Turn Your Monday Around with This Fab Mega Monday Bonus

Turn Your Monday Around with This Fab Mega Monday Bonus

Monday blues? What Monday blues? With the right bonus, Mondays can turn into the happiest day of the week. All you need is the correct deposit amount and bonus code and Casino Las Vegas will turn your Monday around. If you’d like to take advantage of the casino’s fantastic Mega Monday promo, just keep readin­g—y­ou’re about to learn everything there is about this fabulous deal and how you’re going to snag it. Make the beginning of your week a good one!

When to Claim the Bonus

Mondays generally suck, most of us can agree on that one. But, if you decide to pay Casino Las Vegas a visit on Monday, the 23rd of May, 2016, chances are you’ll reconsider that statement. Namely, the Mega Monday promo is only available on—you guessed it—Monday, so you’d better not miss it. Come the 24th of May, the offer will be gone, so… mark your calendar!

How to Grab the Mega Monday Bonus

Here’s exactly how you’ll be snagging the bonus step-by-step:

Just keep in mind that you’ll receive an email which will let you know how much percentage of the bonus you’ll get and also what the maximum amount to get as a bonus is.

More Info about the Deal

Snatching the bonus and getting to use it is surely the most fun part of the process. However, there are always certain details you need to be aware of while taking advantage of the deal.

Remember that the Mega Monday offer only lasts 24 hours and that the wagering requirements are 25x.

For one, don’t forget that the wagering requirements for the bonus are 25x and two, bear in mind that the offer’s only available for 24 hours, which means it’ll end on Monday at 23:59 GMT. Got it? Good. Now play go forth and play slots to your heart’s content—the most important thing is to have fun!

Join Casino Las Vegas Now

If you’d like to make your Mondays a much brighter time with the Casino Las Vegas’ Mega Monday bonus, all you have to do is sign up at the online casino, make a deposit and enjoy the beginning of your week like you should.

Join Casino Las Vegas today!

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