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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
Players can understand that Basketbull is much pretty standard RTG slot machine that does have 5 reels and 25 pay lines, coin variance gives an immense chance for players that do have a different method of placing a bet. Basketbulls slot, as the original term denoted from basketball was inviting for me the name of this slot is winsome like it’s worth playing but I’ll give the inadequacy and advantage of Basketbull slot that you must know before playing it.

This was the question worth asking, is Basketbull newbie friendly? Yes, and in fact, you can play it with ease. The mechanics were simple and with just a click you can change the exact bet that you want. Can you win and finished wagering from this slot for using deposit bonus? Yes, but for my experience, the most considerate thing that this slot can give was the bonus feature example bulk free spins! I got a solid $250 from the free throw bonus round this awarded me an overwhelming 57 free spins and a 2x multiplier thanks to basketbull shots.

Is there an assurance that I will have a fix win? Yes, there is a way and this is the other good thing that you must know the Win-Win feature. On the regular slots, Basketbull also has this for every free throw that you will trigger you can absolutely get it if you win nothing. Unfortunately, it was not uncommon to win nothing from basketbull. Like if I bet a $2 per spin and get the bonus you will have the payout of $20 and this above from the ten times of your total wager.
I just can’t believe that this can be disappointing sometimes the base game if you will notice can’t even pay a cent for at least 10 spins, I found this out as I played many times from the minimum coin of $0.01-$0.02 and a bet of $0.25-$0.50 per spin. I changed the way I play and doubled my original bet just to see if something going to change and yes that’s the best thing I did it increased my winnings.
Basketbull is a video slot game created in RTG with 25 pay lines. Some time ago, this was one of my favorite RTG games. I spent here really a lot of time. The topic is basketball, with association of the Chicago Bulls, the best team in the NBA all-time. I'm sure it will appeal to all gamblers who are also fans of the Chicago Bulls team. A friend of mine was a big fan of this team.

The graphics and animations are those, standard for one RTG slot. No one RTG slot game doesn’t have a “wow” graphics that will make you excited. The reason why I love this game was of course the big wins I've had here. Therefore, Basketbull has been my favorite RTG slot game for long. But then came a period in which I lost a lot of money playing here. Therefore some time I was avoiding this game.

The last time I tried it on iNetBet Casino. I had a balance at around 80 euros and I adjusted the bet at 0.75 euros per spin and 25 automatic spins. After only 2-3 spins I got three scatter symbols and free spins bonus. Free spins bonus is interesting and for three scatter symbols you have 3 attempts to insert the ball in the basket. You begin from three free spins and every time you pass, the number of free spins is doubled. Let's say if you get 5 scatter symbols, it means that you have 5 chances to insert the ball in the basket. If you are successful every time, you will receive even 96 free spins. None of my attempt was successful and I got only three free spins. However, later I got a lot of free spins for a very short time. My balance has increased rapidly, with initial 80 euros to 200 euros. I did not have any wins 100 x bet or higher but I had so many small wins in that short time.

I recommend this slot game.
If you love basketball in a different way than you saw in games then you are at right place. Like the movie Space Jam and this slot machine is full of imagination and legendary characters and topics related to this popular game under the hoop. It is a slot with 25 payment lines with 5 reel where you have a lot of opportunities to win the occasional reward. I played one longer period this RTG slot and in my experience it's very high percentage gains, I think I started with € 250 a game I after three days after some 70 hours I ended up with a positive score of 220 €. Animation is something that I liked there are many interesting characters and objects that we have already seen in various cartoons and sometimes on promotional items all over the world.

The minimum payment per line in this slot is 0.01 while the maximum 5 coins, from this it is clear that the maximum bet per spin $ 125. Most often play 0.10 coins per line because my bankroll is not so high that you could want to try the higher stakes. When we talk about the wilds, it is important to emphasize that in this game, so to speak represents Bull symbol, when you have all positions this symbol you get excellent 10000 coins, however if the array receive during free games then you can expect to gain a maximum of 30 000 coins. Another symbol of height gain is possible Cow Cheerleaders symbol and for five of these in one line payments get too high 2500 coins, while the third most desirable winning on the drum is a symbol of Bulldog, whose appearance will provide you with a solid 1250 coins.

For scatter symbols on this slot machine are determined Basketball symbols that bring you the bonus round where you can win a maximum of 96 free games. The bonus game is in fact animation free throws to start where you get three throws. The number of free throws depends on the number of winning scatter symbols during the normal game, that for every three scatter symbols you get three throws for four Scatter receive four free throws while the five symbols Basketball receiving the same number of free throws. Each hit during free throws doubles the amount of profit in the free games. In general, you can have five scatter symbols and then you miss all the free throws so that at the end of all, you only get 3 free spins. If in such a situation with five scatter symbols guess we throw then you can win a whopping 96 free spins. In fact a very interesting way conquest bonus awards, everything else is nothing special. Rating 7/10
katemak 1162 reviews
My next review is for Basketbull slot game which comes from RT gaming provider. This game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, so standard slot like most from the RTG and the minimum bet it can be placed is 0.25$ a bet. I didn't played this slot long time ago, but the triggering free spins feature and winning up to 90 free spins in a round, it really can make you think, that you should try this game. The theme of this game is about sport or Basketball run with the animals.

The main characters are the The Bull, which is the highest paid symbol and wild one, The Buldog player, the Cow which represents the cheer leader and the ram referee and some of the standards symbols like numbers and letters, which of course they come with the lowest winnings. The scatter on this game are the Basketball, which lending 2 or 3 of them you will be rewarded with a bonus round.

The bonus round will give 3 free spins and 5 throws, which playing this round you can win up to 90 free spins, because they are easy to catch, well that's my opinion, but throwing that ball you can end up only with those 3 free spins, just because you might miss or not give any shoot with the basketball. The free spins round it can be retriggered, during the first round of the free spins.

I found this game very interesting, because the winnings can be really huge, but only if you are lucky to get more then 3 free spins. The last time I played this game, well wasn't so successful, because I lost it all and end up only with those 3 free spins, when I triggered the free spins bonus round. Anyway I like this game and think everyone who likes RTG games should try this slot.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Back in the days when I was a spotty puberty kid I had a big basketball court and I played every day with my friends. NBA was really something to talk about back than and everyone imagined they were a NBA star. We used to play and try to replicate some of the fancy moves those guys had. That’s all long gone now and if I ever go out on a basketball court again I will probably puke my lungs out and have a triple heart attack. Smoking is bad for you. Luckily for me except for the video games I can have fun playing basketball here at RTG; on one of better RTG slots - Basketbull.

For a theme this game has basketball and of course the most famous NBA team in the world the Chicago Bulls ( I’m an Orlando Magic fan by the way ). The wild symbol is the Chicago Bulls mascot and it has a very good payout of 10 000 for 5 of this symbols. I have played this game lots of times and when this game is in the mood to give some money away you can easily get 2 or 3 wild symbols on the reels and get a big wind from base play alone.

This game doesn't have a standard pickup bonus but it has a free spins bonus and a win-win feature which in my opinion is enough to have some really big wins. The free spins and the free throws bonus is activated when 3 or more Basketball symbols appear on the reels. I especially like the moment when the Horns come out of the basketball and it starts jumping. Depending on the number of free throws you hit and on the number of scatters you win you can get up 96 free spins on a x 3 multiplier. Of course I usually always get 6 or 12 tops. But if you have a small win don’t worry because the win-win feature is there to get you back on track.

Overall this game can produce a very high payout if you have been a good boy all year round and play it for Christmas.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Ah, I didn’t know that bulls can play basketball! But in a virtual world, bulls can play anything, right?! Yeah, right. Basketbull is a game for balls, err, I mean, Basketball game for bulls, and an interesting one at that too. Graphics and sound are typical of any game from Real Time Gaming stable – very nice but not outstanding, but then again, this isn’t a new game anyway, so can’t expect anything amazing. 1 star down.

Just look at the paytable! Why can’t all games be based on this? 5 Wilds pay 10000x the line bet, 5 Scatters pay 200x total bet, and every other symbol have nice high win values! Almost at par with the best from Playtech’s paytable, the only kind that’s acceptable to me! This is up to my expectations, so no star down/up.

What about game features in Basketbull? Well, there’s a free spins feature game, the Free Throw game, which can award up to 96 free throws for some exciting big wins. There’s the Win-Win feature too, whereby you are always guaranteed a win of up to 100x your total bet amount each and every time from the Free Throw feature game. On top of these, there’s a Minor Jackpot and there’s a Major Jackpot offering, both randomly activated, so you can actually win any of the two jackpots at any time! Anything more would be a real bonus, but what’s there is sufficient for satisfying your demands and desires. No star down/up.

Most importantly, the game play. I’ve played Basketbull many times over the years. The play can be like water leaking out of a bottle, or like water shooting out of a geyser. Yes, the game play can go either way, with bad payouts or excitingly good payouts. The free throws wins are tripled and each successful throw into the basket doubles the number of free spins won, up to a possible 96 free spins, the free spins can be retriggered, plus a guaranteed win from the Win-Win feature too. Sadly though, there are no expanding wilds in Basketbull, otherwise some really huge payouts can be won, especially when you have 96 chances at it! Still, I’ve had a 100x total bet win in one of the free spins game before (24 spins), and that was satisfying. Never had the chance to reach the 48 mark, much less the 96 mark, but if I do get it one of these days, I’d probably fall out of my chair in excitement! One of the best games from Real Time Gaming! Everything as expected, so no star down/up.
Icymod 758 reviews
Basketbull takes the player into the sporty court of basketball consisting of animals for players, referees and cheerleaders. By thinking about the Wild Basketbull used in this video slot it gives me an idea of the well known Chicago "Bulls". It seems to be that this slot can be the reincarnation of that team in a sense or a weirder but very old example would be the movie "Space Jam". Why golf Michael Jordan why?

Basketbull is a very profitable way to win cash in it's feature because it grows bigger per shot taken (if successful). On my way to having this feature for $1 triggering bet, the free spins start at 3 free spins at 3x. It will go into a doubling phase for each shot the Basketbull takes when I click the "Shoot" button! Most of the time, my shots complete almost always in 2 successful shots and a miss for 12 Free spins total at 3x. It's only that in a few lucky sights that I gotten all 3 shots in for 24 Free spins. Now if I could have 4 scattered basketballs on a spin I would receive a chance to win 48 Free spins at 3x if I get them all in 4 shots. I don't know when that'll happen but I do know it will come eventually! For 12 Free spins at 3x, the Wild Basketbulls are coming in very much that they would be on 2nd reel & 3rd reel, both centred, that grabs the attention of beautiful combinations that fills my balance with delight! I had $41.80 in wins for 12 Free spins at 3x!!!
When I play the shoot out bonus for free spins, it gets me to the point about missing the shot to double per successful score! Once I miss the shot for the basket at anytime during my feature, it'll make me feel like the bonus will become weak and dull. A player would really want more in free spins but really this is the nature of chance!

Getting 12 Free spins at 3x are much less than the average 15 Free spins at 3x. This feature will interest me more if the game gets me 3 perfect shots or........even more scatters for over 3 shots!!!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Real Time Game is not my favorite software when it comes to slot games but RTG offers some really interesting and original slot games . One of them is Basketbull slot with 25 paylines and 5 reels. The theme of this game is basketball and it’s inspired from NBA team Chicago Bulls which is one of the most successful NBA teams. They dominated the NBA league when they had players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman .Wild symbol is a Bull which reminds me of the mascot of Chicago Bulls.

A friend of mine is a big fan of the Chicago Bulls and that is probably the reason why I liked this game at first sight. I don’t remember the casino where I have played this game for the first time because it was a long time ago but I remember that my first deposit was 100 dollars.After just a few spins I got 3 scatter symbols and free spins, in the next hour there were at least 15 – 20 free spins and after just an hour of play my balance increased to 1000 dollars. I started with a bet of 0,25 per spin and I was increasing my bet. I was amazed by so many wins and my balance kept increasing by playing only this slot. I had such a good experience so basketbull slot stayed as one of my favorite games that I play in Real Time Game Casinos. There were some disappointing results also but it is just a game .

Overall this is very interesting slot game where you can make some really big wins. Graphic is very good and in my opinion this is one of the better designed RTG slot games. I would recommend this game to any player, but you have to try it first and I strongly believe there is no way you may get disappointed.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Basketbull can be very rewarding slot game.I had very nice wins with free spins and that is main reason i play it most of my rtg sessions.It is 25 pay lines slot from real time gaming casinos made in basketball theme.The funny thing is that the animals play basketball.The main character and substitute symbols is bull.I am guessing they made bull main symbol because of famous Chicago bulls basketball team.

Anyways the game looks like average rtg slot.Animations are not very impressive like in microgaming or playtech software but that does not bother me as long as slot pays money well.Scatter symbol in basketbull slot is ball and when you get 3 or more balls you trigger free trow feature.In this feature bull takes free throws in amount of scatters that triggered bonus.The starting number of free spins is 3 and with every successful free throw bull makes amount of free spins is doubled.Mathematically maximum number of free spins that can be won with free throws feature is 96 but in that case you need 5 scatters and bull to score every throw which is pretty hard to do.The highest number of free spins i get most of times is 24 and great thing is that they can be re-triggered so you can earn more free spins.With prizes tripled during free spins i sometimes win up to 100 dollars on a one dollar bet.If basketbull slot does not award free throw feature it is very hard to play it for long because i don't get enough small wins.

This slot has two jackpots one is minor and it is not very high and other is major one i plan to win some day :)All in all i always have a fun time on this slot and many times end up with decent profit.Because of that i will rate this slot 8 out of ten stars
Basketbull slot game is made by real time gaming slot game and this the type of microgamming games.These game name are mixture of basket ball and bull,similarly in the game basket ball net pic and bull pic are in the slots,In the slots many other keywords and picture are presented.

The game graphics are good not excellent and in the background of the game a stadium are shown.The bull like sound are in the game.

The feature of the game are good like a free spin feature,when in a free spin feature the wild card obtained by luck then your score are increasing very fast,In the game you only bet $0.0 4bet,i bet $10 in the game and i win the games and some games i lost by very bad luck.There in the game jackpot feature are avail which score are 2500 which are great score in the jackpot.

A multiplier feature are available in the game these are nice feature.The main story of these game are recognize by me is,in the game a bull fight in the game and a refrain or cheer leader are in the slots are represented. I scored this game 7/10

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