This Is The Highest Mobile Casino Record Ever

This Is The Highest Mobile Casino Record Ever

We’ve all heard about Net Entertainment or the better sounding abbreviation NetEnt. If you know anything about online gambling and slot games, then it’s impossible you haven’t heard about it. NetEnt is the leading digital entertainment company, and just a few days ago something extraordinary happened with this developer’s Mega Fortune Touch slot.

Get the scoop!

NetEnt is immensely popular in the gambling community, and the news about their Mega Fortune slot cashing out the biggest jackpot in the NetEnt’s history of mobile gaming was a huge, smashing piece of news.

The jackpot awarded has hit the amazing €8.6 million, and it was won on Folkea­uto­mat­en C­asino’s mobile website. The lucky winner’s bet which led to hitting this jackpot was less than €1.50. This humungous Jackpot was won by one lucky 30-year-old from Sweden.

With this amount, Mega Fortune touch turned this lucky guy into an instant multi-millionaire who is probably counting his blessings now. I now I would be.

You never know when the luck might struck you! Maybe you can be the next lucky winner.

NetEnt’s slot games seem to be quite rewarding since this was second jackpot which was won in less than a month difference between the two. The jackpot which was one before this one was €4.5 million high. Only difference is that this one came from Mega Fortune Dreams slot at Unibet Casino.

Thoughts, impressions and feelings

I don’t know about you guys, but I know I would be caught off guard, surprised, stunned and would probably refuse to believe it at first, if I won this much money. But let’s see what our lucky winner has to say about this huge jackpot that he landed.

The name of this lucky winner is Alexander and he comes from Stockholm in Sweden. These are his words: "I was totally speechless and couldn’t believe what was happening. It was late and my wife had already gone to bed, but I had to wake her up to celebrate."

I can place a safe bet that Alexander’s wife didn’t mind being woken up for this reason. She had 8.6 million reasons not to be angry because Alexander woke her up.

When it comes to NetEnt, here’s what their chief product officer, Simon Hammon, said: "NetEnt’s games excite, entertain and reward our players and it’s fantastic to break another record with this jackpot won via mobile. Our games have paid out over €13 million in jackpots in just over a week – the perfectly early Christmas present."

If anything, I too must say that I agree with Mr. Hammon, and that this truly is the best Christmas present. So, why don’t you give it a shot as well? There is plenty of time left before Christmas, who knows maybe you will be the next one to win on one of the NetEnt powered slot games. Good luck!

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