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Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1305 reviews
This game is probably meant for Valentine's Day, when a woman's admirers are supposed to secretive, but usually aren't. Today's social environment isn't like those of old times, when a rose, or a bunch of roses, received from an admirer can make any woman wonder who it was from, probably one out of a few candidates. Nowadays, Valentine roses aren't secretive any more, but maybe I'm wrong. A valentine date has passed me for donkey years already, so I can only play a guessing game in this case, hehehe.

This Secret Admirer 9-paylines game doesn't have any romantic couple symbol, not even that of a woman and a man. Only the rose reflects the occasion, which could actually reflect any other day too, but never mind. The Eye-mask is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 5000x the line bet, and substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It's just another typical dumb Wild symbol. No doubling of wins, no stacking and no expanding. Oh yeah, and no good too. Why? Because it hardly appears on the reels, not as frequently as one would expect as in most other games. The Diamond Ring is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays a very low 50x the total bet, paying left-to-right consecutively and not as scatters in the base game. The Scatter symbols only pay as scatters in the free spins game. As for the other symbols, the logo 'Secret Admirer' pays 2500x, the Mirror pays 2500x too, and the rest pay from 1000x to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. A good to average paytable.

Get 2 or more of this Ring Scatter consecutively on the left reels and 3 free spins is awarded, with the triggering Scatters locked in position. The other reels make a spin, any new appearing Scatter gets locked too, and the counter gets reset back to 3 free spins. If all 5 Scatters have been won, 3 more free spins is awarded, for a nice maximum win. Only the Scatter symbols pay in the free spins and are paid as Scatters anywhere on the reels. There can be no retriggering of course. This concept is not new, have been used in a few other games too, and can provide fairly good payouts of between 250x to 300x the total bet amount. There isn't any provision for bigger wins than this, making Secret Admirer a low variance game.
It's really a pity that 5 Scatters only pay 50x the total bet amount, for a maximum possible win of not more than 300x the total bet. The game plays quite well, the 2 Scatters can come fairly frequently at the right times, but the payouts tend to range from a low 8x to a decent 90x total bet, getting only 3 or 4 Scatters in the Free Spins game most of the time. The 5 Scatters do come but quite occasionally.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Secret Admirer is a video slot that is run by Microgaming software. This is yet another game that I played with my jaws wide open. I was not looking at the symbols at all I was looking at the small square down left on the slot which says win and most of the time I was seeing 0.00. I cannot believe how fast this game ate away all my money. I playing only with 20 euros but I lost it very fast. All the wins were smaller than the amount I was betting with. I believe that this is insane. All the time while I was playing I was hoping that something is going to happen and that I am going to return the money that I have lost but no. For this reason I will probably not play this slot again at all.

All in all it is very interesting game. Not in my taste because it seems a bit girly and romantic. Everywhere on the screen you see flowers, perfumes and roses. The sparkling diamond ring is the scatter and the mask is the wild and it can substitute for all other symbols to make a winning combination.

There is only one bonus feature and that is the free spins round. There are only 3 free spins, so I cannot see the point to this. If you get 2 or more scatters the free spins will start automatically. It is great that the scatters are held in place and they will award a win on every spin, but still what can you do with just 3 spins. If you land another scatter you will get another 3 spins. I do not like this feature at all. It is much better to get more free spins in order to win something big.
All in all this is not my type of game after all. I would prefer a game that has to offer better features than this one.
zerooo 742 reviews
Secret Admirer is 9 pay line video slot machine from Microgaming software provider. This game looks old, I do not like the theme and design very much. The only good thing which I saw at this game is that you can play it with only 0.09€. But I think there is many better games with 9 paylines from Microgaming than this one.

The main game is ok, but nothing special. I had a few bigger winnings around x20 bet, but never more than that. I played it only for a couple of minutes and later I closed it. But before I closed Secret Admirer I received 3 free spins. Wow! The free spins starts when you get on first two reels two scatter symbols. Later the other reels spin and if you get one more scatter symbol on reel 3, you get additinal three free spins.

To be honest I do no like this kind of feature. I think i won only around x10 bet here with three spins. I triggered only once feature and I hate it. I think it would be better if I get more number of free spins for three scatters. I do not believe that you can win anything big here with only three spins. And I think it is hard to get more than three spins.

I will rate this game with 5 stars. I think there could be bonus game with some prizes instead of this boring free spins feature. I do not like the payouts into feature, I expected bigger winnings from 9 pay line video slot like as at some other Microgaming 9 paylines video slots. I was disappointed about this game, I expected much more from it. There could be also quick spin button, the reels moves really slow and I like to play slots faster sometimes.
Secret Admirer slot discovered with my recent trying of all Microgaming slots, and I remembered very well this slot game, not sure why, but I quite like it.

Game does not have anything special with look. Just usual old game and I can't say that I like at least something with it. There is 9 paylines, so you can play with 0.09 bets.

Base game at this slot is quite usual, without anything interesting, but probably I was very lucky, but average wins just come too often to me, so my balance just keep growing without anything special. Wilds appear here often, but it does not have any multiplier, which is not very good. Also I could not say that payouts is huge for symbols, but it is higher than at many others similar slots. Ah, and just for laugh. There is payout even for 1 wild :D 1 x bet. Laughed a bit after I notice it.

There is very interesting freespins feature, and also quite unusual. It is started when you get 2 or more scatters from left to right you get 3 freespins. During each freespins you get paid for 2 scatters. If 3 land - counter resets, you get 3 more spins, and now you getting paid for 3 scatters, and so on until you have zero spins left, or you get 5 scatters. Payouts for scatters not very big, but if you managed to make 5 scatters you total win will be higher than 150x total bet - guaranteed. Get this feature 3 times, first time ended with 4 scatters, two other times with two, so it is not so easy to get 5 scatters.

Overall I am like this slot. Decent payouts for symbols in base game, and quite interesting and unusual freespins feature. For me nothing else needed to make me happy gambler.
Not bad payouts in base game - very important, and generally there is nothing to write in this category. Great!
I really enjoy playing 9 lines games on Microgaming. They are all pretty much same, with 15 free spins and all prizes tripled. But this game is different and can really surprise you from time to time. I myself was pleasantly surprised a couple of times and I'm sure that if you have played this game as much as me, you would agree.

To get the feature in this game you have to get two or more rings from left to right starting on the first reel. Once I got that the two rings freeze and the remaining reels spin three times, if another ring comes out on the other reels, then it freezes too and you get three more spins. Like that until you get five rings or your spins end. I have played this game hundreds of times and noticed that the free spins feature pays better when you bet big. On my bets of €0.09 or €0.18 I would get three rings at most, but when I bet €0.45 or €0.60 I would get four or five rings in the feature. On a bet of €0.60 when I get five rings the pay out is bigger than €100.

The line pays on their own are very big. For five of a kind you get good pays, and if you get wilds you can get up to 5000 x bet.

Over all I really like the game. The feature comes out a lot and the game play as whole is very interesting. I would admit that the graphics are not the best and the sound effects are average, but the feature makes up for all that. If I was to rate this game I would give it 8 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Secret Admirer it is an old microgaming video slot, i played this game like many other old games only once, but i have some my own thoughts and some experience to share. Secret Admirer has 9 paylines, and therefore you can start playing this game with 0.09$ bet.

Here we have wilds which appear on all reels, but payout for this wilds is not so big, and will award only 500 x total bet, or 550x total bet, sorry can't remember this. I am glad to say that payouts for other symbols is not so bad, and i am happy with that, i like when slots have balance, it is really important for me and when i see balanced video slot i am really happy.

Also in this game we have scatters, 5 scatters awards 50 x total bet, and scatters here trigger free spins feature, but it is not usual free spins feature, because it works totally different way. When you get 3+ scatters, you awarded 3 respins, during respins all scatters will be held. If you get one more scatters, you get 3 more respins, and when you get 5, you will be awarded last 3 respins with 5 scatters, so to count max win in this feature i can say that it will be something like 250 x total bet in perfect scenario, of course this is not really huge win or amount, but still i think this feature very nice and interesting, since i love respins with scatters at any video slot. I am played only once, and i finish this game with 20$ profit play only 0.27 bets, not so big, but for me it is ok.

Low variance game without free spins or bonus features, but i like this respins with scatters, i think it is unusual and good feature. But most likely i will not open this game again since i did not like low variance, and also slot looks not very nice.
I played this slot for the first time this year because of a promotion with free spins!I received an e-mail from a casino to try to find 5 differences between 2 pictures with this slot and I will be awarded with 30 free spins if I will find them!

I won the 30 free spins on Secret Admirer and I started to spin!I was very surprised because it has nice graphics in my opinion and a nice theme!

It has 5 reels and only 9 paylines,not very common to me because I am usually playing Microgaming slots with 243 ways to win like Immortal romance and The Finer Reels of Life!

This slot has very common symbols like 7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A and also a red rose,a bed of roses in the shape of a heart,a brooch,perfume and the Secret Admirer heart symbol!It has features like Scatters,Wild symbol and also Free Spins feature!

I found this slot very relaxing and I had fun when I played it,I didn’t managed to complete the wagering requirements for the money that I have won from the 30 free spins but I can say that it was a very nice experience and maybe I will play again this slot!

I would recommend this slot if you want to have fun and relax and also if you want to play slots with your girlfriend!

I will rate this Microgaming slot and I want to start with the graphics,I think that deserves 9 for the nice symbols and features!The payout rate wasn’t so good but I only played a couple of minutes and maybe this game pays good if you have more money and if you play it for a longer period of time!For the payout rate I will give 7 and overall it is acceptable and definitely I will play it again maybe I will win some money!
bigdk88 74 reviews
United Kingdom
Secret Admirer was one of the first Microgaming games I played. It is straight from the original Microgaming archives but it is a classic 9 liner! Secret Admirer is a 9 line slot machine with 5 reels and 13 symbols including letters,numbers,love heart,wild mask and perfume bottle and the scatter rings that trigger re-spins. The main objective of Secret Admirer is to trigger the Rings re-spin feature this can be notoriously tricky to hit though but when you do if you have a decent bet level selected and are fortunate enough to get all 5 rings(50x bet), But you don't even need all 5 rings to win. One very attractive aspect of this feature is every ring collected triggers 3 more spins and your win is multiplied on each re-spin! The most I have ever won on this feature for real is just over £90 hit all 5 rings with 45p bet! :)

In the base game of Secret Admirer the most sought after symbol combination is the 5 masks wild cards hit this and you'll win 5,000 times your line bet so just imagine you hit that with even just a 90p bet £500 in one spin! I have never ever had this, the best combo I've ever gotten more than once is the 5 garlands these are even pretty rare and I was particularly lucky nailing this at 3 linesx7 £70 for 21 pence bet! If you do have the patience to crack this slot open and win a fortune you would definitely love Good2go this is an exact skin of Secret Admirer (with the only difference being the theme and symbols) the pays,feature and line amount/bet levels are identical!

If you can handle a-lot of risk because believe me you can burn lots of money on this game but on so many other games there is the same risk. It will pay off eventually though Secret Admirer is a really high variance game. When this goes into streaks if you have a good bet on you will win loads I have seen it in pictures and in front of my own eyes!

I used to use this game to build up a balance. Therefore it is one from the past I'm fond of I give Secret Admirer 8/10. Has potential for massive wins but proceed it with caution!
Icymod 758 reviews
Secret Admirer is another love slot consisting of just 9 paylines. I can tell you it is not as great as the new slot Starlight Kiss but to appreciate this slot is some of the smaller things. The smaller things about Secret Admirer are the 2 high paying symbols of the Heart and the Pendant as they only need one to pay a small win. This should make up for some of the losses as a consolation prize. I feel as they should do this with all the other symbols too because it is very hard to land 3 combinations of just the 9 paylines. I wouldn't mind this had it been over 9 paylines like 15 or 25. Secret Admirer must give me a better chance at hitting all symbols. To me they are trouble....that includes trying to reap the rewards of the respins bonus.

Yes, Secret Admirer has a bonus triggered for when the diamond rings appears at least as a pair left to right on the first 2 reels. They give 3 respins during which the ring scatters are held in place to allow the remaining reels to find other diamond rings. Each ring found besides the first 2 rings held retriggers another 3 free spins for additional chances to find more rings. 4 rings are the most that I've held that gave me about $46 total on a $0.90 bet. To other players, it's not recommended to chase the rings because it will always eat away your balance. I happen to find this bonus after about 36 spins. If it is to be found earlier in the game than the bonus is worth it!

One of the other things I dislike are many alpha-neumeric symbols. There are too many on Secret Admirer....from symbols of 7 all the way to the Ace symbols!?!? What I can't believe is I've run up around $53 in losses trying to trigger the respins bonus. I wanted it badly! It's hasslingly difficult to appear! Too many low paying letter/number symbols, a fine but hard respins bonus to conquer, small hits frequently coming than 4 to 5 symbols on a line and this slot lacks a nice free spins which I think must go well on here! Secret Admirer, the love slot, gives a 7 out of 10!

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