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Kings of Cash Slot is a 15-payline video slot, operating on the Microgaming software platform. This video slot features 4 suited Kings in a pack of cards, while other symbols include a treasure chest, a throne, and a coat of arms. There are 5 blue reels set against the dark background. Try Kings of Cash Slot for free, or visit any of the listed Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before the game starts, you are advised to regulate your bets. “Lines” range from 1 to 15. Use “Coins” to regulate the number of coins staked per line. The “coin value” varies from 0.01 to 0.25. “Bet Max” shows the value equal to the number of paylines selected, multiplied by the bet per line value. Click on “Expert” button to access the “Au­top­lay­”. Once you are ready, simply hit “Spin” and start the game.

The Wild is the Kings of Cash logo. It acts as a replacement for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter and the Bonus symbol.

The game’s Scatter is the Crown. Players need to land at least 3 Scatters simultaneously anywhere on the reels to activate the Kings of Cash Bonus feature. During this feature, players need to pick cards in order to reveal 3 matching King symbols. As soon as you match 3 Kings of the same suit, you will get the corresponding payout. In this feature, you may increase the total bet by up to 1000x.

The Scatter Dollar is the Bonus symbol. Players need to land at least 3 Bonus symbols simultaneously in any position on the reels to trigger the Free Spin feature. Namely, you need to land 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols, in order to trigger 10, 15 or 25 Free Spins respectively. During Free Spins all payouts are doubled.

Players can benefit from the Gamble feature which is activated after every winning combination. You can skip the feature, or play in order to increase your winning potential. Choosing the correct colour of the card doubles players’ winning amount, while choosing the correct suit quadruples the payout. Once you make a wrong guess, you will lose the winning amount and will be returned back to the main game.

Game Play

Lines: Set the number of lines to bet on.
Coin value: Set the coin size.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line to wager.
Bet Max: Sets the maximum bet that the slot allows.
Autoplay: Sets the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

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Afi4wins 1216 reviews
Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was Kings and Queens. Soon after, came King Cashalot, who was a lot richer in cash than the Kings and Queens. But not to be beaten into second place by King Cashalot, came along the richest Kings of all Kings, the Kings of Cash. Hmm. If you're thinking of rich medieval Kings, you're wrong. I'm talking about Microgaming Kings, like this Kings of Cash, but not including all the other 'Cash' and 'Alot' games that you can find in the same Microgaming's portfolio. Talk about cloning games and game titles, none can beat Microgaming! Hahaha.

Okay, let's get back to the game. The logo 'Kings of Cash' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 5000x the line bet, but all it does is to substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter symbols. Dumb and nothing else. Then there are 2 kinds of Scatter symbols, the Crown Scatter symbol and the Dollar Scatter symbol. If you think that would be confusing enough, wait till you see how each Scatter type play and pay! But before that, the other symbols first. There are 4 King symbols, each representing one of the 4 suits of cards, the Spade, Heart, Clover or Diamond, 5 of each kind paying 300x the line bet. The other 3 symbols pay from 150x to 100x the line bet for 5 of each kind. In short, the paytable is low.

3 or more of the Crown Scatter symbols trigger the Kings of Cash Bonus game. Pick and match 3 same King symbols and win that prize. The prizes vary according to the number of Scatters that triggered the bonus game, either 2x to 100x, 5x to 150x, or 10x to 1000x for 5 Scatters, all per total bet staked. As for the Dollar Scatter symbol, 3 or more of them triggers the Free Spins game, and more confusion for you. Depending on the number of Scatters that triggered the Free Spins game, you'll get 1x total bet + 10 free spins, or 5x total bet + 15 free spins, or 10x total bet + 25 free spins. All wins are doubled and the Free Spins game can be triggered. The Kings of Cash Bonus game can also be triggered within the free spins.
If all that aren't confusing enough for you, wait till you play the game! All the King symbols look alike, with about the same colours, and the other symbols have about the same colours too, making everything looks similar at first glance, seeing just the reds and the blues, including those 2 Scatter types too. Oh gees, what a mayhem! I couldn't instantly see which Scatters are on the reels, or which Kings are there. Only the Insignia, the Chest and the Throne symbols are quite easily distinguishable, all others are not. A very bad choice of colours for the symbols.

The payouts are just as bad as the symbols, ranging from a very low 3x the total bet amount, up to about 30x the total bet. I have not seen any payouts higher than 30x. Both the Kings of Cash Bonus game and the Free Spins game failed to produce any nice wins, as far as I am concerned. Kings of Cash is a big disappoint for me.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Kings of cash is a video slot powered by Microgaming software that I have played only once. I had made a deposit in 32 Red Casino and I wanted to try out some games I have never played before. This is a much decorated game so it is eye catching. There are 5 reels and only 15 pay lines in this video slot. The game can pay really well if you get 5 kings on an active pay line, but be careful they need to be of the same kind.

There are 2 bonus rounds in this slot, The Kings of Cash Bonus and the free spins. To trigger the free spins you need 3 or more royal banner symbols anywhere on the reels to get 10, 15 or 25 free spins respectfully. I had a really long session when I played this game but I did not manage to trigger the free spins round not even once. For that reason I do not know what the potential of the free spins is.

On the other hand, I manage to trigger the bonus round couple of times. I got 3 crown scatter symbols after 100 spins. On the left side you can see the worth of every king, or how much coins it will reward you at the end of the bonus. I had to match 3 kings and I got 10.50 euros. Next couple of times I won the same amount, which is funny. I guess I was not lucky enough.

I like the base game as well. I had some 5 of a kind wins, which made my experience more pleasant. The graphics are excellent and the sound effects were not annoying, which at times you realize is a very important thing. I would suggest this slot to anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned slot.
King of Cash it is Microgaming video slot, it is definitely is old game, but I do not have any problems with that, like I replied many times in reviews, and on forum, and like I think - some very old game can really beat many new ones, so never judge anything by release date.

King of Cash slot looks quite old, like was said, and symbols and sounds are not very modern. But still no problem and complain, can't say that I did not like it. Also King of Cash slot has 15 paylines.

Base game here is quite boring to be honest. Payouts are not so bad, but generally I am feeling tired when playing base game. Played this slot 3 times, and 3 times generally just waiting any feature to play, because nothing interesting during base game. Wilds appear on all reels, but do not have any special feature or multiplier.

On this slot it is possible to trigger two different features. First one is triggered with crown scatters; you need 3 or more anyway to win pick bonus game. Interesting thing here that 3 scatters have max payout in bonus game 100 x total bet, 4 have something like 150 x total bet, and finally 5 scatters pick can pay up to 1000 x total bet. I think I can say that this feature has decent potential.

Second feature is triggered by regular scatters, 3 scatters - 10 FS, 4 scatters - 15 FS, and 5 scatters - 25 FS, all wins during freespins is doubled.

Well, after playing this game couple of times I could say that: a) base game is boring; b) freespins feature can be better; c) bonus game is also not so nice, but have potential, special with 5 scatters trigger (never had it myself). I can't say that I like this slot, but it worth to try, because up to 1000 x total bet bonus game always deserves a go.
Quite interesting game, with interesting feature, but base game is boring.
Kings of Cash game is powered by microgaming. Awesome game for many reasons. I like to play this game on low bets and i have a lot of fun. I can play this game for a long time and i can also double tap in it. Double tapping works very well for me in this game, i get good line hits and bonuses. I like the theme of the game and the music is pretty cool.

This is a 15 line game with two features. Kings of Cash bonus and free spins bonus. The Kings of Cash bonus is awarded when a player gets crowns (scatters) anywhere on the reels. You can get up to 1000x your bet if you get five crowns. I never got five scatters, i did get four once and got 100x my bet. Once you get the crowns you will have to pick cards. Each card has its on suit. Match three to get that win. The bigger you bet the bigger the prizes. Sometimes there are decent wins and its pure luck if you fin it. I played this game on all bets. Max win on this bonus around €40. I like the pick bonuses, so this was perfect for me.

The free spins bonus is activated when you get three or more $ symbols. For three symbols you get 10 free spins. For four you get 15 and for five you get 25 free spins. All wins are doubled. Max i got on this game on €0.90 bet was €67. I know its not the biggest win, but the scatters come out so often that adds up to a lot. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. Its a lot of fun. The drawings are nice and the music is happy.

if i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Irine 232 reviews
Yes, at last a review for one of my classic favorite slot the "Kings of Cash" Microgaming slot! Okay, this slot was remarked to my history of playing slots and the rest is history lol. Before everything else what i like to this slot is there royal and wealthy theme the "kings" depicted to this slot or the character are from the deck of cards the like king of heart, diamond, club and also spade that will give you lots of winnings! Another one is the graphical, visual and the audio compatibility they're greatly compatible with one another in fact when you win the symbols and graphics was suited to the theme! A 15 pay lines and have a speed game option and also has an autoplay feature.

I may say that i am very lucky playing this slot game because of consecutive winnings like when i deposited to Royal Vegas Casino and play King of Cash slot i didn't embarrassed playing this game but when i tried to use their setting i got some problem. At that time i am very thrifty to my credits because i want to explore the Royal Vegas Casino the problem is that when i click the auto play button it doesn't respond. For the knowledge of other members and visitors clicking spin with a small bet like $0.10 is hard so the auto play feature had been born even though space bar is optional. I play this slot many times on different kinds of casinos and i don't disappointed playing this slot.

Gamble game, free spins, wilds and others were not new to King of Cash slot but the characters is basically common for us if one previously playing deck of cards. The bonus games and free spin is exciting as the new slot feature bonus today they're intelligently made the disadvantage of this slot was you can't be a "Millionare" because they don't have progressive jackpot. Anyway playing this slot is a worth playing!
King of cash online video slot is another one great slot from microgaming , and i like it. And i am also like microgaming, this guys know how to make really nice and entertaining game, keep this job up guys, you are awesome ( who know probably some of them will read my review... who can, and he will be happy that players love their software).

King of cash has a lot of crowns and kings on the board, so you know which theme is presented in this slot. Good thing that this is 15 lines video slot, and i love slots with 15 lines. Here we have wilds on the reels, and good that we can see them on every reel, if you get 5 wilds at minimum 0.15 $ bet, you win 50 $. This is huge win of course, but unfortunately second after wild best paying symbol will pay only 3 $. So this is really big range.

In this game we can see two different types of scatters, first scatters is crowns, when you hit 3 + this scatters, you will enter pick bonus game, where you should match kings, for 3 scatters trigger you can win 2 - 100 total bet, for 4 scatters trigger 5 - 150 total bet, and for 5 scatters 10 - 1000 (!!!!) total bet. 1000 x total bet is amazing win, and i love to play slots which give chance to achieve such big win. And there is also another scatters, which provides you free spins with x 2 multiplier, 10 for 3 scatters, 15 for 4 scatters, and 25 for 5 scatters plus 10 x bet. This is not so good feature, but 5 wilds in free spins more than 600 x total bet, which is also amazing win.

I have good experience with this slot, i am up with it, and from time to time i give this slot machine a shot. Good luck to you!
valentin68 535 reviews
The „Kings of Cash“ is a kind of easy slot from Microgaming casinos that has as theme the royalty. I say kind of easy because the slot is made up by only of a total of 7 different symbols (the 4 Kings of the playing cards, a throne, a coat or armors, and a chest of money) plus two different Scatter symbols. With so little symbols it only offers 15 paylines and as I said, at least me, I felt like this is part of those slots designed to make the time to pass pleasantly, bringing in general moderate losses in the balance. Playing with a total bet of 15 cents (1 cent/line) the wins are standard, to say so,3 kings aligned bringing a win of 10 cents and the remaining symbols bringing wins of 5 cents. There are occasionally combinations of 4 or 5 symbols of the same type aligned, but on the overall, I always had minuses that added together in the total balance (after 100 spins I lost about 5 Euro at the minimum total bet of 15 cents).

The two existing features here are a Bonus game and a Free spins round . The Bonus game is triggered by at least 3 Crown Scatter symbols and the Free Spins are given by 3 Dollar Scatter symbols. However, the wins from these features are also medium, and in general smaller than the total losses. The Bonus game gives here between 35 cents and 1.5 Euro (all the minimum total bet of 15 cents) and the Free Spins round gives between 50 cents and 2 Euro. The Bonus game consists in flipping cards of your choice from a set of playing cards (the 12 figures of Kings) until three kings are identical, and the Free spins offers between 10 and 25 Free spins with a multiplier depending on the number of the Scatter symbols on the screen.

In my opinion this slot is worth playing just for relaxation, only if you have some time to spare. In addition I recommend playing here only with small bets because the probability of losing is higher than playing at the so-called „epic" slots (like Avalon II) having a huge number of paylines (234 lines or more ) from Microgaming casinos.
Kings of Cash is a lovely decorated game produced by top software provider Microgaming. It's one of the Microgaming slots you most likely won't find at flash based casinos, at least I never saw it there. It's a shame since less and less people prefer to download their software these days, and prefer playing straight from their browsers.

Nevertheless, you can play this game at 32Red for instance. Kings of Cash has 15 paylines and 5 reels. It features several card symbols made up from the King in different suits. When I first started playing this game I had 5 kings on a payline, but didn't get paid and was wondering why lol. Stupid me didn't realize they have to be from the same suit to produce a win.

Other symbols are the king's chair, treasure chest, wilds, shields, bonus crowns and scatters. I played this game during one session at 0.75 euro per spin. Kings of Cash has two second-level features including one bonus game. If you manage to land 3 crown scatters, you get to play the King of Cash bonus feature.

This where you'll be presented with 12 cards. You have to click on a card to reveal what it is. There are four kings (spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts) displayed on the left and right with each the amount you can win. As soon you match 3 kings, you win the specified amount. I won 5x my bet size when I played this bonus game. Kind of a disappointing but maybe next time more luck.

Then there is also the free spins mode, which can be triggered by hitting 3, 4 or 5 scatters which respectively awards 10, 15 or 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier. I been luck twice hitting the free spins on 3 scatters. My wins from these rounds were 20 euros on average, so basically like 27x my bet size.

Overall a nice low variance game I definitely enjoyed playing. My final rating for Kings of Cash is 7.5/10.
Kings of Cash is a Microgaming online slot game. The slot game has 15 paylines With bet from 1 up to 20 coins. The slot has a bonus game and free spins feature.Kings of Cash slot game has a two kind of scatters.

One of them is The Crown which is open Kings of Cash Bonus feature game. You can trigger by spinning in three or more of the Crown Scatter symbolsin any reel.
When you did , this feature will play out on a new screen and once launched you are presented with 12 face down playing cards. There are three cards of each King,and the idea of this feature is to basically match the cards. Players open the cards one at a time.The objective is to match three Kings , they get the payout designated for that King (a payout value is indicated for each King in left and right sides of the screen)).The payouts depend on the number of scatter symbols appearing on the reels.You can win from 2 to 1000 times depending how many scatters you will match at the same time.

The other scatter is the $ symbol,and gives you from 10 to 25 free spins, all payouts are doubled. Let me to explain. Three scatter symbols pay 1 times the total bet and award 10 free spins, four scatter symbols pay 5 times the total bet and award 15 free spins, five scatter symbols pay 10 times the total bet and award 25 free spins.
Doesn't happen very often, I mean to match 5 scatters at the one spin, not only at this game, but every game. So if you chase the 25 free spins just forget it. But otherwise, for the 10 (three scatters) this is happening very often, and you can make nice gain from them.

i have five or six favorites 15-lines games,and Kings of Cash is one of them, because with the free spins and the bonus game, you has a very good potential for gain. And this has been checked and proven from me over time :)
Icymod 758 reviews
Oh man this slot is one that speaks "Excellent" to my ears! Kings of Cash with it's royal music theme can bring about many rewarding efforts regardless of what coin bets are in play. The higher the bets the more winnings can be awarded. The good tidings came from a casino called Jackpot City where this slot acted like it was my lucky day. Whatever I did on it it just made me reap it's inevitable rewards over and over again. Now inevitable sounds too big of a stretch, let's just say rewards can be "almost" indefinite or imminent! Yeah let's go with imminent!

I always start off small with 5 coins and as the ball starts rolling to my liking I move forward to 8 coins. From there if I see bonuses and free spins which I've seen A LOT I raise the stakes to 11 coins. If I have over $100 - $150 in winnings after MANY hours of playing Kings of Cash, my choice becomes crystal clear into betting max 20 coins ($3 a spin) once I see & won good luck over to my side! In the base game 5 kings, any type as they pay the same, usually they come often awarding $15 on a payline for 5 coins. Just imagine the potential this video slot can offer you.

Now the starting free spins are just your average 10 free spins at 2x multiplier so there really isn't a major reason to talk about this. Although the bonus alone is mainly my beer, sundae and fancy dinner all summed into one! Picking 3 identical cards of which suited king holds the most credits can be the kicker for this bonus game! I always aim for the King of Spades because he's worth the most. Almost every time I always walk out with the prize he has. I've seen $150 in one bonus and $225 in another one and collected it :D !!! A few times I let the King of Spades walk for a second higher prize which in turn looks reasonable. This slot can be a definition of a great time and a great way to wager your bonuses !!!

For the players: Be sure to pick a well trusted casino first then play low coins such as 5 coins on Kings of Cash first before moving to the big bets. Starting with max coins may or not give you the results you want right away! Randomness kills joy on occasions! And be sure to play around with the autoplay button because to me it helps me out.

A perfect slot landing with a perfect score....10 out of 10!!! Make this 11 out of 10 only because I like it that much!

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