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Agent Jane Blonde Slot

Agent Jane Blonde is a 9-payline video slot running on the Microgaming software platform. The Agent Jane Blonde Logo is the scatter and the character of Jane Blonde is the wild card. Players are invited to try this spy-themed slot on this page for free or visit any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

To join Agent Jane on her covert spy missions, players should regulate their bet first. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 2, which can be adjusted by clicking +/– located beneath the coin. “Select Lines” chooses the number of active paylines. To adjust the number of coins wagered, players should click “Select Coins”. “Spin” initiates the game and “Bet Max” spins the reels at the highest wager. Pressing “Expert” and then “Auto Play” spins the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Clicking “Gamble” enables players to increase their winnings. If they guess the colour of the face-down card, the sum is doubled. Moreover, if they manage to guess the suit, their amount will be quadrupled. However, if their guess is wrong, the sum is lost and the Gamble feature is terminated. Players can leave the round on their own and save their winnings by pressing the “Co­lle­ct” button.

3 or more scatters award players with 15 Free Spins, wherein all wins are tripled. Additional Free Spins can be won during the Free Spin feature.

If there are 5 Jane Blonde symbols on an active payline, the highest win of as many as 10,000 coins will be awarded.

Game Play

Coin: Adjust the coin size.
Select Lines: Alter the number of active paylines.
Select Coins: Choose the number of coins wagered.
Bet Max: Spin at the highest bet.
Spin: Play the game.
Auto Play: Spin for a preset number of times without interruption.
Gamble: Enter the Gamble round.
Collect: Save the won amount.

Agent Jane Blonde Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This is my favourite clone of Microgamings "Thunderstruck" slot, though with that said I am not actually 100% certain Thunderstruck was the first game in the series... there are actually a couple that look older than that game. This one most certainly does look like a carbon copy though and of course Thunderstruck is quite a manly looking game so I imagine Agent Jane Blonde and Ladies Nite were created in an attempt to appeal to the massive number of female slot players. I have to ask if people really are that simplistic??? I for one play plenty of slot games with a "manly" look and feel, as long as they are exciting and have the potential to pay out large wins then I'm a happy girl.

Nevertheless there is something very cool about Agent Jane Blonde - I guess its the comic style graphics and symbols combined with the 007 inspired protagonist! The paytable is identical to Thunderstruck in every way so this is firmly in high variance territory, though not quite up to the eye watering degree of some of Microgamings later 243 ways to win slot games.

I love the fact that despite the doubtlessly huge odds people do regularly manage to see the top wins in these slots. For example I have had five scatters in this game several times including during the free spins for 1500x stake twice, and I have also hit a full line of wilds in the base game as well. I haven't quite managed to see the wilds in free spins with 3x multiplier just yet, but I have seen a screenshot where somebody was betting their last 3p to clear their account balance, hit the feature on their first spin and then got a full line of wilds on the centre row for a total payoff of £100 - from a 3p spin! I bet that players jaw was fully DROPPED after that hit!

I play this game very often - sometimes because I have a small bankroll and want to play a game with a low minimum bet, other times I will play this at larger bets because despite its wide range of large wins its much more forgiving than say, Break Da Bank Again, in general play. It may be basic compared to the latest on-line slots, but Agent Jane Blonde is a genuine classic.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Agent Jane Blonde is another classic video slot game from Microgaming software. I have played this game on many occasions and always with a different outcome. A lot of people think that Microgaming had in mind the idea of turning James Bond into a female version when creating this slot. You can even feel the James Bond vibe from the background music too. Every fan of the movies will know what I am talking about.

The last time I played this slot it took me more than 200 spins to trigger the free spins. But this is no strange since we all know that Microgaming games are a bit stingy when it comes to the free games. You get 15 free spins if you land 3 or more Agent Jane Blonde scatter symbols with all the wins tripled. I won only 26.70 the first time. During the next free spins round I got 14.80 euros. I continued to play the game because I know that this exact slot can add some profitability to my bankroll. During this session I did not win anything bigger than 50 x bet during the free spins.

There is an extra addition to this game that makes the slot more interesting. If you land a win during the base game which includes the Jane Blonde wild symbol you will see an animation. Your win will be multiplied by 2 and the animation includes the secret agent. We all know that the best paid combination is if you somehow land 5 wilds, but I have not seen that in awhile. Not just with this game but with others too, unfortunately. The most that I have gotten here were 3 wilds. Most of the wins during the base game were around 50 x bet too. So I cannot say that the free spins were something special this time.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Hi there, my name is Blonde, Jane Blonde. That Bond, that James Bond, is probably laughing all the way to his next kill now! Hehehe. Ah well, you would think that all blondes would be dumb right? Sorry for that cliche blonde darlings, don't get mad at me now, because I haven't finish telling my story yet! Some blondes may be dumb, but some blondes like to act dumb, so that they can make a kill of smarter opponents, like our Agent Jane Blonde here! Now, is that a dumb blonde or a smart blonde? If you ask me, I really don't know. I've never had a blonde yet! Hahaha.

Another old game, another 9-paylines game, but this time, nothing is the same! Agent Blonde is the Wild symbol, 5 of her pays 10,000x the line bet, and doubles all wins too. Now, didn't I tell you she's not a dumb blonde?! 5 Scatters, that Logo symbol, pay 500x the total bet, award 15 free spins with a 3x win multiplier, and more free spins can be retriggered too, woohoo. The other agents, probably her accomplices, pay 750x for the Blue Agent and Yellow Agent, 400x for the Diver, 250x for the Red Agent and White Agent, and the other lower symbols pay 125x to 100x, all per line bet values. A pretty good paytable for a pretty old game, hehehe.

Well, with so many lady agents around, I simply lost my way most of the time. Just couldn't keep up with them, just couldn't fight with them, just couldn't fight for them either. These lovely lady agents always melt me down first! Well, so much for me being Afi Bond. Hahaha. Playing this Agent Jane Blonde, playing the game, I mean, can be a lot of fun and exciting at times, just as in the saying 'blondes are more fun', but can be wintry cold at other times. I never like cold weather anyway, especially cold hands touching me, brrrr, so anything cold is definitely out for me. But cold drinks I like, hehehe.
What do I dislike? Hmm. Pretty hard to say when it comes to lots of pretty lady agents, I've never dislike them, couldn't keep my eyes off them, so I guess I had better keep my mouth shut for them. With better luck, I might have won big with them, but I never got near them. Too bad! hehehe.
zerooo 742 reviews
Agent Jane Blonde is 9 paylines video slot from Microgaming software. I played this game early this year at GoWild casino. This game was at tournaments freerolls section and I decided to played it since there were no any buy-in.

The game is old, design and other stuff could be better. I don't play many 9 paylines slotS from this software. When I started to play Agent Jane Blonde, I had a lot of dead spins inside. I looked into paytable and it was good. Really good. But when iIplayed it, this did not revealed. I could say that i was angry while i was playing it, because of free spins feature which never show up.

The game has only this feature, which is triggered by at least 3 scatters – Agent Jane Blonde symbol. During free spins feature winnings are at x 3 multiplier. I didn't received even one this feature, so i don't know how it looks like. I made hundred of spins, different freerolls but never got 3 scatters. This is really bad, but at least 2 scatters pays something back. I had 2 scatters most of the time, but third never show up. I think the big winnings came straight from this feature which is really hard to get it.

Otherwise I don't think I will play this game when I will be at Microgaming casino. The main reason is because I played it so much and I didn't received feature even one time. I had bad feeling about this. The main game is ok, I had some nice wins when wild symbols came into reels. Wilds pays really good, for 3 of them is x 200 bet size. Getting here all 5 wilds symbols is like as winning at lottery but it pays x 10 000 which is really good for this game.
Agent Jane Blonde it is game made by Microgaming. This game is very similar to adventure palace, probably almost same, but with different theme.

I like that this game have 0.09 min bet. Very easy to play it, even when favorite games was bad to me and almost steal all money from balance, it is possible to play it with something left, even if 5$ left on your account it is enough to play this game and hope for recover. While with 5$ in games like immortal romance there is nothing to do absolutely.

I like payouts in this game. Two best 5 of kind symbols except wilds pay a bit less than 100 bets, but there is wilds which double win if substitute. So good 5 of a kind win at lowest stake with wild will pay something like 15$ and it is already good enough to get it and switch to some other games with this money.

I like freespins feature in this game. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on reels. It awards 15 freespins with x 3 multiplier. Once played with 0.09 bets and got this feature, and during it got best of a kind with wild two times during freespins. Won more than 50$ and was very happy, because requested withdrawal and get paid. From 20$ deposit which I am almost lost on other games and come in this game with only 3-4 $ left on my balance.

8 stars as and for adventure palace.
I took two stars because game is old, and look not nice, much more worse than most other slots. Some players can be scared by such bad animations and sounds. If you huge liker of modern games with awesome graphics this one will not make you happy this is for sure, but if you not care and just want to win some money probably this game can give you some smile on your face.
Agent Jane Blonde it is Microgaming slot. I played it only couple of times, and when my balance was 10$ or lower, this game is good for such balances.

Game was released long time ago I believe, because it looks like old video slots, which already not very attractive to modern player like me, but still such games have some interest and it is always nice to give it a spin, just something to change from awesome looking slots with lot of lines which looks like a trend right now.

Agent Jane Blonde slot has 9 paylines. How the game looks? Well, answer is very clear - like very old video slot. Sounds are the same, nothing else to add here regarding this.

Well, this game have no any very special features, or anything really special which will surprise you. Just regular wilds, and regular freespins feature. 3 or more scatters will award you with 15 freespins with x 3 multiplier. And great thing that payouts for everything is quite good, so 5 of a kind during freespins will pay very nice money. And take note, min bet is only 0.09, this is very nice! Not need to have a lot of money to play with such balance.

Overall my experience is ok! If you knew that this game is old, you will not be frustrated or anything like this, all will be fine for you. Couple of times I had freespins features, and most was nothing special, but once had few decent 5 of a kinds, and won about 40 dollars at lowest 0.09$ bet, so was able to change game and play some of my favorites. Can't promise that you will like this slot, but you just need to try it if you do not have much money. 10$ to play dark knight is nothing, and too low. But 10$ to play this slot is good money, and you will have chances to win.
Game looks old. And also there is nothing which surprise you.
I have to recognize that the title sounds a little bit funny for me and I wanted to test this slot. I was curious to see if has interesting features and obviously a good payout rate. With 12 euro in my account, I started to spin and to discover this slot, not a bad one in my opinion, with funny graphics and good features. The theme of this slot is suggested by the funny title, we have secret agents and gadgets, an interesting theme in my opinion. This slot is developed by Microgaming, one of the best software providers in my opinion because it has slots with nice features and a good payout rate. It has 9 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.09 euro but this one was too small in my opinion and I played with a 0.45 euro bet.

The free spins feature is triggered when you catch 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded with 15 free spins and a 3 x multiplier. I managed to catch the free spins only one time with the 12 euro that I had in my account, the game seemed to have an acceptable payout rate, I won 19 euro from this feature but I lost it 1 hour later.

I will give a 9 for the graphics and theme because I like this kind of slots, the symbols are designed very well, the game is very smooth, no lag and I am very sure that I will play it more often.

The payout rate was acceptable even if I lost the money, it doesn't mean that the game is not paying, I just had bad luck, so I will give an 8!
The only bad thing is that it has only the free spins feature, no bonus round or any other special feature!
Agent Jane Blonde is probably a very old game that was created in Microgaming. You can see that from the fact that it has only 9 paylines and a much simpler graphic.

Who is Agent Jane Blonde? I really don’t know the answer to that question but it is obvious that the theme for this video slot game is inspired by the movie serials about James Bond. Beside the serials there were a lot of movie parodies about this agent. It seems to me that in Microgaming they decided to make a slot game like a parody for agent 007.

Like I said the graphic is old but likable. Also with most older games coming from Microgaming a lot of attention was payed to the symbols. If you take a closer look you will see the genius way they represent the theme of the game. Here we can see a female version of agent 007 in various situations in which a secret agent can come in to. Also the face of agent Jane Blonde is used as a wild symbol that changes all other symbols. There are a few more symbols here that represent everything an agent needs. There is an exploding chewing gum, glasses with a mini cam or a bullet camouflaged in lipstick. All of this gives the game a beautiful look.

I play this game occasionally in Microgaming casinos. Also in the past I often played it in some Microgaming tournaments. You can see this game in Microgaming tournaments even today. From the features here you have a free spins bonus. If I remember correctly you have to get 3 scatter symbols and you will get 14 free spins. If you are lucky enough to get this feature when you are playing on some bigger bet you will definitely get a nice payout.


Agent Jane Blonde is an interesting game that you have to try. I warmly recommend it to everyone.
The thrill of the secret agent is brought to the slots from movies. And on such an appealing theme the slot Agent Jane Blonde is based upon. I understood it is a Microgaming slot as soon as I saw the quickfire loading while playing on Dash casino.

It is a 5 reel and 9 play line video slot game. I was playing with the average bet of $0.90. The slot comprises of a wild features which doubles your win. The wild symbol is in the form of Agent Jane Blonde’s face. I could not again enjoy the pleasure to hit five of a kind in five reels which gives an exceptional return. Still I could manage a handsome win playing this slot for about an hour.

The slot contains feature in which if you hit three or more scatters you will get 15 free spins along with 3 x multiplier. The free spins could also be re-triggered under this feature. This is a good and an easy achievable feature. Initially when my bet was $0.27, I won the free spin feature with 2 retriggers, it paid me good and bankroll went up to $35.

And in the later stages when I was playing with higher bet of $0. 90 with the help of free spin feature I made another good win of $50. It was only when I put the slot on automatic spin feature of 100 spins, I lost all my money. And I was left with only a meager amount of $3.6. But I still continued and in just another 5 spins I again won free spin feature for the third time. And this time my bankroll went up to $25.

My experience in playing the slot was like a bumpy ride. But still you can always have a good win playing this slot.
yapro 790 reviews
Agent Jane blonde is an old microgaming game, and few times i saw on forum that people like this game. of course when someone talked about any game - i am always happy to try this game myself and see if this game deserves to be played in future by me, or not.

Jane blond has 9 lines, and this is typical for an old microgaming game. 9 lines mean high payouts for 5 of a kinds, and that's why i like such games, it is always a pleasure to hit 5 of a kinds symbols which pay more than 100 x total bet. I play this game only few times, because i did not like theme, and did not like this Jane Blonde. I play this game only on 32red casino, and last time it was probably year ago. I deposited 20$ and start playing this game with 0.27 bet, a bit high according to my own rules, but ok. Feature on this game awarded when 3+ scatters come on reels, and it is 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier. Long story short, and i finish withdrawing 150$playing only this game, and upping my bet with my balance grow. I never had bad streaks on this game, i play this game around 5 times and all the time i get free spins quite fast, and then left this slot. It looks not so good of course, but if you tired from popular games, why not try this one?

The game is medium variance, and at least you will have some playtime. Both base game and free spins have some big wins potential, and will not let you get boring. I rate this game with 7 stars. Of course someone can think that this game does not deserve so high rating, but i am not that type of gambler who love only beauty slot, no, i love games which can pay good, and which will not eat my money fast.
I see that there already have been some reviews written about this great classic video slot from Microgaming. I had the pleasure to spin the reels on Agent Jane Blonde during several occasions as well, and oh boy I sure didn't regret it. I think IcyMod is completely right when he says that the Microgaming developers probably thought of turning James Bond into a female version when making this lot.

One of the background sounds sure has a typical "James Bond" vibe. The James Bond fans will know what I mean right away. The sound that pops up when having a winning combination containing the wild symbol is what I'm exactly talking about. It's slightly different from the intro of classic James Bond movies.

When I first tried this game I thought by myself, "why am I even playing this women's game?" lol. By the looks of it, this game would probably be more suited for women. A tough Agent Jane Blonde that goes through her ways to solve crime. Agent Jane Blonde has 9 paylines and 5 reels. The smallest bet size is only €0.09 per spin. I spun the reels at €0.90 on average.

The slot contains a wild symbol (Agent Jane Blonde's face) which doubles your win. The best paid combination is 5 wilds on a payline. I never came further than 3 wilds though. During base game my biggest hit is 50x bet size, while in free spins (3 or more scatters needed) I had a handful wins of more than 100x bet size.

When collecting 3 or more scatters you get 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier, and the free spins can be re-triggered. I managed to do this during one occasions, which meant that after my second free spin I had like 28 free spins. I was hoping for a monster hit, but the 5oak combinations just didn't come. However, I still managed to win more than 240 euros bet size.

My final rating for Agent Jane Blonde is 8/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Agent Jane Blonde must be the idea Microgaming got off of Agent James Bond. It's a 9 paylines video slot that is slightly better than Adventure Palace. I know the scenic view of Adventure Palace is nice but Agent Jane Blonde gives a bit more wins. I would rather pay to receive winnings from resulting spins than to pay for just the look of the slot. Glamour and beauty of a slot does not reward on it's own....only what ? wins can be made from a player's bets. That's beauty enough! Trust me it is better to win!

All of the symbols remind me of a cross between Tomb Raider Lara Croft with the female equivalent of 007. They can secretly be sidekicks who knows? Much more as it is a 9 paylines slot I must gamble for every $0.10, $0.20 or $0.25 every so often to try to avoid a few losses from my original bet. I would even fancy some chances of changing moderate wins to higher wins! What I found to be great in the gamble feature is although it is just like the other gamble features across Microgaming, this slot once proved to provide me a pattern of 6 clubs in a row! Was there magic in this slot because if there is please don't stop! What I would do is when I see something like this for at least 3 or 4 suits like clubs in a row I would wait until I have a moderate win of $5 or even $10 to try to multiply my win by 4x. Luckily I managed enough to choose clubs twice before a big loss has it's round on the next play. It's a great feeling for when on a try during the gamble, my win would grow instantly and once more for a serious win. On a $10 win that I landed on a spin (5 symbols or free spins) and also when picking a correct suit my win immediately fell under a $40 win. I know it's large enough to collect for most players but my gut has been telling me to do it again, ONE..MMOORREE...TIME! Yeah, exactly the song to describe this moment when I did it again just for two times in a row and won for a total of $80 from a starting $10 whether it be from a big combination of 5 symbols or the 15 Free Spins before things got out of hand would be One more time by Daft Punk!

I would not make any recommendations for bets higher than $0.90 because scatters can be tough to bring out. A twist....female version of 007, Free spins of 15 at 3x multiplier that granted me about $15 to say the very least, 9 paylines that needs more improvement to break out the fullness of winnings and what I'm proud of doing is gambling my $10 win into $40 then into $80 that instantly gave me a shocked staggered look and Agent Jane Blonde did a really fine job for a 7.7 out of 10 score!
When I play with small deposits I usually started to play with the agent Jane blond video slot. It has 9 lines and it is makes the spins cheaper than the other games. First time when I started to play here I don’t know much from the free games and the paying rates but when I played here I was amazed very lot times.

I started to play here with 5 euro here because I had that amount left on my casino account after I made a withdrawal. I began to play on the minimum bet but a bit later I raised to 0.27 euro each spin. I lost 2 euro and after it I hit the 3 scatter and get the free spin feature. If you triggers at least 3 of them you will get 15 free spins with 3 times multiplier. The first look didn’t seems well but when I approached to the end of my free games I get the four scatter again. In itself was a nice winning but from the other 15 free spin gave me incredible high winnings. I get three wilds in a row, etc. Even it have a few winning lines I ended my free spin feature with above 90 euro plus profit. I was very happy to turn my few euros almost to 100, so I decided to set up the stake to 0.9 euro and plays more there. It not was the best decision of my life but when I lost the half of my money I get the free spins again. This time it wasn’t give high amounts like in my previous free spins but it gives my loosed money back.

From this time when I have a few euro to play on microgaming video slots I always prefer the agent Jane blond because even I play in low stakes I can get huge amounts.
Hi guys. In this review i will talk about the Agent Jane Blonde. This is another 9 lines, video slots game from microgaming and i personally only played it on Ladbrokes. There is only one feature in this game, which is free spins. The free spins are awarded when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Once 3 or more scatters appear, the game awards you with 15 free spins with all wind trippled, which can be re-triggered if 3 or more scatters come out in the free spins.

The game can be played from €0.09 up to €0.90, and even more if you raise the coin value. I usually play this game when i have small amount of money left in my bankroll. To be honest, sometimes this game pays out a lot. Once i got 5 scatters on a €0.09 bet and got €45 in a single spin. There was other time when i got 4 wilds in the free spins, which gave me €60. Pretty awesome.

The wild in this game doubles your win, and there have been plenty times when i got the biggest win with wilds(€15). The biggest pay on this game is 5 wilds, which pay €100 for €0.09 bet. If you do get it in free spins it will pay €300. I personally noticed that in this game if you keep changing your bet (€0.09 to €0.18 or €0.27) and then back to €0.09 it pays better. Also stopping it(double tapping) works for me.

On a scale 1 to 10 this game is definitely a solid 6. Even though it gives amazing wins sometimes or keep giving you scatters, it does get boring after a while. It would be pretty awesome if they release a new version of this game, but this time with a bonus:)
Agent Jane Blonde slot is 9-lines online slot created by the Microgaming casino software,with scatters, wild and free spins.You can bet between 0.09cents to 90$ for example.Agent Jane Blonde will substitute all symbols,and double any wins.
Scatter symbol will win the player 15 Free Spins where all wins inside of this bonus are Tripled.

The slot machine itself is very simple to navigate and is my favorite 9-lines slot for a several reasons.This game gives free spins very often and with tripled wins is very suitable for big and small bets.The game has helped me quite often when my bankroll was very small,and opposite a few times when I've played just for to do the wagering with higher bets 2.25$- for example, gives me a lot of coins and i can remember some very nice withdrawals thanks to this game.You can also win 10000 coins if five Agent Jane Blonde wilds shows up on a playline. Few weeks ago I get four of them,but I've never managed to get five of them.(i hope some day :)

This is no unique 9-lines slot game very similar like most of the other 9-lines slots, but from my humble experience I can conclude that i have won more often when i have played this game than anyone of others 9-lines games.I don't know maybe i have luck on this game and i have no luck with others,but this is my opinion and from my experience.With this game you will never be bored i can promise you that.I strongly recommend this game to people who play slots 9 lines or those who likes simple games with big possibility for winnings.

Over time I have limited slots which i play regularly, but Agent Jane Blonde find permanent place in my favorites games.

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