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Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Reviews by Players


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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
Knight in a shining armor is a knight that doesn’t fight a battle and that applies to the Coat of Arms because the slot doesn’t show any insipid and fight for righteousness that makes your winnings plentiful! Well, that makes any sense right? It must because the Coat of Arms slot gives a valiant payout!
Started as a small bankroll of $50 and a betting size range if $0.01 - $0.05 per line this 5 reels and 25 paylines slot was loaded with wilds and on occasion like hitting a 40 normal spins you will get the 3 scatter golden shield that serves 15 worth of free spins!

The free spins from the golden shield were gallant and you only need to be patient waiting for it to trigger because the slot sometime feels tedious! Classic bonus features for the white/black knight and a free spin from the golden shield will make your credits increase in no time! Even if you don’t always get the golden shield that awards a bountiful 15 free spins the minimum 2 symbols of white knight will be there to make you rewarded for your loyalty! With my spin of $1 or $0.04 per line it accumulated 400x from just the white knight as it was my big win! The factor was the re-spin feature of white knight!

The golden shield on the other hand gave a standard 15 free spins and a sub-feature where you can get five golden crowns to have another free spins. I usually got $50 from free spins from a $0.50 per spin. The normal game was better because of the white and black knights if I were to compare them. This features can’t be trigger if the free spin from the golden shield was running.
The Coat of arms doesn’t have a side feature like win-win or a trigger feature they’re more better if they have it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Medieval history and historical figures were always my passion. I don’t believe that there is a person in the world who hasn't heard about King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. Representing the constant struggle between good and bad and having Camelot as their stronghold they have laid the foundations to a better world and a better tomorrow following the basic human principles of honor and helping others.

Coat of Arms is a nice RTG slot that represents the good and the bad through the two main symbols in this game. The Dark knight and the White knight. Despite what they represent they are both very welcomed to land on the reels of this great slot game. The White Knight is the scatter symbol of this game and the Black one is the wild. The white knight has been a bit popularized because he can trigger one of the free spins feature. If 2 or more of these symbols land anywhere from left to right you will get up to 10 re-spins. During the re-spins the initial symbols stay where they were and provide scatter wins. Only scatter symbol provides a win in this feature. If 5 White knight symbols land all reels re-spin for 10 times on the initial scatter position. 5 scatters give you a 200 bet so you can have some really big wins here.

The most I have gotten from this re-spin feature was 4 scatter symbols and a total win of 40 x bet on 5 re-spins. Still a great feature if you play on a higher bet. The second feature is triggered when 3 symbols with a shield land on reels 1, 2 and 3. This feature comes more rarely an you get 15 free spins with a an increasing multiplier for every 5 free spins up to x 4. A crown symbol can land on reel 3 and serve as an extra wild and if you get 5 of these during free spins you will get another 5 free games.

Given all of the above this game can have some really big payouts if you are lucky enough to win some of the features on a higher bet. I have noticed that the feature come more often when I play on a 0.80 or 1 dollar bet rather than on small bets. Considering the features and the good graphic I would recommend this game to everyone.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Medieval themed games is another genre that I like very much, including movies. A 3D movie-based game of this genre would simply be awesome, but none that I know of so far. Coat of Arms is a nice game with nice graphics and standard RTG sound effects. Hopefully one day RTG can come out with a new 3D Medieval-themed game with excellent graphics to match or better NetEnt’s or BetSoft’s amazing quality. 1 star down.

Not too bad the paytable, with 5000x line bet maximum win value, which doubles up to 10000x when won with the Black Knight Wild, but the Wild symbol doesn’t carry any win in itself. Too bad. The White Knight, the Scatter symbol, pays 200x total bet, which is not bad, and the other symbols have satisfactory win values too, but still not up to expected levels, so 1 star down.

Where game features is concerned, Coat of Arms has nothing much to offer, except for 2 variants of free spins feature game. Firstly, the White Knight Respins feature, whereby the 2 White Knights on reel 1 and 2 are held while the other 3 reels respin up to 10 times. If 5 White Knights triggered the free spins, all 5 Knights will respin and reappear on the reels for up to 10 respins, for a maximum win of 2000x the total bet amount! Only the White Knight symbols pay in this respins feature game. But of course, getting 5 White Knights to trigger the respins is almost mission impossible, I would say, but getting 5 of them in the respins is possible. Secondly, the 15 free spins feature game, triggered by 3 Golden Shield symbols on reel 1, 2 and 3. Wins in the first 5 spins pay 2x, in the next 5 spins pay 3x and wins in the last 5 spins pay 4x. Good, but not exciting enough. 1 star down.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty hard to get the 15 free spins feature game. When I finally got one, the spins were not paying most of the time, but the total wins paid out finally came to about 70x my total bet, which was pretty good. At other times, the payouts were mostly below 30x my total bet amount. The White Knight Respins, on the other hand, were slightly easier to come by but hardly paying much, with only 2 or 3 White Knight symbols appearing in each respin. Getting 4 of them was hard enough, not to mention about getting 5 of those White Knights! I haven’t seen or got that yet, which left me frustrated most of the time. 1 star down.
Icymod 758 reviews
Coat of Arms is your typical medieval novel regarding a world of Knights battling each other in a jousting match. The good White Knight versus the Evil Dark Knight. These two symbols have given me their advantages during my spins because one, the white knight gets a feature which I will speak about in a bit and two, the Dark Knight being the most useful in Coat of Arms, as the Wild for every symbol! Surprisingly, the Dark Knight pays 2x on my combinations. In terms of playing with $1 bets, I would highly recommend betting high when trying to trigger the White Knight re-spins because it'll reflect not only my triggering $1 bets per re-spin but also my wins can vary on the amount of re-spins it'll provide me. Triggering these re-spins would require 2 White Knights left to right on the reels which are held for the amount of re-spins I could win which would be about 3 - 5 in a trigger. I would win about $10 for 5 re-spins during 2 held White Knights.

The free spins on the other hand can be collected on a random base spin if I have symbols with a golden shield on them. For the first 3 reels these shields can appear for any of my symbols so it will be very hard and hassling to take them all down! 2x, 3x and 4x multipliers are played for my 15 Free spins...5 Free spins at 2x and increases in one multiplier from there for the next set of 5 free spins. The way to get extra free spins during this feature are to land crowns on the 3rd reel, once I have collected 5 crowns then I receive 5 more extra free spins. They should offer more because it's more work to get these crowns. Sometimes I don't get all 5 crowns. On average for these 15 Free spins I would earn $22 or somewhere around $36 if I get extra free spins from the 5 collected crowns! Base wins are neutral in my opinion and sometimes they can be if I hit 3 shields and a Dark Knight for a $12+ win!
I have to bet high when hitting the re-spins to get a good amount. They appear little if I have a low bet of 2 coins. And I don't like the way the free spins get triggered! It goes so random for the Golden Shields that they make triggering the free spins look like more work than a hard gain for money!
paquito76 867 reviews
Coat of Arms deals with Knight and mainly focuses the ancient contrary between the Good and Bad, this time White Knight and Black Knight. Somehow I feel if the simplicity and richness have met in this game. The slot is well-decorated and it seems some artistic solutions were also involved on the other hand the design is simple and has no frills. Besides knights there are castle, goblet, sword, golden coin symbols in use and eventually I just like its look and don’t think anyone can have any trouble with it.

Of course the two main figures (plus Castle) play the most important roles at this 25-payline game. White Knight is the Scatter and a 200 times of total bet prize is attached to it while Black Knight that appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels substitutes all other emblems and a winning combination pays at doubled value with it. Castle is the most wished symbol on an active line and can award 5000 coins (the Bad hero also doubles this number of credits).

The mentioned rules were the common ones but fortunately the game has some other little features and specialties. If the Good guy lands on the first 2 reels at the same time triggers the re-spin feature (up to 10 spins). During these extra spins the symbols on the 6 positions of those 2 reels remain in their spot and after every re-spin the 2 Knights pay again so if no other winning line is completed at least the initial won money will be multiplied by the number of spins.

Free spin feature is trickier. 3 Golden Shield figures (that have no other function in this game) on the first 3 reels can activate 15 free spins. The first 5 spins are played at doubled prize, next five games at tripled and the rest are quadrupled value. A Crown symbol (another participant that is also not part of normal game) is added to free spins to randomly appear on the middle reel with Wild function. If during this stage 5 Crowns land in separate spins anther 5 free games are won.

All of these rules seem to be very strict and much but believe me they’re just help player to win more. I had some success with these features and mostly the free spin can do a lot. Playing with $1, it’s not rare to be awarded $70 or even more and at my best segment thanks to these added components I could leave the game with almost $400 in plus (and other time around $300).

This slot recently became my most profitable RTG product but I don’t like it just because of it. Coat of Arms really can give me almost everything that I expect and love in a slot game and maybe it sounds strange but it’s a humble and competitive slot machine. I can encourage everybody to try it and wish you to have reason to say ‘Yes, it’s worth to play it’.

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