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Hitman Slot

Looking for one of the most dramatic and immersive slots online? You can't do much better than Hitman. This sinister, compelling bonus slot places players in the role of top secret killer. Combat-themed symbols tumble down the reels, potentially awarding players with both considerable line wins and shockingly rewarding features. This dark video slot can be played for real money at any Microgaming powered casino.

Before you step into the world of Hitman, take the time to set a bet perfect for your bankroll. Use the plus and minus signs under the red orb on the left to adjust your coin denomination. Available base bet sizes range from 0.01 to 0.25. Next, press Coins to change the number of coins you would like to bet per line. Hitman allows you to bet a whopping 20 coins per line if you would like. Finally, use the Lines button if you do not want to bet all 15 lines. Then press Spin to start playing, or use the Bet Max button if you are willing to bet 20 coins per line with all 15 lines activated.

Hitman's biggest draw is the plethora of bonuses that it offers. The first of note is the 18 free spins feature. Get 3 or more scattered 18 symbols and enjoy these free spins at a 2x multiplier. These free spins are made even more valuable with the game's expanding wild assassin, who will expand on reels 2, 3, and 4 in both normal and freespin mode. Players who get the secret insignia on reels 1, 2, and 3 must select one to win an instant prize. Finally, players who get the green Bonus symbol on reels 3, 4, and 5 will embark on a mission to kill a high-profile target. Choose wisely, and your job in Hitman could be one of the most profitable things you've ever done.

Game Play

-/+: Change your coin size.
Coins: Select your bet per line.
Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Spin: Spin with the selected bet per line and number of paylines.
Bet Max: Spin with all 15 paylines activated and a bet of 20 coins per line.

Hitman Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Another Eidos's game franchise that shook the gaming world with it's existence. Every boy/man has his own fantasy of being a hitman, especially when it comes to killing the bad guys for money. I remember playing this video game on my Playstation console back in the day. I was hooked with the game and I couldn't stop till the mission is completed.

Microgaming's Hitman is a decent game, it didn't leave a great impression as Tomb Raider but that's no wonder there since Tomb Raider is more popular because of it's earlier release date. The game itself has a few great features though, like the expanding wild symbol and of course the cut scenes of the game/animations during the gameplay which is Tomb Raider short of.

The game came with 15 paylines and 3 bonus features along with it. The famous free spins bonus by collecting 3 scatter symbols (red 18 logo), the Target bonus feature and Click and win. In some games, there's a possibility of triggering 2 bonus rounds on the same spin but this not applies to this game. Now I think of it, it never happened in any Microgaming's games I played. However, Hitman is still available so my guess is that a lot of people out there still playing the game. I haven't played this game for about a year now but I remembered some of my gaming sessions because people remember only the good and the bad things and the in between is just forgettable. In this case I had a blast playing the game. I managed to achieve 3 expanding wild symbols which is lead to a huge win since the sniping Hitman appeared on reel 1 and 5.

Because of the big win, I was hooked and played the game again on the next day but this time I've increased my bet up to 1,50 euro per spin. I shouldn't do that, within 15 minutes my balance went from 150 to 0. I did managed to win a few Click and win bonus features thou but the winning of it was not satisfying. I do like this game and I have seen it's potential but I have to be honest, after that huge win, I've never won that big again. There are 2 movie adaptations for this game and I actually expect a new Hitman video slot in the future based on the movie and not the game.
RTP is lower than other video slots. Need to be renewed.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
There aren't many shoot-and-kill games are there? Not like arcade video games, where most of them tend to be the shoot-and-kill them kind. Shoot the alien invaders, kill the zombies, shoot the robbers, smash the little monsters, you name it, there's one game on it. But for online gaming, that isn't the case. So assassin games like this Hitman are not common. Although the violence is not depicted in the game itself, but the inclination is nonetheless there. Some people may not like this kind of game, some just couldn't be bothered, and some just wanna get the big wins. Hmm, whatever.

Not a new game from Microgaming, not an oldie either. Based on the movie of the same name, this game should be a thriller to play, for those who like it anyway. Me? Hmm, okay, I do like action movies. Shoot them, kill them, bomb them, whatever. The Hitman is the Wild symbol, it doesn't pay anything for itself, it doesn't double any wins with it, but expands when appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4, including substituting for symbols other than the Scatter and Bonus symbols. There are 2 kinds of Bonus symbols in this game, the Insignia symbol and the Notebook Bonus symbol. The Insignia symbol appears only on reels 1, 2 and 3, pick one out of the 3 to win a cash prize. Getting 3 of the Notebook Bonus symbols awards a Bonus game, whereby you pick a target to be assassinated, choose a weapon, click 'execute' and win a random cash prize, with a win multiplier of 2x up to 6x. The biggest possible single wins are all within this Bonus game, just need your good luck to get them at the right time.

The Scatter symbol, '18' does not pay for itself either, just as for the Wild and Bonus symbols too. Don't ask me why. Other games have win values for each of them, but nothing at all for Hitman. What a good waste of winning chances. Getting 3 or more of the '18' symbol awards 18 free spins with all wins doubled. Not so good. I would prefer the wins to be at least tripled or with a 5x multiplier, in lieu of the non-paying Wilds, Bonus and Scatter symbols. The other symbols in the game pay from 4000x to 75x the line bet for 5 of each kind. I would usually rate this kind of paytable as average, but in view of the huge win possibilities in the Bonus game, I would put it as good to very good.

For those who don't know yet, this Hitman game is a high variance game, meaning, getting good or decent wins are much harder than the usual. You may get a game that simply eats and eats, or if you're lucky, you'll be enjoying the many Bonus and Free Spins games that may come along, and probably making a nice big win too. I've played Hitman many times so far over the years, but have never made any good withdrawal win from it yet. That blardy Hitman likes to hit me much too often! Whenever I did get some nice big wins, it always ended up with zero soon after. Perhaps it is best to play Hitman the 'hit-and-run' way. Make one nice big win, then run away! Stay and play, you'd only end up in the hay.
zerooo 742 reviews
Hitman is a secret killer. I used to play some games from Hitman at my PC when I was young kid. I love the game about hitman. Here we have video slot that could bring you money so i think this game is more interesting now when I grow up.

It has 15 paylines and it is creation of Microgaming software. I played this game a couple of times with my own money and at freerolls. The paytable is great. You can win big wins with minimum stakes like as 0.15€. I like to play with minimum stakes and waiting for some great wins, but when I hit it, then I regret about them.

The game has bonus which is trigger by at least 3 bonus symbols of laptops. At this bonus you select a target with a range of bonus values.After selecting a target, a randomly value is awarded to you. Next select is a weapon where are hidden multipliers. After you finished you received the money you won on bonus. I think this is ok bonus, but not anything special. The second bonus is also designed that you must pick some things and you get prizes. I don't like this kind of bonuses, because most of the time it pays really poor.

The best part of this game is free games. I think this is the only way that Hitman could bring you great wins. Receiving 18 free games at x2 multiplier is good enough to expect something big from Hitman game. I had a few times free games, but I had no luck on them. I didn't received any good win above x100 bet size. I saw some great screeshots of this game at minimum stakes and winnings are really awesome. I think this game is good, it could provide good wins and you can play it with small balance because of minimum stakes. Maybe the free games should be at higher multiplier.
Slot adaptations of video games so far have proved partially successful, in addition to this that I am now saying I would add the Tomb Raider Lara Croft- also all others are more or less belonged to the category - bad. However, despite the current half results, the movies based on games appear every now and even those that have proved unsuccessful attempt to revive Reboot as in the case of Hitman. Hitman by me did not reach the deserved popularity to the adaptation of the now mega popular titles, I do not know the reasons why this is what I write is just my opinion. In this "Hitman" gaming achieving again the current latest mission intended exclusively, by the agency, for our dear clones of Agent 47, you just have to accept and move into new online challenges.

Right at the beginning I have to draw attention to two important segments when the possibility of winning combinations are concerned, these are the Expanding Wilds and Free Spins. I had the opportunity to meet with free spins game and I was very successful, with the role of € 0.75 per spin after the game with the initial € 80 I lifted up my gain at 105 €, and it all happened in just 5 minutes. You will see excellent animation when playing here, and recognize all the characters from your favorite movie or video game, as you prefer. The sound is just as mysterious as the possibility of huge profits for example for 5 symbols Hitman with a sniper rifle in your hand you can even win 4000 coins. Of course, I am not able to achieve it because I am hardly would live to brag at the outset, my maximum was 4 symbols of dollars coming out of the envelopes, and then I won the 1000 coins.

Basically not a bad game, maybe a little less present in addition to other titles.
Hitman is game made by Microgaming. I like this slot, but it looks not very interesting for me, and I rarely play it. But sometimes I give it a go and happy with what I have.

I like that there is only 0.15 lowest stake. It is probably funny but I like games with low stake, because it is possible to play a bit longer if you run out of money.

I like payouts in this game. Best 5 of a kind of killers pay more than 200 bets which is perfect for me. Other good symbols have same good payouts but a bit lower.

I like expanding wilds on middle reels. Such wilds appear only on reels 2 3 4, and expand if there is any winning combination. So even during normal play at without any feature you could get outstanding payouts, imagine land those best symbols on first and last reels, and get 3 expanding wilds. Probably it is win more than 1000 times your stake.

I like bonus feature. It is triggered when bonus symbols appear on reels 3 4 5. It is very decent feature. Once I won 60 dollars in lowest stake it is was about 400 bets. It is also very interesting to choose weapon and target. I am always like that I am killing bad people, so no bad feelings.

I like freespins feature. 18 freespins with all wins doubled for 3 or more scatters.

My 400 bets bonus win was best one for me in this game. During normal play once I had a little bit more than 100 bets with 3 expanding wilds but bad symbols. I rate this game with 8 stars.
I did not like theme, not very interesting for me.

And I did not like stupid insignia feature, it is triggered when on reels 1 2 3 appears special symbols. You pick symbol and get prize. Usually lower than 5 bets. What the point of it if this symbols sometimes block good possible wins.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Not sure why my boyfriend found it quite so amusing when he saw me playing this slot for the first time considering he knows I’m a fan of both the 2007 movie, and a couple of the video games as well, so giving the slot a try just seemed like a natural thing to do for me!

I think they did a pretty good job of incorporating the look and feel of the franchise into the slot game, and I like the fact it works really quite differently to many of the other slot games I play regularly. For a start it’s a 15 line game, which is really quite a nice number I think – more win possibilities than a classic nine liner, but still a very low minimum bet for those times when you can only afford a small deposit. When you’ve got a little more money you play up to 20 coins per line though, and you’ll need to be doing so in order to win the advertised jackpot of 270,000 coins. A quick bit of math then tells you that the maximum win on this game is 900x your bet, which I’d say is placing it firmly in low to medium variance territory – and that’s surely the low end of medium too, although I’d imagine the guys over at NetEnt would disagree with their disgusting policy of implementing “jackpots” as low as 400x your stake in their games!

As well as a couple of bonus rounds, this game also offers 18 free spins if you manage to catch three or more of the “Certificate 18” logo scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. There's no bonus for getting more than three symbols and no pay for the scatters sadly either, but I do think 18 free spins is reasonably generous and you get a 2x multiplier during them as well and the bonus features and expanding wilds are all available during free spins as well which is nice to see – I hate games that rip you off by removing half the best symbols and features during the free spins round!
The things I’m not so keen on, well the computer bonus symbol appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 only, and whilst I’d imagine the odds of hitting this bonus round are still consistent with those in other games, it does still feel to me like you just MUST have less chance of hitting the feature when the symbol is only present on three of the five reels. Also, when you do hit this bonus, you get a selection of targets to choose to assassinate, each with its own range of potential win – I don’t know if I have just been unlucky but whichever I decide to pick, I seem to get the lower end of the range MUCH more than I do the higher end… I know that’s probably just my luck though :)

Likewise there is an “insignia” bonus which appears on reels one through three only as well, which is just a bog standard pick me bonus basically, though it does occasionally pay out something decent.
Hitman is a video slot game that comes from Microgaming. This game has 15 pay lines. If you ask me this is one of the most exciting Microgaming games with 15 pay lines. It is exciting and offers a lot of features. There is, for example, the pick-up bonus. It can be reached when in the first of the three reels you have a scatter symbols. So here you have also, the free spins bonus. You must have at least 3 symbols that include the number 18 to get free spins. The total number of free spins you get is 18 and during the free spins all wins are multiplied by 2.

When it comes to cash-outs from the free spins in most cases you will be disappointed. In most video slot games, the free spins feature pays the best, but generally it is not a case here. From my experience I can say that the third bonus feature pays the best. To reach it, it is necessary in each of the last three reels to get one symbol with a laptop that says bonus. On one occasion, playing on some slot tournament in this bonus on a bet of 300 I won more than 200,000. Or in other words wins was almost 1,000 x bet. In the end, I’ll add that the wild symbol is spreading over the entire reels and it's another chance for big wins. Wild symbol is a symbol of Hitman.

But somehow, almost always when I played single I had no luck with this game. But I do not give up and I often return back on this game hoping for some big win like the one I had in the tournament. I guess this is a pretty old game but the graphics are still pretty good. I really like the animations that you have here. Sound that is heard is also pleasant for the ears. In any case, Hitman is a game that I warmly recommend and I am sure that you will enjoy playing this fantastic slot game.
Hitman online slot it is old game by microgaming, but since it is interesting one, i played it couple of times. First time i met this game at gowild casino tournament, which i by the way won, so of course i like this game and tried it for real money, not with tourney chips.

Hitman has 15 paylines, and generally this game is very dynamic, lot of different things can happen, this is something i like, because when slot game is boring it is super annoying.

First feature is triggered in base game or freespins by 3 special symbols on first 3 reels. You choose sign - get a coins as award. Nothing interesting, because prizes are low and generally it is just click and took some coins action.

Second feature is freespins, 3 or more scatters give 18 freespins with x 2 multiplier. I like that number of freespins is so good, not like usually just 10 or even less like at some slots.

Also there is expanded wilds at reels 2 3 4, nothing interesting about it, got 3 expanded wilds and payout can be awesome.

3 special laptop symbols on last 3 reels activate special bonus game, where is possible to win huge, nothing to describe because generally you just picking.

My experience with this slot is good. Tournament at gowild for 100$ first prize i won with bonus game with 3 laptops, there was a win about 600x my total bet, and luckily tournament was without any continues, so it was enough to grab first place and my prize with just 2.50 buy in. Overall it is good and interesting game, but few times i left there decent money without winning anything nice. But laptops feature is really decent one, and funny, and if lady luck at your side, you can grab some very nice money there.
No payouts for scatters, no difference between 3 or 4 or 5 scatters.
Because I like very much the Hitman movie and also the video game, I decided to try the slot too, I wanted to see if it has a good payout rate, being a Microgaming game! It has only 15 paylines, I was a little bit disappointed, so the minimum bet is juts 0.15 euro but I didn’t play with this bet, I increased the bet to 0.30 euro, it pays better in my opinion. Now, the graphics are good, the reels are separated very well, you can see the symbols very clear, but I realized that sometimes the game has lag, it doesn’t run smooth. When I triggered first time the Contract Bonus, I didn’t know what is about because I didn’t check the paytable. You have to select a single target from 5 and then a weapon, the win will be the original target value multiplied by the random multiplier. This bonus gave me 12 euro, an acceptable amount, but I saw that it has other bonus, called Insignia bonus and obviously a free spins feature.

With these interesting features, it is a pleasure to play this slot, it is very entertaining and the theme is awesome, I like Hitman and I think that it is a good slot. Even if I didn’t manage to win a lot of money from this slot, I could say that I didn’t lost anything, I made a 20 euro deposit, no bonus so no wagering requirements and I made a 42 euro profit playing about 2 hours.

Overall it is a good slot, I will give a 9 for the graphics, symbols and sounds, the features impressed me, 2 bonus games and a free spin feature so I will give another 9.
What I didn’t like at this slot was that sometimes the game was running a little bit slower, with a kind of lag!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Hitman used to be on of my all time favorite PC video games. I used to spend hour and hours of playing on my laptop. I just couldn't stop. I think this is one of the best games by IO Interactive.

When I first saw the game in some Microgaming casino I just had to make a deposit and play. This became one of my favorite Microgaming slots of all time. The graphic, sound and symbols are just the same as in the game I played on my PC. So this slot is, I believe, made by the original game and not the movie.

Whenever I play in some Microgaming casino I always start with this game. I’m not a high roller so my deposit is always the minimum. This game has 15 paylines so it allows me to try my luck and boost my balance on a small minimum bet. Over the years I had my ups and downs with this game but in general it has never failed me. It has expanding wilds and I have often gotten them on reels 2 and 3 resulting in some big win of 50 times bet. I always hope to get this or some of the bonuses when I start to play.

This game has 3 bonuses. The Insignia when 3 insignia symbols land on reel 1, 2and 3 and you have to choose one. From this bonus the max I have won is 900 coins. The second is the free spins bonus when 3 18 symbols appear on the reels and you get 18 free spins. My wins from this bonus were always moderate and the most I have won is 30 x bet. The third bonus is my favorite and it is triggered when 3 bonus laptops land on the last 3 reels. Here you get to choose a number of targets which reveal the cash prize and your murder weapon which reveals the multiplier. The most I have won in this bonus is an incredible 75 euros with my 0.15 minimum bet. That is an incredible 500 x bet win. That is why this game is and will remain one of the slots I play all the time in Microgaming casinos.
I liked Hitman movie and Hitman pc games and now Hitman slot game. I had an amazing experience in playing the slot.

It is an usual Microgaming software based slot game with 15 play lines and 5 reels. But what I love about the slot game is its animation and graphics. The symbols used truly justifies the movie it is based upon. Symbols like sniper, loaded gun, poison, knife, fibre wire, take cash, rifle are used in the slot. The sound of the game is not too bad. Any Hitman series lover will surely like the slot.

Now coming bonuses provided by the slot game. Insignia bonus is triggered when three insignia symbols appear on the first three reels, the contract bonus is triggered when three mini pc symbols appear on the last three reels and the free spin bonus with 18 free spins with x2 multiplier. Coin range available is from 0.01 to 0.25 and the slot allows one to wager 20 coins per activated play line.
Once I got the bonus of free spins I could boost by account balance to $200. Now I could play the slot for long and expect for some big win. I kept the bet from $0.30 to $0.60. In this slot I again tried my luck to increase the bet but I started to lose big portions of my account balance with no significant wins so I again lowered the bet. But one thing disappointing in the slot is multiplier is only x 2 so it restricts your earnings.

You can expect nice wins in the bonus (which I luckily got). My experience in playing slot was good but yes I have played better slots inspired by movie hits. It is a standard earning game and can not imagine some huge wins.
I would rate this game 7/10.
katemak 1170 reviews
Hitman video slot was made by very popular play station game Hitman itself. This game, like its title says, is about the The Assassin Hitman and all his equipment of guns, knifes and all kind of weapons. Hitman is an five reels and 15 paylines and has the wild symbol which is Hitman itself and he always lend on the reels two, three or four and when he arrives with two gun symbols on the reels then he substitutes all the other symbols on the reels except the scatter ones.

The free spins feature are the 18+ symbol, which triggered 3 of them on the reels will give you free spins. During the free spins you can retrigger them and also the bonus round can be triggered.This Hitman slot has bonus round also, but not only one, but 2 bonus rounds. The first bonus round its called the Contractor bonus and the second one The Insignia bonus. The first bonus round can be triggered when 3 laptops will land on the reels 3, 4 of 5 and then you have the option to choose the weapon and shoot the target, which it will bring you solid, good amount on your balance.

The second bonus round happens when 3 Insignia symbols lands on the 1, 2 and 3rd reels and then you got the second bonus round which will give you the opportunity to pick 1 of those symbols. I played this slot many times, but firstly when some of the casinos were offering or give as a free spins to their depositing players, but I have to say I didn't have so much luck on this slot, although I like it a lot. I cant say that I like the graphic of this slot, but the game and it theme I do like it a lot.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Microgaming has more games to offer than any other software company and most of those slot games are just by my taste but there are some that don't fit my criteria. One of the games that I like is Hitman. It's a standard slot game with 15 paylines and 5 reels. This is one of the many games inspired by a movie hit.

As with many other games coming from Microgaming i came across this game while I was playing at Microgaming slot tournaments. Much before I decided to play this game single. Beside some cons,like the not so great graphic, this is a really interesting game that you can play for hours without getting bored. With this game you have 3 different kind of bonuses you can win and they come often as you play.

Hitman slot game offers a pick up bonus, then a free spins bonus with 18 free spins x 2 multiplier and at the end a bonus round which is activated if you have symbols of laptops on the last 3 reels. This bonus is the most interesting for me and you can win a lot of money here. That happened to me and I had wins of over 200 euros on a 0.45 or 0.60 euros I can't remember exactly.

What's best with this bonus is that you can get it during free spins. I usually play here with a bet of 0.45 per spin up to a bet of 0.90 per spin but from time to time I try my luck with a bigger bet.

Overall and interesting game where every once in a while you get a bonus and so you can play for hours hoping for some big win. If you ask me this is one of the best 15 payline slot games that I ever played in some casino. For this game I give 9 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Hitman is 15 line video slot from microgaming, which was released long time ago, but to be honest this slot still looks very good in my eyes, graphs not so bad and sounds not so terrible.

This game has expanded wilds on reels 2 3 4, which give a chance to hit something nice. But during all my playtime, i get 3 wilds in one time only once, and symbols was terrible, and i win around 50 x total bet which is awful result. Also this game trigger 18 free spins with x 2 multiplier if player hit 3 scatters or more. Thing that make me angry - 3 or 4 or 5 scatters - no any difference, same amount of free spins, and scatters did not pay money. So what the point of them?! Also here bonus game, in which player should act like a killer, and it is probably to win some money.

I am not big fan of this game, and play it probably only 10 times in my life. My best win during base game is around 50 x total bet, after free spins once i achieve x 150 bet, and bonus game once paid me almost x 300 result, which was great. I can't say that i am enjoy this game, because to be honest i think it is still boring, bonus game most time pay bad, wilds never come, and i did not like all this guns and etc.

Probably someone will find such theme good, but not me, i do not like to kill people. Anyway, as i told, for me game is boring. It is hard to trigger bonus game, free spins not interesting and multiplier is only x 2. I can't make myself think that i will return to this game.

Game has medium variance, and can pay some nice wins in bonus game, but in my experience i found that this game is very boring for me, therefore i rate hitman slot with 5 stars only.
Hitman game is powered by microgaming. I really don't like this game. I know it is very popular and reading the reviews i see that everyone gives it positive rating, for me personally this game is very bad. I watched the movies and played the game and i must say that graphics are very good and the music and sound effects are nice and tense. The game play and the features on the other hand, i really don't like.

This is a 15 line game with three features.The free spins feature, insignia bonus and the contract bonus feature. The free spins feature is awarded when you get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. That awards you with 18 free spins with all wins doubled. The wild in this game expands, so you could win a lot in the free spins. I have played this game many times with different bets €0.30, €0.45 and €0.60. I have never for more that €10. Never ever. Some times i think this game is rigged, but then i see others saying how great it is and i think that it must be me:(

Insignia bonus is awarded when you get insignia on the first, second and third reels. This is a pick bonus, so you pick one for a cash prize. I never got more that €6 on this bonus.

The third bonus is the contract bonus. You are presented with five pictures and have to pick one. They go from smallest to biggest. I always, always get almost smallest wins with the smallest multiplier. Every time. I am honestly sick of this game and am not playing it any more. If i had to rate it i would give it 3 out of 10. No more. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Hitman is a 15 line 5 reel Medium variance bonus slot from Microgaming and is based on the hit video game series across all platforms.

The game features expanding wilds and is perhaps the first Microgaming video slot to do so, 5 wilds are not possible but players can achieve big wins as 3 reels have expanding wilds and the biggest base game line win is 4,000 coins. Also featured are several pictures of Hitman in action (each there own symbol), dagger, bomb and volatile liquid plus others.

The reason Hitman is a very good slot despite not having the massive paytable that other Microgaming games do, is down to the fact players can activate 3 different bonuses. These bonuses include Rated 18 scatter symbols get 3 of these and win 18 free spins multiplied by 2. The only real downside of Hitman free spins is you cannot re-trigger them and nothing is paid for scatter symbols which really is grim. In the games deference though, I have never found it a huge endeavor to trigger them so that’s something I guess!

The next bonus I will tell you about is my favourite the laptop bonus! If a player gets 3 laptops on reels 2, 3, 4 the bonus is activated. You are then directed to a screen with 5 different criminals. The player then is awarded coins varying upon bet size I always go for Daniel Morris (as he can pay the most). Next a player chooses which weapon/substance these include guns, knife, chemical poison. The amount of coins won in first section is then multiplied at random between 2-6x! As you can imagine if you are a high roller or even only betting £1 the payout can be extremely lucrative!

Lastly a bonus round I am not particularly keen on (but only because I always pick wrong!) is the Insignia bonus collect 3 insignias (only) on reels 1, 2, 3. The player must then choose one Insignia. The Insignia is then paid out and is a multiplied amount based on bet size. For example betting 15p a spin the Insignia wins possible will be like 30, 45 and maybe 90(all multipliers of 15). Some of you who have played Mad Hatters will be right at home with this and it’s brilliant when you pick right but awful when you pick oh so wrong!

Overall Hitman is a pretty good video slot and ideal for wagering on(just don’t go too crazy with bet sizing too soon!) It has nice graphics is fun to play and only a few aspects hinder it. Here are my pros and Cons of Hitman:


Good Graphics
Fun slot to play
Expanding Wilds
3 bonuses (Insignia, free spins and Laptop bonus)
Pays out pretty consistently
15 lines mean you can play when you have limited funds!


No payout for scatter symbols
No re-trigger of free spins
Can run really cold at times
The huge difference at times between the insignia amounts.

I give Hitman 6.5/10. I hope Microgaming make a Hitman 2 and improve upon the original!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
If you ever played hitman video game or watched hitman movie you know what this slot is all about.Basically you are a hitman taking jobs eliminating criminals across the world.You have various weapons at your disposal from knives and poison injections to big guns and sniper rifles. Hitman slot is well designed with good bonus features and free spins.It has 15 pay lines with wild symbol expanding on reels 2,3 and 4,wild substitutes all symbols except bonus round scatters.

My experience with this slot was mostly positive and for that i give it a go in all of the microgaming casinos i play. To be honest i kinda like the theme of this slot i guess because of all the action and guns.Contract bonus is my favorite on this slot.In this bonus you get contracted to assassinate one of thee criminals displayed and you get to choose which one it is going to be and what weapon you use to do it.If you pick good you can win a lot of coins.All targets have a ranged values which depends on your original bet and when you select one of them you get random amount of coins which can be multiplied up to six times if you choose the right weapon and execute target properly.

The other insignia bonus is also nice to get but is not exciting as contract bonus because you just choose your insignia and win coins.When triggered free spins feature gives you 18 extra free spins with x2 multiplier and you can trigger bonus rounds during free spins but you cant re trigger free spins.When speaking about free spins i must say that i did not have any troubles triggering them every 30-50 spins this could also be just luck.

For conclusion i will first rate payouts with 8/10,next hitman slot gets 9/10 for fun i had playing it and final the win big bet small possibility i will rate it 7/10.
The microgaming casino software offers many times free spins to promote their video slot and casino. I met with the hitman video slot with one of that kind of promotion. In the 7 sultan casino I get 30 free spins on the hitman slot to a welcome gift.

This video slot has 15 winning lines and many bonus features and expanding wilds. This video slot can be better if it has more lines but with a small luck you can win on the 15 lines too. It has two kinds of bonus game and a free spin feature. The first bonus is the insignia bonus, if you trigger three of them from the first reel you can pick one of them and sometimes it hides good amounts but in the most cases it gives a double or triple of the line bet. The another bonus rounds is the contract bonus. You have to trigger 3 of them on the last three reel to activate the bonus, when you entered in you can choose from the targets with different maximum amounts.

The highest value target has the highest and the lower limit, usually I pick this target because if I have luck it gives a nice bonus money. After you choose your target you have to choose the murder weapon what is gives the multiplier of the bonus money. The minimum multiplier is 2 times and the maximum is 6 times. My biggest multiplier was 5 times here but usually gives the 2-3 times multiplier. The free spins are came out when you triggers the 3 18’ symbol on anywhere on the reels. It gives 18 free games with 2 times multiplier.

In the free spins you cannot retrigger the free games. With the expanding wilds I had many nice winnings on this feature but often gives almost nothing, that is the reason why I don’t like this video slot so much.
Hitman is microgaming powered online slot. Probably someone of you know PC video game hitman, and i think this slot based on this game( i am almost sure, but who knows, i do not work for microgaming and of course does not know what about this guys think when create new slots for us xD ). Anyway, it is 15 lines slots.
Music and graphic not so nice, due to date of slot was released, i am obviously does not know exact date, but i am pretty sure this is very old slot. Symbols are nice and beauty, and i am happy that there is no regular A K Q J T pictures, everything on theme based hitman.

The slot has stacked wilds, or if you ask me to be more correctly it is expanded wilds, this means when you get wild - it is expanded to cover all reels. Wilds presented only on reels 2 3 4 , so there is no possibility to get 5 of a kind wilds. Also slot has opportunity to trigger free spins, for this you need to get at least 3 scatters. Bad thing that scatters does not pay any money, and 5 scatters gives you exact the same number of free spins that a 3 scatters give. I do not like such thing, because i found this stupid, you get 5 scatters, and get nothing, not cool, right? Also free spins had nice 2x multiplier.

I am not a big fan of this slot, but i had a win almost about 1000 x my bet on this slot on the base game, 3 expanded wilds + best symbols on 1 and 5 reels. Also i forget to say, slot has bonus game, triggering by 3 bonus symbols on last 3 reels, i do not like this bonus game, so even will not describe it.

I do not know like i am this slot, or no. Different feelings, but i think you should try it out.
Hitman is actually one of the most complete Microgaming slots available. Although it has been out for a while now, it's still a slot many players prefer over some newer fancy looking games. The game is obviously inspired by the movie which came out in 2006.

I've played Hitman a couple of times during my gambling sessions, and my results were mixed. Hitman is a slot with 15 paylines and 5 reels. The thing I liked about this game is that it isn't like any other game available. It offers high-quality entertainment thanks to several second-level features.

Some slots just tend to offer free spins only, but Hitman does more than just that. It has the ability to award three different types of bonus games. Besides that this slot has expanding wilds, which take over the whole reel if they fall on either reels 2, 3 or 4. Therefore it really has a lot of potential even in the base game.

The symbols of this slot are made up from weapons, like knives, needles, guns etc. and images of Hitman himself. Minimum bet on this game is €0.15, but I used to play on €1.20 on average I believe. Now let's discuss the fine bonus features of this game.

On the first three reels the insignia symbols activates a random win. When all three of them appear, you have to choose one of them and it then reveals a price. The other bonus feature to look forward to is the bonus symbol which appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. 3 of them activate the bonus feature where you first have to choose a target.

This was quite a dilemma for me in the beginning, since the targets display the max and min amount you could win. The higher the maximum win was, the lower the tried minimum win was as well. So I had to choose whether I want to hit big and take a big risk ending up with only little.

I choose the middle target most of the time with moderate potential. After choosing the target, I had to choose the weapon. After that a random multiplier gets picked ranging from 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x to 6x. For some reason I never got it higher than 2x and only once 3x.

I won like 20x, 30x my bet size most of the time with this feature. Then there is the 18 free spins symbol, which logically award 18 free spins on any number of scatters, and a 2x multiplier. I've experienced the free spins a couple of times and my biggest win here was 110x my bet size.

Overall not the best results, but definitely an entertaining and fun slot. My final rating for Hitman is 8/10.
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