Gather Round Cuz 4Grinz Rolls Out Amazing Promos

Gather Round Cuz 4Grinz Rolls Out Amazing Promos

If you are a true bitcoin fan, then you shouldn’t hesitate to check out 4Grinz Casino. Besides the fact that they welcome players from all around the world, there are some pretty neat promotional offers that you must try. We are talking about some full on bonuses which you can collect and redeem for awesome stuff. There is no good reason as to why you wouldn’t try 4Grinz.

Grinz Points

At 4Grinz bitcoin casino you have easy-to-achieve levels which will reward you with free bitcoin every step of the way. In this casino you will find the latest HD slots, blackjack, roulette, plus some classic casino games and video poker.

Start earning Grinz Points on your very first spin

Grinz Points work are used to measure your achievements, from Grinz Level 1 all the way to VIP status, and they can be redeemed for both awesome stuff and real bitcoin. There are 4 Grinz levels to be achieved and they go as follows:

  • Level 1 – Collect 100 pts and get 25mBTC no deposit bonus plus 5 more Grinz Points
  • Level 2 – Collect 250 pts and get 25mBTC no deposit bonus plus 10 more Grinz Points
  • Level 3 – Collect 500 pts and get 25mBTC no deposit bonus plus 15 more Grinz Points
  • Level 4 – Collect 750 pts and get 50mBTC no deposit bonus plus 20 more Grinz Points

When you manage to complete all Grinz levels from 1 through 4, you will become a Joy Luck Club Member.

Joy Luck Club

Once you become the Joy Luck Club member, you will enter the place where the rewards are endless. Here’s what you stand to win as a member:

  • One-time 50mBTC no-deposit bonus plus 20 Grinz Points
  • 35% bonuses on every reload
  • 50% deposit bonuses all day on Member Mondays
  • 50% deposit bonuses all day on Joy Luck Club Thursdays
  • Exclusive member drawings, random bonuses and giveaways
  • Redeem points for stuff at the Grinz Store

Deposit bonuses

If you are tempted to join, then you will be pleased to find out that this bitcoin casino has some amazing bonuses. There is a welcome bonus for your first, second bonus, third deposit, and for other future deposits, as well.

A welcome bonus that will more than double your fun

Get a 110% welcome bonus once you open an account and make your first deposit. Which is invitation enough to take it for a spin. For your second bonus there is a 55% Welcome back bonus. When you make your third deposit you will get your first 30% of the member bonus, and then 5% more for achieving 4Grinz member status. You can achieve this status by automatically making 3 deposits of 10mBTC or more.

However, the party doesn’t stop here. At 4Grinz loyalty is something that comes with plenty of benefits and rewards. Once you become a member you will get 30% deposit bonuses, all day, every day, up to 1BTC and 50% on Member Mondays.

Do you like what you see? What you’ve just read? I bet that all bitcoin casino players do. Visit 4Grinz and take it for a spin, because once you see the awesomeness that hides there, you will be hooked forever.

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