Grab up to 120 Crime Scene Free Spins at Casino Saga

Grab up to 120 Crime Scene Free Spins at Casino Saga

The Saga Islands are in turmoil! A pair of courageous Casino Heroes have robbed the terrifying Boss Mad Mummy and made off with the valuable loot. Now, it is up to you to help the furious Boss look for clues and in return get handsomely rewarded for your assistance, earning up to 120 Free Spins on NetEnt’s Crime Scene slot! Make your deposit of at least €20 at Casino Saga today and... good luck tracking down that missing fortune!

How to seize your Free Spins

So, you have gathered enough courage and accepted Mad Mummy’s exhilarating challenge to look for the stolen treasure. Now what? It is simple, really. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go straight to Casino Saga
  • Log into your account
  • Make a deposit of at least €20 and up to €49 to claim your 20 Crime Scene Free Spins
  • Or you can deposit between €50 and €99 to snatch as many as 50 Crime Scene Free Spins
  • Or deposit €100 or more and 120 Crime Scene Free Spins will be yours!

Keep in mind that this incredible Casino Saga offer can be used only one time per day and that it is good until the Crime Scene is closed on Sunday, the 15th of March 2015 at 23:59 (CET). There is no time to waste. So, start spinning and have fun winning!

Crime Scene Slot

Crime Scene Video Slot

This popular 15-payline NetEnt video slot is a perfect match for all you lovers of mystery and intrigue. After you claim your awesome Free Spins, you will turn the reels filled with mysterious clues, possible murder weapons and condemning evidence, which create the air of a real crime scene. This slot offers sticky wilds and an amazing Bonus game which promises big wins.

New Casino Saga Heroes Welcome

You feel up to the thrilling challenge? You are prepared to roam the Saga Islands in pursuit of the stolen treasure, but you have never visited Casino Saga before? Fear not, because registering is as easy as it sounds. To start your fantastic adventure and grab those fabulous Free Spins, all you need to do is:

  • Head over to Casino Saga
  • Fill out a short registration form
  • Choose your Casino Saga hero avatar
  • And voila! You are a Casino Saga hero now too, ready to track the stolen goods, make the aforementioned deposit and get hold of the marvellous Crime Scene Free Spins!

Sign up at Casino Saga today and join other Casino Heroes on their invigorating quest across the Saga Islands!

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