Get a welcome bonus designed just for you at SunMaker Casino

Get a welcome bonus designed just for you at SunMaker Casino

Cloudy winter skies got you down? Brighten up your day with SunMaker Casino! If you’ve never played here before, you can get started with a welcome bonus tailored just for you, which you can use to explore their full line of unique slots and casino games from Merkur Gaming. Whether you’re looking to deposit just a little or go all-in, this is a good opportunity to try something different and boost your odds of winning. Visit SunMaker Casino today to get started.

Three welcome bonuses to choose from

SunMaker Casino take a different approach than most casinos when it comes to their welcome bonus. Instead of using a single one-size-fits-all bonus, SunMaker Casino gives you your choice of three different bonuses. This allows you to pick the offer that best fits your deposit preference and playing style. Here are your choices:

If you’re ready to give SunMaker Casino a try, just pick the bonus code you want from above and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to go to SunMaker Casino.
  2. Create your account right on the website.
  3. Log in for the first time with your username and password.
  4. Go to the cashier and make your first deposit with your code of choice.
  5. Your welcome bonus will be credited to your account immediately.
  6. Try your luck on absolutely any of the games in the casino!

Playing your welcome bonus

SunMaker Casino have written their bonus rules to be simple and flexible, which means that you’ve got a good chance of coming out ahead regardless of which games you like to play. The Standard and Gold bonus codes carry a 25x wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus; if you go Pro, it’s only 20x. All games (except double-or-nothing) are permitted for bonus play, but some do have reduced contribution rates as shown below:

  • Slots: 100% (€1 wagered = €1 cleared)
  • All other games not listed: 50%
  • Roulette, Baccarat, and Sic Bo: 10%
  • Black Jack, Craps, and Stud Poker: 5%

Lastly, as is typical of most online casinos, SunMaker Casino asks that you do not make any unusual “minimal risk” bets while your bonus is active (e.g. betting on red and black at the same time in Roulette).

Aside from those simple rules, you’re free to play however you want! With dozens of unique Merkur Gaming slots and table games to choose from, chances are this welcome bonus from SunMaker Casino will allow you to experience games you’ve never seen before. Hopefully you’ll find a new favourite and come out a big winner on your first try!

Plus, grab daily goodies in the SunMaker Casino Event Calendar

Want more? Make sure you stop by SunMaker Casino frequently and check out their interactive Event Calendar. Just click on a day to see what unique promotion they’ve prepared. Throughout each month, you’ll be able to take advantage of daily offers like match play, cashback, free spins, and even giveaways and other events! Just go to SunMaker Casino and click on “Event calendar” under “Pr­omo­tio­ns” to see what’s available today.

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