The Mediterranean Reel Cruise Giveaway from Platinum Reels Casino

The Mediterranean Reel Cruise Giveaway from Platinum Reels Casino

Platinum Reels Casino wants to give you a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the Mediterranean this November! During the course of this second “Reel Cruise Giveaway”, five lucky players will win double tickets to board the Queen Elizabeth luxury liner to get seven days of Mediterranean beauty, cuisine, and entertainment on the sea. Platinum Reels will also be giving out £20,000 in prizes every week between now and 20th October 2014! The entry period has just begun, so start playing at Platinum Reels Casino now to have the best chance at being a winner.

Climb the leaderboard, win a cruise ticket

The Mediterranean Reel Cruise promotional period is running from 25th August through 20th October 2014 at Platinum Reels Casino. Your goal is simple: play your favourite games, earn points, and climb the ranks of players to reach the top of the Reel Cruise leaderboard. The top 4 players who make it to the top by the end of the promotion will win tickets aboard the beautiful Queen Elizabeth this November.

Earning points

There are several ways to earn points for the Reel Cruise Giveaway, but the easiest is simply to play your favourite games in real money mode. These include Saucify’s numerous video slots, table games, classic slots, and video pokers. Rates vary based on the games you choose:

  • 1 point per $1 wagered on slots, keno, and scratch cards
  • 1 point per $2 wagered on Roulette and Three Card Poker
  • 1 point per $10 wagered on Baccarat and Video Poker
  • 1 point per $50 wagered on Blackjack and Craps

You’ll also earn points by making deposits:

  • Deposit $100 to $199.99 for 50 points
  • Deposit $200 to $299.99 for 100 points
  • Deposit $300 to $399.99 for 150 points
  • Deposit $400 to $499.99 for 200 points
  • Deposit $500 or more for 250 points

Last but not least, you can multiply your points if you earn a higher loyalty rating. If you’re new to Platinum Reels Casino or haven’t played much in the past, you’ll be at the Bronze level. As you play more, you’ll climb the ranks to Silver (25% more points), Gold (50% more points), and finally Platinum (100% more points).

Weekly port bonuses (and a hidden cruise ticket!)

The big Mediterranean cruise isn’t the only thing you can win! Platinum Reels Casino has broken up the promotion into weekly periods. Every Monday, you’ll land in a new port with a brand new bonus offer. Make sure you check the Mediterranean Reel Cruise page weekly to see what the current bonus is. As an added twist, one of the ports will contain the 5th set of cruise tickets!

Set sail at Platinum Reels Casino today

You’ve got nearly two months to earn your spot on Platinum Reels Casino’s upcoming Reel Cruise, but you need to start playing now if you’re serious about winning this getaway for two. Just remember to keep an eye on the leaderboard, take advantage of the weekly bonuses, and play often for your best chance at an unforgettable Mediterranean escape.

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