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Munchkins Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1301 reviews
Oh my gawd! Whatever are these Munchkins? Does anybody know? Just look at all those icons. Each one of them has been bitten off by these Munchkins. Quick, check your wallets and purses. Have they been bitten off too? Not yet? Ah good! But soon they will be! So watch out people, the Munchkins are on the loose, and they're everywhere, looking for new victims to bite a piece off. Will you be one of them next?

The Wild symbol pays a marvelous 15,000x the line bet for 5 of them, certainly worth getting all of them if you can. But, as good as its value is, it is nonetheless a very dumb symbol. It doesn't do anything else but to substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. That chocolaty Biscuit is the Scatter symbol, and 5 of them pays 60x the total bet. What? Why suddenly so low? From a very good high value for the Wild, down to a very low value for the Scatter. There you go, you see, a piece of the designer's brain got chewed off by these Munchkins! Get 3 or more of these Scatters and play with 20 free spins, with all wins doubled. Hmm, not a lot to win from, but it's better than with just 10 free spins. The other symbols in the game pay from 500x to 50x the line bet for 5 of each kind. Hmm, again, very low values, making the overall paytable a low one, despite the very good 5 Wild symbols value, which you can hardly get anyway.

Did I say that the Free Spins game can be retriggered? Oops, missed saying it, but never mind. Yes, it is possible to retrigger more free spins, and which I gladly did get in one of my games on this Munchkins. Did I say 1 retrigger? Nope, it was 2 of them. 2 nice retriggers within that 1 Free Spins game, which is quite rare to happen with any Microgaming games, so I was very happy with that. The payout was very nice too. It paid me about 140x my bet amount, but too bad, no screenshot to show, because this happened some years ago, before I even knew how to take screenshots.
Any more retriggers in any other Free Spins games? Nope. I told you they happen rarely. But the other Free spins game all paid quite lowly, from 20x to 40x my bet amount, so that weren't that good at all. Too bad.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
For me Munchkins is another average video slot run by Microgaming software. I like this game, even though it is old it can pay really well. The payouts during the base game are normal and there is a big chance to retrigger free spins. I once managed to retrigger 80 free spins which is amazing and exciting at the same time. I started with 20 free spins and I got 3 extra retriggers. I did not win a lot at the end but still it was a fun ride.

The sound effects of this game are extra annoying. I had to mute the volume because I really wanted to try the game. This is a 5 reel 15 pay lines game run by Microgaming software with some very interesting symbols. There are hungry creatures all over the reels and they appear out of nowhere and start to nibble all your household items. Some of the symbols include keys, wallet, homework book. You can start betting from 0.01 to 0.05 coins. The light blue wild symbol substitutes all your symbols except for the scatter symbol and it will complete all your winning combinations once you get it on an active pay line. If you get 2 or more wild symbols you will get some winnings also.

If you want to win big, you have to get 5 wilds on max bet of course to hit the maximum jackpot. The scatter in this video slot is the oreo looking cookie. 3 or more scatters trigger the free spins. All your wins are doubled and plus this feature can be retriggered. There is also a gamble feature which gives you the chance to double or quadruple all your winnings. You have to guess the color of the card. If you guess correctly you can try to guess again, but if you do not guess right then you will lose all your winnings.
Munchkins it is Microgaming video slot. This was not discovered by me recently, I already know about this slot in past, and played it couple of times.

Game looks good, specially I love scatter symbols here, which is cookies, always looks delicious. Everything is nice here by game look, sounds are quite regular, but this is not problem. Also game contains 15 paylines.

Base game here is quite strange, and paytable is also strange. If you look on it - you will notice that almost all symbols pay very low amount of money, even 5 scatters did not pay big here. Wilds here appear on all reels, but do not have any multiplier, so what's interesting in this game? It is that 5 wilds here pay x 1000 total bet, during base game. This is quite awesome amount of money and multiplier for bet for 5 wilds, so if you hit it - you can just scream/dance/laughing, because you will have at least 150$ win (in case of min bet of 0.15, imagine you spin at 1.5$? 1.500$ fresh dollars just for one line win).

Freespins feature here is quite regular, but still good one, I really like it. For 3 or more scatters you get 20 freespins with all wins doubled, and moreover you will have a chance to retrigger this feature.

During my playing time at this slot I get freespins feature for about 5-6 times. Best result was nearly x 70 total bet, not awesome result, but feature triggered is quite often, so 70 x total bet with such hit frequency it is good. During base game unfortunately I do not have any decent wins, but of course had a lot of average wins from 20x to 50x total bet.

Overall I like this game. Base game is quite boring, but you should think about 5 wilds - 1000 x total bet just for one lucky spin. Sounds good, right?
Quite boring game, but it is not very big complaint, still decent one.
What can I say about this video slot game? Muchkins is a game that didn't impress me with anything. This is a very simple slot game with 15 paylines. This game isn't even original when it comes to the rules of the game. There are at least two other Microgaming slots with exactly the same rules and the same number of paylines. I know of at least two more and those are Twister and Ho-Ho-Ho. Everything in this game is completely the same as in the other two except for the symbols. It seems to me that Microgaming is more about having the biggest number of games and doesn't care much about the originality of the games.

From the features the only one you have here is the free spins feature. Like many other slot games in order to get this bonus you need to have 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You get 20 free spins and during those free spins all wins are doubled. The free spins bonus is actually the only excitement you can have in this game. The good thing here is that during the free spins you can get extra 20 free spins. I remember that in one chance I re-triggered the feature 5 times so that means I got 100 free spins. Beside being boring this game doesn't pay out very good. You have to be very persistent and spend a lot of time playing this game to have wins of 100 x bet. If you are very lucky you will have wins of 120 or 130 x bet and that is practically the most you can expect from this game. Wins like 200 x bet or more are very rare on this game. There are bigger chances to win the jackpot on some Microgaming progressive slot than getting a 200 x bet win here. I was very persistent and before I stopped playing this game I never had a win like that. I have probably spent a few hundred hour playing this game.
yapro 790 reviews
Munchkins it is microgaming video slot, and this is typical slot for them, and also if you look at paytable of this games, you probably will have same thought as me when i just see it first time, i thought something like 'lol what, guys who created such paytable was drunk or under drags!?'.

Game has 15 paylines, and minimal bet after this is 0.15 it is good. Here we have wilds on all reels, and wilds have payout itself, and this is also good, but look at this, 5 wilds pay x 1000 total bet, and 5 scatters pays 60 x total bet. A bit strange, yes? Second best paying symbol paying x 40 total bet, and since wild did not have any multiplier, for me it is really strange. So low payouts for everything else except wilds, hey guys from microgaming you forget to add some balance to this game, because it is simply not interesting to play the game when all payouts are pretty low except wilds. 3+ scatters here trigger 20 free spins with only x 2 multiplier , i played this game only 3 times, and i trigger feature 3 times in 100 spins, so i think this one appear quite often.

Also to defend slot a bit i can say that wilds land quite often, but still collect 5 wilds is really very hard. I will not play this game again with one simple reason that i did not like when slots not balanced. Payout for 5 wilds is awesome, but get x 40 total bet for second best paying symbols it is something like a joke for me, but if you happy with this, and you can accept this, this game not so bad.

I think it is typical low variance game, because all payouts are very low, feature has low multiplier, and it is not interesting game for me, i love balanced games.
Munchkins game is powered by microgaming. This game is the exact copy of Ho-Ho-Ho. IT pays same and the feature is the same the only difference for me personally is that the bonus does not come out as much as in Ho-Ho-Ho. This is not the most popular game and i don't think you can win much on it.

There is one feature and that is a free spins feature. To get it i had to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels and i am proud to say that i got five scatters few times which paid to 60x. Unfortunately i got them on €0.15 bet so the win was not so impressive. When i did get them i was awarded with 20 free spins with all wins doubled. In my view if you are betting €0.15 or €0.30 it is almost impossible to win over €20. Max i ever won on this feature was around €23 and that was with five scatters. The free spins can be re-triggered and i have done that. I only managed to re-trigger it once or twice and that did not do much for me.

Over all the only bad thing about this game is the low pays. If it paid bigger i am sure this game would be popular. The graphics are not bad and the sound effects are ok. There is a chance to get 1000x in this game and that is for five wilds. I never managed to get five or even four but they do come a lot. If you get lucky im sure you could get it faster on this game than others. If i was to rate it i would give it 6 out of 10.
Before I started writing the review about this game I decided to first check if Munchkins slot is on the Askgamblers list of slot games. The reason for that was I wrote a review about Flying Circus slot and when I wanted to post it to askgamblers I found out that this slot wasn’t on the Askgamblers slot list. Ok now that I know that Munchkins is there I can start writing my review. Munchkins is an old Microgaming slot with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Personally, I like older Microgaming slots with 15, 20 or 25 paylines for several reasons (I’m probably nostalgic ) more than newer with 234 paylines which microgaming is offering lately. like newest game Avalon II. This game is almost identical with my favorite microgaming slot Twister, the only difference is in the symbols. In my opinion the symbols here (Capsule, Cookie, Book, Wallet, Key, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten) are not so genius like in the Twister slot. Unfortunately munchkins slot is another Microgaming game that doesn’t offer a real bonus round, but there are the free spins feature. With 3 or more scatter symbols (cookie) you can get even 20 free spins with 2x multiplier, during those spins you can win another set of free spins etc. You can get a maximum of 5 scatter symbols per spin. The graphics with this slot game isn’t modern but it is likeable to the eye, also the sound is clean and pleasant. Overall Munchkins is a very fun slot game and I am sure that you will like it ( if you are not a passionate slot games lover with modern graphics ).I recommend that you play this game in some microgaming download casino and I also recommend that you turn on expert mode and automatic spins. That way you can give your hand a chance to rest without having to click for every spin. 7/10
Icymod 758 reviews
Simple, average and well paying are some of the words to describe the 15 Paylines slot, Munchkin. To tell you the truth, it's been years since I laste played this slot. It is one of the more forgotten slot games on my list now covered in thick dust. I have been too distracted in playing better and newer slots these days.

I won't say that Munchkin is a terrible slot because it isn't but I will tell you it's just your average normal looking slot which I do find that it pays nicely...small, mediocre and surely to be precise. I'm sure it doesn't have the potential to hit higher grounds (at least in the main game) because I've not seen it before on this slot so don't expect to raise the roof on your winnings in the base game.

What I do look forward to are Free spins. They are valued at 20 Free spins at 2x, the same values found in Cabin Fever and Elementals. Munchkin overall has elements missing for itself. It does not have a bonus, it doesn't carry 20 paylines max which I believe really needs it but on the upside triggering free spins can be easy, that includes during the feature too! In free spins it can be a different story as far as paying a lot is concerned. I remember climbing to 80 Free spins! That's 3 extra retriggers on top of the starting 20 Free spins just got me in a great mood! It's as if all my hard work is paying off one free spin at a time during a 5 coin bet! I looted about $70!!

Now that I think about it, maybe I should visit this slot and make a come back! If your here to go old school then I won't stop you from playing Munchkin! To sum up, scatter pays are recurrent, pays from the base game pay normally, a gamble feature for some interest HOWEVER in the free spins there is a good chance for plenty of retriggers and the ability to find yourself unexpectedly with more winnings.

To me this slot gets a 7 out of 10!

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