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Gopher Gold is a vibrant video slot available at any Microgaming casino. The game plays differ­ent­ly from many other video slots since it only has five lines, and you can only bet one coin per line. Any win is pretty significant. The theme of the slot is a bunch of gophers who have successfully organized a mining effort and are out to strike it rich before humans! Anything they manage to scavenge is yours for the keeping. The common symbols of J, Q, K, and A are used, as well as mine carts, pickaxes, and
the hard-working wild gophers themselves, who substitute for any payline win.

Unlike conventional video slots, Gopher Gold does not have any bonuses or features. Rather, it gives players some freakishly big line wins instead. If you're lucky enough and manage to get five shiny Gopher Gold symbols, you win a 12,000x the line bet! Falling short of that, there are much easier­ ­opp­ort­unities to get 1,000x, 2,000x, and 5,000x, as well. Get five of any mine-themed symbol, and you're in for some big bucks. No special features are needed to score heaps in Gopher Gold.

Gopher Gold can be played for real money at any Microgaming casino. If you're interested, be sure to pick an AskGamblers recommended place to play, such as AllSlots, to have a hassle-free experience.

Game Play

-/+: Decrease or increase your coin size.
Select Lines: Choose how many lines to play.
Bet Max: Spin all 5 lines.
Spin: Spin the selected number of lines. 

Gopher Gold Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Gophers are really cute little animals, looking like a rabbit, but also like a beaver, and possibly even looking like chipmunks. Maybe gopher's are a hybrid of all the 3 animals, I don't know for sure of course, was just thinking to myself, but they certainly do look so cute. Any connection between gophers and golfers? Hmm, only that they both love the greens. Oh yes, one more difference. Gophers take thing out of holes, golfers put things in the holes. Hehehe.

For an old game, I do like the quality of the graphics. The Gopher looks cute, the cart and the lamp are nicely presented too, the exploding dynamites couldn't look better to accentuate its explosiveness, and the other symbols have colourful backgrounds, making them look vibrant and easily distinguishable. Not many old games can be as nice as this. And not many games have a minimum starting bet per spin of $1.25 either. Microgaming alone has a few of such games, and playing with just 5-paylines too. $1.25 per spin? Argh! That is way out of my pocket to be playing regularly, and this is not even a jackpot game.

The Wild symbol doesn't pay for itself, doesn't do anything at all, except to substitute for all symbols. Hmm. I've seen a lot of dumb Wild symbols from Microgaming, but this one beats them all! Plus, there are no Scatters too, meaning, there are no Free Spins games either. Sheesh. The highest paying symbol is the logo "Gopher Gold', paying 12,000x the line bet for 5 of them. The Dynamite pays 5000x, the Pick pays 2000x, the Cart pays 1000x, and the rest pays from 500x to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. Luckily, this 5-paylines game pays both ways, left-to-right and right-to-left. Nonetheless, for $1.25 a spin, it is too much to pay for playing a game that doesn't have any Free Spins game, no Bonus game, nor any randomly activated features. Only those players who can afford a big starting bankroll may want to play this Gopher Gold.
What about me? Well, I've played this game only once, using my deposit money and bonus money. Since even that wasn't a lot, I played it in a different way to minimise my losses and to get as many spins as possible. I played Gopher Gold with just 3 paylines, as I would play Starburst and Fruit Zen. At $0.75 per spin, I managed to get many more spins than I would have if playing with $1.25 per spin, even though I lost everything soon after.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
I played Gopher Gold slot once when I had a huge wager. To my surprise I managed to finish with a decent win. This is another game where gold is used as the main theme. I guess that people are having that desire to find gold underground just as we players are trying to spin the reels and land a huge win.

This is 5 reels with only 5 pay lines video slot game from Microgaming software provider. The thing that I liked about this game is that there are constant wins during the base game. And from time to time you hit a bit higher win that is something like 10 x bet. I was surprised when I saw that even after more than 300 spins I have lost only 20 euros.

This is a very old slot game, and sometimes I do not like to play slots that use gold as its theme, because to be honest there are many slots similar to this one. Probably the only attractive thing when it comes to this slot is that it is simple. You only have the base game and that is it. There are no bonus features that can distract you. Sometimes I miss this within a game because those exact bonus features can boost your balance. But, still this game has things to offer. The gopher is the wild symbol and it substitutes all other symbols to help you land a winning combination. You can also make winning lines from left to right and vice versa, from right to left. This allows you to get some small wins throughout your whole session.

I know that I did not win a lot while I was playing this game, but it helped me in not losing all my money. I would recommend this slot especially to those who have enormous wager or for those who want longer gaming experience.
zerooo 742 reviews
Gopher Gold is 5 pay line video slot from Microgaming software. I tried to play this game only once and I did not like it. The theme is good, but design looks very old. And while I was playing it, I had only small winnings.

The game is quite different than others. It has only 5 pay lines. I have to say that I like to play sometimes games which has less paylines and good paytable. But some of them could become very boring because of small paylines and with less winning combinations.

I played Gopher Gold only once and I do not like how it pays me. Most of the time I had only small winnings. I never got any big win or even decent one. Most of the time x2 to x5 my bet. Or even less than that. And I don't like to play games where I am losing my money. This game pays all winnings left to right and right to left. But still I had only small winnings.

The payouts for some symbols are good, but I never had any special big win here. I am sure I will not play this video slot again. I like some 9 pay lines video slots, but those have also free spins feature or something like that. This one offer only win both ways, which I think is not good enough.

I will rate it with 4 stars. I do not like this kind of games. I lost some money on it without any good winning. And when I have this kind of results at games, I don't play them more. There are so many others games which could provide better feeling during gameplay. And also better graphics and sounds. This one looks very old, I do not like it.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
So many times I have met with comments made on gambling forums and websites where some players expressed feel an aversion to slots of 5 paylines, an aversion I personally do not usually share, but because of slots like "Gopher Gold" produced by "Microgaming" I am tempted to change my mind, because after playing it for a long time I have had a completely disappointing impression of this game, which simply summarizes to few and poor payouts generally made in this slot, which can be explained by tight rates for combinations of 3 of a kind, low hitting average, which it is a natural situation in a slot of few lines, and finally by the absence of any bonus round or free spins to give at least one opportunity to the player to recover some of his losses; the only symbol that appears to have a merely decent payout for a line of 3 of a kind it is the golden symbol with the game logo, the other payouts seem to be designed for a slot of 20 or more paylines, not for one with only 5, and we need to understand that in slots as this one it is usually very difficult to hit a line of 4 of a kind and even harder to get one of 5 of a kind.

For a long session playing "Gopher Gold" I could count on my fingers the times I managed to a combination of 4 of a kind, and each time this happened it was with letters symbols, which of course are those with the lowest payouts in all the game, in terms of lines of 5 of a kind, sadly, I have to say I did not get any.

That's why this slot does not seem to have many followers among gamblers’ community members, and few ratings for this slot are above the average and as for me, I really doubt that I return to play this slot again.
Icymod 758 reviews
Gopher Gold was played when I had that crazy win from the Video Poker Royal Flush. It was stuff dreams were made of! The cost of $12.50 a poker hand did come very pricey but it showed me a big way to celebrate! 80x win doubled accidentally was surely a magical gigantic prize!

Gopher Gold is what I call a huge bet drainer, at least this was what I thought because the bet was set at $25 a spin and I fell for it, spinning it once on this mega bet to receive $35 without realising that I could of lowered the coin size! My mistake went back with a positive $10 on top of my original stake. Phew! I thought in pure comfort! It is a 5 paylines slot and now that my mind has come to it's senses after an unexpected "walk into a wall" experience I immediately decreased the amount per spin to $1.25. 5 paylines was not adequate to get me to like the slot but it did offer ways to win left to right and right to left.

I would appreciate Gopher much more should if it had the free spins feature and have the ability to collect at least 3 symbols "within" a payline, it doesn't have to be sequential or in order, just like MG's The High Life slot. That slot is more amazing than Gopher Gold! Besides that mining music and metal tools making noises in the background this slot can go to the utmost boring level that any player would love to do the for another game, break up with this slot for another relationship or close the casino for a day to get an official divorce. The one win that I've collect was for 4 Aces paying up $12.50 or 10x my bet.

A simple yet not enough to get into Gopher Gold's atmosphere, no tappable features whatsoever, and winning on either side (left to right) does not stand well than it would on the Run Mode under the Battlestar Galactica slot. It's better to kick some Cylon a** than a Gopher's tail! Unconditionally Gopher's gold is a 5 out of 10!

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