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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Maybe I'm just being damn blardy picky with Microgaming games, I really don't know, but this Flying Circus is yet another example of Microgaming game designers using a game title that doesn't actually relate to the theme at all! A flying circus is definitely not a circus up in the air, but one would relate it to a circus with things flying and swinging in the air within the circus, like a trapeze for example. No such thing in this Flying Circus though. Ah, what the heck, Microgaming may be one of the most popular game provider around, but certainly not to me, for so many reasons that I have mentioned at one time or another.

The Ringmaster is the Wild symbol and pays 5000x the line bet for 5 of him. For a Ringmaster, he sure is dumb! No doubling, no moving, no expanding, no nothing, just substituting. The Clown is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pay 100x the total bet, as to Microgaming's usual standard. 3 or more of these Scatters award a Free Spins game of 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier, and can be retriggered. Hmm. Wish I could get one of this so-called 'retrigger'! The only thing I ever got was like pulling a gun's trigger! The Lady symbol pays 1500x, the Elephant 500x, the Lion 250x, whilst the lower symbols pay from 150x down to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of them. Just an average paytable, so let's hope the actual gameplay could be better.

You won't find many Free Spins game that award 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier. They are usually 20 free spins with varying multipliers, some with just the standard 1x, some with 2x, and the higher variance games having a 6x or higher multiplier. Now these 6x and above multiplier free games are the more interesting games to play on, win or lose. It can break the casino's bank, it can break your own wallet, or it can even break your computer screen if things really got out of hand. So please, always keep the hammer in another land. Hahaha.

Okaay, so Flying Circus is an old game, the poor graphics I cannot really blame, the free spins are the only feature in the game, but my plays have been nothing else but lame. So who is to be blame? Ah, okay, just no luck, oh what a shame. Remember how I like to make fun of the 'retrigger' possibility? That in so many games I've played, that blardy thing I still cannot see? But in this instance, I'll have to jump into the sea, because one retrigger did come to me! Hahaha. Well, there wasn't a blue moon around that night, neither was there a red sun at sunset, so I was blardy surprised when a retrigger I did get. The one and only one in the Free Spins game that, but it paid me pretty well at 90x my total bet. But this is nothing big enough for me, by next week, even the game itself I may forget.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Flying Circus is a game that I have mixed feelings about. It is another game that is run by Microgaming software. With this game I managed to win a decent amount of money. I was feeling somehow lucky and had a really good vibe from the game so I have decided to raise my bet and I lost my money so quickly. I realized that this game will pay you a lot at the beginning just to lure you into raising your bets and then take all your money at once. So I cannot say that I will not play this game again in the future, but I am pretty sure it will not be any time soon.

This is a 5 reels 20 pay line game. Some of the most important symbols in this game are the Ring Master and the Clown in Canon. The Ring Master is the wild in this game. When he appears he can substitute the rest of the symbols, except the scatter to make a winning combination. The clown is named Coco and he adds to the excitement of this game. Some of the other symbols are Tanya, the Trapeze Girl, Grand circus, lion, and elephant.

If you hit 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels you retrigger the free spins. Not only that you get 25 free spins but you also double your wins. In this game it is great that the free spins can be retriggered any time, even the scatters can pay up to 100 x your bet. If you can hit 5 wilds during the free spins you can win the highest possible jackpot in this game of 200 000 coins. There are so many options to play this game. If you want, you can play between 1 and 20 coins per line and also you can choose from 7 different coin sizes. There are some other high paying symbols in this game, apart from the wilds and scatters. There is 1500 coin win if you get 5 girls and 500 coins win if you get 5 elephants.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flying Circus is I think an older Microgaming video slot game with 20 paylines and 5 reels. I was amazed by the unique atmosphere you get while you play this game. This game woke up some memories from my childhood when I enjoyed the shows of the Flaying Circus in my town.

The symbols here represent everything you can see on shows like that. Beside the animal symbols there is also a Trapeze Girl, Tent and the Ring master who is a wild and changes all of the other symbols. Can you imagine a circus without a clown? I can’t. Here he is a scatter symbol. The main characteristic of this game is that for 3 scatter symbols you get 25 free spins, but all of the spins come with a multiplier of only 2x win. I would like it more if they were on a higher 3 x multiplier. Especially because except for these free spins this game doesn’t offer anything else. That’s why I was a bit disappointed after the initial excitement from the atmosphere this game has to offer. Beside some big wins during the base play here you will only lose money. You can have some descent wins only in the free spins bonus. I had a chance to try this game 2 times so far.

The first time I was pretty successful. The free spins came very often. Still the last time I played it I had a big disappointment. First I got the free spins and had a win of over 100 x bet. Then I increased my bet and played on. Then nothing. OK here and there I would get some 10 x bet win but I was constantly losing money waiting for the 3 scatters and free spins. The incredible fact is that in about 500 spins I didn’t get the free spins bonus.

I recommend Flying Circus but I advise you to be extra careful with this game.
I played Flying Circus video slot made by Microgaming couple of times. I am not very like it, but this is very low variance slot, which is always interesting to play when you just do not want lose fast, and come to casino to kill sometimes, and not expect to win huge money. You could win of course at this game, but not insane amounts of money.

This slot game looks good; I like everything, not much to add. Also there is 20 paylines.

Base game here is not very interesting. This is due really low payouts. But for this you get 5 of kinds quite often, but it pays something like 5-10 x total bet, of course it is not that amount which will be interesting for you. There is a wild symbols on all reels, payout for 5 wilds is quite good one, maximum at this slot game, but wilds do not have any multiplier or feature, so just interesting if only you will get 5 of a kind wilds.

Freespins feature is great! I played it probably 10 times, and I never receive win less than 30x total bet or so. Just very stable, and when I get feature - I know that at least something I am definitely will get. If you get freespins within few first spin - you will make guaranteed profit. For 3 or more scatters anywhere game award 25 freespins with x 2 multiplier. Already decent, but freespins can be retriggered (have one retrigger only once).

My best result was after freespins feature - almost 100 x total bet, this was feature when I retriggered it. It is possible to win even more, but this is low variance game, do not expect huge wins, but for this you will have very stamble gameplay without big streaks.
There is nothing bad with this game, it is old, but very great!
Flying Circus
Circus is one of the most popular theme for slot games. Only Microgaming has at least two video slot games with this theme. Also all of the other popular software providers have at least one.

This game has 20 paylines. Earlier this was one of my favorite Microgaming games. I often played here. I've had my strategy for this game. I played with a minimum bet of 50 automatic spins. If I got the free spins bonus then I increased the bet. If I didn't get in these 50 spins then I would try again after some time. In fact I had the impression once you get to the free spins bonus here, then this game becomes generous and forthcoming free spins bonuses come after every few spins. Several times it has enabled me to have a great win. Afterwards, I had great disappointments for this tactic and I lost a lot of money. That was all at the beginning of my gambling career. Later I realized that you can not predict when the video slot game will be generous.

Since then, I have rarely played here. As for the graphics in the game it is satisfying. Flying Circus does not look something special, but it is visually attractive. I also like the sound. When it comes to the rules, they are extremely simple to understand. Here you have wild symbol that changes all the other symbols. We also have a scatter symbol and for these three symbols you get 25 free spins where wins are multiplied by 2. I like the number of free spins in the bonus but I would like the win then to be multiplied by 3. Then the cashouts from the free spins would be of course much bigger. If the video slot games had the rules by my ideas, then all of the online casinos would bankrupt 100%. In the end, I'm going to recommend the Flying Circus.
Flying Circus game powered by microgaming. What a stupid game. Honestly guys, it has bad pays, very bad drawings and stupid sound effects to end it all.

I played this game like five or six times and each time I got either five of a kind or a bonus. Yet I managed somehow to be down money. The pays are very small and even though the wild popes out a lot, it doesn’t pay much either.To get the bonus I had to get three or more clowns anywhere on the reels. That gave me 25 free spins with all wins doubled. A lot of these spins, and I mean a lot came out with no pay. Max I ever won on a smallest bet was around €20. Usually its around €15. I never managed to retrigger the free spins but i'm sure it would not make that much different.

Over all the game experience for me was very boring and unsatisfying. These days I don’t play this game at all and would never recommend it to anyone. The graphics are very bad and the clown freaks me out. He is like the mix of Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson. The sound effects actually suit this game and are horrible too. I don’t know who designs these games. There are literally billions of nice pictures and infinite amount of drawings that we can create ourselves, and they go for this stuff. Maybe there should be a competition to design a perfect slots game.

If I was to rate this game I would give it 4 out of 10. There are worst games than this and that’s why I stick to 4. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
There are a lot of slot games that are very fun to play and microgamig software offers the biggest choice of slot games. Flying circus is another microgaming slot that I play often. Actually after Avalon video slot this is my second most favorite microgaming slot game. Before the game begins you can watch a short movie as an intro to the game itself. I really like that.

Flying Circus video slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines and like in Avalon I the graphic isn’t modern but it’s pleasant to the eye and I personally like the colors with this game.

The designer that made the symbols really did a small master piece. Beside the classic poker symbols – A, K,Q, 10 and 9 there are also the trapeze girl, the elephant, white lion, tent, wild symbol that changes all the others is Ring Master and also the wild symbol doubles all your winnings. Another symbol that I like is the clown. The clown is the scatter symbol for this game. The maximum scatter symbols you can win is 5 and if you have 3 or more scatter symbols you get 25 free spins with x2 multiplier and during the free spins you can get more free spins. Sometimes you can get 3 or 4 free spins feature in a row. I also like the music during the free spins and sometimes I have a feeling that I’m really in a circus.

To sum up.
The graphic isn’t modern but I really like the symbols.
The sound is perfect.
Features – unfortunately Flying Circus is another microgaming slot that doesn’t have a classic bonus round but there are the free spins.
Overall – Flying Circus is a really fun game and I’m sure that you’ll like it very much. I recommend that you try and play this game.
Icymod 758 reviews
This is a very entertaining Circus themed slot that is Flying Circus. It's 20 Paylines with only free spins to the value of 25 at 2x multiplier triggered when 3 clowns appear. It's one of the most cost effective and fun video slots I managed to play on because I placed bets of $0.60 for a period of 25 spins then I have received Free spins that got me a nice $22 total win. I increased my bets to $0.80 to spin for a very long time until I gotten the 25 Free spins again for $46 total win.

If the free spins don't trigger when I think it should it sometimes offers itself with 4 scatters rather than 3 when a flurry of spins don't succeed in landing the feature. This is sometimes but not all the time. The super best experience I had with Flying Circus came when I finally placed $1 bets and again gotten the 25 Free spins at 2x that triggered 4 more times for 125 Free spins total! I was highly content by the way it happened again and again and not realising that I had won $176.80. I was more focused on the clowns to well wish there way to land 3 on a spin more than once. I received much more than what my expected outcome would be. The Ring Master wild just creates each free spin into a multiple prize win then a normal win without it. I'm just saying it's good to win when the Ring master lands in free spins even though it doesn't possess a shocking multiplier (It's just a normal wild).

This slot is a good way to wager bonus requirements, have cost effective wins for your money and is a great way to have fun! There are so many memories with this slot that I remember playing this............during Lent. I'm awful for that so please don't hold this against me.
The problems I discovered in Flying Circus is that the more free spins get triggered, the more frustrating it is to land them. It's just harder for example if about 3 to 6 Free spins triggers are found. You must also let this video slot grow on you for a while to get it's full potential happening for your bets. It's not a get rich quick slot but more of a "Slowly take your time" low variance slot!

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