Join the Big Cash Parade at Amsterdams Casino

Join the Big Cash Parade at Amsterdams Casino

One of the biggest parties of the year has just begun at Amsterdams Casino! Now through the end of the month, you’ll have your shot at a €1,000 cash prize every single day, plus a chance at the €5,000 grand prize in the Big Cash Parade. Get in the festive spirit and see if fortune is waiting for you by playing at Amsterdams Casino today!

Start with daily €1,000 drawings

All Amsterdams Casino players are welcome to participate in the Big Cash Parade. You don’t have to worry about opting in or meeting any special requirements. Plus, the sooner you start, the more chances you’ll have to win a €1,000 daily cash prize!

It works like this: you’ll automatically receive one ticket for the daily prize drawing as soon as you deposit €50 on that day. You can continue earning tickets by depositing even more, increasing your chances to be the daily Big Cash Parade winner! This way, everyone has a fair chance of winning a cool one grand.

Amsterdams Casino will hold each drawing at the end of the day. The winner will be determined by randomly selecting one qualifying ticket. If your name is on the ticket, Amsterdams Casino will post your username on the Big Cash Parade page. You will also be notified by email. Once you accept the prize, it will be manually credited to your Amsterdams Casino account.

Regardless of whether or not you win, remember to come back and deposit at least €50 on the following day to try your luck again!

Don’t forget the €5,000 Grand Finale

As if ten days of €1,000 giveaways wasn’t enough, Amsterdams Casino will finish their Big Cash Parade with a true spectacle: a €5,000 prize. This “Main Drawing” will be conducted at the end of the promotion (around 1st March). All qualifying tickets from all 10 days will be pooled together, and only one can be chosen as the winner. If you’re lucky, that ticket will have your name on it, and Amsterdams Casino will notify you via email to let you know that you’ve just won €5,000 cash. Plus, your screen name will be posted in big letters for everyone to see on the Big Cash Parade page!

Real cash prizes

This exciting promotion really does live up to its name in every way. It’s big, it’s as fun as a parade, and all prizes are real cash. If you win, your money will be credited to your Amsterdams Casino account and can be used however you want. Play your favourite games to try and turn it into something even bigger, or just cash it out using your preferred method. It’s up to you.

We hope you have a lot of fun in the Amsterdams Casino Big Cash Parade! Best of luck winning one of these incredible prizes.

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