Get Some Cash in the Jar for an Awesome Summer

Get Some Cash in the Jar for an Awesome Summer

Summer is coming up fast and it’s time to decide how you want to spend it. Or perhaps you have the perfect summer all planned out in details, but the only thing missing is the cash? You simply don’t know how to save money. Well, don’t you worry.  We found a way for you to get enough cash for an amazing holiday this summer, and still do the thing you love the most: spin to win!

Start Spinning and Saving Now

While you were busy spending all around town, we figured out a way to help you. There is still time for you to save up enough money to have a fabulous summer holiday. Well, to be more precise, we found someone who wants to do it for you. All you have to do is play your favourite slot games.

Have you heard of LaRomere Casino? If you haven’t, you better get to know them asap. This generous online casino started off May with exciting savings plan. They have set up a jar, waiting to be filled with cash top five players will share. All you have to do is play at LaRomere Casino in the next 10 days for a chance to walk away with just enough cash to have the dream summer holiday.

How does the cash in the jar work?

LaRomere Casino is taking €5 from every deposit made and adding it to the Cash Jar on their site. Then on the 18th of May, they will be splitting the total cash jar tally among the players who hold the top 5 positions on the leaderboard which means that they are giving all players a chance to win a share of their deposits back in 10 days.

The cash will be split as per the percentage win on the leaderboard. This will be divided amongst players in the following way:

  • Position 1 - 50%
  • Position 2 - 20%
  • Position 3 - 15%
  • Position 4 - 10%
  • Position 5 - 5%

What’s more, LaRomere Casino has also prepared free spins runner-up prizes for players in positions 6 -10 on the leaderboard.

How to win?

In order to win a share of the cash in the jar, you need to climb up the leaderboard. But first things first, to land on the leaderboard and start climbing to the top, you need to accumulate points. Points are accumulated in the following ways:

  1. For every €/$500 wagered per day, you will earn 500 points. You earn points in increments of 500, and not for every dollar wagered.
  2. For every purchase greater than €/$100, you will earn points:
  • Daily purchases between €/$100 and €/$199.99, earn 50 Points
  • Daily purchases between €/$200 and €/$299.99, earn 100 Points
  • Daily purchases between €/$300 and €/$399.99, earn 150 Points
  • Daily purchases between €/$400 and €/$499.99, earn 200 Points
  • Daily purchases €/$500 or more, earn 250 Points
  • Weekly promotions can earn you bonus points, based on the nature of the promotion.

If you are not lucky enough to win a share of the first jar, don’t worry. Once round 1 is completed, a second Jar will start filling up until the 2nd giveaway, that will take place on 1st of June, 2015.

So if you fancy an island holiday this summer, a brand new chic wardrobe or that new set of wheels you’ve had your eye on, sign up at LaRomere Casino right now. With its Cash in a Jar, all of this and much more is within your reach.

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