Yet Another Rebranding Took Place in the Market

Yet Another Rebranding Took Place in the Market

We all know that in the world of online gaming a good sounding name can mean a world. Tons of lawsuit are pouring in from everywhere due to name similarities and that is exactly what happened to the most bewitching casino in the industry that we all knew as the Casino Saga. This is why this Online Casino decided to change their name to something even catchier that will certainly reverberate in the gambling industry.

Why the sudden change of name?

As we already mentioned, the Casino Saga decided to change their name in order to avoid a lawsuit over the name similarity with the King's too popular Candy Crush Saga.
Even though Casino Saga was launched in 2014 they became insanely popular, and all of you who like playing there know why. The fact that this casino didn’t allow any service interruption during this rebranding shows how much they care about their players.

Now, with the name change that officially took place on August 3rd, 2015 this casino will be known under as the Casino Heroes. According to the casino's officials, this name is dedicated to the casino's players, since they consider them to be their personal heroes.

What's changed?

This is the same casino as new knew and loved. In fact, if anything, this is an improved version of the old one.

Think of this name change as the Casino Saga 2.0.

Casino Heroes rebranding affected only logos, some graphics and of course, the URL change which was pretty much expected due to the name change. Everything else including login data, passwords, and accounts stayed the same. This means that you will not have to make a new account if you already have been registered.

The next chapter

With this name change, Casino Heroes is ready to do some even more heroic stuff. Even greater things await you there, and this time they are thinking of going global. This means greater Casino Bonuses, more interesting promotional offers, more funactivities and excitement, and much more.

This casino offers video slots from portfolios of the some of the world’s greatest providers such as:

Head over to Casino Heroes immediately, create an account if you don’t already have one, and see why this casino has grown so popular in such a short time. If you already have an account, all you need to do is go there, login and continue your journey where you left off.

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