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Kathmandu Slot

Kathmandu Slot is a 9-payline video slot, running on the Microgaming software platform. The game is inspired by the eastern culture and features thematic symbols, such as a temple, an elephant, the rising sun, and a map of Nepal. There are 5 purple reels set against the decorative frame. Players are welcome to try Kathmandu Slot for free, or visit any of the listed Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you go to an exotic trip to Nepal, you are advised to regulate your bets. There are up to 9 paylines to bet on. “Coin size” ranges from 0.01 to 0.25, whereas the number of “Coins” to wager per line varies from 1 to 20. “Bet Max” sets the maximum bet that the slot allows and spins the reels automatically. To access the “Au­top­lay­” option, press Expert button. Once you are ready, hit “Spin” and start the game.

The Wild is the Spinning Wheel and it acts as a replacement for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter. There is also an extra Wild symbol in the game, which is the Temple. The extra Wild may only occur during Free Spins and act as the regular Wild card.

The game’s Scatter is the Big Bell. Once players land at least 3 Scatters simultaneously anywhere on the reels, 15 Free Spins feature will be activated. The random multiplier of up to 5x will be applied throughout the feature.

Gamble Feature is triggered upon every winning combination. Players can gamble their winnings by clicking the “Gamble button”. If you guess the correct colour or suit of the card, you may double or quadruple your winnings. But be careful, if you make a wrong guess, you will lose the winning amount and will be returned back to the main game.

Game Play

Coin value: Set the coin size.
Select Lines: Set the number of lines to bet on.
Select Coins: Set the number of coins per line to wager.
Bet Max: Sets the maximum bet that the slot allows.
Autoplay: Sets the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Kathmandu Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1305 reviews
Where in the world is this mysterious place called Kathmandu? If you don't know, there's a map of it in the game, but I'm not telling you. Let your fingers do some walking, it is good or you, hehehe. Some of you may have left your hearts at Kathmandu, some may still be stuck somewhere in Timbuktu, but I've been there and come home, so good luck to you. Nothing like a bit of nice simple poetry to get the mood going, right? Well, I'm only getting you into the mood for the game, not the mood for the night. Hehehe.

As you would expect if you do arrive into Kathmandu, everything looks old and simple, with nothing much to confuse you. With just 9 paylines and simple graphics, it's a game that would take you back in time without much ado. But whether you like it or not, I wouldn't know, it's all up to you. The Wild symbol pays 6000x the line bet for 5 of them. It doesn't double any wins with it, it doesn't expand on the reels, it doesn't come stacked, it only substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. Hmm, okay, it's just an old dumb symbol, hehehe. The Temple acts as an Extra Wild during the Free Spins game, paying 750x the line bet for 5 of them, and does what the Wild symbol would do. In the base game, the Temple is just another paying symbol. The huge Bell is the Scatter symbol, one ding of it will give your ears a dong, 5 of it will pay you 100x the total bet, and 3 or more of it awards 15 free spins with a random multiplier of up to 5x. I told you it would give you a dong! Not the usual 2x or 3x, but a nice 5x sing-along. What's more, the Free Spins game can be retriggered, and this time, I do mean can be retriggered, because I did get a few of them in my various plays.

The other symbols in the game aren't so interesting, paying from 600x to 75x the line bet for 5 of each kind. The Wild symbol has a good win value, the Temple acting as an Extra Wild adds more value, the Free Spins game is pretty good too, so even with the other symbols having low values, I would still rate the paytable as average and not low. For an old game, this is more than acceptable.

Kathmandu can play as hotly as it can coldly. During its dry runs, there would be a few hundreds of useless spins, without any Free Spins game coming by, but this is nothing out of the ordinary. In good runs, there'll be some good Free Spins games coming quite closely together, giving good chances of making up for whatever losses have been incurred, making some nice decent wins even. At times, the payouts can be as low as below 15x the total bet, at other times, it can be well over 30x. My best win on the game was about 200x my bet amount, won years ago, before I had any reason to get a screenshot of it. Yes, higher wins are indeed possible, but I have not given this game much play to see how much higher the wins could be. Nonetheless, Kathmandu is a worthwhile game to play, that much I can tell you.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Chatting on the forums regarding nine liners just recently I asked for some suggestions, alternatives to good ol' Break Da Bank Again or Thunderstruck and its clones. I love nine line games and Kathmandu came up straight away from a couple of keen fans so I was excited to give it a try.

It's obviously an older machine that much is immediately obvious just from looking at the user interface, however Microgaming hasn't been creating a whole lot of nine line games in recent years and when they do they are often just clones of older slots such as last months "Karaoke Party" so I wasn't about to let a little thing like age put me off!

Because of it's age I'm willing to let the less than amazing graphics slide but the symbols do fit in with the games theme - there are elephants and temples, maps and bells as well as the typical TJKQA symbols filling in the gaps. I experienced quite a bit of lag when playing the game in my browser which seemed very unusual for a nine line game. I tried refreshing the page but it persisted although opening the game in my 32red download casino client immediately got things running as I expected.

On an average day I'll play nine line games anywhere from 0.36 to 0.90 per spin but as I was new to this game I decided to keep my bet sizes low, kicking off with a few spins at 0.18. After 100 spins I'd managed to land two scatters many times but still hadn't seen a bonus round so decided to take a look at the paytable and see what the game had in store for me - my first impressions had been good but I wasn't really getting a feel for the games win potential although the fact I'd lost well over 50% of my wagers suggested that this was going to be another high variance nine liner, just the way I like them!

My hunch panned out too - the scatter symbols pay up to 100x your stake or up to 500x during free spins thanks to an up-to-5x multiplier given on each spin. A full line of wilds returns 6000 coins too which represents 666x your stake when playing all of the lines and although the base game payouts aren't quite up to the crazy levels offered by Break Da Bank Again they are easily substantial enough to make for an exciting game.

I'm surprised I never tried Kathmandu before and am really grateful to of had it recommended to me as I might never have found the game otherwise. Microgaming just have far too many games available in their back catalogue to make trying every single one a realistic possibility in the near future, especially when they are adding even more games every single month! Even if your not a fan of nine line games I think this is a slot that most gamers would be able to enjoy and if you are into these types of games well it's a no-brainer, give it a try right now!
zerooo 742 reviews
Kathmandu is 9 payline video slot from Microgaming software. This game is old, so you can not expect much from it, when we talk about graphics and sound effect, music.

I played it only once and I do not like it. The game offer free spins feature, when three or more bell symbols appears on the reels. I never got three bells, but I played it for some time, so I expected that I will receive free spins. This was first disappointment, I played it for a longer time without free spins feature. In paytable it looks good, 15 free spins up to x5 multiplier. I think only here you can win big amounts, base game is not so interesting.

While I was playing it, I had only small winnings, never more than x100 bet size. I saw here, at AskGamblers forum some good winning screenshots, so I think this game could provide good wins. But I had no luck when I played it. A few times I had two wild symbols and some other symbols but the payout was not so good, I expected more since wild symbols have good payout ratio. Maybe this is because I had near wilds low payout symbol, but still symbol was not so low. It was better than A or K so I expected more.
The free spins feature is hard to trigger. And while I was playing it, it became boring at base game. Waiting so long for free spins feature. I also played other games with 9 paylines and I received free spins, but here it is very hard. This is main thing which bothered me. The payouts during base game could also be better. Otherwise I don't see anything special about this game, it is not so attractive and it is old. So I think I will not play it more in future since I had no luck at it.
Kathmandu is game made by Microgaming. I played this game only couple of times at Gowild casino, because first time I met this game exactly in this casino - lovely customer support offer me 200 freespins on this game for 20$ deposit which I take.

I did like here only freespins feature, it is decent here. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear and you will get 15 FS and multiplier can be up to x 5, but of course better not hope to have x 5. Typical thing for all slots, when it say up to something, you usually get much lower. And also you will get extra wild symbol during freespins, it is best paying symbol, so it appear not often, but still easier to get 5 wilds a bit. In theory of course, on practice I could not say since I did not get 5 wilds on this game.

And I forget that there is good payouts for 5 of a kind wilds, not remember exact but very huge probably even 1000 bets so it worth to get it, but probably it is easier to get wild line in DOA.

I played not many times, never had more than 100 bets wins, and I not like this game much. I rate it with 6 stars. I had freespins feature during all my playtime probably 4 times, including one time when it is retriggered twice - I won best about 80 bets. With multipliers and extra wild this is very poor result. I did not like this game since then and not like to play it.
I did not like how this game looks at all. Theme, sounds, animations - nothing for me. And also it is old game this why it looks not nice.

I did not like that normal play payouts are not very high, and also because wilds do not have any multiplier. Very unusual for game like this.
For Kathmandu, I suppose that this is a very old game, which was created in Microgaming. The game comes with simple graphics and animations and has 9 pay lines and 5 reels.

Also, from features, Kathmandu does not offer much. There is a wild symbol feature and free spins feature. But here, the free spins feature is very interesting. To activate this feature you need to get at least Temple Bell symbol anywhere on the screen. You will receive total 15 free spins with up to 5 x multiplier. Also 15 free spins can be activated again during the feature. What is very interesting in this game is that during the free spins, in addition to wild symbols another symbol becomes a wild symbol. So, in the free spins bonus you have a total of 2 wild symbols. Of course this can provide you some really great wins. This interesting free spins feature is the biggest reason why I love this game so much. Kathmandu video slot game often is my choice and it is one of my favorite Microgaming games.

I had a lot of success and many wins larger than 100 x bet on this game. My greatest win here so far was about 300 x bet.

The last time I played it at the Spin Palace Casino. That was yesterday so I remember almost on every detail. I received a total of 6.06 euros on the free spins bonus on Gold Factory game and it was necessary to make a wager of about 186 euros. Of course, my first choice was just this game. I played with min. bet of 0.9 euros all the time. After a while my balance climbed up to around 25 euros. In the time I spent here, I had a few decent wins larger than 50 x bet. Probably for a half an hour of playing, I came to the free spins bonus at least 6-7 times.

For the end there is the recommendation. I recommend that you play Kathmandu on downloadable casino because the game is much faster, than playing through the browser. For Kathmandu, I give 9 out of 10 stars.
Kathmandu it is great Microgaming video slot. It is already was in my list of slots which I am play sometimes, so of course it would be a pleasure for me to review this slot game.

Game looks like most other Microgaming slots, not better, but it is still ok, I have nothing to complain here. Also there is only 9 paylines, and min bet is just 0.09, very low, and I like it, it is not needed to have big balance to start playing this slot.

Base game at this game is something that I did not like at all, really, I think Microgaming can do a bit more interesting base game, or at least make payouts for many symbols a bit better, because best paying symbol (not counting wilds of course) will not pay more than x 100 total bet during base game, and for 9 line game it is quite unusual.

There is only one feature - freespins. It can be triggered by 3 or more scatters, and freespins feature is one of the most interesting for old games I ever played by Microgaming software. You get 15 freespins, extra wild (best paying symbol), and random multiplier (from 2 x to 5 x). Very good feature, and of course while 5 wilds pays a lot of money, with a multiplier and extra wild you have great chances to hit big, or at least have decent wins.

I have probably 20 features lifetime in this game. Best result was something like 400x total bet feature, and also 1-2 a bit higher than 100 x total bet. This is good result I think, compared to number of fresspins feature I played. Unfortunately during base game I never hit big. I will play this game again and again, because I love freespins with extra wilds, and when there is also multiplier for wins - I am always ready.
This is not very new game, so it looks not very good.
blondie 1094 reviews
Kathmandu is a Microgaming software game and from the design it has, I can say it is one of the Microgaming oldies. It has 5 reels and 9 paylines and I've started to play it only recently. My first experience with this game was at Go Wild casino, when I received 100 free spins on it.

Altough the game has only 9 paylines, it can be quite generous. When I played 100 free spins offer, I received free spins feature a couple times and altough the spins were played with 0.09€ bets, I managed to win 11€ on it. This game also isn't generous with features, besides the free spins that can be caused by at least 3 scatters, and wilds that substitues all wins, except scatters, there is no other bonus feature. But if you like to gamble, there is an option to gamble your wins, as usual- choosing the color card for a 2x win or the card suit for a possible 4x win. I have tried to gamble my wins a few times, but I never win so I won't be doing it from now on.

The last time I played this game was at Yukon Gold casino, where I had a 30€ big bankroll. I started with 0.27€ bets and soon got 15 free spins.Free spins paid me only 4€, but it started to seem like the game was in a good mood.

Good thing is that 2 scatters pay your bet size and they appear quite often. And as I said before, the free spins are triggered by at least 3 bell symbols (sccatters).You can have 4 or 5 scatters, but the amount of free games will be the same, but the payout for 4 and 5 scatters is much higer. Good thing though is that the free spins has multiplier that changes and can multiply wins up to 5x. But mostly I get 2x,3x and rarely 4x multiplier, as I've noticed. Another pluss is that the spins can be retriggered in the bonus round and I've experienced it once. Didn't pay very much, but still good opportunity.

After bonus round I changed bets to 0.45€, played for some time and received another 15 free spins, this time they gave me a good 90x bet win, and that was the biggest winning I've received from this slot! I continued to up bets to 0.90€ and again got free spins bonus round, this time with nearly 70x bet win.

Overall I think this game is definitely a must try and it seems like it will become one of my Microgamings' favorites. It can bring great winnings even with small bets and I think it could be a great fit for wagering bonuses. Nice design and great payouts is all I need- 9/10!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Kathmandu is a very old game coming from Microgaming. Because it is very old I think this game is popular among the older gamblers whose first choice was Microgaming. This game has a very simple graphic and simple sounds. The first time I saw this game I thought the name was very familiar and after some time on Google I saw that the capital of Nepal has the same name like this game. When you take a closer look of the symbols in this game you will see that they are inspired by the everyday life from this country. Maybe the programmer who made this game was from this country who knows.

This game is very simple by itself because it has only 9 paylines and 5 reels. This game reminds me very much of Avalon and it is one of the games I start with when I play in some Microgaming casino. I usually start playing this game on a 0.18 bet and if it pays good I raise my bet hoping for some big win. This game has a very interesting bonus game just like Avalon but it can produce some big wins during base play. Sometimes it will produce 5 of a kind wins combined with wilds and can boost your balance very fast. One time it raised my balance from 10 to 70 euros only by line wins without a bonus game. If you get 3 scatter bells you get the bonus game. Here you have 15 free spins with a random multiplier which can go up to 5 x. Also it has a second wild symbol in the bonus game. All of this and the low bet makes it a very good game when you have a low balance. A few time when my balance was only 2-3 euros this game has gotten me back in the game with a solid bonus game.
This game has a poor graphic and sound and sometimes the bonus game just doesn’t come. In one session I spent 250 spins and didn’t get 1 bonus game.
The name of this slot seemed to be interesting, I didn’t hear so far about this slot until I went on AskGamblers to search for new games, new games for me because this isn’t a new one. Well, when I opened it for the first time, I was happy to see that it has such a nice symbols, decent graphics and sounds but in the meantime I was disappointed to see that it is a 9 paylines slot. The minimum bet is obviously 0.09 euro but you can’t play with this bet, I changed it to 0.27 euro and I started to spin. It was something new for me because I didn’t play so far a slot with this kind of theme, I liked it. I made a lot of spins and I saw that my account balance decreased, the problem was that in the main game the slot was paying but the wins were smaller than the bet made. When I saw the 3 scatters on the last 3 reels, I was happy because I wanted to see this feature for the first time and maybe a big win.

I received 15 free spins, I started to spin, the first 4 didn’t give me anything and I was starting to worry. But overall it was a decent feature because paid me 17 euro, I recovered a part of my balance and I stopped playing this slot.

Because I like the graphics and the symbols that are well made, I will give a 9 even if isn’t a new slot.

The features will receive only 7, because it has only free spins and a wild symbol that doesn’t appear very often.
The payout rate disappointed me, especially in the main game, I don’t think that it is a slot capable of big wins or to make profit!
Kathmandu is a cool 9 line game that you would find on any Microgaming casino. It is a fun game with an adventurous theme. I have been playing this game for a long time and can honestly tell you that this game can pay big. And I am only betting small, if you are a max bet player then you could win tonnes on this game. Even hitting a nice line hit could make your day.

For me personally the feature on this game is pretty easy to get. I have always managed to get this feature, even with a small bankroll and retriggering it as also not that difficult. There have been times when I retriggered the feature 3 or four times and those were the times when I made good cash. The feature in this game is extra cool, because it has random multipliers. Any time you get a win you could get from 2 x to 5 x. The game also turns one of the symbols wild and if you are lucky you could get 5 wilds with 5 x. I never managed to get that, but I have seen others get it. Just like on most of 9 line game, I never get 5 wilds but see others getting it. Who knows maybe my turn will come one day:)

I have got this feature plenty time and apart from getting it on small bets I did manage to catch it a couple of times on bigger bets. Biggest bet that I caught it n was €0.90 and paid a total of around €40 to me. Not a bad result but could have been much better.

Over all the graphics are ok and the pays are reasonable. The game play is also cool and on a good day it could pay huge. I would recommend this game to all and rate it as 7.5 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Kathmandu it is Microgaming video slot, it was created long time ago, but I already played it couple of times after this my testing of all games, and this can mean only that I like this game, it looks not perfect of course, but it is cool.

This game has only 9 paylines, and this can only mean that minimal possible bet here is 0.09, of course if you not this type of gamblers who always play only few lines, in such case your bet size can be even lower (but i did not see a point to play with such low bet, all awards are not cool with such bet, and even 5 wilds will not pay huge money). Wilds here presented on all reels, 5 wilds will pay more than x 400 total bet, and in this game all payouts is really mixed. There is no any stupid bonus game or something like this, you can simply trigger free spins feature by landing 3+ scatters, by the way 5 scatters will pay 100 x total bet, not so big amount of money of course, but still very sweet.

By 3+ scatters I always awarded with 15 free spins with up to x 5 multiplier. I think you can easy agree with me here that it is nice feature and balanced, and most likely no one will be sad with this. But it is still not all, second paying symbol during free games is also work as wilds, so here we generally have 15 free spins with x 5 multiplier and extra wild. My best hit at this video slot was at Betat casino, I was able to have a great feature, almost x 400 total bet and this is my best result in this game.

I like this medium variance game, and even think that this one is almost high variance, because feature here is amazing, but variance here is high, most times you win bad, but you will see such great features, that cover all your costs.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kathmandu is a Microgaming slot game with 5 reels and 9 paylines. The fist thing I want to say is that I rarely play slot games with only 9 paylines. Two reasons for that.

First you can't expect some big wins here and second most of the games are older with a low level of graphic which is not at the same level as newer slot games. Still when my balance at some casino drops to 10 or less euros than I search for games with less paylines where i can play with a smaller bet. In that case Kathmandu is mostly my first choice when I play in some casino run by Microgaming software. I like Kathmandu more than other similar games from the Microgaming offer like Thunderstruck I, Agent Jane Blonde or let's say Spring Break or some other. Microgaming really does have a big number of 9 payline slots. What separates this game form the other similar games is the free spins feature with random multiplier up to 5x something like in Avalon I. All of that means that during the free spins feature you can have some big wins. Personally it happened to me a few times while I was playing this game thanks to the free spins and random multiplier I had wins that were like 150 x bet and even bigger which felt great.

About the disappointments I had while playing this game , which were a lot, I won't say much. I'll just mention that on one occasion my balance was 30 euros and I lost all of it playing this game with a minimum bet of 0.9 and during that time I got the free spins bonus only 2 times. Because of this disappointment I rarely play this game in some casino nowadays.

Overall this game is a classical video slot game that you can find in the microgaming offer of slots. For Kathmandu slot game I give 6 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Katmandu to tell you the truth isn't too bad...for an old Microgaming slot. It's 9 paylines and can carry a large 20 coin max bet. I don't have much luck on this video slot and I therefore don't pay attention to it because of the 9 paylines. I have witnessed much better qualities in other slots like Doctor Doctor, Mega Spin - Break Da Bank Again and heck I would go Centre Court instead!

Katmandu is almost like Avalon only with fewer paylines. It's feature is for 15 Free spins at mystery multipliers when I collect 3 bells. The only great thing about the free spins is that it can surprise me from little to alot for 5 of a kind even though this is rare on this slot & extra wilds of temples can make things less challenging to the player. I do want these extra wild temples with some type of stacksed wilds knowing it's 9 paylines but I guess I can live with these factors. Some nice wins are for $10 - $18 but I can't pull off 5 of a kind especially during the mystery free spins.
There are a bunch of things wrong with this video slot. Some are for the scattered bells. As almost every slot requires 3, these scatters appear for example on the 1st 2 reels to begin rolling for the other 3 reels. When this happens the bells never show up, I played over 100 spins to try to land the 15 Free spins but had it in my hands when I gotten to about 160 spins for 6 coins.

The other thing worth mentioning is that this slot carries very few paylines to grab a bunch of wins so your limited to 9 paylines to make things work. It's very boring and some players will likely be bored just by looking at this slot initially lol. The graphics are old and possibly retro that they can't challenge the up to date graphics of our modern video slots. Right Frozen Dawn and Thunderstruck II?
Kathmandu is a microgaming slot game with 5 reels and 9 paylines. Microgaming is the oldest software company in the online gambling world. It exists since 1994 and probably Kathmandu is one of the first slot games that this company offered, so the graphic with this game is not modern.

From all the 9 paylines slot games that Microgaming has to offer Kathmandu is among my top choices.I played this game for the first time a long time ago. I remember that my balance was about 2 euros when i decide too look around for a game with minimum bet. The game I found was Kathmandu with a minimum bet of 0.9 euros. After a few spins I got the free spins bonus and my balance went up to 3 or four. I kept playing here for some time with a minimum bet of 0.9 euros and had an incredible line of wins. Later when I decided to change the game my balance was over 20 euros. Later on I came back to this game with a variable success. Sometimes I would loose a lot of money but other times I would have some great wins.

When it comes to slot features this game offers only free spins feature. For 3,4,or 5 Temple Bell symbols you get 15 free spins with a random multiplier up to 5x which I really like. What separates Kathmandu from other Microgaming games with a random multiplier in free spins, like Avalon,is the fact that during the free spins beside the wild symbol another symbol (temple) will replace the other symbols.

In the end as for all microgaming games I recommend that you play this game in some microgaming download casino, choose expert mode and choose automatic spins. That way you can give your hand a chance to rest without having to click for every spin. 8/10
paquito76 867 reviews
When Microgaming created and released their Kathmandu named video slot I ‘m sure they wanted to invite players to a cultural adventure too, to one of the most interesting, closed and wonderful segments of the world. Some of us didn’t even realized that Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal so if someone feels some kind of peace of mind or spiritual rejuvenation while playing the game, so…perhaps it’s no coincidence.

Kathmandu slot has a nice visual appearance and I like the black background and in my opinion it gives the game a little simplicity nevertheless I could have imagined a relaxing, nicely drawn picture of the city with snowy mountain peak in the distance (at least I’d liked it little better). The symbols are pretty and we get to know some very specific attributes like prayer wheel, pagodas, Taleju bell and play with some not so specials – elephant, map. The prayer wheel has the most potential (which also acts as a Wild) as it can give the best price of the main game of 6000 coins. The Bell is the scatter and if the player can collect enough of it in return it offers 15 free spins. This feature is the real heart and soul of the slot because it not just randomly multiplies the wins (x2-x5) but has another substitute icon tor this stage. With 2 Wilds in free spins the player really has a good chance to get some nice rewards even though it’s not too often materialized. The machine also provides the opportunity to win more with its gamble game which is a simple colour/suit selection game.

To my regret it seems Kathmandu doesn’t like me as much as I like it because so far it wasn’t too open-handed with me and it hasn’t gave any worth-mentioning wins. There are long stretches without countable, significant proceeds and I guess my biggest income was $85 during a free spin session. I hope it will change in the future and will sympathize with me.

All in all, it’s a beauty, simple slot with not the richest features and without bonus game except free spins. It’d be nice if the player can experience the possibility of a bigger winning because sometimes I just don’t feel here to be on the highway to success.
After reading Mpane's review I realize I'm certainly not the only one with poor results while playing Microgaming's Kathmandu slot. For you guys that don't know, Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and this is basically depicted in the images of this slot. Since this is one of the older slots, the graphics and used symbols do look a bit boring in my opinion.

I usually am a fan of 9-liners since they have the capability to give you superior payouts for only a small bet. Kathmandu offers the same number of paylines and has 5 reels. However, just like Mpane mentioned, you would really need 4 wilds (or better) or a five of a kind to win a decent prize.

If you're into flashy video slots, then Kathmandu probably is not the best choice for you. Looking at it now, I wonder why I have even played this game lol. I did have it on auto-play though based on €0.45 bets most of the time.

The game luckily does contain wild symbols and scatter symbols (bell). If you collect 3 or more scatters, then you will be able to experience free spins. The number of free spins is 15 and the multiplier can run all the way up to 5x. So that tells you enough about the potential, especially when you know that the temple symbol also acts like a wild in free spins.

Nevertheless, I can't recall every winning big in base game nor free spins. My best win is probably like 15 euros from a €0.45 bet. One thing I hate is that the scatters seem really hard to pick. The first two always go very simple, and then the other reels for some reason keep staying empty.

If this happens after no free spins if you played around 1000 spins, then you can imagine my frustration with this slot. Might be a coincidence, or maybe Microgaming just programs slots like that to "tease". Immortal Romance does this quite often as well.

My final rating for Kathmandu is 5/10.

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