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Orc vs Elf is a video slot powered by Real Time Gaming software with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. The slot is probably inspired with the fantasy world you can find in the Lord of the Rings. The slot uses 3D graphics which adds up to the better feel of it, but animations and sound effects are amazing as well. Give it a spin here for free or visit any of the Real Time Gaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you join this battle, you should set your betting range the way it suits you the most. "Bet" arrows are used to set the coins size which ranges from 0.25 to 125. "Spin" will set the reels in motion, and you use "Autoplay" option when you wish to turn the reels automatically without any interruption.

This slot has two Wilds. One is Orc Expanding Wild, and the other is Elf Expanding Wild. Both of these change for any of the symbols in the game except for the each other’s shield. Both of these count once on their reel for their scatters.

Orc Shield and Elf Shield are the Scatter symbols in the game and they form scatter wins. Also if you land 3 or more of a same kind, anywhere on the reels you will trigger free spins plus a bonus feature. The feature depends of course on the fact which character you chose at the beginning.

There are 7 Orc features on the trail to Orcholme, and 7 Elf features on the trail to citadel of Elveros. Once you land the symbols necessary you can either choose to trigger the feature you’ve won or to continue your journey. Taking any feature resets your feature trail.

Trail to Orcholome includes: Goblin’s Gold, Hobgoblin, Orc Army, Orc Horde, Giant Spins, Chaos Spins, and Orc Onslaught features. During Goblin’s Gold feature you get 5 spins and darkling symbols will pay double. Darkling symbols include Orc shields, fort, wolves, banners, skulls and swords. In Hobgoblin feature everything is the same. The only difference is you get 6 free spins, and 2 scatters awards an extra free spin.

During Orc Army feature, Orc forts assume the role of extra Wilds if Orc appears, and they can substitute for all symbols except for the scatter. In Orc Horde things are pretty much the same, with the difference of an extra Orc, which is added to reel 1. In Giant Spins feature everything is as per Orc Horde, but the darkling symbols pay triple. Chaos Spins are the same as Giant Spins but the only difference is that you initially get awarded with 7 free spins. 

In the Orc Onslaught feature you get the same things you get during Chaos Spins feature. The only difference between the two is that the last spin becomes a Superspin. This means that the Orc covers reel 1 during Superspin.

Road to Elveros offers these features: Woodland Spins, Elf Magic, Huntsman, Ancient Archer, Archmage, Forestal, and Elf King. Woodland Spins will award you with 6 Free Spins. Elf Magic awards you 6 spins, and an Extra Wild on reels 2, 3 or 4 after the spin. Huntsman feature is the same as Elf Magic. The difference is you get 7 spins, and the Elf will haunt the Orc on reel 1. You can get a bonus up to x200 your bet.

In Ancient Archer feature you will get the same things as in the Huntsman feature. Only difference is that the Elf here will target Wolves appearing anywhere. Killing a wolf awards a bonus up to x100 your bet. Archmage feature is the same as Ancient Archer only you get 1 or 2 Extra Wilds after each spin. 

In Forestal feature you get the same things as in Archmage, except in Forestal feature Elf will appear awarding an instant Superspin. After any Superspin you will be awarded with 3 Extra Wilds, and Orc and Wolves bonuses are doubled. Elf King is the same as Forestal feature with the difference of initially receiving 8 free spins, and any Superspin will award an Extra Wild to reel 5.

When Battle Bonus symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 you will activate the battle feature. The Elf and Orc will fight. The Orc Victory triggers Goblin’s Gold feature, and Elf Victory triggers Woodland spins feature. If your character is defeated you will get consolation awards of x2 up to x10 your bet. The winner also accrues a Victory Point. The first player to accrue 3 points is the champion. The award is determined by how many battles led to you triumph.

Game Play

Bet: Set the coins size.
Autoplay: Turn the reels automatically without any interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

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MacdoniS 106 reviews
United States
A loud and a nerve-racking action slot this was Orc vs Elf what I witnessed for the first time that I played it, I never thought that RTG will create this 5 reels 25 pay lines imaginative fantasy creatures! The thing that most impressed me was the 3D graphics and its combined animations and audio-visual creation! The slot was not a voracious type of slot and the minimum bet is just $0.25 coins per spin a good slot for the beginners and for those who have low bankrolls.

I rated my personal play as good because of the high returns of my bets, Orc and Elf was good for its bonus and the story behind the battle bonus was interesting if you will trigger the 3 Orc shields/Elf shields on the reels 2,3 and 4 this gives time of your betting size. As a part of the game’s bonus I experienced the animations where the champions will battle and the winner will have the feature from the feature trail this feature can, in fact, give a nearly in my background 100-250 coins for the bet of $0.25 that will be a good deal for a low bet size!

In the main game the expanding wilds are Orc and Elf wilds it was sound and tempered to see that my bets didn’t go down to 20% while I use the autoplay mode of the Orc and Elf those wilds were at best and substitute while you don’t trigger the feature game. Just step to the Orc and Elf and let the feature spin and bonus will trigger! There is much bonus that made me auspicious playing it like the Orc onslaught that has free spins, goblins gold and much more this credited free spins and some with a scatters! Free spin feature luckily if you will be triggered it will give you the best amount that you will have this is because this bonus was hard to trigger but that gave me the modest winning for any other bonus Orc and Elf offered.

Battle bonus can be triggered by 3 or more orc and elf shields and give up to 20x of the bet after that the story will go on like the champions will battle and the winner will bring the feature trail! If you’re not lucky the feature will give a subordinate prize for the losing champion. While the feature trail will give you an imaginable free feature that in my opinion was not common for RTG slots. An admirable slot that has many sub-features for the single feature of a train to Orcholme and trail to Elveros!
The slot feature was troublesome to get I think it’s because it always gives an adequate winning compare from winning to the expandable wilds. A huge disadvantage, without it decent winnings was not possible.
zerooo 742 reviews
Orc vs Elf is video slot powered by Real Time Gaming software. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. This game offer much better graphics than other games from this provider. But the thing which a little bothered me was that I need to download files to run it.

I played at minimum stakes at first, but later I raised it because I had good balance. Into game before you start you have to pick on which side you will play. You can select orc or elf, and this choice stays until the battle bonus.

The battle bonus starts when at least three bonus icon appear on reel 2, 3 and 4. The orc faces against elf. Here you can win some free spins or some prize to x10 your bet. I think this bonus is bad, because it gives only a few free spins or x10 which is set too low.

There are also orc and elf features. Both have 7 trails to take, where each one triggers a series of free spins and additional bonus; multiplier, wild or bonus. The best thing is that you can take the bonus then or then, or bank it to move to the next wrung of the trail when the feature is trigger again.

I most of the time bank the bonus until I reached end of the trail. I played both orc and elf features. And in both I came to the end. I got only around x50 bet size, I expected more since I banked it all the time, to get the powerful feature in the end. I think this could be good and bad feature. You can bank it and wait for next one. Sometimes the scatters appear often, but what if you never receive them and you lost the money before it happen/trigger again. The bankroll should be higher than at other games, because the game could eats your money fast.

I played it for a while, at the end I lost the money just because I was waiting for the last feature on the trail. I don't like this game so much even if it has good graphics.
blondie 1056 reviews
Orc vs Elf is a game from Real Time Gaming software provider. I tried it only recently with some spare money in one of RTG casinos. This game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, the minimum bets are 25 cents, bonus and free spins rounds. This game has battle theme, where there are two main characters- orc and elf or good guy and bad guy. In my opinion this game stands out from the rest of Real Time Gaming games, it doesn't have some bubbly theme and the colors aren't bright too. Also, it is a 3D slot and I think RTG has done a good job in terms of graphic and design. That all being said, this game was a big disappointment for me.

This game has many features and before you play, you have to choose your champion- orc or elf. I chose elf. In my session very quickly I triggered Battle bonus, which starts when you battle symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. Then they both fought, my character won and I was rewarded with 6 free spins. There are wild symbols, displayed as both champions, ork is an expanding wild on 1st reel and elf is an expanding wild on 5th reel. The bonus overall paid me only 11 cents! I don't remember when I had such low win from a feature.I played for about an hour and triggered only 2 bonus rounds of elf feature and none of them paid over 10x bet.

This is one of the most complicated games I've ever played. It's so complicated that it's not even fun to play. Both characters have a trail to a concrete destination and each of the trails consist of 7 features.You trigger them either when you have your characters 3 scatters or when your character wins a battle. Each feature gets better, more wilds, extra spins etc. But when you take a feature, in other words, play your spins, the trail is reset. All times I had a feature I played it, it just seems odd to not use your free spins, I think you need to be patient to do that.

Overall I think the graphics and design is really interesting, but everything else is just bad. Features are really hard to trigger and when you do they just pay peanuts. In my session in neither bonus rounds or base game I had winnings over 10x bet and that's something I'm not looking for in a slot game. The wild symbols rarely do any good job at all. I won't be playing this game again.
After all these classic slot games to come and one that is specific and a unique among the other games from RTG platform, namely it is the first 3D slot of this great factory of good fun. The game is relatively young compared to many of the RTG platform, and was presented in December 2013. In this slot machine every symbol that ends in the winning combination turns into animation which is another of the effects that do not see each other too much in the world of online slots.

As far as my personal experience, I have to add that I am with a new computer that I bought a year ago I started to play more intense here, because my old computer because of poor graphics performance was not able to run this slot, ie. It started but be at higher winning combinations simply blocked and it would be necessary to restart. I like very much this environment because I'm a big fan of special effects in the film industry as well as the gaming portals I think during these slots has long since begun and that one day all the classic turns to this modern way of displaying images and animated elements to the slot machines.

Today I have a much more powerful computer so I'll describe the way a couple of my situation here. After the start of the game you have the option to choose between these two heroes, I first decided to Orc, because I was much more powerful in appearance from Elf. I like the animation when Orc after each payline swung the sword over the drum. After half an hour I lost about € 24 so I chose Elf.

Nothing more success I did not have with him so I after an additional hour games lost an additional € 22 so I'm game ended with a loss on account of € 46. It thus is not a reason to criticize their excellent graphics of the game, however it seems to me that this 3D animation has too small a percentage of profits for me this 3D adventure took a solid amount from the account. I'll try again to see if it was just a bad day.
Afi4wins 1128 reviews
Finally, a breakthrough – the first ever 3D game from Real Time Gaming software, Orc vs Elf! Everyone has been waiting for something like this for years, and now it is here. So let’s break the game apart and see what it is made of! Graphics – excellent as expected, except for too much darkness in the Orc’s icons, because the background is already dark, making them hard to distinguish from one another. Animation – wonderful. Music and sound effects – not too bad. Overall, very nice, very good, so no star down/up.

Why do all new games have to have a very low paytable? I just cannot accept this. A low paytable makes getting really big payouts very difficult indeed, something that all players would not relish at all, I know I don’t. The Wild symbols of the Orc and the Elf do not pay anything for themselves, do not double or triple any wins, except for expanding on either reel 1 for the Orc and on reel 5 for the Elf. The Scatters are poorly valued too, paying only 20 x total bet for 5 of them but nothing for 3 or less. What a big disappointment. The highest paying symbol pays only 1000 x the line bet, way too low. 2 stars down.

There are many free game features available in Orc vs Elf, in fact, too many in my opinion. That’s because the feature games have separate sets each for the Orc and the Elf. The overall game is set on an interactive story line, getting from one stage to the next progressively, as is current in new 3D games nowadays. There are obviously good and bad points to this, but that’s not the scope here. What is more disappointing is that the feature games start with only 5 free spins, as opposed to the usual 10, 15, 20 or 25, with a maximum of only 8 free spins. What more can I say, but 1 star down.

Having played this game both in fun mode and in real money mode, trying to comment on the game is rather difficult! Whilst there are many free feature games available along the way, getting to the best of the lot is not to my liking at all. Every time a free spins game is achieved, I have to accept that 5 free spins with 2x win multiplier, or choose to skip it in order to get to the next higher level, meaning, I get no free spins at all! The three triggering scatters pay nothing too! If I take it, the next free spins game will start at that same level again! Totally ridiculous! A waste of 7 or 8 free spins game just to play the top level free spins game, and that too awards only 8 free spins. It should have been a progression from one level to the next higher level, automatically. That would have been nicer.

Moreover, none of the feature game, including the Battle Bonus game, paid out anything big, not even a 100 x total bet win. Something went drastically wrong with the whole game concept and design, in my opinion. In terms of payouts and game play, it’s 4 stars down.

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