Climb Everest and win huge bonuses at LeoJackpot Casino

Climb Everest and win huge bonuses at LeoJackpot Casino

LeoJackpot Casino is launching its new “Climb the Everest” promotion. You won’t need your climbing gear for this adventure – just deposit and play throughout the week and find rewards atop each mountain! As a junior mountaineer, you’ll start with the modest Taranaki peak. As the days progress, the distance to the top will get longer and longer, until you make it all the way to the top of Everest to win a massive 200% match bonus plus an adventurer’s bounty of €250 free! If you’re ready for this rewarding challenge, head over to LeoJackpot Casino today.

Conquer the mountains, claim your rewards

When you first start your mountain climbing adventure at LeoJackpot Casino, you’ll be faced with the modest Taranaki peak. Climbing it and claiming the 25% match bonus it hides is as easy as making just one deposit during the day. As the week progresses, you’ll be introduced to new peaks that will offer greater and greater rewards.

Here’s the list of the mountains and the bonuses they are hiding. Keep in mind that you need to scale them in order. Climb all six by the end of the week by making a deposit of €20 or more under the “Climb Mount Everest” campaign for some real towering bonus wins:

  1. Taranaki: 25% match bonus.
  2. Mont Blanc: 50% match bonus.
  3. Elbrus: 75% match bonus.
  4. Kilimanjaro: 100% match bonus.
  5. K2: 125% match bonus.
  6. Everest: 200% match bonus + €250 Adventurer’s Prize

Once you make the qualifying deposit for each bonus, your funds will be credited to your account on the following business day by 13:00 CET. Keep in mind that you can only climb one mountain per day, so pace yourself to max out your rewards.

All bonuses at LeoJackpot Casino have some terms and conditions to prevent fraudulent play. These should be available for viewing in your account screen immediately after the bonus is added to your account. If you have any questions about the rules, we always recommend asking before you begin playing. Thankfully LeoJackpot’s support staff are available 24/7 so you won’t have to wait long, if at all, if you need something clarified.

New to LeoJackpot Casino?

Even new LeoJackpot Casino members can get started on the Climb the Everest promotion today. Start by going to their website using our link. Since LeoJackpot is an instant-play casino, you don’t even have to download anything to start playing. Just register your account and make your first deposit to instantly receive the 100% match welcome bonus of up to €250 along with 250 free spins!

Start your mountain adventure soon!

It might seem like a daunting task, but climbing the six peaks of LeoJackpot Casino is a rewarding prospect. You can see how many days you have left to climb as many peaks as you can on the “Climb the Everest” page on LeoJackpot’s website. This page also lets you track your progress to see what you have to climb next. Just reach the top of Everest before time runs out to claim your €250 grand prize.

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