Win Cash and Gadgets in Live Casino Giveaway at No Bonus Casino

Win Cash and Gadgets in Live Casino Giveaway at No Bonus Casino

March is full of fun surprises at No Bonus Casino. Not only because there is always cash back coming your way, if it happens that you lose, but also because at the end of this special month No Bonus Casino will be handing out gadgets and cash prizes. All you have to do is play in their Live Casino and you will get a chance to win a cool prize.

Enter the Live Casino giveaway at No Bonus Casino

Head over to No Bonus Casino and enter their awesome draw right now. To qualify for a ticket you just have to wager a minimum amount of €50 in their Live Casino. Once you wager this specific amount you will win a live draw ticket. Even money bets do not count towards the qualification.

There is one ticket available for every player. You have until Friday the 27th of March at 11:59PM (CET) to get your ticket. What’s makes this promo even more awesome is that all qualified players will receive an invitation by mail to join and watch the draw live!

What prize could you win?

No Bonus Casino has selected a mix of awesome gadgets and cash prizes to give away during the live draw:

•­ ­ ­  iMac with 21.5 inch display
•­ ­ ­  Mac Book Pro with 15 inch display
•­ ­ ­  Mac Book Air with 13 inch
•­ ­ ­  Iphone 6
•­ ­ ­  Xbox one + Kinect
•­ ­ ­  PlayStation  4 + 500GB
•­ ­ ­  Samsung Curve Ultra HD 55”
•­ ­ ­  Cash prize of 1000 euro
•­ ­ ­  Cash prize of 750 euro
•­ ­ ­  Cash prize of 500 euro
•­ ­ ­  2x Cash prize of 250 euro
•­ ­ ­  2x Cash prize of 125 euro

Wouldn’t you want to win one of these prizes? Who wouldn’t! That’s why you should join No Bonus Casino during March and play in their Live Casino. If you don’t, you won’t get a chance to win!

Watch the Draw live

Qualified players will receive a confirmation by email with the exact date and time of the live draw. This means you can watch the draw live through the No Bonus Casino website. For qualified players an exclusive live stream will be opened so with full excitement you can follow online and find out if you are one of the lucky winners.

Loyalty points are multiplied by 5

In addition to the cool cash back deal and Live Casino giveaway, No Bonus Casino will also apply a multiplier for the points within their loyalty program. Instead of 1 point for every €10 in deposits customers will receive 5 points. For customers without luck that means the cash back goes up to 15% instead of the usual 10%. This offer will be valid until the March 27th.

Sign up at No Bonus Casino and take your chances to win an awesome prize this March!

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