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Deck The Halls Slot

Spin your way into Christmas cheer with Deck the Halls. This Microgaming classic is one of the most popular holiday-themed online video slots around. With stacked symbols and a massive free spins feature, it’s possible to win up to 2,400,000 coins on a single bet! Play for free on this page, or visit any of our indexed Microgaming casinos to play for real money.

Start a game of Deck the Halls with the available controls. Push the - and + buttons underneath the coin to adjust your base denomination. Click “Coins” to change the number of coins on each line. Use “Lines” to change the number of active paylines. Hit “Spin” to start, or press “Bet Max” to play with the highest possible bet of 300 coins.

With each spin, festive symbols like Reindeer, Ornaments, and Stockings will cascade down the reels. Santa, the most valuable symbol of all, is stacked. This makes it easier for him to appear in multiple winning combinations. The Deck the Halls logo is wild and will boost any win with a 2x multiplier!

If you’ve been a good boy or girl, you might be able to activate the Deck the Halls free spins feature. Just get 3 or more scattered Bells to start. The round comes with 10 free spins with all wins doubled. In addition to the standard stacked Santas, the Wild Logos will also be stacked! Wild wins come with even higher multipliers of up to 4x!

Game Play

-/+: Change your base coin size.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line.
Lines: Adjust the number of active paylines.
Spin: Begin the game.
Bet Max: Play with 30 lines, 10 coins per line.

Deck The Halls Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Unsurprisingly, "Deck The Halls" is not a wholly original game but a reskin of another Microgaming slot "Rhyming Reels - Queen of Hearts". I think that's okay in this instance because investing a great deal of time and money developing a brand new slot engine for a game that is only likely to be played around the festive season would be unlikely to be profitable. Also, because the games share little resemblance to one another graphically it's reasonable to assume only avid slot players like myself would even be aware of this fact unlike the cloned to death Break Away slot game that has been re-used countless times just to represent different sports.

There's one major element of the game that made me realise this was a clone and that is the stacked top symbols on all reels, in this case the santa claus symbol. I can't help but find this a little disappointing because I am so used to stacked symbols being the "wild", which unfortunately these are not, so you might well find yourself with a large number on screen and zero winnings which can be very disappointing.

Like other games with large numbers of lines, the paytable wins in Deck The Halls are not fantastic. I imagine this is a result of the 2x multiplier attributed to wins that contain a wild, which increases to 4x as a result of the additional doubling of wins during the free spins mode. It's nice to see stacked wilds during the free spins as well, which along with the stacked santas give the possibility of some enormous wins. It would be interesting to see a 243 ways version of this game.
The music quickly becomes grating - I doubt even the biggest fan of christmas will want to listen to this on loop during a long gaming session! I have to say I prefer Microgamings other big christmas game "Santas Wild Ride" to this one, but Deck The Halls is still worth a few spins especially at christmas!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
"Ho-Ho-Ho and it isn't even Christmas!" It can't be Christmas anywhere, not in July, but for this game's sake, let the times fly! Just imagine waking up on a cold Winter morning, the sun is already up and about, but hardly showing its shine, because the sky is crying snow, welcoming in a beautiful Christmas morning. Aah! Imagine the Christmas tree out in the living room, all beautifully decorated with lights, glittering balls, stars and whatnots, and the lovely presents under the tree, waiting to be ripped apart and bring joy and happiness. Just as Mr Bean would do, you too got out of bed and started jumping about in joy for Christmas! Hehehe.

A cheerful beginning for a cheerful seasonal game, although the timing is absolutely lame! Hahaha. But never mind. 'Deck the Halls' is the Wild symbol, pays 4000x the line bet for 5 of them, doubles all wins with it, but comes Stacked only in the Free Spins game, not in the base game. Oh, what a shame! Hmm, but at least Santa Claus comes Stacked in both base and Free Spins games, so that balances things up a bit. Those Jingle Bells is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet, and getting 3 or more of them awards 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Oh gees, that's way too little to celebrate a much-awaited annual festivity. Should have been 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier at the very least. Better still with a 6x multiplier as in some of the hotter games. Hotter games? Dang! No wonder it doesn't give that. It's a cold game! I mean, it's a cold weather game, don't wanna be lame, hehehe. But, everything is not too bad, because the Free Spins game can again be had, but a little dang hard to get! I never got any. Damn!

Santa Claus pays 1000x the line bet for 5 of him. What? Only 1000x? Fire that game designer! He/she couldn't even appreciate Santa Claus! Only 1000x, sheesh! The Christmas Tree pays 500x, the Fireplace pays 400x, the Turkey, I mean that delicious Roasted Turkey, pays 300x, and the Presents pay 200x, all as per line bet wins for 5 of each kind. All other lower symbols pay from 80x down to 30x the line bet. There are no other feature games besides the Free Spins game. That's the one and only. Damn! A disappointingly low paytable, I must say.

How about the game play itself then? Perhaps such a disappointing low paytable could still play well, or even play very well? Hmm. You've got that right to an extent. The many Free Spins games that I had were a mix of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Ugly - after over 500 spins, the accompanying Free Spins game paid only a blardy miserable 6x my total bet! The Bad - only 1 spin out of 10 free spins paid, for a 19x total bet payout, plus a number of Free Spins games that paid under 10x my total bet. "Ouch!" The Good - my best score to date is only 179x my total bet, but I'm sure there are plenty more good wins which have eluded me so far.
For a lively Christmas-themed game, the overall paytable sucks, my expectations of the game fell below par, but the overall game play was not too bad.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The only thing that I like when it comes to Deck the Halls video slot game is the theme. It is one of those Christmas themed slots with really nice vintage images and music. I usually play these games around Christmas. I do not like to play this kind of slots during the whole year, because it looks a bit unnatural to me.

I really like how the symbols are made of all the things that are typical for Christmas. So, on the reels you can find a Christmas tree, a Santa reading a letter, bells, dears and pine trees. Well those are the things that I really appreciate with this slot. I did not like how the game was treating me. I wanted to get some extra cash while playing this slot, hoping that the game will be generous but that did not happen. The feature that I disliked the most was the stacked Santa symbols. They appear very often but do not take part in any winning combination.

The free spins feature is another thing that is very disappointing. I played the game for awhile before I triggered the free spins. Initially I got 10 free spins with x 2 multiplier and all I won was 14.80 euros. Next time I got 10 free spins again and I retrigerred them and I got only 11.60 euros.
The payouts during the base game are so weak, so you do not have the needed balance to play and to wait for the free spins. It is so easy to trigger the free spins, or at least it was easy for me, but the wins were nothing more than 15 x bet. I did not have enough money to continue playing and I ended with a huge disappointing feeling at the end. I do not believe that I will play it again this Christmas.
Deck the Halls it is slot game made by Microgaming, not new of course, but still okay. You most likely played this game already, because I think it is quite popular one, especially nearly Christmas and New Year.

Game has good theme, good sounds, and symbols are ok too. I have no complaints how to game look, and also I want to admit that game perfectly reminder me about such great time like Christmas and New Year, yeah, this will be not soon, half of year to wait. Also there is 30 paylines.

During base game it is possible to have nice wins in this game, this is because best paying symbols (except wilds) are stacked on all reels, so if you get it - you in the money. Also wilds appear on all reels, have it own payout, which is good one, and also wilds double wins if substitute. Nothing bad to say about gameplay in this slot, everything done in good way, and unlikely it will be boring for anyone to play this game.

To trigger freespins feature, which is only one single feature in this game, you need to hit 3 or more scatters. You will be awarded with only 10 freespins with all wins doubled, but not need to underrate this feature, because during freespins wilds also become stacked, and this give this slot a chance to pay ultra high amount of money.

I had couple of great hits on this game. No monsters hits unfortunately, but couple of 100-300x total bets features. During base game I never was too much lucky, but had plenty of 30x - 50 x total bet wins. I like this slot, it has potential, it is not boring to play it, and everything is good! If only feature give not 10 spins but a little bit more, because 10 spins is just too low amount.
Well, everything is very good, but come on, 10 freespins is just too low amount!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Deck the Halls slot has a Christmas theme which I like very much. I played this game for the first time on tournaments and I didn't like it at first, probably because I had no wins the first few times. Today the games I love are mostly NetEnt and Betsoft which even if they don’t pay have my interest and emotions. If I find a screenshot with descent wins I will post it on AG. I had one last week but considering that I play a lot of tournaments my memory isn't fresh and I can’t remember which amount I won but the bet was a max 300 coins.

Christmas time is long gone but playing this game and winning you get a feeling of celebrating Christmas because all the symbols here are in the Christmas spirit. If you want to play this Microgaming slot without making a deposit I would recommend to try the free roll tournaments. This game is available in the Daily Free Rolls and the prize is 100 euros which is split among the top 5 players. This tournament is available in King Neptunes, River Belle, Epoca Casino, Lucky Nugget,Gaming Club. I found a screenshot but you wont see a stacked Santa Clause symbol, but the wins from last week on which I had this symbol I have no screenshots. The win you can see is 1600 coins on a 300 coin bet which is only 5x bet. I know it’s a bit miserable to put a screenshot like this but I didn't save any other and I just wanted to share the feeling of playing this Christmas slot. If you get 3 Christmas bells that means you are awarded with 10 free spins which can be retrigerred and all wins here are doubled. Deck the Halls symbol is stacked inside the free spins while the Santa Claus symbol is stacked in the base game and the free spins.

I like the game very much but not the expected payout ratio.
Because the Christmas was approaching, I decided to play a slot that has Christmas as the main theme and also that has interesting features and a potential for decent wins. This is a Microgaming slot, 5 reels and 30 paylines, I opened it and I was impressed because it has a nice and colorful theme, the symbols are designed very wisely but I think that they aren’t separated as it has to be. Anyway, I started to spin, the game is very smooth, no lag and it has a wild symbol and free spins feature. I triggered the free pins very fast, about 5 minutes passed, I won 10 free spins, all wins are doubled but the Deck the Halls symbol is stacked in free spins and has a 4 x multiplier. I was surprised to see that after 7 free spins played, paid me 12 euro and the 8th free spin, the 3 scatters landed again and gave me another 10 free spins. At the end of the 20 free spins, I managed to win 38 euro, a decent amount on a 0.30 euro bet!

This slot made my holidays better because I managed to win some nice money with only a 20 euro deposit and 2-3 hours of fun, I can say that the profit was 6 times the deposit amount, I recommend you to play this slot and I am very sure that I will come back to play again, obviously next Christmas!

The graphics will receive a 9 from me, it was a nice atmosphere when I played this slot and I have fun too!

The features aren’t so interesting but the free spins feature is present and is pretty good, so I will give an 8 for the features.
I have nothing bad to say about this slot!
paquito76 867 reviews
Deck the Halls is an unsophisticated Christmas game where we can play all of the specific symbols like Xmas tree, gift boxes, tree ornaments, turkey (though it’s not so ‘Xmas thing’ in my country), tree cones and all of them are very moody and nice illustration in themselves but for me somehow they can’t form a real unit and that’s why the overall impression of the appearance is not complete. I think the creators should have separated them more visibly on the screen because they just coalesce on the reels and can’t express their graphical effects. I’m saying again every single symbol would be very attractive in itself but if I examine the whole big picture the entire screen looks to me just an overall very colorful, overcrowded dollop, not to mention that playing the game in extended time it’s just getting more and more eye-bothering.

If I was critical about the appearance I have better opinions about game settings and features but there’s also one thing here which I can’t really understand. The second best paying symbol is Santa and a 5 of a kind type win with it is worth 1000 coins. The creators make it possible for this symbol to appear both in normal game mode and free spins in stacked format but because it has no additional function and it really can’t do anything than to pay by itself, and if I take into consideration that very rare times does that and at least the first three reels must be turned into Santas to take advantage of this plus function I really can’t see too much sense in this ‘feature’.

Theoretically, doing that with the special Deck the Hall symbol which serves the game as Wild is totally different story. First, a five of kind win with that will award us 4000 coins but if it doesn’t appear on the reels in that numbers it is still able to double the wins. This icon appears in stacked format during free games which is really the best part and most profitable segment of the slot.

We have to collect at least 3 Bell symbols in normal game (by the way this Scatter also has paying function and can reward us up to 100 times of total bet) then we’re awarded 10 free spins where all wins are counted by doubled value but if a winning combination contains one symbol of a stacked Wild that win is already multiplied by 4. The potential Jackpot of the game is also can be won here when the entire reel area is covered by stacked Wilds and depending on how many coins were used as bet (1-10) a real gorgeous grand prize can be ours up to 2.400.000 coins.

I really appreciate and like this free spin feature and I also won some by it but unfortunately this feature isn’t triggered that many occasions what I would consider ‘acceptable’ and otherwise the average paying tendency of the game is not too high. Maybe it’s just me but I think much more can be achieved by this game and I guess with a little fine tuning this product could be a real impressive and great game. I’m not saying it’s not an average or even a little better game but I see more potential (of course I don’t think here of the amount of Jackpot) which makes the game more entertaining and enjoyable.
valentin68 535 reviews
We the people who are from Europe, we probably do not know that “Deck the Halls” is the short for the command: “Decorate your Halls” which is given just before every Christmas to greet the arrival of Santa. I found the slot “Deck the Halls” after searching for about 30 minutes through all possible Microgaming casinos for a good slot, still unknown to me and promising much at the first look. And so it was!

The slot “Deck the Halls” brings into play the festive atmosphere that you feel only once a year. The “making” of the game is one of exception, and each symbol is so good graphical “drawn” that it is like you are in front of a Christmas tree loaded with surprises and everything shines. When you play here it is impossible not to leap of joy and every spin brings happiness.That is what I am talking about! Almost every two spins you receive a gift, and regardless of its value, every time you will resonate with the sounds of bells and orchestra music that accompanies it. Everything is perfect and so they should look all good slots: wins from the whole range of values and very frequent. The symbol that pays the most here is “Santa” and he always comes stacked so the slot will not let you lose too much, because at some point you will have 3 Santa on the same payline that will suddenly bring 6 Euros (for a bet of 30 cents). Maybe sometimes you will gather a minus of some 5-8 Euro, but it is impossible not to have an important win of 5-20 Euros from a single spin every 30-50 spins played.

The bells bring with them the Free Spins (it is pretty easy to get into Free Spins) and now you have also stacked Wilds. What can I say, after the first 150 spins I realized that I had 30 extra Euro in the balance, even if after the first 50 spins the lost was about 9 Euros. You just have to play enough and for sure “3 of a kind” major symbols will recover all your previous losses.

Finally I must say that the slot is so beautiful that it is the first time I forgot that I had to write a review, so I was caught by this specific festive atmosphere of Christmas. Thanks Microgaming for the joy you brought me!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
I felt a little strange playing this game with Christmas theme in the middle of August but it was worth it. "Deck the Halls" is another game developed by the prestigious company Microgaming, inspired by the magic of Christmas and especially designed to enhance the holiday spirit with the abundant use of red and very bright graphics. The background music is a beautiful carol and format of the slot is 3 x 5 reels and 30 paylines, with 10 bet levels and several coin values s to choose from.

The payouts seem rather small, but the wild symbols with 2 x multiplier are quite helpful, both during the base game and free spins round, where they can appear stacked. The rounds of 10 free spins are triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols represented by the image of a pair of golden bells. During the free spins all winnings are doubled, and magic in them is provided by the stacked wilds. The characteristic of stacked Santa Claus symbols do not seem very useful, but rather I think otherwise.

In the moments I've spent playing this game it seems have been somewhat generous to me because it allowed me to be victorious on several occasions. Every time I start to play usually start betting one coin of $ 0.01, increasing to two coins after a few turns if I am not happy with my results. I usually see pleasantly surprised with the activation of a round of free spins sooner than expected, and the truth is that I think to trigger this characteristic is not so hard at "Deck the Halls" as it is in other similar slots developed by the same company.

It is not a complicated game at all and I think that is perfect for playing at any time of year. I just have to extend the invitation to you try playing "Deck the Halls", and right now I am so immersed in the Christmas spirit than I almost leave wishing you a Merry Christmas:).

Best of luck.
yapro 790 reviews
Deck The Halls it is microgaming game which created few years ago, and i think this is very popular game at winter, near the Christmas, since game is perfectly suits this time of the year. Deck The Halls has 30 paylines and it is really interesting slot game to play, because it has stacked wilds on all reels and also multiply winnings by x 2. Also it is great that wilds appear quite often, and in theory it is possible to win big at this video slot. Here is possible to trigger free spins, 5 scatters award usual for microgaming x 100 total bet.

Free spins is something really great here, since all payouts x 2, and in free spins we have not only wilds stacked, but also best paying symbol stacked, so this is really great and can award huge amount of money. Once when i played this slot at 32red with 0.6 bet, i was able to achieve payout of 600 x total bet after feature. That was really awesome win, and i am was happy to make sweet withdrawal request. I try this game many times when play 32red casino and when i am tired of high variance games, and usually i have good results on this game. Game most likely will not show bad streaks of luck ,and will not fast your money like thunderstruck II and immortal romance can do this, but since it has some chances to pay really big in free spins, probably it can be good idea to choose deck the halls instead of this money eating 243 liners.

Medium variance game, which very well balanced and which can award really great multiplier to your total bet in free spins feature. Unlike many other similar slots here base game absolutely not boring, and it is pleasure to play both base game and free spins feature. Great game!
Deck the Halls game powered by microgaming. I like this game. I played it for the first time on Christmas holidays and I really enjoyed myself. It has a nice and relaxing gameplay with a Christmas feeling. I don’t play it all the times but when I pass by it I do click it sometimes and play.

There are 30 lines in this game and only one feature. This is a free spins feature and to get it you have to get three or more bells. The sound effects on this game are really cool and I like the sounds of the bells when they land. Once you do get the free spins you will be awarded with 10 free spins with all wins doubled. The wilds become stacked in the free spins and the wins are quadrupled.The thing about this game is the santas. They pay crazy amount of money and if you get them with wilds you are bound to get a lot of money.I usually bet €0.30 or €0.60.

For me personally this game pays better on the bigger bet. I won around €60 maximum on a €0.60 bet and I only got three santas on few lines. I think this game has a really good potential to pay big. Because it has so many lines and big pays are stacked this game is very popular. I would recommend this game to everyone. Give it a shot and you might win big. I am still waiting for a massive win and I know its going to come out some day. If I was to rate this game I would give it 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
I have many seasonal favorites video slot like the deck the halls. I started to play in the Christmas Eve last year because the theme was actual. I get some exclusive match offers so I decided to wager my bonus on that video slot. It has 30 lines and a great free spin feature. Even the free spins are comes out a few times it can give big cash prizes.

First when I played here I thought the stacked Santa Claus is the wild symbol but later I realized it is only a scattered symbol with high value and the deck the halls logo is the original wild. That symbol is double your win when it appears in a winning combination. The Santa Claus appears many times but I didn’t lucky enough to get at least three of them so it worth nothing. In the base game I wasn’t lucky enough to get valuable winnings but I didn’t lose much money on it.

After I played an hour in a row in there finally I get the free spin feature. I have to trigger three of the bells to start the feature. That function is the best way to get valuable winnings because it has a standardtwo times multiplier and the wilds here stacked and has 4 times multiplier. The Santa Claus symbol is stacked here and the base game too. I started my free games but I didn’t won much from it. When I finished my free games I get the three bell again on my next spin. That was much better, I get some stacked wilds with good combinations and when I finished my second free spins I had a serious profit. From this time I played here once or twice but it didn’t want to gave out the free spins and I have to left the slot with deficit.
Deck the Halls is slot game that comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines. It has been developed by Microgaming.

You can bet from 0.01 to 0.05 coins per line. With maximum coins up to 300. This is themed game associated with the Christmas holidays, but i'm not going to dwell on it because the guys before me have explained thoroughly. The two main symbols to be aware of in the game are the Deck the Halls logo that represents the wild symbol and the Bell scatter symbol.

The wild symbol, can be used to substitute for other symbols and doubles the payout of any of those combinations.

The scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on the five reels. When three or more of these scatters appear anywhere on the reels, it immediately activates the Free Spins Bonus game, which brings ten free spins, during which time all the wins are doubled. Also, five scatters anywhere on the five reels affords a multiplier win, where the total coins bet are multiplied by 100. You'll be able to re-activate the free spins if they hit three or more scatter symbols across the reels during their free spins. The Santa symbol can be stacked in the main game and the Free Spins Bonus Round. and if you are lucky to have three or more of them from left to right you can make a big gain.

Maybe i have not played much of this game to hit more than three Santa symbol,so i can't tell you how much exactly you can win,but you can do the math five of them are 1000 times.

I think the game has very good opportunities for a gain, but the truth is that i really don't like the graph.Maybe the graphic is very simple,maybe we're spoiled by the other video slots with better graphics and animations. I don't know but i prefer to play games except for gain but for fun.When i play this game i'm bored very quickly. This is my opinion and i can give to the game 4 from 10.
Deck The Halls is one of those Christmas themed type of slots from Microgaming. I believe Microgaming has a couple of them now, and releases like one new Christmas slot every year like they did this year. There is nothing wrong with Christmas, but these type of slots usually don't appeal to me during other months. I find myself only playing them during Christmas.

Not sure about the other online casino players. This year around Christmas I played the Deck The Halls slot quite much. 32Red included this game in a lot of its free spins promotions. This game has 30-paylines and 5 reels.

All symbols are made up of those typical Christmas attributes, like turkey, pine trees, dears, bells etc. The graphics are a bit old fashioned and boring, but the Christmas melodies do make up for it. Overall it definitely makes it fun to play around Christmas.

Apart from those free spins sessions at 32Red, I used to play this game on average with a €0.90 bet. The maximum win is 2,400,000 coins, but I have never even came remotely close to that lol. Seeing Icymod's review I can totally agree with him when he says the stacked Santa symbols are annoying and very rare.

They usually block other possible wins by taking on the whole reel very often. I only had a three of a kind a few times of the Santa symbol, and only thanks to a complementing wild. The game also features a bonus round, which can be activated when hitting 3 or more bells (scatters).

But even this seems also very hard to do. I've only managed to get to the free spins round a couple of times. During the 10 free spins the wild symbol is stacked and every wild win is multiplied 4x. My first two free spin sessions were pretty much disastrous. I didn't even win more than 5x my bet size.

All that waiting and getting left with a huge disappointing feeling. Other free spin rounds I've experienced were paying 20x, 30x bet size on average. I'd say the Santa symbol is the most annoying out there. Since it almost seem impossible to line up for a five of a kind, and blocks other winnings.

Final rating for Deck the Halls is a 5.5/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Deck the Halls is not that great of a deal in my opinion. Deck the Halls is a 30 Paylines slot definitely designed for the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! If Microgaming can make a Christmas slot will they make a New Year's video slot too? This video slot is for the purpose of Christmas in which I have no problems with but the real problems that stem to this video slot are the high paying Santa Claus stacked symbols. More often than once it would appear stacked on the first reel.

At first I thought I will finally be getting 3 Santa Claus symbols but then I didn't and I find that it was just there to block out the reels from getting a payout. Sometimes these symbols can come on the first 2 reels and then bam nothing for the third to get a least 3 combinations of them. I have also experienced these Santa Claus stacked symbols block the middle reel (3rd) where I can't get a match on other symbols. That as well as a scatter showing up on reel 3 preventing a 5 of a kind combination are some of my pet peeves in a slot! It is also rare to find 3 Santa Claus symbols with or without a 2x Wild to land on a spin. It often appears as a broken combination for me. What might be interesting to know is the 10 Free Spins at 2x can be fair to average at best.

You can expect to gain around $5 - $20 on a $0.90 triggering bet or more if those symbols will cooperate very well on every spin! If they don't then less than $5 would be the answer. Did I mention there are stacked wilds for better chances of hitting symbols? This is just one of the many slots that can use only a little bit of attention on my part. The most I can win in free spins are an average $15 or less. It is sometimes hard to have stacked wilds land where you want them to be or to have them appear to fill up a combination. I wouldn't suggest anything about this slot because I only visit this slot less than "sometimes".

This slot would rank at a 5.4 out of 10!

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