Unlucky Jacks Can Still Win Even If They Lose

Unlucky Jacks Can Still Win Even If They Lose

If you are used to enjoying quality gaming at FortuneJack Casino, then you know that this Bitcoin Casino is quite giving and offer superb experience.  And that’s not the slightest surprise, as they hold our pristine Certificate of Trust. And what’s more, every week there are irresistible bonuses that can easily fall into your lap. Just keep on reading and will tell you all about these little perks that you can look forward to when playing at FortuneJack.

Three unlucky Jacks turn lucky

FortuneJack Casino want their players to win even when they lose. And we all know that’s not always possible, but once a week this generous online casino rewards the top 3 unlucky players by redeeming 20% of their net loss back to them. How fabulous is that?

The size of the deposits reveals the unlucky Jacks!

The three unlucky players are identified by the size of the deposit sum they lose during the respective single week. It’s as simple as that. So all you have to do is play your favourite casino games and if it happens you lose, with a little luck you still get to win a cashback.

Rewards for the most active chat users

Not only that the unlucky players are rewarded each week, but also the ones that are most active on the chat. In case you were wondering how that works it actually goes like this: FortuneJack reward the top 5 chat users writing the highest number of constructive posts in their chat. And every Thursday, at 11am sharp these dedicated players receive their prizes.

At FortuneJack it really pays off to be an active community member:

  • First place receives 0.004 BTC;
  • Second place gets 0.003 BTC;
  • Third place gets 0.002 BTC;
  • Fourth place gets 0.001 BTC;
  • Fifth place gets 0.001 BTC.

Poker now available too

From now on, players at FortuneJack can, in addition to these awesome promos, also enjoy poker games. The casino has gone above and beyond to expand its offer and ensure poker fans find games that suit their taste too. FreeRolls are up and running and you can stop by the casino and check out what they have to offer anytime.

New to FortuneJack?

Well, if you still haven’t joined the casino it’s about time you do so. FortuneJack Casino are one of the safest online casino to play favourite casino games and they have rightfully earned a spot among the AskGamblers Certified Casinos.

Sign up at FortuneJack Casino today and they will set you up with a 100% bonus, worth up to 3 BTC, exclusive to AskGamblers members, just for starters. Play your hearts out and remember to cast a look at FortuneJack Casino Bonuses from time to time to keep up with their latest offers.

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