Ladies and Gentlemen, Let Me Introduce You Another Big Time Winner

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let Me Introduce You Another Big Time Winner

This is another big win story, just to show you that anything’s possible, and that you never know when the luck might struck in. This is a swooped underneath the WinsPark Casino’s feet like a rug. The lucky winner is a teacher named Mary. So stick with me for a moment to find out how this lucky lady won $200,000.

How did this story start?

Mary first started playing in WinsPark Casino this year in July. She needed some time to get to know the casino a bit better, and to learn the ropes with other casino games since she had only played slots in a live casino before, and a few times during different holidays. 

When she was about to kick off her playing career at WinsPark, she made a small first time deposit. It was $50, and she intended just to have some fun. She took out for a test run a variety of 76 slots, scratch and other instant win games that were available in the casino. Luckily, this let Mary home in on her favorite game – Fruit Machine.

Test casino games, have lots of fun, and maybe you can be the lucky big time winner as well

Mary let us in on a secret and told how she treasured Fruit Machine long before she cashed in on this Jackpot. These were her words: "I love it! All I have to do is click "Spin" to start the reels, and wait for them to stop to see if I have won or not, it’s a real thrill for me-just like being in the real casino. I got a couple of "Big wins" my first time playing Fruit Machine but nothing more than that."  

The day Mary cashed in!

Things started going upwards for Mary, approximately one month ago, and that’s when everything changed. One day after she came home from work, she decided to unwind a bit, and so she played a few rounds on her favorite game – Fruit Machine.

She managed to score a MEGA win, which is 100 times her initial bet. She was thrilled. She has just won €200 and this has got her immediately thinking about a present for her daughter who was in a hospital at the time.

That’s when the lightning of luck struck! Mary hit the jackpot worth $200,000 which knocked her sideways. She said that she has never been so ecstatic about anything. Even the birth of her grandchildren!

We at AskGamblers would like to congratulate Mary on her Big Win. So, hurry up and make a pit stop to your favorite casino because who knows, maybe you can be our next Big Win story!

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