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Christmas will never be the same after you’ve played Santa’s Wild Ride. This zany five-reel, 243-ways bonus video slot from Microgaming takes you through Santa’s journey around the world in a motorcycle! Find the keys, and blaze your way into big wins with your choice of three wild enhancements. Play Santa’s Wild Ride for free on this page, or go to any of our listed Microgaming casinos to try it for real money.

Before you go meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus, decide how much you want to bet. The - and + buttons under the coin icon allow you to select your base coin denomination. Then, change your bet level using the - and + buttons under “Coins”. Each press adjusts your total bet by 1.50. Start the game by hitting “Spin”, or use “Bet Max” to play with the maximum bet of 7.50 credits per spin. Alternatively, use the “Auto Play” section to spin continuously within the limits you set.

Once the reels are spinning, there’s no telling how much Christmas cheer you will win. If you get matching symbols along three or more adjacent reels from leftmost to right, you’ll win prize amounts shown in the paytable. The Santa’s Wild Ride Badge is wild, and when it appears in a winning combination, it will award a multiplier of up to 4x!

Get 3 or more scattered Keys to initiate Santa’s Free Spins. At the start of the round, you can choose whether you want Stacked Wilds, a rare Expanding Wild, or Trailing Wilds that leave quite a mark. To top it all off, wins from the free spin round are doubled.

Of course, Santa isn’t going to leave you empty-handed. If you get a Gift Box on reel 2 and reel 4, you’ll trigger the Free Gift Bonus. Hopefully you haven’t been naughty!

Game Play

Coin: Set your coin denomination.
Coins: Change the total wager.
Spin: Begin the game at the selected bet.
Bet Max: Spin with the highest possible wager of 7.50 credits.
Auto Play: Play continuously within the set limits.

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Afi4wins 1215 reviews
With Christmas just lurking around the block, or around the corner, players’ attention and game plays may well be leaning more towards playing Santa's game, or Christmas-themed games. We are used to seeing Santa up in the sky, riding his reindeers-driven sleigh, not literally of course, but in representations of Santa in the games. But Santa riding a motorbike? Hmm. Definitely not whilst delivering all those sacks and sacks of presents, so it's probably Santa's day off, and he's enjoying a wild ride on a motorbike instead, somewhere in dry sunny weather. Certainly not riding a motorbike in the North Pole, right? Hmm, whatever.

The logo 'Santa's Wild Ride' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 800x the line bet, it substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, and doubles, triples or even quadruples any wins with it, at random. In the Free Spins game, this Wild symbol can become stacked, expanded or even trailing. Nice! The Scatter symbol pays 50x the total bet for 5 of them, which is low, and getting 3 or more of these Scatters trigger 25 free spins with all wins doubled. Nice! There are 3 choices of Free Spins games to choose from - either Stacked Wilds on all reels, Expanding Wilds, or Trailing Wilds, each mode playing and paying differently. Pick one which you prefer most, or try them all, one at a time. My personal preference is the Expanding Wilds.

In the base game, there is also a Bonus symbol, appearing only on reels 2 and 4, and each time it appears, a random cash prize of 1x to 3x the total bet amount is awarded. Maybe this prize can be a little bit more, perhaps up to 5x or 10x, but I haven't seen it or got it in any of my plays. As for the symbols in the game, Santa pays 200x, Mrs Santa pays 175x, the Elf pays 150x, the motorbike pays 125x, the Sign pays 100x, and all the other lower symbols pay 80x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. The paytable also indicates a maximum possible win of 1,900,000 coins, or 12,666x the total bet amount, which is excellent no doubt, but don't expect to get it though. Getting 5 fully Stacked Reels or 5 Expanded Wild Reels in a Free Spins game is an almost impossible mission. That indication is there simply to attract players to play the game more.
Putting the impossible aside, the paytable does provide possible good wins, with its Stacked and Expanded Wilds, but how good a win is impossible to say. The symbols values are actually low, but the multipliers in the base game and the Stacked/Expanded Wilds in the free spins do allow for much bigger total wins. However, from my several plays on this Santa's Wild Ride game, I could only manage to get mostly mediocre wins of between 10x to 44x my bet amount. Only once did I get a nice 128x win with the Expanded Wilds feature.

After several plays on Santa's Wild Ride, I realised that it plays quite closely to the game Voila! The payouts tend to be small most of the time, with occasional good wins with the Wilds multipliers, and also lots of empty useless spins before a Free Spins game can come. I've had to wait for 480+ spins once, followed by 160+ spins for the next Free Spins game, but I quickly quit playing the game before I lose all of my credit balance. Did I win? Not on your life! I lost about 40% of my starting balance. If I had carried on playing, I would have lost all of it. It's typical of Microgaming games.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Christmas themed slots have been a staple of Microgaming casinos for some time now and this is undoubtedly the best of them for me. Whilst it does share some similarities with "Deck The Halls", this game was created around the time Microgaming's 243 ways to win slot games were at the height of their popularity and as a result that mechanic has been used in place of the traditonal paylines this time around. Also quite surprisingly Santas Wild Ride isn't a direct clone of an existing game either although it does share some similarities with several other popular Microgaming slots.

For me, a christmas themed game just wouldn't be right if it didn't have the possibility of awarding some super big wins and this game certainly does not disappoint in that respect - admittedly the base game payouts are nothing special although they are well within the expected range for a 243 ways slot, but the maximum win during free spins sets things straight with a massive 1.9 million coins up for grabs equating to a monster 12,666x your stake! Wow!

Unsurprisingly these wins won't be handed to you in the base game, nor in the mini Free Gift bonus round which is really more of an afterthought than anything. No, for a shot at the big time you'll be hoping for a full screen of wilds with the highest possible multiplier during one of the free spin rounds. A massive 25 free spins ar awarded regardless of how many scatters you land, at which point you'll be asked to choose from stacked, expanding or trailing wilds. These features have all been seen before in other games but nevertheless it's nice to see them all offered here, and the ability to choose your favourite is a popular feature of 243 ways games.
If I had to add a criticism of Santas Wild Ride it would have to be the low payouts for the bottom end combinations - you'll struggle to see your stake returned from the lower 3 and 4 of a kind combinations, but that's simply a result of these wins being much more common in a ways based game than one featuring paylines. Personally I'm more than willing to trade a little RTP from the bottom end of the paytable as long as I receive it back by way of top end potential, so I love Santas Wild Ride!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Santa`s Wild ride is another Christmas themed slot from Microgaming software. I enjoy playing this slot because the sound effects really put you into the Christmas mood. I have played this slot only once and I remember that at the very beginning it ate all my money at the beginning. Just when I started losing hope I got big win with 4 sandwich symbols and a wild with x 4 multiplier. I had many big wins after that.

This is a very interesting slot. The thing that I really appreciate is that there are wilds on every reel. They have the power to multiply your win every time with x2, x3 or x 4. The multiplier is random every time. During the base game I have won nothing more than 30 x bet size. But, just like any other game the Santa`s Wild Ride free spins round is the one that has the potential to pay huge. To trigger the free spins you need at least 3 keys scatter symbols. You get 25 free spins and you also have to chose one of three bonuses. The first one is the Stacked Wild, which means that each reel has stacked wilds. The second choice is the Expanding Wild, this means that if a wild lands on a given reel it will turn the whole reel wild. The last option is the Trailing Wild, with this feature wilds are added to the reel randomly before each spin. I triggered the free spins round only couple of times and every time I was choosing the Expanding Wild feature.

I cannot say that I was lucky because most of the times I was getting an expanding wild on the fourth or on the fifth reel, and no good symbols on the first three reels. So I have not won anything more than 30 x bet during my whole session.
blondie 1074 reviews
Santa's Wild Ride is a 5 reel and 243 way slot game from Microgaming that I discovered this month, as it is a festive slot and a couple of times I received free spins on it. And what better time to play Christmas themed slot if not in December.

I have to say that design wise I don't really enjoy this game. It has all the expected symbols, but somehow they all are so different, my eyes started to hurt after some play time. But there are many other good things I found about this slot. First of all I like the fact that no matter how many scatters you get- 3, 4 or 5, you still will be playing 25 free spins and in my opinion, it's generous for 3 scatters for example, including the fact that there are 3 different features you can choose for them and they all get 2x multiplied. I think the free spins feature here is the reason I like this game so much.

From all the features in free games, my favorite is Stacked wilds and it means that all wild symbols are stacked, when appearing. I think they can bring great winnings because recently I played this game and most of the spins were empty, but when I had winnings on few spins only, I managed to get almost 100x bet win, so if I had more luck, I think this game could surprise me with great results.

Another small thing but pleasant is that whenever there is a present box on base game on reel 2 or 4, it awards with coin winnings and they appear quite often. I mostly get from 1x- 3x bet winnings, small but better than nothing.

Overall I like everything about this game, except the design, but comparing that to the winning potential I think this game has, design means really little. I like that this game is simplistic as there is only one bonus but still it offers variety as you can pick your feature, but stacked wilds has given me the best winnings so far. And usually I've had experience with 243 way slots that they tend to be money eaters, but in this case I have only managed to increase my bankroll and haven't lost anything, so I do recommend this game.
zerooo 742 reviews
Santa's Wild Ride will become again popular game since it is November now and Christmas will be soon with us. I played this kind of themed games only when the time is right. I don't imagine to play it in the summer. This game is powered by Microgaming software and it has 243 payways.

When I played Santa's Wild Ride i had a feeling that this game should pay good since I had some that kind of winnings during base game. But what is more interesting here is free spins feature. 3 scatters triggers 25 free spins and then you must pick one of three features. Stacked wild, expanding wild or trailing wild. I prefer to choose first one, because I think here i could win the best results. I choose even the other two features, but results were the best from first one. I like stacked wild symbols and here you can get 25 free spins which I think is great. I know many games which offer probably the same stacked wild feature but less free spins.

I think this game is good, the payouts during free games could provide big wins. I also like that you will receive 25 free spins and nothing less or more than that, no matter how many scatters you receive. I think this is good at this game, it is in some kind different than the other games from this provider. And receiving 25 free games is better than only 10 or maybe 15 right. And beside all that you can choose whatever feature you like.

I will probably play this game soon, since it will be December and Christmas days. I will rate this game high I like all into it. Even the music during free spins feature is great, festive atmosphere. Quick spin button is also there which is one point more for this Santa's Wild Ride game.
Santas Wild Ride it is game made by Microgaming. This slot is interesting and has outstanding potential to win big, probably like DOA. But this is of course means that this game requires a lot of careful playing and do not go crazy with stakes.

I like how this game looks. Christmas and New Year themed slots are always good to play in second part of the year, when these big days are already on the horizon.

I like that there is wilds which appear on all reels. In this 243 lines game wilds not stacked or expanding during normal play, but they have added awesome feature - wins with wilds will be multiplied by 2x 3x or 4x. Of course if you got 5 wilds and 4x multiplier your payout will be awesome, but it is one of those combos which very hard to get.

I like freespins feature. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on reels. Game awards you with 25 freespins, and on next screen you will need to choose what feature for freespins your want. There are 3 different features: with stacked wilds on all reels, with expanding wilds on all reels, and with trailing wilds on all reels. I did not like trailing wilds at all at any game so I am usually pick stacked or expanding. Only once I had good win in this feature, but it was sweet - more than 400 bets with 1.2 stake, which was good money, won something like 500 euros.

Normal play is seems very tight due to such great features in freespins. I never had great wins during normal play. I give this game 9 stars.
Everything seems very good but I did not like low payouts during normal play. Of course if many wilds will appear game will pay ok, but most payouts are very small and if not get feature in something like 100-200 spins you will lost much money.

I did not like feature with gifts in normal play. Gift boxes appears on reels 2 and 4 and award some prizes. Best I had 5 bets. Not interesting.
yapro 790 reviews
Santa's wild ride is 243 lines game from microgaming, and i think this game was released long time ago, as graph on it looks much more worse than on immortal romance or thunderstruck II as for example. Base game here is extremely boring, really, nothing interesting at all, here we have wilds which doubles wins when substitute, and scatters. Also there is two xmas presents on reels 2 and 4, which can pay something like 1-5 x total bet(5 x my personal best result from this presents). Feature, which can be triggered by 3+ scatters, is much more interesting. Player gets 25 free spins with x 2 multiplier, and can choose one of three features: free spins with stacked wilds, trailing wilds, or expanding wilds. I am always choose stacked, if someone interesting about it.

My personal experience with this game is very bad, i had a lot of bad runs on it, but worst was on 32red, 150$ on my balance, and i open this game to play with 0.60 per spin. After around 30 minutes i had zero on my account, i trigger free spins 3 times, but they pay funny amounts of money. After this, i never open this game more, because i am just fear to lost my money on it. From positive side i had my personal best result for feature, almost x 300 total bet after feature with stacked wilds. This is really low result, because this game can pay much more big amounts of money, but my luck on this game is bad, and i never hit something decent. As i told, i did not play this game anymore, because for me it is looks like just money sucking game.

This game is of course had high variance, and minimum bet of 0.30 means that anyone who wants to play this game should have at least 50$ on balance, but even this does not guarantee anything on this game. I really prefer IR than this game, and therefore i rate this game with only 6 stars. Game with great potential, but looks like it is hard to release this potential.
Santa's Wild Ride is a game powered by microgaming. I don't really like this game. I played it few times before when it just came out but got nothing special on it. i remember there was a promotion on this game, if i deposited €50 or more i would get 50 free spins. I took that deal and for the first time ever played this game. This is a 243 line game with a minimum bet of €0.30. The promotion was 50 free spins on the smallest bet, so i guess they meant €0.30. As i was playing i would get five of a kind here and there but the wins were very small.It took me around 45 spins to get the feature and i really did not know which one to choose out of three.

As always i went for the middle one which game me stacked wilds. At the end of the feature i realized that the 'milk was a bad choice' and only won around €8. Apart from my free spins promotion i played this game few other times with a higher bet and did manged to get the free spins. This time i picked stacked wilds and ended up with around €20 on a €0.60 bet.

I don't know why but this game just does not pay for me. I did see some people win big on it but i am not as lucky on it as others. I would not recommend this game because it has been very bad to me and made me super mad few times. If i was to rate this game i would give it 3 out of 10.
Santa's Wild Ride online video slot is an old video slot which was created by microgaming. Yeah, this microgaming who create such 243 liner like thunderstruck II immortal romance lord of the rings (rip, this is was my favorite microgaming slot), dark knight.

Santa wild ride have really nice graphic and sounds, especially if take in mind that this is an old slot. Theme... Of course it is Christmas, but this Santa is a bit wild, he drive motorcycle and drink beer :P

Anyway, this is 243 lines slot, and interesting fact that in base game there is not stacked or expanded wilds, and no any random feature which is adding wild, so really big win in base game can not happen. But on free spins, which can be triggered by at least 3 scatters you will choose on of three free spins feature. First is trailing wilds, this mean that if wild appear on top, next spin he will get lower and lower, so if you get 5 wilds on top on one spin, you will get 2 more amazing spins and finish with full screen of wilds. Sounds amazing, right? Expanding wilds feature also gives you a chance to hit full reels of wilds, and as you understand there is expanded wilds. And finally stacked wilds, in which you can get a lot of wilds too. So, 3 different free spins feature, and on all of them it is possible to get absolutely crazy win. Ah, i forget, multiplier on free spins is 2 x.

So, taking all this thing in one, this is extremely cool slot . I love it, even if i say that i never have wins more than 200 x total bet on it, this is still one of my favorite microgaming slot. Deserves a go, of course.
valentin68 535 reviews
„Santa's Wild Ride“ is a slot from Microgaming casinos as weak as „Moonshine“ is. Even if „Moonshine“ had 25 paylines and this slot has 234 paylines, speaking in terms quality offered by the slots, they are comparable. Better said they do not offer anything. I suspected that if the slot has a large number of paylines the wins are even higher. Well I was wrong: this is the slot in which I had an uninterrupted 30 consecutive losing spins! Even when I started to earn something I realized that these wins are very, very small. If for 3 symbols aligned the slot pays an average of 5-7 cents, for 4 symbols aligned the payout is again ridiculous: tens of cents. And all these wins are offered when the bet is minimum: 30 cents. That means almost a constant loss of 25 cents/spin.

Even if occasionally you will have the chance to win more than a few Euros, that you will happen too rarely (about once every 50-70 normal spins). This rare high win is due to the Wilds of course, and they will offer also a multiplier to the combination they enter, but what good to this! These Wild symbols are as rare as the wins.
There is indeed a possibility that during Free spins (triggered by 3 „Santa's keys“) to choose the type of Wild symbol from Stacked Wild Expanding Wild and Trailing Wild, but again almost with no use.Also the wins from Free spins round will be rare. It is true that here are always offered 25 Free Spins in bulk, but in the best case, when you are lucky you will win about 10 Euro.

Besides Free spins and the Wild with multiplier, there is here the possibility to get a gift from Santa on reels 2 or 4 and to win instant some money. But these gifts are also rare and the payout offered by them is a few tens of cents. Little and disappointing.

The slot is weak also because of the old looking graphics slot and because too many kinds of symbols stubbornly refuses to align on a payline . It is not worth to stop here, there are slots 20-30 times better than this in a Microgaming casino (for example „Avalon II“ or „Hot Ink“).
Irine 232 reviews
This slot is in demand to many casino players when Christmas is coming. The theme of this slot is the desire of many players when it's Christmas season i remember when my first to play this slot my childhood memories recalled because of the characters, symbols and also the name of the slot " Santa's Wild Ride". Before this slot there were many slots that had the theme of Christmas and they're very interesting to play when the Christmas season is coming the unique characteristic of this slot Santa was very insurgent. Every Christmas season i always try to play this slot to feel the presence of Christmas spirit this slot 243 ways of winning was very nice playing when it's Christmas.

When i played this the feature of this game is very nice and interesting the "FREE SPIN" for example is very palatable you know why? because when you get the 3 Harley's key you'll get 25 spins i don't know if you can respin the free spins i didn't yet encounter or experience it. (The Santa Clause here is traditional like like what we describe when we're on childhood days but he didn't use the "sleigh" instead he use Harley.) Okay, when you got it you'll have to choose whether what kind of free spin feature you want for your free spin there are 3 types of symbols one is stacked wild two is wild expanding and last is wild trail or trailing from the name itself are can the position of wilds.

As i said there are many kinds of "Christmas Theme Slots" that littered from many casino platforms but this Microgaming Christmas theme slot is one one the best Christmas theme slot for me. Please take note: The most disappointing feature of this slot was the coins and betting were very low compare to other online slots.
Icymod 758 reviews
Santa's Wild Ride consists of your 243 paylines, also called your way wins slot! It's Merry enough to play for a bit but it is not well enough to pay often for bets of any kind. I always happen to draw plenty of dead results trying to join three identical symbols left to right just to see a payout.

What I definitely don't like are scattered Blitzin keys just pulling my chain every time I see them for a chance at triggering the free spins feature. It undeniably requires at least a payout for two scatters because that's usually all I find! It could be just me, it could be a bad day to play Santa's Wild Ride or maybe I picked a wrong casino to play this. Who knows?

Anyways, if I do happen to trigger free spins I can expect to receive 25 free spins with a choice from 3 options for how Wild symbols would react as the reels spin during the feature. Stacked Wilds are always what I choose the same way I would with Expanding Wilds and my least favourite, Trailing Wilds that really need to appear on the top position of any reel to have them slipping downhill otherwise these wilds will disappear in a snap on the next spin. Altogether, it's actually a disappointment for these free spins to play out regardless of what Wild option I choose because I never get over $11 for 2 coin bets. I wanted more winnings than that!!

What I do appreciate in what Santa's Wild Ride has to offer are wilds containing mind teasing multipliers of double, triple or quadruple wins on any combination this specific wild substitutes on. This slot even has extra win gifts if they land on either Reels 2 or 4 for an unexpected surprise. That's basically it. It does not kick snowball @s* when making comparison to other good Christmas slots. I honestly would settle for Secret Santa's 5 of a kind again feature in exchange for these tragic display of 25 free spins any day! I would appreciate this slot more if it paid out more often, gave me a chance to really sink my teeth into the wins inside free spins including more wild occurrences...they are a "MUST" to show, have more 5 of a kind wins because it's frustrating to get even 3 and overall this slot should make it a lot easier for players to win entirely! Just trying to win alone on Santa's Wild ride gave me more losses than winnings. I lost $35 trying to win free spins and it can push me to the edge!

I would give Santa's Wild Ride a 5.7 out of 10!
Here is my review for Santa's Wild Ride. This is a Christmas themed slot from Microgaming with probably the most potential of all Christmas slots available. It beats Deck The Halls and Secret Santa, which has been released a few months ago, by far in terms of pay outs and potential.

This slot is also the most fun to play, because the music really gets you into the Christmas mood. The graphics are made up of delicious meals, beers, Santa, and his female helper on their rides. Santa's Wild Ride is a slot which offers 243 ways to win, and contains several features during the bonus game.

I've played this slot on a couple of occasions and managed to get to the free spins a few times as well. The highest paying symbol is that of five wilds. However, those are very rare to appear. The second next is the Santa Claus symbol.

Like suggested above the game has wilds on every reel. The fun part about the wilds is that a win gets multiplied randomly with a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier. I haven't been too successful playing this slot during the base game. My biggest win was probably only like 20x bet size. The base game also has free gifts bonuses which appear on reels 2 and 4. Most often these pay like 1x to 5x bet size.

To activate the free spins you need at least 3 keys which are the scatter symbols. The best thing about the free spins is that you're able to choose one of 3 features, and that there are 25 free spins available. In my opinion that's a lot and makes the expectations from this slot very high.

There are three free spins features to choose from - stacked wilds, expanding wilds or trailing wilds. I always chose for the expanding wild. This wild turns the entire reel wild. I had free spins three times and all 3 times the results were horrendous.

I didn't even win more than 10x my bet size. I would love to badmouth this slot for that, but I just think I have been incredibly unlucky. I also saw winner screenshots from other players who did have successful sessions winning more than 750x bet size. So it was just an unlucky day for me, and I'm sure I will give it another try when possible.

My final rating for Santa's wild ride is a 7.5/10.

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