Depositing via your mobile is now even more convenient

Depositing via your mobile is now even more convenient

Mobile Casinos are growing more and more popular in the gaming industry and wherever you go you see people on their mobile devices. The great thing about playing via your mobile device is you really can take your favourite casino with you wherever you go, so you never need to miss out on a new bonus or a new game release. Now, there is an even more exciting feature that has just been added by two certain casinos!

Pay via your Phone Bill

Both Jackpot Mobile Casino and Northern Lights Casino are extremely excited to announce they have added a brand new feature to their mobile casino which will benefit all you gamers on the go! Players can now make a deposit at both of these casinos via their phone bill by using the new mobile payment method which has recently been added. If you have not yet had the chance to try out this new payment, there has never been a better time than now. Maybe you are at work and you haven’t got your bank card on you but you really want to play with a great bonus that has just been offered during your lunch break. With this brand new method you no longer have to wait until you get home to make a deposit, you can simply pay via your phone bill!

“Make your next deposit via your phone bill at Northern Lights Casino and Jackpot Mobile Casino”

Depositing via your phone bill is a very easy feature and is through the depositing method BOKU. You can be confident that this method of payment is safe and secure and is all done through your mobile phone, however you can also use this method when playing from your desktop too, all you need is a mobile where the deposit can be charged to.

To help you out with this new deposit method here are the steps you will need in order to make a successful deposit at your two favourite casinos:

  1. Sign up or Log in to Northern Lights Casino or Jackpot Mobile Casino
  2. Visit the cashier and click ‘De­pos­it’
  3. Select ‘Pay by Mobile’
  4. You will then need to choose how much you would like to deposit. Minimum £10 Maximum £30. Then click the ‘De­pos­it’ button to proceed to the BOKU payment panel
  5. Enter your mobile number and press ‘Co­nti­nue­’. (You can also cancel your purchase at this last stage if you have made a mistake)
  6. The casino will then send a text message to the mobile number you entered
  7. Reply Y to the number stated on your screen to continue with the deposit. You must send the message within 15 minutes for the deposit to be successful.

Don’t forget you can use this message to deposit at both Northern Lights Casino and Jackpot Mobile Casino and importantly you can also use this method from both your mobile device and your desktop. If you are choosing this payment method from your desktop you must have access to your mobile phone within 15 minutes to be able to reply to the message! If you do not reply within 15 minutes the deposit will not go through and you will need to repeat steps 1-7 mentioned above.

Northern Lights Casino / Jackpot Mobile Casino

When you sign up to Northern Lights Casino and Jackpot Mobile Casino right now. You will receive a very generous welcome bonus when you make your first deposit! Sign up to receive a 200% match and you will receive a further 100% match when you make your second deposit and depositing has never been easier with the brand new pay via phone bill feature.

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