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Riviera Riches Slot

Riviera Riches is a 15-payline video slot which runs on the Microgaming software platform. The game features luxurious symbols, ranging from expensive liquor to vintage cars, and the wild multiplier is the Riviera Riches Logo icon, while the scatter is the Money symbol. Players can try the slot on this page free of charge or visit any of the listed Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

To immerse themselves in the life of luxury, players need to adjust their bet first. “Lines” chooses the number of active paylines and “Coins” selects the number of coins to bet. Clicking +/- alters the coin denomination, the minimum being 0.01 and the maximum being 0.5. While “Spin” starts the game, “Bet Max” turns the reels at the maximum bet.  To spin the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted, players need to click “Expert” and then “Au­top­lay.”

The Free Spin bonus round will be activated when 3 or more Money scatters emerge on the reels. Players receive 12 Free Spins, during which all regular wins are tripled. Additional Free Spins can be triggered during the Free Spin round.

When 2 Bonus Roulette icons occur on reels 1 and 5, the Roulette Bonus game is triggered. In this game players can win up to 30,000 coins. They have 2 chances to pick numbers on the roulette table. All matching Roulette bets associated with the selected number are automatically enabled to maximize one’s chance of winning a payout.

Depending on where the ball lands during each spin in the Roulette Bonus, the player’s win equals their total bet multiplied by the odds per bet position. An additional bonus win of x4 their total bet amount is also awarded during the Bonus game. The Roulette Bonus round can be triggered during the Free Spin feature.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of enabled paylines.
Coins: Choose the number of coins to bet.
+/-: Select the coin size.
Spin: Start the game.
Bet Max: Spin at the highest bet.
Auto Play: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Riviera Riches Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1297 reviews
Whilst the River of Riches game was nothing more than a lot of hype, where riches are concerned, I hope this Riviera Riches isn't like that too. It's quite a favourite game with a lot of players, but I ain't a Microgaming fan, not in the very least, so Riviera Riches wasn't in my favourites list at all, even though I've played it a number of times before. Nah, as usual, I've never won on it either. I guess Microgaming games don't like me, just as I don't like Microgaming games too. Hahaha.

The Logo 'Riviera Riches' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays a low 1500x the line bet. It doubles all wins with it and substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols. The Scatter symbol pays a very low 40x the total bet amount, and getting 3 or more of them triggers 12 free spins with all wins tripled. More free spins can be retriggered. The Roulette Bonus game can also be triggered within the Free Spins game. This Roulette Bonus game is triggered when the Bonus symbols land on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, awarding a game on Roulette. At least a 4x total bet win is guaranteed in this game. If the ball lands in the '0' lot, a 45x total bet win is awarded. Nonetheless, it isn't a favourite a mine, and I've never won anything decent in this Bonus game. As for the symbols in the game, the Man pays 750x, the Lady pays 500x, the Building pays 400x, the Car pays 350x, the Glass pays 300x, and the rest pay from 100x to 60x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. For a 15-paylines game, the paytable is very low indeed.
Sadly enough, the very low paytable couldn't and didn't provide a good game play as I would have expected. The Roulette Bonus games were rather disappointing for me, with small wins of around 10x my bet amount. The Free Spins games couldn't pay anything higher than 30x my bet amount most of the time, and even with one retrigger, it couldn't break the 50x total bet amount. Very disappointing indeed. Retriggers of more free spins in any Microgaming games have failed to excite me so far. With more free spins won, the more empty spins would come, hardly increasing the final total win amount by much. I've never liked this aspect of Microgaming games, even till this day.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Riviera Riches is an average slot from Microgaming software provider. I play this game from time to time and I feel like I am playing a different game every time. Sometimes the payouts are good but sometimes it takes all my money very fast. This video slot game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. I prefer to play this game when I do not have a lot of money on my balance and the min bet here is 0.15.

Riviera Riches has free spins and bonus round so this is good news too when your balance is low. The last time I played this slot I was not getting much. I got 12 free spins very fast and they were with x 3 multiplier and I only won 12.84 euros. During the base game I know that this slot can be quite generous, but this time it was not. I was not winning anything, and even though I was playing on min bet I was still losing my money fast. I was just hoping for the free spins or the bonus round. I triggered the free spins couple of times but the most that I have got was 20 x bet. This was strange because I am usually lucky when it comes to free spins.
I do not like the bonus round in this slot. It is called Roulette Bonus and it is well thought and decent looking bonus round but I never win in this kind of games. I am always picking the wrong number or the wrong colour. You need to land a roulette bonus symbol on the first and the fifth reel to trigger it. Then you have two spins and all you have to do is to pick a number and the other selections are made automatically. It is possible to win big here, but that rarely happens I suppose.
zerooo 742 reviews
Riviera Riches is 5 reel video slot game with 15 paylines. It is powered by Microgaming software and almost every Microgaming casino have it. I played at GoWild casino this game after I won 5 scatters on Supe it up game.

I started to play at higher bets, since my balance was in good shape. I did not wanted to play it only on 0.15€ since my balance was over 300€. The game offer free spins feature and bonus game. Bonus game started after you receive bonus symbols on first and last reel. In this bonus you get 2 spins on the roulette wheel. I played this game a while, but I never received the bonus feature game.

I received only free spins feature. I was awarded with 12 free games at x3 multiplier. I like this feature, the wins are decent but not huge. I like it because even during free spins you can get bonus game. I did not saw many games where you can get bonus into free spins feature. And that is why i think this is good. But since I do not know how can bonus pay, I have some doubts.

Otherwise Riviera Riches is nice looking game, it has good sounds and design. I like that 2 scatters for free spins feature pays back amount you bet. Maybe I will play this game in the future, when I will have good amount of money into my balance. I like to switch between games when I have lucky session on other game. I will rate this game with 7 stars. It is decent game. Maybe I could rate it even more, but the paytable should be better to do that. After all I recommend it to all to tried it out, it could provide some good wins and raise you balance higher.
blondie 1093 reviews
Riviera Riches is a nice game from Microgaming software provider that I like to play from time to time. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines and I like to play it when my balance is low, because the minimum bet is 0.15€ and this game has both free spins and bonus round and many times it has helped me to get back on my feet from low to decent balance. Winnings around 20x bet can be seen very often and I also like that you get paid your bet size for 2 scatters. Like most slots, it also has wild symbol, that substitutes for all, except scatter symbols and doubles winnings.

The theme of this game is "living the high life" or gambling, rich people and wealth. Design wise they've done a decent job, but it isn't my favorite look from Microgaming. This game has 2 bonus rounds- one is roulette bonus and other is free spins. Roulette bonus triggers win bonus symbols land on 1st and 5th reel. When I first got the roulette bonus, I was really surprised because I hadn't seen something like that before. In this bonus you have 2 roulette spins and you can place your bet on one of the numbers. When I play with minimum bets, I usually win around 25x bet size, since I never pick the right number.

The other bonus is free spins round. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters land anywhere on screen. It gives 12 free spins with 3x multiplier, which is quite standard amount for free spins. But what is great is that the roulette bonus can be triggered during free spins and the spins can be retriggered. I have experienced, triggering roulette bonus in free spins, but overall I have never experienced 100x bet winnings on this slot.

Overall I think this is a decent game and I do recommend to try it. I will keep playing it with low balance, because I never lose much with it. But at the same time, I wouldn't expect high winnings, as I haven't seen winnings from other players on this game, as well as I haven't experienced big winnings myself, it's just a good game to play to keep your balance steady.
Riviera Riches it is Microgaming video slot. It is definitely not new one their game, but it is still looking not so bad, and you could try this game without any feelings that you playing a slot which even older than you (yes, I played couple of slots from other providers, which give me this feeling).

Game looks typical for Microgaming old games, sounds and animations are not perfect, but decent. There is 15 paylines in this video slot.

Well, this is pretty regular game for base game gameplay. There are wilds, appears on all reels, it has its own payouts, and also doubles a win. Nothing special, but I really love wild symbols like this, multiply wins - so you always happy to see wild on paying line, and also have own payout - you will be surprised if you hit 5 of a kind wilds, because payouts in such cases in most occasions is very good.

There are two features. First one is bonus game; it is started when bonus symbols come on reels 1 and 5. Nothing special unfortunately, and it is pretty hard to win something super huge, but I do like this bonus game. It is just roulette field, and you have two spins, and make bets on numbers. My best result at this feature was something like 20 x total bet, but I played it only 3 times, so probably it can pay well.

Freespins activated by 3 or more scatters. You will be awarded with 12 freegames, and all prizes x 3, regular feature, but I can't say that I like it. I opened this game probably just 3-4 times in my life, and cannot say that it is specific game or anything like this. Just regular slot with bonus game and freespins. Unlikely I will play it again, but also I can't say that I do not like this game.
Nothing special to list here, just very regular slot game - you could play a lot of games like this.
I had a nice and interesting experience playing this slot for the first time! I received 50 free spins to play at 5 different slots from Microgaming, 10 free spins each one and one of this slots was Riviera Riches!

Because I didn’t knew anything about this slot, I played first the free spins to the 4 slots and I left Riviera Riches at the end! I won about 8 euro from the 40 free spins and I opened Riviera Riches to play the 10 free spins! I saw that it has good graphics, I can't say very good, but acceptable and also an interesting story, about money fortune and luxury things like cars and expensive drinks!

This slot has 5 reels, 15 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.15 euro but I think that is better to play with 0.30 euro bet! When I started the 10 free spins, I was impressed because from the first 7 spins I didn’t won anything but the 8th spin I managed to catch the 3 scatters and I was awarded with 12 free spins with 3x multiplier! Nothing special so far but in the free spins, I managed to catch on the 1st and 5th reel the bonus symbols that gave me the chance to win some extra money from the bonus feature!

Overall, I won 22 euro both from free spins and bonus feature, not much money but it counted! I was happy because I wasn’t expected to trigger the free spins feature or the bonus game from the 10 free spins!

Overall it was a nice experience to play this slot, I like both the free spins and bonus game features but also the wild symbol, the theme and also the graphics! I will give an 8 for the graphics because it should be better, 9 for the great features and 8 for the payout rate because the free spins and bonus game are very hard to catch!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Riviera Riches is a video slot with 15 paylines and 5 reels coming from Microgaming. The first impression for this game is that it shines with glamour which can be found in some casino on the Cote D'azur. This coast is the most famous French and European Riviera. A lot of towns like Nice. Monte Carlo or Monaco, that are a synonym for the Europe Glamour, are situated here. Of course here you can find some of the most famous casinos in Europe.

The symbols in this game clearly state that. Here you will find symbols like cognac and a cigar, an elegantly dressed man and a woman, and casino chips and money everywhere. In the background you can hear music which just relaxes you and is pleasant to listen to. Microgaming offers a big number of slots and it takes a lot of time to try them all out.

I found this game about two years after I started playing in Microgaming casinos. I remember that on my mail I got a special offer from Go Wild casino, 50% on my deposit for 50 euros minimum and 50 free spins on Riviera Riches slot game. It was a tempting offer I just couldn't resist and that was my first encounter with this game. On the very beginning I didn't expect much from the free spins. 50 free spins on a game that has only 15 paylines, you can’t expect to have some big cash out. But it just so happened that I cashed in 50 euros from these free spins. It was a really great feeling. After the 50 free spins were over I continued to play this game. I increased the bet to 0.60 first and to 0.90 later per spin. I had some big wins here again and since than Riviera Riches has become one of my favorite Microgaming slots.

Overall in my opinion this is one of the best 15 payline slot games which you can find in some Microgaming casino.
yapro 790 reviews
Riviera riches video slot was created by microgaming, and i really think that this game not so bad, even if it looks outdated. This game has 15 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is very low, you can play this game starting from 0.15$ per one spin. I like when slot did not ask bet too much, and therefore i try this game few times at 32red casino, home of such old games for me.

This game has wilds on all reels, but payout for 5 wilds is quite low, only x 100 total bet, i did not like such thing. At least wilds when substitute double wins, but since all other payouts are pretty low, doubling win is worth nothing here. Scatters here trigger free spins , 14 at x 3 multiplier, and this feature of course can bring some money. By the way 5 scatter payout here is one of the lowest i ever see, only 40 x total bet. I never hit more than 100 x total bet on free spins feature or base game here, because like i said payouts here is pretty low.

Also here presented bonus game which triggered by bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5, and it is typical roulette wheel, where i was allowed to make two spins and make two bets. On this feature i am also never hit even x 50 total bet. Really this game payouts are low, and therefore game is boring of course, and nothing can save me from starting boring, not bonus game, not free spins. Game simply not interesting for me, and it is sad thing.

This game has 15 paylines, and really low variance. Payouts for everything here is low, even for wilds. You can't expect high boost of your balance, and therefore i think this game did now worth of trying. At least for me, i am will not play this slot again.
Riviera Riches is a game powered by microgaming. This is not a bad game to be honest and it does have potential to pay big. I play this game sometimes on Ladbrokes casino and never really had a huge win. On the other hand i play this game most of the time on a small bet and probably should not expect huge wins.

There are 15 lines in this game and two features. There is a roulette bonus and free spins bonus. To get the roulette bonus i had to get a roulette on the first and fifth reels. In the roulette bonus you can place two bets on the table and if you hit a number, column or color you get some pays. The biggest pay is when you pick the right number but i never managed to get it. I got this bonus many times and max i won was around €4.50 on the smallest bet.

The free spins feature is much better and you really have a chance to win a bit of money. To get the free spins i had to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. that awarded me with 12 free spins and all wins tripled. The thing i like about this game is the stop button. i have got more scatters when i double tapped rather than when i let it spin. The free spins can be re-triggered and i am happy to say that i have done that many times. Max i ever won on this feature was around €30 on the smallest bet. I never played this game on big bets but i think that if you get lucky on a big bet you could win huge. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Riviera Riches is my favourite video slot too. I guess me and the forum witch do have something in common after all ;) . For a 15 paylines video slot, small letter/number symbols actually pay better than those on other video slots. That small increase goes a long way when playing for a long time on Riviera Riches. It makes a better impression when the Wild puts 2x on my combinations!!! But what I like which feels like on even scales would be both the Roulette Bonus and the Free spins features! I like them both! They all contributed very well when my wagering was still being shaved off before making a cashing out.

The Roulette bonus is just like a game of Roulette, it's triggered using the roulette bonus symbol under the two reels for 1 and 5. Two picks on the table can be made and depending on where they land it'll give me a chance to gain multipliers for my triggering bet! It's a fair gainer of a bonus! $0.45 or $0.60 is well enough to provide what I'm looking on Riviera Riches but the thing I love to trigger on here is the free spins. All I need are 3 scattered Euros for 12 Free spins at 3x! On $0.60 I received about $23 and when I feel lucky then I go for $1.20 to trigger this feature again for a much larger outcome!

The graphics are great, the symbols including the letters/numbers pay very well. Little words can be said about the Roulette bonus and having 12 Free spins at 3x are appreciative in my plays. Riviera Riches is such a great game that it neared taking away my entire bonus when I played this game for two hours! It's a very refreshing, nicely paying video slot that causes different emotions as well as award cash grabbing features.
Just one detail on Riviera Riches. I hate making a choice on the Roulette table to receive small amounts of multipliers for my bets when my chosen number/colour becomes the complete opposite! My red is actually the winning black & vice-versa!
katemak 1170 reviews
Riviera Riches slot from Microgaming platform is 5 reels and 15 paylines video sot. This game its about the money,glamour,rich people,gambling everything is like in movie so money,money,money.I like everything about this video game.I like the characters ,I love the music, the bonus feature.

That happens when you trigger the Roulette table,The Roulette always appear only at the 1st and at the 5th reel,so then you go to casino and place 2 bets on any numbers you like,and if you are close to your number or getting at least the color you get up to X 20 of your bet,you maybe will hit the exact number ,but that happened to me only once so far.

This game has really interesting characters or symbols ,like the Lady drinking wine,the bow tied gentleman ,the awesome car and some others.Riviera Riches has also free spins features,which are the coin symbols ,which if you trigger 2 of them you winnings get doubled and if you hit 3 or more of them the you got the free spins,which they are 12 free spins and they can boos your account up to X 40 line pet.

I like this game because its really amusing and that you can bet as low as 0.15 euros or dollars per spin.Whenever i had a chance to play at Microgaming casinos my first choice is Riviera Riches and Immortal Romance,well i have other few favorites,but so far I am testing this 2 ones,so I hope soon I will get lucky on them,well hope at least of 1 of them.I like this slot a lot so yes I do recommend it and when your balance is low you can try this game and it really can surprise you ,like it surprised me few times.

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