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Get in touch with your natural side as you venture into the wild side of Egyptian culture. In Crocodopolis, appease the ancient Gods and make your way into their pyramids to score great fortune. See how it all works by playing on our website for free. If you're in the mood for real money play, just register at any reputable Microgaming casino.

Begin your gameplay by selecting how you want to bet. Click the - and + buttons by Lines to change the number of active paylines. Do the same thing by Bet to adjust the wager per line. Click Max Lines to activate every payline. When you're ready, press Spin.

During the course of the game, players have several opportunities to turn this ancient Egyptian land into a personal goldmine. The wild Crocs greatly enhance your line wins, with various powers being unleashed depending on which reel they appear on. Get three or more scattered Pyramids to turn on the 12 free games with a 2x multiplier. Best of all, these free games can even be retriggered.

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Lines: Change the number of active paylines.
Bet: Change the bet per line.
Max Lines: Activate every line.
Spin: Begin the game at the selected bet.

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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
We've all heard and seen many kinds of Wilds that can do many different things in a game. Expanding Wilds and Stacked Wilds are more or less common. Jack and the Beanstalk has the 'Walking Wild' but the Invisible Man made it walk both ways instead of just right-to-left. Playboy's Wilds prefer to do running. Robin Hood shifts its Wilds. DJ Wild made its Wilds go up, down, left or right. Starburst gives birth to twin Wilds. Crocodopolis, well, this is the first time I had to 'Slide a Wild' and put it in a predetermined position for my spins. Just to make playing slot games more wilder I guess.

This 'Slide a Wild' feature requires you to choose a reel where you want the Wilds to appear for every spin. Once a reel has been chosen, any Wilds can only appear on that reel and do what that reel has predetermined it to do. Reel 1 has single Wilds that double wins. Reel 2 has single Wilds that triple wins. Reel 3 has an Expanding Wild with x1 wins, Reel 4 has an Expanding Wild that triple wins, and Reel 5 has Stacked Wilds for every spin that triple wins. Your choice of reel can be changed at any time before a spin. Sounds good right? Yes, but where you locate the Wilds to appear affects the payouts and game play of Crocodopolis. I found this out by experimenting with each and every reel position. Wilds on reels 4 and 5 give payouts rarely but any payouts are generally much bigger. So pick your choice carefully before you even begin to play Crocodopolis!

The Crocodile is the Wild symbol, doesn't pay anything for itself and substitutes all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Pyramid is the Scatter symbol, appearing only on reels 2, 3 and 4, and getting all 3 of them awards 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Wins with Wilds therefore varies from 3x (2x+1x), 4x (2x+2x) or 6x (3x+3x), depending on which reel the Wilds are appearing. Free Spins can be retriggered. Yeah, right! Symbols in the game pay from 5000x the line bet down to 100x the line bet. A good paytable for a change!

As I've said earlier, where you choose to make the Wilds appear makes a lot of difference to the game play. On reels 4 and 5, I would say about 80% - 90% of the time, the Wilds would hardly make any wins. The most frequent would be on reel 3, where wins are not multiplied, with reels 1 and 2 being in between. I can't say which of the reel positions I like best, but I tend to prefer reel 2 and 5. Any win on Reel 5 are 5-of-a-kind wins and are tripled, offering the biggest payouts amongst the 5 choices!

My many plays on Crocodopolis have seen both sides of the coin - the good side and the bad side. I've seen more than 600 spins without any Free Spins game, and the one that came after that long dry run paid nothing more than 20x my bet, making a huge drain of my credits balance. My best win is only 254x as yet, but bigger wins are definitely possible, which have eluded me thus far. Perhaps you can be more lucky on Crocodopolis. It's a pretty good game to play.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The first thing I have noticed when I started playing Crocodopolis were the creepy crawlies in the background, I did not see that as a nice addition to the slot. This is a 5 reels and 25 pay lines video slot game from Microgaming software. This slot is unique because it offers a unique feature called Slide a wild.

Initially I have started playing with a higher bet of 1 euro per spin. Very soon I realized that it was not a smart move. 100 spins later I was almost 50 euros down so I decided to lower my bet. I did not see any potential at this game, but I did want to see the free spins round. So I continued playing with 0.50 euros bet because if I continued to play with a higher bet I will lose all my money very fast. I needed 3 scatter symbols to get 12 free spins with x 2 multiplier but that did not happen.

The only thing that makes this game interesting is the Slide a Wild feature. This means that you can choose on which reel you would like to have some additional value. So, if you get a wild on the first reel you will have all your wins multiplied by 2. On the second reel the wild will multiply your wins by 3. On the third reel the wild will expand and it will cover the whole reel. On the fourth reel it will not only expand and cover the whole reel but it will multiply your wins with x 3. The last one is the most interesting and it applies to the fifth reel. You will have the whole reel wild with x 3 multiplier and the wild does not have to appear at all. I chose the third one, because there were some good wins but not enough because most of the time I was not getting anything on the first two reels.
paquito76 867 reviews
Crocodopolis is a very, very strange game for me for two reasons. This is the most universal slot game I know as I played with it at SkillOnNet powered casino (EUCasino), Microgaming platform (Gaming Club) but Jetbull associates it to NYX (NextGen) while lists it as Amaya product. Actually it doesn’t really matter as the game is the same everywhere (well it’s almost the same as somewhere the gambling feature is available while somewhere there is no such option).

Secondly, this product is another fine example how I could go wrong at times with my prediction and imagination as regards the theme of a game just by reading its name. Maybe it sounds stupid but I really think this is a funny, animal slot where Crocodile is the main character and…

Actually, this slot commemorates to the ancient Egyptian city named Crocodilopolis (yes, Google and Wikipedia are good friends of mine) and of course the game deals with that rich culture. Anyway, the graphics of the game are quite solid and the used symbols like scarab, parchment, Ankh emblem, pyramid are all nice illustration but I don’t like too much the background image of the game where we can see just desert and sand because I believe something more specific Egyptian related depiction would have been much more appropriate to symbols and I’m sure that could have increased the overall visual experience.

The most unique and I guess the most entertaining feature at this 25-payline slot is the Slide a Wild option which means we can determine on what reel Wild express its power (and it appears only that reel) which is different by reels. If we select the first reel the value of each winning combination with Wild is doubled, on the second reel the wins are tripled. Moving the slider above the middle reel means that every appearing Wild on that reel may become Expanding Wild is a win is available by this move and Wild do that same on the fourth reel plus triples the wins while choosing the last reel for Wild transform automatically the other two symbols on the reel into Wild while the wins multiplied by x3.

It’s really great and imaginative idea giving freedom for players to control, influence gameplay by this method and at the same time it also offers players to choose the Wild function which fits bets to the play style and maybe make the player believe to be able to outmaneuver the slot and take advantage of this possibility. Personally, I have never used the last two options because there’s less chance for Wild to show its capability and I usually achieve the best results if I set the slider to the second and third reels and never do that to one reel for long time and I like to interchange it between them.

The other feature the slot offers is the traditional free game bonus which is activated by 3 Pyramid, scatters on the middle reels and we get 12 free games where all wins are counted by doubled value. This is a very ordinary side game in every aspect so the usual result at the end of the bonus is neither terrible nor excellent and the exciting and entertaining factor is so-so there (unless the best paying 5 of a kind type win is completed which is normally worth 5000 times of line bet but here naturally it is also doubled and in that situation we surely can feel that this is the best free spin feature in the world).

Based on my successes and of course fiascos with the game I can say this is a very dependable product as I have never experienced that they would have been disproportionately unbalanced in long term. With decent looking and good working system the slot is overall rock solid and with the great Slide a Wild feature is also can offer something real interesting thing which does good for the playing experience. In my book basically this is a good game and even if probably it’s not going to be my favourite slot but I wish I could never play worse game than Crocodopolis in the future.
Crocodopolis it is another slot game in portfolio of Microgaming, but game is not developed by them. Same developer as for many other games in Microgaming portfolio, including Doctor Love, Venetian Rose, Enchanted Mermaid, and many more.

Symbols at Crocodopolis looks a bit old, I think this is quite old slot game. But still nothing bad to my eyes, I am OK with what I saw at this slot game. Sounds also can be better of course, but you could just switch off it if you really do not like it. There is also 25 paylines in this slot game.

Crocodopolis is quite unique slot. Why? Because it is gives to players a choice, which wilds they want. You could choose slider on any from 5 reels. On first reel there will be regular wild with x 2 multiplier. On second reel croco wild will have x 3 multiplier, on reel 3 if you pick - you will have expanding wild, on reel 4 you will have expanding wild and x 3 multiplier for it, and lastly on reel 5 you always will have all wilds + x 3 multiplier (wild reel). Option 4 and 5 are quite amazing, and I am usually pick this feature. I do love wild reel 5(it is just always wild and moreover x 3 multiplier.

Freespins can be triggered by 3 scatters; it lands only on 3 middle reels. You get 12 FS with all prizes tripled when get 3 pyramids. Btw FS can be retriggered, so not so bad at all. Especially with my favorite option for slider - wild reel 5 and x 3 multiplier. Just get any symbols on payline on first reels - and you get nice payout.

Unfortunately I never break x 100 total bet mark on this slot, but most features paid me between 50x-100x total bet, and this is not bad at all.
Not very interesting because you can choose only one feature for wilds...
gordontan 70 reviews
Crocodopolis is another slot game that i have tried so far. This slot game is a piece of product of Amaya Software.I should say that Crodocopolis is quite a great game with an over-exploited theme which is about the ancient Egypt.To be truthfully speaking, the Crocodopolis is virtually the same as other slot game which remains a 5-reel, 25-payline slot, it keeps all the same characters like the picturesque crocodiles, styled to look like Egyptian pharaohs, ancient scrolls, Egyptian crosses,even the features are almost all the same as it still has the unique and interesting Slide A Wild feature which gives players a chance to choose their own type of wild and allows them to have their say in how they win as well as regular scatters that trigger free spins with multipliers.

When we talks about slot game, definitely availability of special features is a must, you can see Crocodopolis with its simple and straightforward graphics would not stand a chance because its graphic is just normal and barely acceptable. However, thanks to the fact that its creators have an innovative approach to creating games, it may turn out to be one of the most beloved titles of such theme. As mentioned above, its biggest advantage is the unique, Slide a Wild feature, which allows players to choose their favourite type of wilds, represented by pharaoh crocodiles, it is a different one on each reel. So, if they choose the crocodile wild on reel 1, they will get a doubled prize when the wild takes part in a winning combination; the crocodile wild on reel 2 will triple the prize won with its help; if you choose the one on reel 3, whenever the wild appears, the whole reel will be turned wild; on reel 4, the reel goes wild and prizes are tripled, whereas on reel 5, you get stacked wilds. In addition to this feature, there are also standard scatters in shape of a pyramid, three of which will trigger a round of 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The crocodiles picked in the triggering spin remain the same during the free spins, so here’s another reason why it’s important to choose carefully.It’s worth considering carefully which wild you’ll choose, as the prizes brought by them can sometimes be quite nice. You need to be tactical and try to predict the possible outcomes and try to bet bigger when you think the preferred outcomes will appear in next few hands.

Finally, you can take an extra step and risk your winnings once again in the second screen Gamble feature. Here you can choose whether you want to double or quadruple your winnings by picking the right color of the next card or its suit, respectively. But be careful – one wrong step and your hard-earned winnings will be gone. From what I see ,this Crocodopolis is quite a challenging slot game because you are highly exposed to risk and this will be a good chance for you to learn how to improve your risk management skill in future.
Crocodopolis is a game powered by microgaming. This game is not for me. I don’t play it much, but when I do play it I get nothing at all or a tiny win. Once at the beginning I got a huge win and that was the end of it. This game is different from others and has a chance to pay big but for me it has not paid out.

This is a 25 line game with one feature and a slide a wild feature. Before you start playing you can select reels and on each reel wild awards a different multiplier. On the third reel the wild expands and on the fifth it covers the third reel and multiplies it my 3. This is my favourite place to put the wild because when you get five of a kind your win is tripled. Even if you get one of the lowest wins on the smallest bet you make good money.

My usual bet on this game is €0.25 or €0.50 and max win I got was five scarabs with wild at the end on a €0.25 bet. That paid out €60. This was right when I started playing this game and till now I haven’t won anything over €18. I have probably lost around €100 on this game. If we count the €60 that I won, I’m still down money.To be honest I don’t really like this game. I don’t like the graphics; the sound effects are very average and overall are nothing special.

There is also a free spins feature in this game and you get that when you get three or more pyramids on the 2,3, and 4 reels. It is very hard for me to get this bonus. I get two all the time but the third one never comes out. Max I ever won on this feature was €16. I would not recommend this game but I also would not say that it’s bad. It could pay crazy, but not for me. If I was to rate it I would give it 5 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Irine 232 reviews
Crocodopolis is an exciting slot of Microgaming platform that has a theme of early ancient Egypt history. What's the surprising part of my playing here is that i won a big amount of money in the year of 2013. This 5 reels 25 paylines slot has rewarded almost $300 for their 12 free spin that has a multiplier of 2 so when i bet 0.10 for 25 lines iv'e got a total bet of $2.50. Fortunately iv'e got the two slot bonus feature for that my very lucky spin the wilds and free spin. If we will calculate the total amount my winnings that will be $300+ something! My preference playing this game is that they're Microgaming based slot and also it has a maximum jackpot of $15K approximately!

All of the Egyptians relic are there including the king of Egypt the Pharaohs! The Crocodopolis innovative and creative theme bring to the heart of ancient Egypt while i'm playing. All of the graphics and design including layouts were also a great deal to their slot! The sound effects and the animation of the game are exactly incredible! Unlike the other slot that can't match the theme and music. I don't know if this is the first that came out because i saw a slot that's like of this on Skill Net slots? Never mind we all know that there are many the same graphics slot that exist there what ever platform it is.

I would like to admire this slot because of their nice theme and the people behind the making of this slot. The symbols of wild feature was a great match for the theme and the making of it. The scatter where the animation of the pyramids takes place when it's trigger and and you'll be rewarded 12 free spins. Playing the free spins was so nervous and even though the bonus was 2x multiplier. The game itself was tranquil for players. I will give 9/10 to this ancient slot lol.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Crocodopolis is one of my favourite EVER slots! I love this little crocodile. And he has bought me many, many small fortunes over the last two years. He's done me proud.

This slot is a very respectable 25p a spin, I usually start playing it at 50p a spin, but prefer to play it at £1.25 a spin. When your placing these kinds of bets then your going to be racking in the £300+ spins. He can be a right stubborn crocodile though and if he doesn't want to pay out he won't, so be careful of that and make sure your keeping a close eye on your bankroll because it can rinse it as good as looking at you!

Like I said its a 25 line slot and it has a great feature. You get to pick which reel you want to place your wild. Each reel carries a different multiplier and the wild changes providing which reel you put it on. Both the first and second reel the wild appears just as a normal wild symbol but gives you a x2 and a x3 multiplier. If you place it on the middle reel its a stacked wild and it's also stacked on reel 4 but with a x3 multiplier. However if you place it on the 5th reel, this makes the 5th reel a constant stacked wild with a very respectable x3 multiplier. Obviously this is ultimately the best reel to put your wild but what you have to bear in mind is your then looking to achieve a five of a kind in order to get your win. But even the lowest of the paying symbols at five of a kind is then tripled giving you a guaranteed big win. I only recommend playing your wild on the fifth reel when you have lots of money to play with.

My favourite reels to place the wild are reel 2 and 3. I change my reels every few spins.

I love, love this slot and when placing a rating on it I give it 11 out of 10!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hello boys and girls.When it comes to Microgaming slots one of my all time favorites is a Crocodopolis video slot.Every microgaming powered casino i play i tend to open this slot at least once if i see it in games list of course.I love to play this slot especially when i have big wagering requirements because i always get nice return and free spins are very easily triggered.

Free spins are triggered when three pyramid scatters appear in 2, 3 and 4 reels,winnings on free games have two times multiplier and if you are lucky you can retrigger free spins.Second great thing about Crocodopolis slot is the slide a wild option.You can move crocodile wild symbol on all five reels and it is up to you how much you want to win when you get wild symbol.I always set it up on third reel on which it expands so i win some penny's with each spin.That is very convenient when wagering requirements are big.If you want to get two times multiplier you need to set up sliding wild on reel 1,and if you want to earn even more like three times multiplier with wild you set it to reels 2,4 and 5.When i think even more about this slot i really cant remember anything bad about it.

Theme is old Egyptian which i enjoy,it has 25 pay lines which is also great.It is in my opinion an old school slot not too fancy but interesting enough to keep you going for hours.As for the payouts i also had a very good profit on Crocodopolis slot.I remember in one casino this was the only game i played and i managed to wager 400 euros with 20 euros no deposit bonus so its a pretty amazing game.One thing i would not recommend doing when playing on this slot is double up feature because it is very hard to figure out the color of next drawn card.

To conclude my review i will rate this slot in 3 categories.First is payout and for that i give it 10/10,second is fun i had playing on it and that i rate 10/10 and final rate goes for win big bet small possibility and that is not so high i rate it 7/10
Crocodopolis is another great slot from Skill On Net which has been adopted by Microgaming. Some online casinos apparently tend to offer this game through Microgaming's Quickfire solution. I've only experienced this game on Skill On Net platforms though. After reading IcyMod's review I perhaps have to be more critical of this slot, since clearly it also has a few disadvantages of which I never really paid attention to.

This slot offers up to 25 paylines and 5 reels. Skill On Net never been shy of unique features, and doesn't disappoint with Crocodopolis. The unique feature I'm talking about is the "Slide a Wild" feature. It allows you to choose on which reel you would like a wild to have some additional value when it appears.

However, the function and benefits this wild can offer differs for each reel. I will highlight the benefits per reel here below real quick:

Reel 1: Wild will multiply your winnings with 2x multiplier.
Reel 2: Wild will multiply your winnings with 3x multiplier.
Reel 3: Wild will expand to cover the whole reel when it appears.
Reel 4: Wild will expand to cover the whole reel and apply a 3x multiplier.
Reel 5: The whole reel is wild and applies a 3x multiplier without the need to have the wild appear.

I always chose for option 3 because I saw a lot of winning combinations during the base game. However, like IcyMod mentions - putting the wild on reel 5 does have one con I never really thought of, which is having less chance to trigger the free spins by collecting 3 or more pyramid symbols.

When I played this game at a bet size €1.25 I did manage to trigger the free spins multiple times though, but I never went for reel 5. I'm not that optimistic to think a 5oak will just happen. When you trigger the 3 scatters, you will get 12 free spins and a 2x multiplier. My bet win during the free spins is €155 thanks to a 5oak and a few smaller wins.

This game is different but you just have to dig the idea to like Crocodopolis.

My final rating for Crocodopolis is an 8/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Crocodopolis is not the type of video slot I would be kind enough to play on a daily basis.

Okay first the good side of this video slot. It has 25 paylines so from there I had no problems with, then a feature that on first impression I thought was really good until my mind changed on why I dislike it even more! I will tell you this feature in a bit.

Continuing forward from my experiences having this slot pay out seems to be a little bit reasonable. I do know that Crocodopolis didn't exist in Microgaming casinos before but was with those SkillOnNet casinos....until SkillOnNet invaded Microgaming. My opinions expressed to this move don't appear to be negative for more slots are a good long as they are of good quality! The Bad news for this slot is there are five "Slide a Wild" options for me to choose from. Some of them I can agree on while others gave me a reason to disagree them entirely. The reason comes from the option to slide the wild to the last reel where the Croc wild fills everything in that reel to triple anything that connects them. It is this reason that it blocks the chance to hit 3 scattered pyramids for 12 free spins!!! I must ask the players what is more important? A five of a kind win(s) tripled to your very eyes OR 12 Free games doubled for the duration of the feature? Now because there are more than just one wild options the most I believe is "in the middle" of everything is one that is on the 2nd Reel to get 3x win on the wild should he appear to substitute. My second choice leans on the 3rd Reel option for an expanded wild. I wouldn't recommend this slot but would rather play Ramesses Riches instead even if it's a 20 Paylines slot.

I find this slot to be a 6 out of 10! Those pyramids can be a real pain! when trying to trigger them even with two coin bets!

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