Play Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde at 7Red Casino

Play Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde at 7Red Casino

Do you have a Jekyll and Hyde character? Whether you do or you don't, we have some very exciting news for you about 7Red Casino.

Dr.Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Slots3)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Sign up at 7Red Casino to play their new Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde slot, you will simply love it from the moment you first see it. The 3D graphics involved are the best Slots3 has ever seen. Players simply admire the pewter and oakwood decor of Dr.Jekyll's residence and on top of that, each and every symbol is animated!

You can see Dr.Jekyll in action as the slot portrays an exquisite atmosphere of 19th London which is uncannily realistic and British. The doctor himself strolls under his study finding specs of dirt on his crispy ironed shirt and flicking it off! During other moments in the slots you see the Dr observing his potions and drinking them, sometimes you may even catch him just rubbing his chin as he muses over his ideas. Every time you win Dr.Jekyll will shout "Tally-Ho". Dr.Jekyll & Mr Hyde originates as a horror story, but the slot is not a scary experience - there is far too much fun and excitement going on for that! This new slot will appeal to players who love heavy duty bonus options as it is packed with wonderful and weird bonuses and you need to be a bit of a Dr.Jekyll to remember all the detail. Don't worry if you don't though because bonus combos keep coming up on the reels and the winnings just keep on rolling in too!

Additional Information

Jekyll and Hyde has a long list of payouts including a 480,000 credit jackpot! The slot consists of 30 paylines with up to 5 coins per line with a coin value ranging from 0.02 up to 1.00 giving players enough scope to match your betting mood. The slot consists of 8 regular winning symbols with wins ranging from 25 to 6,000 coins on with maximum 5 coins bet per line.

The Potions

Every red potion symbol that appears on your reel is nicely deposited into a glorious glass flask which doubles up as a meter. Every spin you do fills the meter. When you eventually fill the meter the game will trigger the free spins mode which can win you lots of money! Your free spins will start with a very entertaining movie, once the free spins start, a similar feature but using the blue potion symbols this time controls how long your free spins will actually last. Its possible to get 20+ spins.

Wilds & Bonus

The Jekyll & Hyde symbol transforms into Jekyll or Hyde whenever it can make a winning combination for you. This can be extremely helpful when getting a Dr.Jekyll bonus which is triggered when Jekyll appears in between 2 red potion symbols. The Mr.Hyde bonus is triggered when Hyde appears in between 2 blue potions, giving you a multiplier of between 5 and 20 times your bet for that round. There is also 2 interactive bonus rounds, the first being a potion bonus and the second being a Mr Hyde's Frenzy Bonus!

Try you luck on this fantastic new slot by signing up to 7Red Casino today!

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