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Adventure Palace is a popular 9-payline video slot running on the Microgaming software platform. The game’s symbols feature various wild animals—from tigers to cobras— and the Elephant is reserved for the wild card, while the Landscape is the game’s scatter. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or select any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

Before exploring the jungle, a bet should be adjusted. The coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 2, can be set by clicking +/- beneath the coin symbol. “Select Lines” alters the number of active paylines and “Select Coins” chooses the number of coins to bet. To start the game, “Spin” needs to be pushed. “Bet Max” is used for spinning the reels at the highest wager. In order to turn the reels multiple times without interruption, players need to press “Expert” and then “Auto Play”.

To increase their winnings, players can click “Ga­mbl­e”. Guessing the colour of the face-down card correctly doubles one’s sum, while guessing the suit quadruples it. However, if players guess wrong, the sum is lost and the feature ends. Should players wish to terminate the Gamble round themselves, they can click “Co­lle­ct” and save their winnings.

3 or more scatters activate the Free Spin feature, wherein players gain 15 Free Spins and all wins are tripled. Another 15 Free Spins can be won during the Free Spin round.

­­Game Play

Select Lines: Select the number of paylines played.
Select Coins: Choose the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen bet.
Auto Play: Play the game multiple times in a row.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
On-line slot games don't come any more classic than Microgamings "Adventure Palace", a game that's been available on-line at least since the term of the millenium! True, the graphics and user interface are starting to show their age but big wins and addictive gameplay have stood the test of time and remain just as relevant as they were when this game released.

It's not surprising then that such a slot engine that works as well as this one has been used multiple times, so I'll mention what many people already know - Adventure Palace is another game based on the same maths model as Thunderstruck, Ladies Nite and Agent Jane Blonde amongst others. Which game you choose to play will largely depend on the theme you find most attractive and of course - gamblers being the superstitious bunch we are - which game has been kindest or most lucky for you in the past!

For me this isn't the best looking game amongst this selection of nine liners but it has certainly paid me well. Three scatters awards 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier as you might expect but of course the biggest payoffs are for a full line of wilds or five scatter symbols. Retriggers are quite common in these games as well and I have often found myself playing 30 or 45 free spins - I absolutely love retriggers!

Something that will always stay with me when I see these games is the sight of a player betting on a single line for hours on end before he finally, completely unbelievably, scored a full line of wilds on the active centre payline during the freespins for a completely outrageous 30,000x his stake. Sure, that stake was just 1p, but I've been trying to recreate that achievement ever since every time I have a few pennies left in my account in a Microgaming casino... so far without success. That's not surprising, as I'm sure that player must have beaten odds of a billion to one to score that hit but the screenshot is out there on the internet and is testament to the fact that Microgaming slots are the sickest games around in times of multiple of stake. Even Dead or Alive hasn't managed anything similar to that as far as I know!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Adventure Palace is 5 reels and 9 pay lines video slot game from Microgaming software provider. The main theme of this slot is the jungle, so you can see some snakes, elephants and many other animals on the reels. The environment type theme is ok, but when I played the game I was surprised of how poor the winnings were.

I had a really short session, not more than one hour when I played this slot and it was very difficult to land 3 scatters anywhere on the reels. It is so annoying when you get a scatter on the first and the second reel and then you are having troubles breathing while waiting for the third one to appear and there is no sign of it. I won only once the free spins round but it was nothing special, it is not even worth mentioning. The thing here is that you get 15 free spins with tripled prizes. Also the elephant is the wild and if you get 5 you will win an amazing amount of 10 000 x bet.

Most of the time I played this game with min bet per spin. I even thought at one point to raise my bet to 1.35 euros per spin. Thank god I did not do that. After I saw that the free spins did not pay anything and I lost most of my money during the base game. It took me awhile to realize that this game is not going to pay anything. I was hoping that I will hit a big win or land some good symbols that will pay at least something.
This slot is definitely not one of my favourites. I do not like the lame wins that this game has to offer. And if you play it for a while it somehow becomes boring and the sounds are a bit annoying too.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Adventure oldie from MG! When I first looked at this game, it reminded me of many other oldies from various software providers. Its graphics are very basic, in 2D perspectives, as against 3D in newer games nowadays. Nonetheless, I've never looked down upon lowly graphics...because some of the better performers come from these group of oldies...Mr Cashback (Playtech) was one...was...because to me personally, it is no longer performing as before! So, Adventure Palace may not have the good looks, nor the good sounds...but what about its performance? Lets find out!

Lets do a quickie here. The grey elephant is the Wild symbol and pays 10,000x line bet for 5-of-a-kind...very good. Wild doubles any wins with it...good. 5 scatters pay 500x total bet...good. Other symbols win values...not so good. Free spins game has 15 spins with 3x win multiplier...good. Free spins can be retriggered...good. Now that certainly sounds encouraging to me!

Maybe my luck wasn't so good that day, maybe my darling Lady Luck was away...I just couldn't get any free spins play! Then I remembered...aaaah...typical of MG games...they never come early, they never come closely and they never come when you expect them hardly get any retriggers during any free spins game! Bad bad MG games!

It wasn't until I've deposited a few more times that things began to look brighter. The free spins game came one after another, within 100 spins from one to the other...and this is where it all matters. Most of them pay peanuts...up to 10x total bet or less...but a few do give 20x to 30x total bet wins. Big wins?'s like waiting for an elephant to lay an egg! Okay, okay, not exactly...I did get one big acceptable win though, in one of the many games that I 1 retrigger during the free spins game...with a final payout of just over 100x total bet. Not big but acceptable.
What more can you expect from Adventure Palace? Nothing, really. That's the only feature game that's available. I would have accepted this shortcoming in a better light if there were more retriggering of free spins...all I could get was 1 retrigger...after such a long wait and after many plays. Playtech games offer several retriggering of the free spins...anything from just 1...up to 15 times! Oh! The joy and the thrill of getting many many retriggers...and ending up with a huge win! I have yet to see or experience this kind of win from any MG or old! But I quite like playing Adventure Palace, I did get a few free spins game coming quite closely, I did get 1 big this is one MG game that just scrapes through and gets green stars from me!
zerooo 742 reviews
Adventure Palace is 9 payline video slot from Microgaming software. It has good theme about adventure and most symbols are animals. I tried this game many times for a short time, but i did not have any good win at it.

The main game for me is not so interesting. While I was playing i did not have any big win. The elephant act like as a wild symbol in this game and I had it many times during base game. But near wild were only low payout symbols and my win was not big at all. It was boring to play it, I never win more than x 20 bet from base game. Last time I played it at Nextcasino, and once again it disappointed me about payouts.

Sure you can win some good money on it during free spins. There is 15 free spins at x3 multiplier. For all of five scatters you get the same number of free spins, but you are also award with 500x bet for 5 scatters. I think it could be much more interesting if this number will be higher, like at DOA.

I received many times free spins feature and all the time it gives me only around 10€ win from 0.18€ or 0.36€ bet. For me this is not a good win, I expected more. But I had no wild symbols during free spins and even if they were there, they were not on an active payline. You can also retrigger free spins feature, but I never retriggered it.

After all I think this could be a good game, I triggered free spins feature often. So I don't think it is so hard to get it, but the payouts were not good for me. I think I will not play this game again in future, because every time when I play it, I win only small amounts.
Adventure Palace it is game made by Microgaming. I am not played it much, only few times at guts casino.

I like that there is 9 lines. Lowest stake is only 0.09 and it is possible to play this game with low money. Very good to use it in guts, I usually love games with low bets play at guts, because guts usually give freespins for deposits, and winnings from freespins almost never huge for me, so I am usually trying to win some more in such games.

I like payouts in this game. Most payouts are very good, and any 5 of a kind pay not so bad. And more there is wilds which double any win if substitute. That’s a good deal, because best 5 of kinds with wild could pay very solid and even enough to make withdrawal if you play with lowest stake and trying to make this task (make withdrawal).

I like freespins feature in this game. Freespins feature triggered when 3 or more scatters land. By my not big experience it is not hardest task to got freespins. Then game award 15 freespins and all wins will be multiplied by 3. That’s good and allows to be very happy if you get 5 of a kind with wild. And even wild it is good enough.

I had couple 5 of a kinds in this game, once I even had best symbols 5 of a kinds, but during normal play and without wild. Paid bit less than 100 bets but still good. Had probably 3-4 freespins features, once a bit more than 100 bets and others were about 50 bets. I rate this game with 8 stars.
I took one star from this game because it looks not perfect. Old one, and sounds and animations not impressive.

I took another star because bad overall look of game. Not impressive at all. It is pretty similar as other thumbs down, but really not very good look.
Adventure Palace is another very old slot game with 9 pay lines and 5 reels. I love those old games that come from Microgaming. New games may look visually attractive with a lot of features, but in most cases with the newer games is hard to understand the rules.

My motto when it comes to video slot games is: simpler is better. Adventure Palace of course, is a simple game with only one feature. Perhaps the designers at Microgaming have not been given a lot of attention to detail with the symbols, as is the case with some other old games. However this game looks pretty good. The choice of colors dominated by green, is pleasant to the eye. The sound that you hear in the background while playing, the twittering of birds and the call of some wild animals also does not irritate. Most of the symbols here, in addition to the indispensable card symbols represent some wild animals such as the tiger, cobra or monkey etc. Of all the video slot games with 9 pay lines that Microgaming has to offer, this is the first I've discovered.

At the very beginning I didn't liked it much. That was until, of course, I didn’t had some bigger wins. I remember then, that I had on my account only 2 or 3 euros and after some time playing here, my balance has increased to more than 30 euros. I started with a bet of 0.9 euros per spin and how my balance increased, so I have increased the bet. The biggest wins here you can have in the free spins. This is because during the free spins all wins are multiplied by 3. Similarly as with some other older Microgaming games, here for 3 scatter symbols you get 15 free spins. Several times it happened that in the free spins I have wins 100 x bet or higher. Adventure Palace is a game that has given to me a lot of pleasure and great wins.
Adventure Palace it is old video slot, created by Microgaming, and it is not hard to find this game.

So, what to say about did I am happy with this game without playing and just see it? Not sure, because game is old, looks very old, and nothing really special here. Such slots can be interesting just to have some nostalgia, but interesting fact that old Microgaming slots sometimes can be very lucky for me, so I am playing them.

Game has 9 paylines, and there is only 0.09 min bet, very good. Couple of times when I lost almost all at other new slots, I decide to spend last fiver at old games betting 9 penny, I was able not only recover my balance, but also win a bit and withdraw happy. I am even have my own strategy, if I think that slot game is hot now, I am upping my bet by one step after each freespins feature. Sometimes it is work, sometimes no, probably it is not even a strategy.

There is no any special features, only usual for Microgaming old slots frespins, triggered by 3 or more scatters. 15 freespins awarded with x 3 multiplier. You need good 5 of a kind to hit big.

Overall my experience with this game is ok, like I said sometimes it is good to try this game to see if your luck is ok today, and you can win good money even from 5$ on such slot game. Freespins drops often, but of course payout not always good, but keep playing and of course one day you will hit something decent, and perfect thing that there is not need to have much money to gamble in such slot.
Generally game is boring of course, because very old, and did not have any special features. Sometimes it comes on dry and do not land freespins or any nice wins for a long time.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Adventure Palace is a very old video slot game coming from Microgaming. This game has 9 paylines and 5 reels. This is a game which for a theme has the wilderness and the animals. The sound coming from the background is one with the theme. I think that for an older game the graphic here is OK. I very rarely play 9 payline slots.

Actually I only play when my balance drops to 10 or less euros. One of the first Microgaming slots that I tried like this was this slot. That was some 2-3 years ago and I have been playing here quite often since than. But I can't say that I had some really big wins. I had wins from the free spins from 50 x bet or more but I cant remember if I ever had a win of 100 x bet or more. From the symbols in this game we have the standard poker symbols and the symbols with wild animals like Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Elephant which is the wild symbol. What I don't like here and that goes for most of Microgamings older slots is that the reels spin in a funny way.

Actually you don't even have a feeling that they are spinning. But again the atmosphere, the great sounds and the colors make up for that and I like this game overall. From the features this game offers free spins. Here for at least 3 scatters you get 15 free spins. The scatter symbol is the Jungle Palace. I believe that during the free spins you can have some really big wins because all the wins are multiplied x 3, but my biggest win in this game was only 50 x bet. That's not a small win but still I am disappointed because I have tried this game so many time and I have never still had a win od 100 x bet or more.
Adventure palace slot appears to be a very average in graphics and animation. The sound of the slot is also a mediocre one. Firstly I could not believe that it is Microgaming powered slot.

The game is of 5 reels and 9 play lines. The slot is not as the name suggests. The symbols in the slot are of zoo animals not at all attractive. But my disappointment was just limited till I played the slot. My first three spins were non wining one in the fourth spin the two scatter symbols appeared on the reel paying 2 x of the bet. In fifth spin I triggered the free spin bonus round when the three scatters appeared on the reels.

I was awarded with 15 free spins and I won $8.28 when I was playing with the lowest bet possible that is $0.09. How could I stop now, seeing the good payouts by the slot I immediately increased by bet to $0.90. I did not make good decision because my wins were always less than the bet. Then it make a bit hard for me to earn even when I again reduced the bet. The wild was in the form of the elephant symbol which could substitute any symbol except scatter. After 20 or 25 minutes of play I decided to get over with the slot. Really nothing at all interesting in the slot although I was bit excited in my initial stage but it finally drowned.

Any slot which does not has good graphics and soundtrack can not catch my interest. I would say not a good work by Microgaming people. I can not actually comment about the returns of the game as it appeared good in the just five spins but later on it was not up to the expectations. So I would grade 6 on the scale of ten to the slot.
yapro 790 reviews
Adventure palace is another microgaming 9 lines game, and i think somewhere in past, i think even on begin of 2000, they release many such games, because all of them are just clones, but i try this slot this year, when one casino make promotion with screenshots on this slot.

First of all, i want to admit that of course slot looking bad and outdated and of course this is not hard to understand why, and i am personally never judge games by their beauty, for me gameplay is much more important. As i told, slot has 9 lines, wilds in base game and free spins, and free spins rounds, which can be triggered by 3+ scatters.

My experience on this slot was only at betat casino, i played 0.45 penny per spin, and hit freespin probably after 30 or 40 spins. I was awarded with 15 freespins with 3 x multiplier. Unfortunately it pays bad, and i am almost decide to close this slot, but somehow decide to give it another shot till next freespins. After probably 50 more spins i am finally hit 4 scatters, and in total feature pay me 300 x total bet, or around this number. I was happy to request withdrawal. Few times more i give this shot, and everything was ok in my experience, free spins usually drops after around 100 spins in average, and usually pay something with a range 30x - 200 x. Good game with medium variance, i like it. By the way i know my highest waiting feature on this game, it took 421 spin to hit feature, which then paid 10 x total bet. Yeah, such things also can happen, and i am ok with it.

I rate this game with a 7 stars, not bad game to play. If you tired from all new machines, and just want to relax i recommend you to try this game, it is interesting and also can pay.
Adventure Palace game is powered by microgaming. I think I have mentioned before that I love 9 line games from microgaming and this game is no exclusion. This game can pay out crazy. Believe me my friends I have seen it. I have personally won €76 on a €0.09 bet and I think that you could win over a €100 on a small bet if this game is paying out.

This is a typical 9 line game with one feature, the free spin feature. To get the free spins you have to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Once you get the scatters you will be awarded 15 free spins with 3x. The free spins can be retriggered and they do a lot. I played this game hundreds of times and have never got five scatters. If you do get five scatters on a €0.09 bet you will win €45. I got four scatters many time but not five.

There is also a wild in this game. The wild doubles the win and comes out a lot too. Five wilds will get you €100. I am proud to say that I got four wilds before and that paid €20 on the smallest bet. My usual bet on this game is €0.09 or €0.18. Both bets are good and can get you a big win. I like the whole jungle scene so for me this game is great. I recommend this game to low rollers and high rollers. There is a lot of potential and its good fun. The graphics are ok and the sound effects are good. If I was to rate this game I would give it 9 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
paquito76 867 reviews
When I saw first time the name. Adventure Palace there were so many things that came across my mind but however hard I tried I just couldn’t link the two words to each other and finally I was intrigued enough to open it and don’t let myself in doubts.

At the the end of the intro clip it became clear this game is built around jungle safari, wild life introduction. It must be Asian territory, suspected India to where the developers want to guide their customers as the game has tiger, decorated elephant and pagoda like palace icons (now I know how to connect the palace and adventure but if the palace symbol weren’t the part of it I wouldn’t have the feeling I’m missing something here). In addition to the already mentioned ones there are still monkey, cobra peacock and the common letters and numbers on the palette and to be honest I don’t find them too attractive. I think the game has its own challenges both graphically and design aspect. The graphics are not on the highest quality level and personally I don’t like playing with games which characters have square shapes that aren’t well-boarded from each other. They’re just not good enough visible for my eyes and in the long run this can be a little annoying.

The game can be played on max. 9-line, with bets from €0.08 up to €90 and has the known free spins, scatter, wild, gamble extras. The scatters initiate the free games which consist of 15 spins with tripled prize and the elephant symbolizes the Substitute function with which the wins are doubled. It also the most targeted animal picture here with its x10.000 profit. The gambling game is the known suit/color type one where the wins can be repeated or quadrupled.

On the rare times I spent my times with the slot I played just €1.35 bets but there were some long stretches without normal returns (maybe one free games round brought back around x45 of total bet, when 3 Substitutes on the screen caused a mini boost). This and my impression of its appearance tell it’s far not my favourite associate on my gambling way and definitely not on my ‘must-play’ list when I visit a Microgaming casino.
Icymod 758 reviews
Adventure Palace is a small 9 paylines video slot that doesn't give much response towards my $0.45 bets. This is one slot I try to avoid do to the simplicity that comes with it. I dig the nice graphics, the nature environment type theme but when it comes to winnings I do not purposely enjoy it!

For about 30 minutes playing Adventure Palace I have been experiencing troubles landing the 3 scattered temples in view on the reels. Usually when I have them in view they are offered to me in ways of Reels 1 and Reels 5 or another example of Reels 4 and 5 for the scatters. It doesn't give me any room to have the chance for 15 Free spins! To tell you the truth I would rather prefer the slot Agent Jane Blonde than Adventure Palace. They maybe the same slot type for 9 paylines but at least I have better feedbacks for my bets there.....and you know what? Nothing can touch my favourite Sneak A Peak - Doctor Doctor slot, that's a downright fact!

The bonus and free spins are potentially sweet whereas Adventure Palace lacks having the possession of carrying a bonus, only free spins at 3x. For $0.45 bets I spun each time to find values of $2.25, $2.80 even $6 but never anything above $14. I would admit making small bets of $0.45 can make small differences but I require much more! My bets must be tripled or be higher for it's worth! It's spicier that way! Show me $25, $50 or $100...only then can I consider Adventure Palace to be one of the best! Before I quit playing this slot...5 minutes before my 30 minutes are up to leave Adventure Palace, I gave this slot the benefit of the doubt with a bigger slice of bets to $0.90 to redeem itself for bigger winnings. Unfortunately it did not fall under the "winner" category and failed to bring me the wealth I've been wanting.

There are so many other slots to enjoy and I could have my monies worth with any such as Burning Desire, Octopays, even Avalon / Avalon II! More importantly I'd put my chances more on Agent Jane Blonde than Adventure Palace. Not a lot of Adventurous wins, I've not even hit 15 Free Spins at 3x, a gamble feature that I barely used, 2x Elephant Wilds and no bonus features. Adventure Palace is a 5 out of 10! It's something I don't want to revisit again!

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