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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Interested in going fishing anyone? What? I can bear-ly hear you! But of course, no one would be able to hear that call, because it's in bear language, so only bears can go fishing here. Me, I'm just an observer, so I'll watch how those bears are doing with their fishing adventure. If they win, I'll win too. If they lose, I'll lose my money too, because I'll be paying for their adventure!

Papa Bear is the Wild symbol, paying 6000x for 5 of them, but a dumb Papa Bear nonetheless, which is not good at all for me, because Papa Bear is the one taking his family out for this adventure. Why can't I have a smarter Papa Bear instead? Sheesh! The Basket is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pay 100x the total bet. Not too good either. Just hope that basket is good enough to hold many fishes, because I certainly need all the fishes that they can catch! Mama Bear pays 3000x for 5 of her, the Waterfall pays 2000x and the rest paying from 1000x down to 100x, all as per line bet. Is that paytable any good? Well, not really that good, but consider it as not bad.

There's only one feature to look out for when you go fishing with this bear family, and that is the Free Spins game. Without this feature game, I would break Bearly Fishing into tiny pieces! Hahaha. 3, 4 or 5 Baskets, the Scatter symbol, award 15 free spins. To get a win multiplier for the free spins, you need to go to the river and pick one spot out of the three for Papa Bear to snatch-catch the fishes. Well, I thought this Papa Bear was a dumb one, but obviously he isn't, because he can catch a fish just by dipping his paws into the water! Oh gees, how I wish I can do that too! Hmm, by the way, each fish caught into the basket is a +1 win multiplier, so you'll need to catch all 6 fishes to get that 6x win multiplier. Well, Papa Bear may not be so dumb after all, but Kiddy Bear sure is! Why can't he move the basket to catch the falling fish, rather than just holding up that basket like that? Dumb Kiddy Bear! Or was that the Mama Bear holding that basket? Oh gees! Dumbness runs in the family! Hahaha.

So, after all that, did the bear family did any good with their fishing? Well, they did get me 2 Free spins games, each with a 3x multiplier, but both paid less than 30x my total bet. Could have been better if that bear had moved the basket to catch the fish. If I were to control that basket, I would most probably get all the 6 fishes most of the time, but Play'nGo would never allow that to happen, would they now? Of course not!
Another Microgaming/Quickfire game, another one more of my deposit gets burnt! So how the heck am I ever supposed to like any of their games? Call it jinx or whatever, but Microgaming/Quickfire shall remain at the bottom of my favourite list!
Bearly Fishing it is Microgaming video slot. I discovered this game this month, when I have some free space time I played at casinos new Microgaming video slots for me. Without any order, just clicked on game names I never tried or do not remember - and here I go. By the way it is quite interesting thing, and I suggest everyone to try this - you will discover some new games, and will find some interesting slots - like this one.

Game looks very good. Nothing special, but some interesting style of creating symbols and animations, and I like it. Also in this slot game there is 25 paylines.

In this slot game base game is a bit not interesting. Really, wilds here appear on all reels, have its own payouts, but unfortunately nothing extra like multiplier, or some other special feature with wilds. But luckily payouts for all symbols are good, and wins come usually, so it is not so bad here.

There is only one feature can be triggered in this slot game. By 3 or more scatters you will have special bonus game, after which freespins will be started. Initially you awarded 15 freespins, and in bonus game it is decided what multiplier you will have for freespins. It is depends on number of fishes which bear will catch. My best result was 6 fishes, so I played 15 FS with x 6 multiplier, not sure what is the max multiplier, but even x4-x6 it is already very good result.

I like this slot, and after I discovered it to myself I will play again. During base game I do not have any hits more than 50x total bet, but I had 3 freespins features, and one at x 6 multiplier paid me 120 x total bet, this is good result. This slot game has potential, looks good for me, and I will play again.
Like usual - almost nothing, if only quite low payouts during base game.
This is a pretty cool game that you would find on most Microgaming casinos. The game definitely has its moments and my feeling are quite positive. I had some great wins on this game and have actually seen the good side of it. I would admit it it took some time for the game to start paying out, but once it did I was very delighted. There are 25 lines in this game and my perfect bet is €0.50. It is not cheap but can provide amazing pays on the free spins. I had times when the free spins were coming out almost in a row, and I had times when I managed to re trigger them. In all some great memories and wins being over €100 or even more.

The free spins are really good in this game and give you great multipliers. My highest being 6x and making me some cash. The wilds also come out much more in the free spins and provide some epic line hits. The pays are also very generous and have the ability to keep the player going.

Another thing that I like is the graphics. They are very relaxing and can keep me entertained for a while.
The game has its moments, you have to be able to tell when it's gone bad. The hardest thing is not to know but to quit. The game will try to keep you playing by giving you two scatters a lot, but you must be strong and quit, it will never pay out. I know it because it happened to me and I lost a decent amount. The free spins can also be naughty and I had many free spins paying to around 10x-20x.

Over all a pretty cool game but you must know when to stop. It can seriously fool you and then rob you, so stay sharp. My rating 6 out of 10, because if its moodiness.
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Bearly Fishing was a game that appealed to me straight away as a huge fishing fan and like any days fishing, it can be a good experience or a bad one, unfortunately for me this was not the most productive day I have had with the rod out. I played the game on Golden Tiger casino and it is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot game made by Microgaming.

On first sight the graphics do look more like something from a creche but the soft colors are non intrusive and all symbols are easily recognized. I kicked things off in this game with a bet of fifty cent per spins and my poor balance started to deteriorate too quickly for my liking.

I managed to land four of the scatters on this game after hitting blanks for a good while and I got to bring Baby Bear fishing where I was given the opportunity to select from 3 different fishing positions, I managed to catch 3 fish (thanks to little bear) which gave me over 30 free spins! Cant say I managed to catch much more with the free spins but I thought the added game was a nice feature and getting to cast a line in the comfort of my own home is just down right fantastic!

There is also a gamble feature in this game which I did not avail of as the game was being tight enough with me without gambling what I did get back but Im sure a more confident person than me has managed to double or quadruple their win with this.

Win wise I didn't manage to catch anything major but all in all I did enjoy the game and if the bonus game had of thrown some cash at me instead of free spins I would definitely be ranking this one higher.
My rating for Bearly Fishing is 5/10
Bearly Fishing is another one of over the 300 slot games created in Microgaming. This game has 25 paylines. The total impression that this game left on me is pretty bad. The Graphic is very simple. Also this game is very similar to some other games from the Microgaming slot games offer. It doesn't have a classic bonus round. It only has a free spins bonus which is interesting in a way. That’s the only thing that gives this game some excitement. To activate this bonus you need to get 3 symbols with a fishing basket.

From my experience I can tell you that this bonus doesn't come easy. You will get 2 scatters very often when you play this game. Sometimes I would get 2 scatter symbols 7-8 times in about 20-30 spins. Then I would increase my bet hoping to get the free spins bonus. I got burned like that several times without getting the free spins or I got the free spins bonus but the wins were too small. On the other hand I sometimes had some fantastic wins in the free spins. In one play if I remember correctly it was on a 0.25 bet I cashed in over 120 euros. It was a really fantastic win of about 500 x bet. You have to admit that isn't easy if we take out the 243 payline slots. Even on these slots it would be a great win.

That is why I got the impression that this game can payout very good but only on some occasions. When I usually play here I set it on autospin for 50 spins. If I don’t have some decent wins for those 50 spins I move on to another game. I recommend this game but I advise you to be careful. It can pay for everything you lost or it can suck your balance dry in a very short time.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bearly Fishing is another Microgaming slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It's one of the many slot games offered by Microgaming which doesn't have a classical bonus round only a free spins feature. For three scatter symbols ( Fishing Basket) or more you get 15 free spins up to 6x multiplier.

My first encounter with this game was about 3 months ago. It's been about three years as I have been playing in casinos that offer Microgaming slots but they offer almost 300 slot games and it takes a lot of time to try out all the games from their rich offer.

The first time I played this slot i started of with 0.50 euros per spin. Soon I got the free spins bonus with 6x multiplier. During the first 15 free spins I got another set of 15 free spins so that makes a total of 30 free spins with 6x multiplier. After a few big wins I had a cashout of about 250 euros from those free spins. It's a fantastic feeling to get 250 euros with a 0.50 euros bet. I continued to play increasing my bet to 0.75 euros per spin and again I got free spins but this time with only 2x multiplier. The total win from the free spins was only 15 euros.After that I continued to play increasing my bet to 1 euro per spin and played until I lost about 100 euros and continued to another slot. I tried my luck with this game a few times more but I didn't have any big wins to remember.

Overall Barkley Fishing is a standard slot from the Microgaming offer and what separates this game from other similar games is the free spins feature with up to 6x multiplier and that gives you a chance for some big wins. I recommend this game and rate it 8 out of 10.

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