Put your Pedal to the Metal and be Crowned Grand Prix Champion

Put your Pedal to the Metal and be Crowned Grand Prix Champion

Dash Casino have been running their Grand Prix promotion and they’re now giving you one last chance to race. Complete the circuits and you could be crowned the £32,000 Grand Prix Champion 2016. This week the online casino will visit a different location with a podium of prizes to give away each time. All you need to do is drive your best games and beat your competitors.

How it works

This popular Microgaming Casino have been holding some fast-paced races, each race consisting of 100 qualifiers. Make it into the top 100 and you’ll take home a prize ranging from £10 – £5,000. At the end of the promotion there’ll be a Podium Finale, this will take place on the 22nd September. Finish in the top ten places in the first three weeks of the promotion and you’ll earn yourself x2 points towards that finale.

“It’s all to play for, but you have to be in it to win it”

It’s not all about reaching the top though. The casino will also be rewarding the top 99 runners up, each receiving a share of a cool £10k in casino bonuses. Make it to the nearest challenger and you’ll bag a huge £1,500 casino bonus to play your favourite Microgaming games.

The qualifiers

This week you’ll be heading to Malaysia for the £4,000 Qualifier. It’s known as one of the hottest destinations in the world and the racing calendar is now in full swing. This week is your chance to take the long high-speed straights and tight twists to really show your competitors what you’re made of.

“Make sure you opt-in to the promotion before you start spinning towards the race”

It’s going to be a tense week, but it will all be worth it in the end. Drive your games over the finishing line because this is the last chance you’ll have to make it into the qualifiers. It’s more important than ever to secure a place in the top 10 finish if you haven’t already.

Finish in 1st place and you’ll win £800, other prizes range from £10 - £500 and there’s 100 top positions to take.

The Podium Finale

Only the best of the best will make it to the turbocharged finale. Make it over the finish line in first place and you’ll be claiming that grand prize of £5,000. But even if it’s a photo finish and you don’t claim 1st place there’s other prizes ranging from £10 - £3,000.

Join Dash Casino today and drive their games to be a winner.

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