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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
Slot like this was a definitely attracting for those who want to get a win-win feature and an easy combination of the bonus game play but if you want to play Goblins Treasure you will need to hear first the positive and negative side of it. The Goblins Treasure slot was a variant slot of RTG for me it was a distinct for the theme of it and the audio was sufficient for the slot to be enjoy playing and you will not find a goblin theme like this on RTG.

If that will not urge you that it was a unique slot then you need to see the feature of it, the Goblin’s Treasure have a great bonus feature combination where you only need two symbols to get it and also it has a win-win feature after you are not satisfied from the result! It was feasible to Goblin’s Treasure if you’re a low roller a bet of $0.01 per line or a $0.25 per spin will be a great deal for long playing! Usually my bets can range from $0.01-$0.10 depending on the time when I feel that the slot was prosperous!

It’s fun to see how the slot gave free spins with a good multiplier. A spin of $0.50 gave me $120+ from the feature it also had the one free spin re-trigger because I had the winnings the win-win feature doesn’t trigger but I’m happy to see it to trigger.
The negative sides were slot was not for high rollers because it was a 25 paylines and 5 reels with a maximum bet of $1 per line compare to the other staggering $50 bet per spin! If you see how easy the two the combination of the feature free spin it was a opposite to trigger it, you can’t always have it both ways and in my experience you need almost 70 spins to trigger!
Goblin Treasure is Real Time Gaming online slot.

This game looks ok, with very scary music. Sounds are also scary, and at all slot looks scary. I do not know what exactly there is scary, because goblins itself is absolutely not scary, and design not scary, but sounds and musics creator for this slot is genius and should work in horror movies!

Game has 25 pay lines, min bet 0.25. It is enough to not have much money on account to play this slot, because free spins come usually in this game.

There is only one wild in this game, and it appears only on reel 1, very strange idea, and I did not like it. I like when wilds appear on all reels. But at least this one wild can have up to x 5 multiplier, so everything is not so bad. Another game from Real Time Gaming where scatters does not trigger anything and only pay money. It can be some headache for players who never play this game before, I imagine how someone hit 3 scatters and did not get any feature, it is frustrating. Free spins can be received when wild come to reel 1, and chest come to reel 5. Number of goblins on wild picture will determine free spins multiplier.

Overall this is a bit boring and annoying game, because only one wild, scatters do not have feature, nothing special. Of course for someone jackpot can be motivation to play, but not for me, it is too low to be very interesting for me. But just for playing once or twice this can be good slot, but for any more experience I think it is not enough and I am not ready to play this slot more times.
Only one wild on reel 1 and no other wilds. Scatters did not have any feature and game looks a bit boring. No any look of big win or anything interesting for me.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Goblin's treasure it is another Real Time Gaming video slot. This is not my favorite slot game I could say this from begin, but sometimes I do like to play this slot, but not very often, because in my experience it is very hard to hit any big win on this slot, most freespins features pay not very good.

But this slot looks good, and also I do like music in this slot game, specially during freespins feature, very nice and interesting. This slot game has 25 paylines, and lowest bet is 0.25, can't say that it is very low, but it is typical for 25 lines slot game, so I feel myself ok with it. Freespins feature there is a quite interesting, and also funny that to start freespins you not need 3 scatters like in usual slots, there is needed to get wild goblin or goblins on reel one, and chest on reel 5. This is very important to get as much goblins on first reel as possible, because from this depends multiplier for freespins features, for example if you get one goblin wild + chest - multiplier x 1, with 3 goblins wild and chest multiplier is x 3, and biggest possible multiplier for freespins feature is x 5, I get this multiplier couple of times, but like I said looks like this video slot pay not big, and it never was big pay day for me in this video slot.

Mostly I played this game in Club World Casinos group, at Lucky red I spent enough time in this slot because this casino have big bonuses. I remember only one decent hit, it was with x 4 multiplier freespins, and with 0.25 bet I won total after freespins about 70$. This is my best result, and usually features on this slot pay me 3 - 15 dollars, no more.
Icymod 758 reviews
Goblin's Treasure consists of your common video slot number of 25 paylines with the scenic Medieval view. I personally just favour the symbols like gems, a chained dragon, not much for the mushrooms and symbols that pay a weird random multiplier. This symbol is the most important in Goblin's Treasure, the Goblin Wild on the 1st Reel. They appear only in that reel as 1 goblin, 2 goblins 3, 4 or all 5 of the gang to being the best for 5x wins! For $1 a spin, base game wins are decent for $2.20 and wins like $3. It'll be less also for $0.48 or so. Castle Scatters gave me $2 for just 2 of them and I really like how they end up in my Free spins.

So, now let's talk about the feature! It's just the free spins Goblin Treasure has that rewarded me with 15 Free spins with a determined multiplier. How the multiplier will be for the entire free spins will depend on how many Goblin's I get in the 1st reel when I land this treasure chest on the last reel altogether. I always get 4 Goblins and 3 too on my usual. After my 15 Free spins at 4x, I didn't get retriggers though, but I did collect $26.40 for a few 4x wins, 2 scattered castles for $8 and 3 Trolls holding keys. What's more, I found 4 Cyclops (holding a club) and a treasure chest at the end for a $30 win after my finished free spins!!!

I forgot that the chest on the 5th reel is wild too. The free spins can only be nice if I get more than 1 goblin on my trigger! Epic music theme like danger is afoot, random wild leaving me curious every time and an unpredictable multiplier for hitting the feature!
When I'm getting unlucky or if the slot is being a jerk, I would receive 1 Goblin wild on the first reel and the treasure chest on the last reel for 15 Free spins at 1x. I can't do anything with these free spins except let it ride to the end. It's another way for me to spin the reels normally 15 times....I can't win big with these without a good multiplier! Retriggers too can also be hard!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Goblin’s treasure is a game I play often whenever I’m in some RTG casino. I noticed that there are no user reviews here at askgamblers so I decided to be the first. This is a standard 25 lines 5 reel slot. Minimum bet is 0.25 $ but I usually play at 0.75 total bet. This game helped me in achieving some big wins and has never failed me yet (I hope my luck won’t run out).

The graphic is good and I like the fact that it has no background constant music so I can listen to my favorite tracks while playing.The scatter symbol in this game is the Goblin’s Castle. Wild symbols are the Goblins and the Treasure chest. The Goblins appear only on reel 1 and substitute all other symbols except for the Goblins castle and the treasure chest. The goblins can come from 1-5 in this symbol and their number serves as a multiplier. So the maximum multiplier from this symbol is 5. The treasure chest appears only on reel 5 and a also substitutes all symbols except for the goblins and the Goblins castle. When the goblins appear on reel 1 and the treasure chest on reel 5 the free spins feature is activated.

This game has no classic bonus feature. The number of goblins that appear on reel 1 is the free spins multiplier. The good thing in this feature is that it can be re-triggered and you can get 10 extra free spins. I have to say that I won free spins on this game numerous times and I noticed one interesting fact. Whenever this feature is triggered the number of goblins is always 5. That means 5 times multiplier. I don’t know if that’s a unwritten rule in this game or just my luck but I can’t say that I mind.I can’t say that I had some very big wins here but usually at a bet of 0,75 $ I always get from 30 to 60 $.

This game has never lifted me up too high but it has never taken all of my money too. Overall 8 out of 10.

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