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Arctic Fortune is a1024-payline video slot, powered by the Microgaming software platform. This slot is inspired by the lives of the Viking warriors in the Arctic region. The realistic animations tell the story of warriors’ adventures. Featuring colourful symbols the game has 5 white reels set against snowy landscape background. Players are welcome to try the game here for free, or visit any of the Microgaming Casinos listed below to play for real money.

Before exploring the world of the Viking warriors, players are advised to set their bets first. “Coin size” ranges from 0.01 to 0.20, whereas the number of “Coins” staked vary from 1 to 10. “Bet Max” is used to set the maximum bet allowed. Through the “Expert” mode you will access the “Au­top­lay­” option. Once you are ready, press “Spin” and the game will begin.

The Arctic Fortune logo is the Wild symbol, whereas the Map is the Scatter. The Wild only appears on the reels 2 and 4. The one symbol that the Wild doesn't substitute is the Scatter. If players manage to land 3 Scatters at the same time anywhere on the reels, they will trigger The Bonus Game.

During the Bonus Game players need to shoot spiders in order to reveal their prizes. You can win up to 40 Free Spins and up to a 6x multiplier. However, if you land 3, 4 or 5 Scatters during Free Spins, additional 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins are added respectively. 

Game Play

Coin size: Set the coin value.
Coins: Set the number of coins to wager on each line.
Max Bet: Set the maximum bet available.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Start the reels.

Arctic Fortune Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
When I started playing Arctic Fortune I got a headache from the slow moving reels. That was probably a sign that I should quit playing this game. I had 100 euros on my balance and I started playing this slot. It looked like a classic game and I thought that it will offer some kind of a surprise, some kind of a good pay out.

This is 5 reels and 1024 ways to win slot from Microgaming software so you get why I had some high hopes. I was playing this game with 1 euro bet per spin the whole time. I know that if I was betting low I will only get some low payments and it will take forever to win something good. I triggered the bonus round very fast though. I had to shoot arrows and to kill spiders in the bonus round for free spins than a giant spider for a multiplier. All I got were 12 free spins with x 3 multiplier and 600 coins. At the end of the bonus I got only 7.44 euros. I did not like this bonus it was so long and at times I had no idea what I was doing.
During the base game the payouts were not that impressive too. I had so many five of a kinds win and they pay nothing. It was such a disappointment. The wilds are limited too. You get wilds on the second and the fourth reel and they do not offer any multipliers too. I have no idea why I wasted my time on this slot. But it is different when you read about a game and when you try it yourself. I had to play this slot to see if it is going to treat me right or it won`t. That was probably the first and the last time I played this game.
Afi4wins 1213 reviews
Arctic Fortune has two things that doesn't quite suit me or my taste. Firstly, the Arctic conditions. Anything cold just doesn't work well for, for one reason or another, and I really do not know why. Secondly, the 4 rows in the reels, instead of the usual 3 rows. Yet another inexplicable thing that wouldn't and couldn't fit in with me. I've played and tried out various games of such nature, 4 rows or more, and none has been successful for me, not even Cat Queen from Playtech. Well, it's true that some things in life just cannot be explained or figured out, so I just have to accept them.

Arctic Fortune looked interesting enough for me to play it several times. The graphics are quite nice, although the figures in the icons are a little bit too small for my liking. The Logo is the Wild symbol, appearing only on reels 2 and 4, but doesn't do anything more, so it's a dumb Wild. The Map is the Scatter symbol, doesn't pay for itself too, so is yet another dumb symbol. 3 Scatters award a Free Spins game of up to 40 free spins and up to 6x win multiplier, including a win of up to 9000 coins in the Bonus round of the Free Spins game. All other symbols have low win values, ranging from 1500x down to 50x the line bet. Not good at all!

How does that work? Upon activation of a Free Spins game, the Arctic Warrior enters a building and is faced with 5 spiders hanging down from the ceiling. Each black spider awards a free spins number, each red spider awards a win multiplier. The number of black and red spiders appearing are random, and so are the number of free spins and multipliers too. Hence, it should be possible to get 40 free spins with a 6x win multiplier at any time, but personally, I would think that only a 5-Scatters trigger would get that combination. Once all the spiders have been shot down, the main doors would open, revealing a monstrous spider at the entrance. Shoot the spider's head 3 times, then shoot the left and right turn-wheels, thereby sending a heavy metal curtain door down onto the spider. Each shot awards a random coin win, with that curtain door awarding 3 more random coin wins. The maximum win possible is 9000 coins.

I did get several Free Spins games in my various plays on this game, the number of free spins won varying from 15 to 23, and the multipliers from 1x to 4x. Those Free Spins games were all triggered by 3 Scatters only. None of 4 or 5 Scatters. The average amount won was nothing more than 50x my total bet. Worse still, throughout all my plays, not once did my balance went above my initial starting bankroll! What the aargh!
Although shooting the spiders can fun, and the amount of Bonus coins paid can be good too, but playing the actual free spins itself were mostly disappointing! Why? Because more than half of those free spins would not pay anything, leaving less than half of those free spins to pay something, and only making your heart go aching! Aargh! The worse Free Spins game I got was 15 free spins with a 1x multiplier, with a final payout (including the Bonus coins win) of not even 20x my total bet! Sheesh!
zerooo 742 reviews
Arctic Fortune is video game with nice theme and design. It has 1024 payways and it is creation of Microgaming software. I played this game only once, since I had bad feeling about it when iIlost some of my balance on it.

The base game is ok, but for 1024 payways video game I expected much more better paytable. Many times I received different 5 of kind symbols which I wish it will pay good, but this did not happen. Arctic fortune offer free games. When you get at least 3 scatters the bonus stars. At first you must shoot out spiders which will reveal the number of free games and multiplier. In the end there will be one huge spider which give you some prize in coins.

I received only once free games, I had 21 free games at x1 multiplier. I don't think this is good and the results at the end confirmed that. But you can get up to 40 free games with up to x6 multiplier. This is good, but I think you must be really lucky to get the best number of spins and multiplier too.

Otherwise I don't think I will play this game more in the future. The only reason why, is that I had no luck on it and it seems the wins are smaller if I compared them to some other games. I do like to play games with big number of payways, but I don't think this game is for me. I had better wins with other games and I expected more from this game. The design is good and the music too. I will rate it with 6 stars. Be carefully when you will play it, it could eat your balance in a few minutes since minimum bet is 0.5€.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Artic Fortune slot is powered by Microgaming which is one of the reasons I tried it but also I wanted to check out the actual game play. Since this was my first encounter with this game so far.

This game has 5 reels and 1024 ways to make a possibly pay. The minimum bet that can be place in this slot is 0.50$. The music of this game, well I think it is kinda ok but the graphics are really low. As I was playing the game I noticed that it is a really slow game and also there was some times when I pressed spin it kept spinning for at least 30 seconds I have no idea why.

The game has the Arctic Fortune symbol as its wild and it will substitute for anything except scatter of course and it can only appear on reels 2 and 4. Also there is the scatter symbol that I managed to hit after about 20 minutes of playing. The bonus round is activated if 3 or more scatter symbols are hit and it depends how much FS and multiplier will you actually get. Since your character has to shoot the spiders for them. The red spiders reward multiplier while the blue one reward free spins. After that a big spider come on which you can get some money for shooting him and dropping the door on him. After that you will actually start the spinning mode and it will last depending on your previous FS and multiplier achievement. At my bonus round I only got 2x multiplier and 12FS , that in total after the finish of the bonus round gave me 22$. To be honest, I kinda was expecting more but I hopped on the next bonus round I shall get more. But as time passed I couldn't trigger the bonus round again and my balance was dropping fast. So that is when I decided to switch slots.

Overall it is not a bad game, but the graphics are low and it is kinda slow (for me). But it does deserve a recommend and 7/10 from me.
Arctic fortune is the slot game by Microgaming developer. The slot is not so good in appearance. All the symbols appear to be too much packed together. But the soundtrack playing in the background adds to the much required thrill by the theme of the slot game. The theme of the slot game is about adventure packed search of treasure hidden in the arctic by the brave vikings. It is four row and 5 reel slot game. The slot features 1024 ways of win so the wining combinations are frequent. And your money can not just get stuck in the slot game. The slot is a bit expensive to play as bets starts from $0.50 per spin. The slot is very average in payouts the highest paying symbol pays 1500 coins.

The slot features wild symbol which can only appear on the reel 2 and 4. It can substitute any symbol except the scatter. The 3+ scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activates the bonus game which is also the free spin feature. This bonus feature adds life to the slot game. On activation of bonus feature you are taken to another screen where a warrior with a bow and arrow needs to defeat the spiders guarding the ice castle. This awards you free spins up to 40, multiplier up to 6x and a bonus coins up to 9000.

The slot has a great soundtrack playing on the background. It’s a little weak in graphics and animations, the symbols of the slot game are too clumsily arranged. Apart from this the slot is again weak in the returns in the base game although 1024 win ways does a good work. But the bonus feature is just excellent in returns but you have to be a bit patient because it takes time to trigger. So I would rate the slot 7 on 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
I think it is time to stop the spins on Arctic Fortune and write this review. My finger hurts (very true) from clicking on the mouse button to spin (it should have an auto-spin, this slot). I play for over an hour and a half and it is like I lost track of the time here.

At the beginning, in the first hundred spins one does not appreciate this game, but slowly the wins and the music catch you and you just cannot quit playing.I guess this is also the secret of the Microgaming success, namely that the more you win the more you tend to play, and the more you enter in loss. The quality and taste say their word also for this slot.

The game is about the Vikings, a fearless people who sailed to the coasts of Greenland and discovered North America hundreds or thousands of years before the onset of Columbus. Otherwise, and I guess this is known by most people today, Greenland belongs indeed to them (Vikings) now. The Arctic Fortune slot is epic in every sense of the word. Here take place acts of heroism and bravado, battles long forgotten by others and there are found ancient treasures.
Under this aspect (the epic translated into game), the slot is almost as good as Avalon II.

In terms of wins, if you play over the first hundred spins, you will not have what to regret. Even during normal spins, sometimes with “5 of a kind” major symbols you win more than 8 Euros (playing of course with a minimum bet/1024 ways). Yes you read right 1024 ways, because the heroism of the so beautiful Nordic stories was not enough: the slot has (5 x 4) lines.

Once you get here in the Bonus game, which is also Free Spins, you will find it one of the most beautiful games ever offered by any single Microgaming slot. A Viking armed with a bow and arrows need to hit all small spiders, then a huge spider and finally to close a trap door. All these are done to win Free Spins, multipliers and even extra coins. Since the maximum possible won are 40 Free spins with 6x multiplier this bonus is a real delight. Not to mention the fact that just at the end of Bonus the real Free Spins start. To say a little about my game playing here, after an hour and a half I had about 30 Euro extra.

Everything is exceptional: the story transposed into play, the music, the wins and the bonus. In my opinion this slot deserves a rating of at least 8/10. It is almost perfect!
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Arctic Fortune may look a little outdated when you first open it up but do not be put off because this classic slot game provides plenty of exciting surprises. As I was feeling confident, and with so many ways to win, I kicked things off with some pretty expensive spins but I was rewarded quickly by having the good old scatters appear. After getting some free spins and stocking up on some more of the Arctic Treasure I was hit with four Ginger Viking women and to say I was happy is an understatement! These girls were appearing very rarely on the reels for me and to manage getting four of them I was shocked! At this stage I felt my luck was sure to run out so I lowered my bets and decided to just play with the profits made. I will advise against this personally as I found the decent paying Treasure Chests to show less frequently on the reels and instead be replaced by the lower paying horns, a few winning combos appeared for me but these were not near as rewarding as when playing a higher bet which always thatches the excitement out of it.

As time wore on and I worked through the coins I had accumulated I managed to hit three Vikings and received a hefty reward of 100 euro and I decided to finish up on a good note and return to the warmth of my living room to maybe return for some Arctic treasure another day.

I found in the end Arctic Fortune to pass the time well and with numerous combinations and ways to win its a fun game but definitely one for when you feel like putting up a hefty bet rather than cheap slotting.

My rating for Arctic Fortune is 6/10
Artic Fortune is another 1024 ways to win slot from Microgaming that offers classy look and decent payouts. The theme of the slot revolves around the vikings who go for the search of treasure in the extreme conditions of the artic. The symbols are influenced by the artic animals , treasure chest , ships and many more.

The base game has very average payouts only. Although one would expect the massive 1024 ways to win will pay you some hefty cash but that is not the case with this slot. Even the five of a kind will award cash that isn't much to cheer about. I play at a total bet of $1 on this slot and five of a wolf pays me only $3 and that of treasure chest pays me only $4. This is not I expected from a Microgaming slot but on the other side 1024 ways to win ensures that the cash flows in regularly and I have also seen that five of kind occurs very frequently which means that although less but some money is adding to your bankroll. My largest win on the base game was of almost $20 when I got 4 vikings and a wild on the 4th reel making it five of a kind. Another notable thing is that the wild appears only on reel 2nd and 4th which might reduce your winnings somewhat not surely though.

The slot has free spin feature too which gives you up to a colossal 40 free spins with a multiplier of 6X . This is the most interesting part of the slot but the free spins triggers very very rarely, I would not be wrong if i say on a good day it might take up to 200 odd spins. Once you get more then 3 scatters you are in front of a locked chamber where you shoot spider with your arrow and they pay you free spins and multiplier and at last the door opens you shoot the giant spider which pays you some instant cash and then the two door levers too. I have won 3500 coins instantly and up to 21 free spins with a multiplier of 2X. I won $69 from it as far as I remember. Lucky day that was. I guess I have triggered the free spin round a couple of times only paying me up to a maximum of 70 X the total bet as already stated.

Thus, a slot with decent payouts, classy graphics and Microgaming developer should at least get a 7 on 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Arctic Fortune is a mega count of 1024 ways to win and has been an old Microgaming video slot....not very ancient as Mermaid's Millions or Age of Discovery though. Just going into this video slot the music I hear becomes so epic and good that I had to try the past when it came out! Bets weren't for 30 coins / $0.30 like the lesser 243 ways but each bet is fixed to $0.50 per coin bet. I stuck around not just having to hear this epic-ly interesting battle music but I played for $1 first for 20 spins and I adjusted my bets to $1.50.

Betting low seems to get very small payouts (for $0.50) and betting $1 wasn't enough so I placed $1.50 for 30 spins! The Treasure Maps when landing 3 of them gets entry into the Spider's Lair. What I had to do was shoot arrows to kill spiders, to giving out Free spins and multipliers. I had 10 Free spins at 4x in one trigger than on another gave out 15 Free Spins at 3x. The last part of the game gave me a chance to kill this Huge Spider for credits that gave out a total of $15 and my other total for the 2nd trigger gave out $19.50! My largest win on here has been $45.72 only in the base game! The 10 Free spins at 4x collected $22.80 and the 15 Free spins at 3x had $32.44!

Plenty of returned bets and bets that won me around 2x everytime just playing in the main game. The momentum goes further more inside the bonus where anything can happen! All in all, the music is perfect for this video slot, it`s enough to get down to it!
5 of a kind symbols don`t pay very seriously in the base game! For $1.50 bets, things like 5 wolves only resulted in $2.25. Another 5 of a kind I had resulted for $15 which felt like winning 10x on the Planet Exotica bonus for the alien babes for 3 matched symbols!

Another sore sight has been the Wilds. They only appear for the 2nd and 4th reel. I don`t find anything great about them and they are limited to just those two reels....preventing me from achieving other possible wins! No multiplier for the Wilds too!? Isn`t that just great!
Arctic Fortune game is powered by microgaming. This would be one of the games that I will try to avoid. I have played it many times, each time thinking maybe today is the day, but nothing so far. I end up raising the bet and losing a lot of my money.

This is thefirst 1024 line game that I ever tried and I was not too happy about it. Because there are so many lines the wins are pretty small. My usual bet on this game will be €0,50 or €1 and biggest line hit I ever got was €15.

There is only one feature on this game and it is a free spins feature. To get the free spins you have to get three or more scatters. It doesn’t matter in the feature if you get four or five scatters, it doesn’t pay more. I got four scatters once and was very excited to see what I get in the feature and it was very disappointing. 13 free spins with 3x. Now don’t get me wrong, the feature is a lot of fun to play, but it would also be nice to get a lot of free spins with a big multiplier. On my usual bet the most I got in this bonus was €25. I think it is not good compared to a bet of €0.50. Sometimes I get more than that on €0.09 games.

Over all the game has a cool feature game and the graphics are not too bad. The music is pretty epic too but I have never got a big win and lost a lot of money on this game. For this reason I would rate it as 5 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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