Pave the Path to Your Kingdom with Gold

Pave the Path to Your Kingdom with Gold

KingPlayer Casino is giving you the chance to embark on an epic adventure which will help you find your very own kingdom. All you have to do is follow KingPlayer's monthly path to riches. If you have always dreamed of becoming a king, here's your chance to do it. Your Kingdom awaits, and here how what you need to do to find it.

Lead the way!

Every month you will have the chance to start the search party for your kingdom. You will get the opportunity to reach up to 10 levels of bonus. If you embark on this journey you will stand a chance at getting a massive sum over €1600 to explore your empire.

The kingdom of games waits for the new king to be elected

If this is not a reason enough for you to try to reach the end of this path don’t worry because there is more. Another incentive to reach the end of this path are the fantastic giveaways that will be held at the end of the month.

However, only those players who manage to reach level 10 will be eligible to take part in these fantastic giveaways. The rewards reserved for this are:

  • 1 x €500 in bonus money
  • 2 x €200 in bonus money
  • 3 x €100 in bonus money

To boot, the level 10 player who finishes with the most deposits wins a flight to Barcelona, Spain for two persons.

Golden steps

Each level of golden road bonus has a minimum amount that needs to be deposited. Here are the golden path steps you need to follow, the bonus percent you get, and the minimum deposit it requires to be made:

  • Step one – 20% bonus, minimum deposit €20
  • Step Two – 25% bonus, minimum deposit €30
  • Step Three – 30% bonus, minimum deposit €60
  • Stop Four – 40% bonus, minimum deposit €100
  • Step Five – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €200
  • Step Six – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €300
  • Step Seven – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €400
  • Step Eight – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €500
  • Step Nine – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €500
  • Step Ten – 50% bonus, minimum deposit €500

All you have to do is use the bonus selector while making a deposit. Once you’ve completed one step, the next one will be waiting for you. To claim the next level you need to complete the previous one in full, including the x35 turnover.

Visit KingPlayer Casino now and start following your path of gold, and get the chance to reach bonus level 10 and win one of the numerous prizes.

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