manage to quadruple my winnings on a couple of occasions with the smaller wins which brought them up nicely.

There is also a free spin feature in Sterling Silver which is activated in the usual manner of matching three or more scatters anywhere on the reels but to be honest these not come out often enough for me and even when they did decide to appear I never landed a single win worth remembering. I'm sure if I had of managed to get more free spins it would have been a matter of time before hitting something but the Scatters in this game obviously don't like me.

All things considered about Sterling Silver and the fact that it offers something different in the way of a 3D feature I am going to give it a rating of 7/10.
Sterling silver a 3d slot by Microgaming although I could not play the slot on 3d mode because of lack of the 3d glasses. In 2d mode the slot was really a mediocre one with no special graphics or animation. But sound of the slot is cheerful better than the graphics of the game. It is a 5 reel and 25 play line slot game.

I played this slot at dash casino for the first time and started with the bet of $0.25 which was even the lowest one possible. First 20-25 spins were not profitable the best win being of $0.50. Just when I was going to leave the slot I got a win of 1030 coins that is of $10.30. That forced me to continue further. The free spin feature got triggered then in the short interval of time when three scatters appeared on the reels. 15 free spins were awarded to me in which I made around 950 coins the best I could remember. The wild is in the form of sterling silver logo which can substitute any icon except the scatter. The wild symbol can also be stacked in the middle reel. Not only this when the wild is active it can award a multiplier from 2 x to 10 x. So this feature provides good returns. I was awarded with multipliers twice in my game play one was of 3 x and other was of 5 x.

The slot does not has good graphics and even the symbols such as alphabets, numeric numbers, silver bricks are not at all attractive. Although I would say that slot has medium to high returns depends on your luck that day. For me I did not mange an awesome return but still I was a satisfied (I am not greedy) player. I would rate the slot as 7/10.
gordontan 70 reviews
Sterling silver slot game is another video slot game designed by Microgaming. This slot game has 5 Reels and 25 Pay-lines with a silver theme. The theme is reflected in everything in the game from the layout to the background and even the sound theme. There are only a total of nine symbols in this game, but these symbols make up all the 24 winning combinations. These poker hand symbols range from Ace to Nine and are very impressively designed in sterling silver. The fact that there are fewer symbols means that there is a higher chance of obtaining a winning combination, and since all the winning combinations have decent payouts, this game is truly a joy to play. Honestly, I should say the game is truly eye-catching, with everything from the reels to the symbols being embossed in silver.

As mentioned earlier, the whole game is arrayed in black and silver with everything dripping in silver. I agree that the animations are smooth, and the perfectly complement the graphics and sounds that make up this game of Sterling Silver Slots. The symbols in this game offer players a chance to win one of the many winning combinations which makes this game truly exciting. Then, I believe that Sterling silver is not only being a fun game, that is also wonderfully simple, this game also gives players the chance to win some exciting prizes. The fact that the game is so simple means that even beginners will enjoy playing this slot game.

Other than that, This Sterling silver slot game has a wild symbol that substitute for all other symbols to complete a winning combination. The symbol in this game is the Sterling Silver symbol. This symbol only appears stacked on the centre reel which is the third reel. This means that many of the winning pay-lines are activated when the stack appears on the screen. When the Sterling Silver symbol completes a winning combination, the payout will be multiplied by a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x which is displayed on the screen. Moreover, The Sterling Silver Scatter symbol is another special symbol. This symbol appears scattered on the reels on reel 2, 3 and 4. When there are three or more scatter symbols, the free spin round is automatically activated and the player is rewarded 15 free spins. The free spin round does not have any special multipliers.
Sterling Silver is a game powered by microgaming. I am not a big fan of this game. i remember when it just came out one of the casinos sent me 3d glasses with a cd to play this game. I really don't know why they sent me a cd because i had it downloaded but anyways i thought ill give it a chance. I put on the 3d glasses and started playing.

There are 25 lines in this game so i started playing with €0.50 bet. The game would give me a small pay here and there but i was waiting for the feature. About €30 later, i still did not get the feature and was getting pissed off. i felt that the feature could come out on any spin so i raised the bet to €1 per spin. I kept on playing and after loosing over €70 i still could not get the feature. By this time i was crying because my eyes were not use to 3d games. I was getting annoyed because i could not get the feature and because i was crying. Then BOOM i see a button on top of the screen that lets you select play in 2d. I thought that this will at least fix one of my problems and switched to 2d. I kept the same bet of €1 and few spins later got the feature. I got 15 free spins with all wins doubled and wilds with a random multiplier of up to 10x. I won around €40 on my €1 bet. I did not get any good wins or high multipliers.

To be honest i was not too disappointed because i saw some potential in this game. I think it could pay huge. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7.5 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
The “Sterling Silver” slot that can be found in Microgaming casinos has some aspects that make it to be very good. However these positive facts, come along together with some negative peculiarities.The slot is the only 3D game that I have played so far. It surely can also be played in the 2D variant if you do not have a 3D monitor.The beautiful theme of the slot makes you immediately think of earning huge amounts money. This fact is partly true, partly false here.

In my opinion a good slot must have combinations that offer from time to time handsome wins without “eating” not eat more than 10 Euro/100 spins played at the minimum bet (here 25 cents/25 paylines).Well, “Sterling Silver” has many loosing spins that do not offer even the smallest win (a win is seen once about 5-7 spins , a little too rarely in my opinion) , and even there are some big wins, they are too few (about once a big win every 50-70 spins) . It is also true that here I have never been in minus with the total balanceand after a few hundred spins I even won some 10 Euro, but as I said it may take 10 -15 spins until you have a win greater than the total bet .

As already said, the slot has still many good parts. First, each of the Wild symbols brings here also a multiplier (2x - 10x), and on reel 3 the wilds are stacked. These Wilds are the reason of some big wins. The second positive aspect is that the Free Spins round, brings itself quite nice wins. The 15 Free spins have a multiplier of 2x automatically included (except the multipliers given by the Wild symbols). At least in my case, I entered the Free Spins about once every 100 spins and I won each time something between 4 and 14 Euro. Like in the normal game, in Free Spins you will only win from one or two spins, but the wins will be large enough.

I will just say again, the slot has many, many losing spins, and even if overall one can win something in addition to the original amount, one have to play a lot of spins for this . Until you obtain this extra money in some cases you will have to lose first some large amounts.

All the positive facts, in my opinion make this slot to be a rather good one where the player can try some spins occasionally.
Irine 232 reviews
Not sure if this slot was fixed by Microgaming Software because iv'e research and knew that this slot had some technical difficulties but that's a controversy i contacted the Microgaming support and said that it's not true and all slots were not experienced any issue. Anyway this was an excellent slot that i play whenever i'm on my bank roll or wagering! I remember when i'd always got many bonus from a Microgaming casino that for example the 100% deposit bonus. This 5 reel 25 pay lines slot helped me a lot when it comes to wagering!

The minimum coin was .01 and max of .25 like a normal slot but this slot was not progressive but has a jackpot of $12,000! (If you max your bet around $60 seriously it's better to play progressive slots) This slot was amazingly created as 3D slot that Microgaming innovative and creative ideas for a slot. This slot have features like free spins and stack of wilds where it's the jackpot key when it's struck in the center reel. That's pretty hard to strike but if you do you will granted 2 times to 10 times multiplier!

The scatters was the best because i didn't always hit the wild symbol but always i strike the scatters and this were exciting because when you hit the free spin "scatter symbol" you'll rewarded free spin with 2x multiplier! So if you multiply your winnings you'll get approximately 3-5 times of your winnings! For example me i won almost $320 for just 100 almost 320% because of multipliers please take note that the multipliers works every spin round and not on overall winnings.

I don't have any detrimental words from this casino except the fake articles that i saw but i proved that it's not. The graphics and theme of slot was a bit modern and fit for our modern casino slot i will say that they can flow through our times. I will rate this slot 8/10!
This review for "Sterling Silver 3D".Its a first time that i play the 3d game in the video slot,this are slot game and its a type of microgamming. In this game every symbol and picture are silver coloring and look like a silver made. Silver bricks are present in the game.There are 25 payline and 5 reels are in the game.

The graphics of the game are new and its are cool and amazing,the sound of the game are cool.The full 3d represent in the game,feature of the game are nice,in the game jackpot feature are avail which score are 1000. The wild symbol are in the game which increases the score and the multiplier are also in the game.I liked this feature,free spin and autoplay feature are in the the game limited bat system are in it.I really like these game,i play first time at this 3d type of game.the symbol are design at that type then it appear a 3d image in the game.

Play this game and enjoy 3d view of the game. I scored this game 9/10.:)
No negative review of the game.
paquito76 867 reviews
Sterling Silver is one of my cherished Microaming slots that I discovered not too long time ago. I almost fell in love in its simplicity and elegant look. I like it metallic scheme appearance and it proves, without having used much colour on it, a slot could be very cool. Its style reminds me a little of Western genre design especially with such letters font style and silver blocks symbols.

My absolute favourite at this 25-payline game is the Sterling Silver wild substitute. Though it only appears on the third reel (could be on all 3 spots at the same time) but it randomly displays the multiplier that can be from x2 up to x10. Once I had a great spin when the whole center reel turned into Wild with x5, x8, x5, x3, x2, x2 multipliers. That’s why so many because if such an emblem is part of two or more winning lines it has other multiplier for every singly paying line. So I had 6 formed winning lines with great combinations (like 5 of a kind outcome of 2 different letters) and I could collect a €119 win for a €1.25 bet.

The free spins are also great. 3 scatters trigger 15 free games (plus add a prize of 10 times of total bet). The Wild also could be involved during this extra game session and the feature can be re-triggered but downside is the multiplier remains the same of the activated line bet. Fortunately, don’t have to wait for the eternity until it pops up but rather the contrary it surprisingly often shows up.

As I’ve said it’s a very nice addition to the game but for me the Wild and all of its properties make it popular. Think about it if a 5 of a kind win with the triple silver blocks (the most paying figure) pay x1000, the same result with just one wild among them would be 10.000 coins. This Wild has really one of the best multiplier number in the the business. It has even a custom card gambling feature with 25% and 50% chance to win and it can boost up the original win.

Personally, I play much with it and there’s really nothing that I could mention as a real drawback (I don’t know the no multiplier free spins may fell into this category) or not to like about it. It’s not a fan-favourite, mainstream video slot but in my opinion it possesses all the ability to make gamers satisfied.

(Note: The game is also available in 3D version at Microgaming casinos)
Sterling Silver is one of the few 3D slots in Microgaming's portfolio. The first time I chose to play this game I was quiet confused, since I usually close pop-ups without reading the info. Well, later after the blurry decoration of this slot started to annoy me I realized it wasn't supposed to be like that. Apparently it's advised to wear 3D sunglasses to play this slot lol.

I always found them a bit goofy and never got into them. After restarting the slot I became aware that the 3D mode can be turned off by deselecting it. The slot still appeared a bit too grey and colorless for my taste, but I continued playing and I did like everything else about this game. While many slots are based on gold themes, it's nice to see some dedicated to silver.

It represents a lot of value as well in the end. The tune of Sterling Silver is a bit similar to that of Platinum Play, and gets you right into the mood of enjoying a wonderful gaming experience. Especially when you're winning, you will have a blast since slots tend to be much more fun when that happens.

The symbols of Sterling silver consists of high value cards appearing in silver, and several silver blocks. The slot offers 25 paylines and 5 reels, which makes the minimum bet €0.25. What I like the most about Sterling Silver is the wilds. There aren't too much slots which offer such a high multiplier even during base game. Not only does this one appear stacked on the center reel, but it also is able to multiply winning combinations from 2 to 10x.

I can't name one slot which is capable of doing this during base game. I had some spending wins while playing this game with €2 bets of 125x bet size even during base game. The other thing you have to pay attention for are the Sterling Silver scatters.

Get 3 of them appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4 and your bet will be multiplied by 10, while receiving 15 free spins and a 2x multiplier. During free spins the usual wilds still have the potential to award an up to 10x multiplier + 2x multiplier. This makes the potential huge and therefore a brilliant slot.

The only reason to not play this slot is perhaps the dull decoration. Looks too boring and grey. For the rest it's a super game! I had several good hits of 200x bet size with unfortunately smaller bets of just €0.50 instead of €2.

My final rating is 8.5/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
This is the first Microgaming slot that seems to have an optional view for 3D. At the time I don't have something to take advantage of Sterling Silver's 3D World so I turned off the 3D located close to the top right of the screen. It is really cool to see it with the 3D option even without shades but as I can see over time my eyes get sore just looking at the symbols for just a while. It's as if I'm really looking at a bright Yellow strobe light blinking moderately but slowly at a frequent rate blinking in front of my face (each flash at 2.5 seconds apart).

Sterling Silver is not my ideal slot to play everyday with because I have tried too many times to end up with a high win and Sterling Silver has not showed me a lot for surprises. I always bet 2 - 3 coins as the maximum is $1.25 per spin. Sure I wanted to bet maximum but when I don't see so many wins from my bets I get tired, bored and start lowering my bets for a lesser fall each time I spin or as a final resort find another slot.

What I do like about Sterling Silver are 2 things! The background music being my second best to hear as Pure Platinum is my number 1 slot when it came to listening to "precious metals type" themes and secondly, the free spins feature. I can see why winnings are is because there are wilds to make up for already incurred bets....even losses. These wilds are not your average wilds, they pay multipliers up to 10x. It's that sight I barely get to see...10x. It does not come too often when I want it to. I have only played this for less than 2 hours and have only gotten $3 - $12 wins in the main game.

The Free spins feature in my opinion has dug a hole for itself half of the time. Most spins go unheeded for payouts and I don't see much wilds in the process. The winning totals I receive are no more than $19. If Sterling Silver gave me more leniency towards wilds & free spin winnings I wouldn't have an issue about the feature! That would be a done deal and silence will surround me (can't complain). As this feature is hard to trigger for Sterling Silver scatters on Reels 2, 3 and 4 altogether I was more likely expecting a $40 win or higher! A hard to come by feature must deserve a High win at all costs!!! I wanted to see some commotion..........for example I wanted to feel that I see cars crashing, buildings collapsing, meteors falling from the sky to destroy a house by chance but this slot doesn't create that mood level at all!

15 Free spins at 2x playing out as a fair payout, Wilds holding multipliers must seriously show inside FS, terrific music, and nothing out of the ordinary wins. Sterling Silver produces a 6.7 out of 10!
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
One day I received a mail from a Microgaming casino containing a bonus code for free tenner and... an old fashion 3D glasses. The last time I used a red and blue 3D glasses was back in the beginning of the 90's watching a 3D sitcom.

But now about this game. Beside the 3D feature there's nothing unique about it.
A little bit too grey for me. every video slot with only one color can be dull and annoying after playing them for a few minutes. You have seen them once, you have seen them all. Playing with the free tenner they gave me ( thank you by the way if you happen to read this, casino action) I manage to hit the free spins bonus round but unfortunately I did not win no more than 200 credits.

As I can see, I am the first that place a comment on this forum about this game. That makes me think, is this game that bad? Maybe in the future if I am bored or something I will give this game another shot. hell maybe this time Sterling Silver will be generous (fingers crossed). To be honest I know we all have different taste of games but this one has his limits, for example. If you don't have an old school 3D glasses then this game is not recommended, it only give you headache.

If you do have the old school 3D glasses, you can't play this game too long because after a few minutes when you take off your glasses, it feels like your eyes are crossed and your surrounding seems to be colored with red and blue. In other words, a failure. This is the first Microgaming game that in my opinion, a disappointment. Maybe for others it could be a nice game to kill time. Giving it a try wouldn't hurt and you will enjoy this game for a few minutes.

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