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Prime Property Slot

Prime Property is a real estate-themed 40-payline video slot running on the Microgaming software platform. The game features various symbols depicting different types of houses and diverse real estate agents and the wild card is the Prime Property symbol, while the scatter is the Movie It icon. Players are invited to try the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the Microgaming casinos found in the listings.

In order to begin hunting for their perfect dream house, players should regulate their wager first. Clicking +/- alters the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 1. “Select Lines” modifies the number of activated paylines, while “Select Coins” is used to regulate the number of coins to bet. “Spin” starts the game and “Bet Max” turns the reels at the highest available wager. To spin multiple times uninterrupted, one should click “Expert” and then “Au­top­lay­”.

3 or more Morning Paper symbols activate the Prime Property Bonus game. Players then need to choose from a wide selection of different houses, which offer different number of Free Spins and multipliers. The Free Spins and multipliers are then added and calculated, which is when the Free Spin round begins. Players can win up to 40 Free Spins and up to an x8 multiplier value. The bonus game cannot be re-triggered during the Free Spin round.

A 2,000-coin jackpot will be awarded when 5 Blonde Woman symbols emerge on an active payline.

Game Play

Select Coins: Choose the number of coins wagered.
Select Lines: Select the number of enabled paylines.
+/-: Select the coin value.
Spin: Start playing the game at the selected bet.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.
Bet Max: Turn the reels at the maximum bet.

Prime Property Slot Reviews by Players


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Raptordinos 866 reviews
Sometimes I like to try them out old slots that I have never played before to see what I was missing, especially if they have positive comments and also good ratings, and that’s why today I decided to try with “Prime Property” slot, a game manufactured by “Microgaming” with a theme based on real estate contracts, which by the way, reminds me a little of the real estate crisis of some years ago that the world is still recovering from.

This video slot is quite simple, and in it, there are basically two determining aspects that guide our destiny in this game, one good and one bad.

The good one it is the free spins round, and it's good because in this round it's possible to win a great number of free spins, above 30 as I could once experience, for this and also because it's possible to get a multiplier up to 5x to be applied to our wins during all free games.

Personally, the longest round I could get was 30 spins, and that time I got a 3x multiplier; the biggest multiplier I ever had, it was 4x, and on that occasion, my round was 10 spins. On the other hand, I also had a round of just one spin with a 1x multiplier, in which, of course, I won $0.

As for the bad one, of course, I will refer to the tight prices of the paytable, excepting maybe payouts for 5 of a kind lines of the four most important symbols, which obviously are those lines almost impossible to form; and this weak payout table is not something that should surprise us because how else this slot could finance those rounds of free spins potentially lucrative for the player.

Under these parameters, the low performance of this slot during the base game did not take me by surprise because I already expected it due to the existence of that theoretically powerful round of free spins; in what I have been deeply disappointed it has been precisely the round of free spins, since in my longest round I could only win in total 28 times my bet per spin, and in fact that was my biggest payout during my entire session.

I suppose a player on his best day can get to take advantage of some free spins round in this slot and end up packing some bucks in his pocket, but as far as I'm concerned, the chances of this happening are quite low; so for today, I think I'll let to rest my curiosity until further notice.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
There was a time when I really enjoyed playing the board game Monopoly, many years ago during my younger days. I haven't played it since then, and I don't think I would enjoy it as much as before either. Yep, some things do change over time. To me nowadays, any board game is a bored game, unless it's a slot game, hahaha. Yep, Monopoly is now available for play as a slot game, but I have played it as yet. Maybe one day soon. Thinking of it as a board game makes me bored, even though it is really a slot game. Ah well, that will come later. As for this Prime Property game, it is similar to Monopoly only in terms of acquiring the various properties. The better the property, the higher the returns, or wins. Yep, that's all that matters in any game, the returns. The better the returns, the more times a player will return. Makes sense right? Hehehe.

The logo 'Prime Property' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays a very nice 12,000x the total bet amount. It substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It doesn't do anything else, which makes it a dumb Wild symbol nonetheless. The Truck is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays the usual 100x the total bet, but it doesn't do anything else either. Hmm. Another dumb symbol. 'Property' is the Bonus symbol, which doesn't pay anything for itself, but getting 3, 4 or 5 of them triggers an initial 1 free spin with a 1x multiplier, 2 free spins with a 2x multiplier, or 3 free spins with a 3x multiplier, respectively. All the other symbols in the game pay from 2000x the line bet down to 100x the line bet, for 5 of each kind. The paytable is actually only average but is on the higher side, to being a good one.

Once the Bonus Free Spins game has been activated, a screen of houses appears, and you pick one house at a time to reveal the prize, which may be more free spins or more multipliers. The maximum win possible is 40 free spins with a 8x multiplier, and that is very good indeed, but of course, if you can get it. Get a 'Start Free Spins' symbol and the picking ends, followed by the Free Spins game. I normally don't like any pick-and-win feature game, but in this case, I have to make an exception. Picking those houses can be adrenaline pumping indeed, with my mind asking "where the heck can that 2x multiplier be", or "where are you 10 free spins? I need to getcha!" Hahaha.
What do I dislike most about playing this Prime Property game? Hmm, let me think for a second. Ah, yes, the thing I hate most, yes, hate most, is not getting a win higher than 100x my bet amount. A few times it fell short of breaking it, damn! In fun play, I could get well over 200x my bet amount, but of course, fun play can never be the same as real money play, and that 200x just wouldn't come my way. Ah well, maybe some other day, hehehe.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Prime Property slot is another amazing game from Microgaming software. The wild comes out very often so it increases your chances to win big. I lost around 10 euros the first time I played this slot but then I got 40 euros which is not bad. Every time I get free spins I end up with like 100 euros plus on my balance. So I cannot say anything bad when it comes to this game. I realized that every time I play with a higher bet it even pays more, so this can be a good game for high rollers too.

The 5 reels and 40 pay lines in this game are set under a roof, which is not surprising since the name itself suggests what this slot is about. There are 5 very good looking properties and some salesmen and saleswomen in this slot. The Prime Property Bonus are free spins and you will get 1 spin with x 1 multiplier if you land 3 signs, 2 spins with x 2 multiplier if you land 4 signs and 3 spins with x 3 multiplier if you land 5 signs. This is not a lot but this is only the initial prize and later you can pick from a selection of houses in order to get more spins and multipliers. The free spins cannot be retriggered in this slot. Every time I have played this game I was getting 10 extra free spins, but that was just me being lucky probably. I do not believe that you can get the highest number of free spins always. I believe that this is one of those slots that will make you stay longer and not switch to another game very fast. The graphics are really nice and the sound effects are good so it is not one of those annoying games you always play on mute.
yapro 790 reviews
Prime property video slot was created by microgaming software, and i try this game at 32red casino probably once or two times, can't remember. Layout of the game looks good, but i simply did not like for some own reasons.

Game has 40 paylines, and in game involved wilds, which really important at this game, since the most payout at this game awarded for 5 wilds ,it will be 300 x total bet. Also take note about a bit high minimum bet here, it is 0.40, so it is even higher than at immortal romance and thunderstruck II video slots. Wilds here did not have any multiplier, but this is not problem for me, at least they have payout itself, this is what i like, multiplier does not important for me.

Scatters here does not do anything and simply substitute, of course i did not like such things, but i can't do anything with that, and therefore we can get up to 100 x total bet from scatters. Bonus symbols here very important because trigger bonus game, at which we can be awarded by random number of free spins and random number of multiplier. Paytable saying about 8x multiplier, but best feature i had it is 15 free spins with x 5 multiplier, and it pays me something like x 80 total bet, which of course not that result what you wait from free spins with x 5 multiplier.

Game layout looks good, once again, but i am sorry i did not like it, and did not like theme and symbols. Feature looks more than ok, payouts also good, but i just will not play this game again, i did not like it. Medium variance game, which can award huge x 8 multiplier for free spins and therefore can award really high win, but i prefer just 243 liners, and will stay with them, nothing can change my mind.
Prime Property is a game powered by microgaming. I did not like this game at the beginning. I just could not get the newspapers and was getting frustrated with this game.

There are 40 lines in this game and the minimum bet is €0.40. I always used this bet and just could not catch a break. I was getting two newspapers but the damn third on just would not come out. I tried about €20 the first time and probably the same the second time i played and did not win anything. I would get some wins but they were all less than €5. I left it for a while and one day opened it and started playing on a €0.80 bet. After about 10 spins for the first time ever i got four newspapers. To be honest this feature is awesome. It is a free spins feature mixed with a pick bonus where you can pick more free spins with multipliers. I was really nervous when i got the feature its the first time i got it and i did not want to screw it up. I kept picking and the first pick was 10 free spins---nice one. I ended up with 30 free spins with 6x. Because there are so many lines and the wild comes out a lot, so in this feature you really have a chance to win big. After my free spins ended i won around €90 on a €0.80 bet. That's not too bad. After loosing €40 on my first two tries and spent around €8 to get the feature this time. So a profit of €32 was not too bad.

Over all the game is good and takes time to get use too. I would recommend this game on a higher bets for some reason it pays better. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10. Really nice feature.
Icymod 758 reviews
While I keep making reviews, every game keeps getting better and better! Prime Property is the best of the best!! It embodies 40 cool Paylines, your regular wilds and scatters which later on I will explaining how they can be explosive and the king of all gems, the amazing Prime Property bonus!!! How to put this 40 Paylines video slot into perspective is like doing the Harlem Shake. A few minutes in it's just your normal winning video slot of Realtors, moving trucks, newspapers and wild signs but once the major bonus is triggered things can change monumentally! It is triggering free spins is what makes everything "dance"....not literally dance but it powers up every win I can make during each valuable spin. But first, before that happens I have to collect 3 newspapers on any reels at the same time to gain access to the bonus.

At a look inside the bonus there are houses to choose from, I carefully click one house, one by one for free spins and multipliers while watching out for a "Start Free spins" sign (there is only one of them luckily) that begins the free spins with what I have earned. Now Prime Property is better than the slot Moonshine because it offers a lesser chance to start the free spins with a "bigger chance" to pick a bunch of valuables. The largest on one pick from a house inside the feature is 10 Free Spins!! The rest have 1 Free spin, 2 Free spins, 5 Free Spins, even 7 Free spins, a 1x multiplier increase and even 2x multiplier increase on each house.

On average I walk out about 20 Free spins at 4x but sometimes 36 Free spins at 6x!!!! The larger the free spins + multipliers the best the total can become. It's like being mad with power! I happen to win around $110 from a $1.20 bet. You just need to wait a while until 3 newspapers tell you to move out! Literally the best slot I have moved into and betting money on this slot alone can leave a trail of winnings, enough to make me stay for a long time.

Even if Prime Property is a multi-bonus it lands as a 9.5 out of 10! I highly recommend it!

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